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Mrs Leehy <3

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  • Birthday 08/13/1977

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Southern Illinois
  • Age 34


  • Surgeon Dr. Ahuja
  • Hospital Herrin Hospital
  • Height (ft-in) 5-04
  • Start Weight 260
  • Current Weight 127
  • Goal Weight 150
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 24
  • Surgery Date 08/15/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

Mrs Leehy <3's Activity

  1. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic 2 years 4 months later...   

    Thank you!!
  2. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Member Photos   

    My wedding day! <3
    First an old pic at a friends 80s party, a before and after THEN my wedding pics! Yay!  I love the new me!
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  3. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Marriage and Relationships   

    Weight loss changes you or your spouse?
    My current relationship status has definitely changed.  My boyfriend at the time of my surgery, who was my main support system, broke up with me because "I changed".  Whatever that meant.  If he meant for the better, for my health, my self esteem, than whatever oh well.  He did prefer big women anyways and we were never really going anywhere.  I just didn't realize when we first discussed this as an option for me and he said "as long as you don't change" that it meant...I won't love you when you get smaller. LOL!
    It's alright. I ended up being happier without him anyways.  AND...I am happy to report being in a new relationship and am now engaged!!  Woot Woot! 

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  4. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Member Photos   

    2 years 4 months later...
    Hey all...been awhile since I have posted in here so I thought it's high time I share again

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  5. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    What should I expect after Gall Bladder removal?
    Almost a year post op Gastric Bypass & I had gall bladder removed last Tuesday. Right after surgery, I was itching all over my body which they gave me benadryl for & my skin was yellow, is this normal? I really feel like I was rushed out of the hospital but should have stayed at least over night. I didn't even have time to wake up all the way from the anestesia (sp?) let alone for anyone to know whether I was doing well.
    In the past week. I have been in extreme pain. I have 6 incisions scattered throughout my belly so it was real hard for me to get in any kind of comfortable position. I've also experienced nausea and been real weak and managed to have a low grade temp at least once a day, my body feeling extra hot & having to freeze everyone else in the house out keeping the a/c on a low temp. Struggling with food tasting right or getting a half way decent amount in. And in general, just hadn't been feeling well. Everyone keeps telling me one day at a time, but I just feel like I should be doing much better than this by now! I see the Dr for follow up today, but I just wanted to get your opinions.

    For those who have already done this, Was your experience anything like this? What was your recovery time and what kind of things should I look for or be expecting as far as changes in my body now?
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  6. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery   

    The disappearing breast
    After having WLS in Aug of 2011, I lost my breasts. I don't mind them being smaller, my pre op size was 44DD and I had tons of back pain. I am now down to what might be a 36C? And thats pushing it. I really don't have breasts anymore, they are saggy and flat! Can't afford to get a lift bekuz I am on Medicaid. This is depressing!! Any suggestions from those who have been through this or experiencing the same thing? Is there a natural way to enhance them that actually works?
    SAVE ME!
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  7. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Comments about when to stop   

    I know! It gets kinda frustrating. Just keep near those you KNOW are your true supporters. I am starting to realize those who maybe once were that maybe are not so much anymore and trying to spend more time around those who i know still truly are supportive and happy for me.
  8. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Comments about when to stop   

    Glad to know that Im not the only one...not glad that we all have to deal with this. I dont feel I have to say something to please them, but they do leave me with a bit of a complex sometimes. BUT I think about the "you look goods" and realize I hear that much more and I like the new 142 lb me! They'd never understand. I just try to avoid the conversation now, like smile and say hi passing in the hall or when walking past them in the break while they are eating enough for 3 and judging me, smile and say hi and sit on the other end of the room and move on.
  9. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Dont mean to brag but...Ok yes I do :)   

    LOL! I wasn't sure about the shorts until I did it...then I couldnt stop smiling all day
  10. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Dont mean to brag but...Ok yes I do :)   

  11. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Dont mean to brag but...Ok yes I do :)   

    AND I actually have to add...these are pics a cpl weeks apart, when 1st fitting in size 11 juniors and now that they are a little looser
  12. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Member Photos   

    Dont mean to brag but...Ok yes I do :)
    118 lbs lost! Wearing a size small top and a Juniors size 11 bottoms!!!! And YES I AM WEARING SHORTS...IN PUBLIC AND TANNING IN A TANNING BED...YAY ME!

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  13. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic I got a date!   

    How exciting! Yay for you
  14. Mrs Leehy <3 added a topic in Careers and the Workplace   

    Lazy job
    I started a temp job a couple weeks ago...OMG, it is data entry & Im having a hard time sitting still! These ppl gross me out bkuz they sit at their desks and EAT EAT EAT then go to break and EAT some more. ALSO, my bottom hurts...theres not as much support back there as there used to be so its hard to sit. I have to bear through this until end of April. I totally fear weight gain sitting on "it" all day! Im going to start wearing ankle weights under my jeans and do little exercises throughout the day if I can get away with it.
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  15. Mrs Leehy <3 added a post in a topic Tmi Female Parts Shape   

    OMG! I was just thinking yesterday that mine looks camel toe-ish too! Its absolutely weird bekuz I look at it more HAHA...not anything strange, just when in the restroom or something. Its just that I can see the dang thing now, so I can't help it!! There's just a bit of loose skin but hardly noticeable, its my clitoris that seems odd to me...I guess now that theres not so much "cushion" down there, since the lips have gotten smaller & I am way more aware of it...and certain underwear bother me...but then again, my underwear size drops about once a week or two and thats how I know it's time to shop for more bekuz they start getting on my nerves and I always have to adjust.
    Um...sorry!? I totally think I passed the tmi bar there LOL!