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  1. Has anyone dealt with BCBSTX with the plan of RM26? Thats my husband's insurance and I read that they do not cover bariatric surgery, but I was wondering does anyone know if my surgeon's office calls and says it is medically necessary and I have done everything, but the blood work (recent) and the EDG, do you think it would be approved? I am so frustrated!!! I have been trying to have this surgery for almost 6 years now... Dr. Callery, do you have an answer for me?

  2. Long time no hear from.. How are you holding up?

  3. Smoking sounds so good right now! :(

    Great Job on no smoking anymore...its the best thing for you!! Congrats on your surgery as well.
  4. Starting over and having to do a 6 month diet all over again...going into week 3 for the Weight Watchers program. First weigh in ( after initial weigh in) down 2.6 lbs..so lets see about this week!

    1. Looking2Lose


      BTW I walked 3.5 miles yesterday! YAY ME

    2. kimber62767


      Woo hoo !!!! Good for you !!! You're doing great sweety !!

  5. thankyou so much for your kind words :) howa re things going for you? any updates?

    1. Looking2Lose


      You're so welcome! I have to start everything all over again. I am about to start the Weight Watcher's program this weekend! It sucks but whatever...how are you feeling?

  6. 3 1/2 months

    You look fab, Nat!!! Congrats!!
  7. Two Months Post Surgery


    You look fab, what kind of workouts did you do? I am with everyone else, how'd you keep the girls so "happy" instead of depressed? LOL
  9. Insurance question

    when is the day?
  10. Tomorrow is the Big Day!

    NO luck is needed because you will do fine!! Enjoy the ride!!
  11. Hopefully finally on my way...

    Welcome to TT, if anyone knows your struggle, I do! You can read on my page! You will get the surgery..think positive and everything will fall into place when it is supposed to ( thats what I keep telling myself )..Good luck BTW!
  12. Praying that my appeal is approved tomorrow!!! The insurance said I should have my answer by tomorrow...PLS Pray for an APPROVAL!!

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    2. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Any news yet? I haven't been online much so I may have missed an update to this post.

    3. Looking2Lose


      Yeah I got the news that I HAVE TO START ALL OVER AGAIN!!! It sucks!! How have you been?

    4. Fat Bottom Girl

      Fat Bottom Girl

      Aww! Sorry to hear that. What do you have to do over? The 6 month liquid? Hang in there it is worth it!

  13. ok...question

    My sister had the surgery and she went from a 10 to about an 8 or 8.5 depending on the shoe.... I can't wait to get the surgery and have my shoe size go down for more comfy/cute shoes and for the price!!
  14. approved!

  15. Just had surgery yesterday

    Congrats on the surgery. I hope you feel better soon!! Glad to hear all went well though...keep us posted on everything!!