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  • Website URL http://sheddingthelbs.com

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  • Gender Female
  • Location Patrick AFB, FL
  • Interests Working out. Join me at phatty2phit.com
  • Age 27


  • Surgeon Dr. Jawad
  • Hospital Orlando Reginal
  • Height (ft-in) 5-08
  • Start Weight 288
  • Current Weight 182
  • Goal Weight 164
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 42.3
  • Surgery Date 06/29/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Ugh I Need Size 16 Tall Pants   

  2. LuvilyBri added a topic in Clothing and Goods Exchange   

    Ugh I Need Size 16 Tall Pants
    ugh i gotta go somewhere that is going to be freezing cold and i have ZERO CLOTHES. I need either a size 14 tall or 16 tall
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  3. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Fitbit   

    I love my fitbit it makes me push harder
  4. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Newbie.....somewhat   

  5. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic How To Prevent Constipation?   

    Try some miralax it will have you regular. I understand it can be sold over the counter. I have a prescription my dr say i can take it every day if i like.. that it is gentle enough
  6. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic What Is That Between My Legs?   

    I love it congrats. I am the same way with the legs. let my gap come and it is on lol
  7. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Tricare North   

    I hate Tricare South. Tricare is so easy. Good luck
  8. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic New To Tt And Have Lots Of Questions!   

    Hi I met you in chat. I have PCOS also. Like I said Jill had hers in Atlanta. As far as recovery it varies. My recovery wasnt that had by day 7 I felt great. You will dont be able to hold any thing heavy for a while.
  9. LuvilyBri added a topic in General Questions   

    4 Months Post
    How much are you eating 4 months post op RNY? How many calories?
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  10. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Crying!   

    LMBO i am an emotional wreck. Lol i always get a lil teary eyed during a show. now im flat our balling like i knew the ppl lmbo
  11. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Do I Have To Be On Bc?   

    I have PCOS also. I got mirena. I did not want to take any chances

  12. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Cost Of Your Surgery?   

    OMG I thought I was the only one lol they billed my tricare 90,000

  13. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic When Was Your First Stall?   

    I lost steadily for the first month because I was on full liquids. When I progressed food stages I begin to stall. So at month 2
  14. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Medical Alert Bracelet   

    Yes for lap band not sure about sleeve

  15. LuvilyBri added a post in a topic Medical Alert Bracelet   

    I went ahead and ordered mine

    Name on front

    Roux En Y- did it like this because I know a lot of nosy ppl. if they wanna know what it is for they are going to have to research it
    No Blind NG Tube
    No sugars
    and hubs phone number

    got this one http://www.uniquemedicalid.com/store/WsDefault.asp?One=826