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  1. Hi everyone! Been a long time since I was on here!!! Here's a small update: my lowest weight was 123lbs, I was 143lbs and very happy at the time I got married almost 3 years ago, I'm married to a wonderful man, have a beautiful 2 year old that has changed my life, but I am now facing a ton of health issues and need some advice!!! I have gained about 35lbs in the last year and a thyroid is completely not functioning, I have severe Vitamin D deficiencies, I am severely anemic, and have a large mass under one of my incisions which causes me horrible pain most days. I've had blood work, iron infusions, taking many different vitamins and medications to help with all my deficiencies, had ultrasounds with no results to explain what the golf ball of a mass is above my stomach. I am bloated all the time, especially my legs and stomach (I look like I'm 7 months pregnant today) cuz of all the bloating. The bloating is painful and uncomfortable as well! Has anyone this far out had any of these types of symptoms? Any suggestions as to what I can ask my physician to test for? It's quite depressing feeling sick and weak all the time, and carrying around all the extra weight again!
  2. HELLO MY CANADIAN FRIEND!!! It's been quite some time, I was blocked and couldn't get in here for a long time. But finally the nice people behind the scenes at T-T fixed the problem and I'm back!!! How are you??? You look amazing!!! Just thought I would stop by and say hi!

  3. Hi!!! OMG I have to say you are one beautiful woman!!! Good luck on your surgery (I see it's coming up)...How excited are you girl???? I was walking on clouds for a week before mine lol You are gonna do amazing! Please keep in touch! And if you have any questions be sure to ask on here...all the people on here are such a great help. They helped me get thru it all! :)

  4. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS INFO!! Got my samples today! You were such an amazing help! All of you are...thanks to all of you for helping me. I was really nervous about my iron being low. xoxo
  5. OMG GOOD LUCK on your scope! I really hope that they can fix what the problem is!!! We have to deal with things that others don't, but you are a tough cookie and you will get thru this! Oh girl, you gotta do the school thing. Even if it's taking 1 online course every semester. IT'S NEVER TOO LATE!!! I'm 29 and I just graduated. I went full time, didn't take summers off and worked full time the whole time! You can do it. I have faith in you girl! :)

  6. Does it make you sick??? I don't wanna get all "backed up", if you know what I mean!!!
  7. I know!!! It's been so damn long! I'm so happy to finally be on here again! I missed all you peeps in my T-T fam!!! I've been and school took over my life for quite some time but I finally graduated from University WOOT WOOT!!!! I've been dating the most amazing man for about a year and a half now...talking about our future, which is such a great thing to look forward to! I couldn't be happier. How's everything with you!??? What's new girl!???

  8. Hey!! You look amazing! Just thought I would drop by and let you now! How did you get your legs so nice and slim??? I bought a spin bike (coming this week) and I'm hoping that will work!!! Keep up the great work girl!!!!

    1. bridgetgirl


      Thank you very much. I pretty much have fit legs but my thighs could use Jesus! I played softball for 12 years and that helped with defining my calves, I was a catcher for the last 9 years of playing. I wish you the best of luck with training and conditioning.

  9. Hey T-T... So, here's my problem...and I know that you can all help me with this. I recently found out that my iron level has dropped drastically. Average reading is approx 80 and my iron level is at about 23-24...How can I up my iron level without having to take the awful iron pills that make me feel extremely sick!??? The pharmacist was going to do some research and find out what kind of iron pills would be suitable for me as I'm a GB patient. I'm trying to eat foods high in iron but am having a hard time finding things that are at least something that I can eat without cringing...(LIVER IS MY WORST ENEMY lol and I don't wanna eat it). I am trying Fiber 1 Honey Clusters which is 50% iron per serving. It's yummy, but I can't just eat cereal! LoL Any suggestions??? Food wise, or supplement wise!? Thanks T-T Mar
  10. Hello T-T!!! It's been a while but I am back! Had some problems logging in but finally it has been fixed!!! New pics to come soon! Miss you all and can't wait to get into the threads and see what I've been missing! XoXo
  11. Hey! Just saw your pics and wow you look amazing! Keep up the good work!!! How did you get your legs so slim?? I can't seem to do it!!! Any work out tips?

  12. I'M BACK!!!! Okay so I couldn't log in for over a year, I complained and sent emails and finally they reset my password!!! I swear I wasn't ignoring you! Okay so I just looked at your pics and OMG you look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is everything????

  13. Hey girl...that's okay! I'm not on here too often... Let me know when you are settled in and we'll catch up! Take care hun!

  14. LMAO well, are you eating less??? That means your dr did do his job hehe I had those same feelings, trust me! Glad to know you are doing well, just don't overdue it...relax and take your time...the energy will come back to you! I promise!