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  1. Cynrey


    Congratulations Cynrey. Not long to go.
  2. I DID IT !!! :)

    Keep up with your pain medication Laura and make sure you get up and walk around regularly.
  3. I DID IT !!! :)

    Welcome to the losers bench Laura!
  4. Why is it so hard to drink 2oz every 15min?

    Ditto what Gretta said about warm drinks. I'm over 10 years out and even now, warm drinks go down way better than cold ones. Try Celestial Seasonings - they have a good selection of fruity and herbal teas.
  5. Severe left sided pain 10 days post op

    I had the same discomfort on the upper left side. My surgeon said that it was not uncommon with laparoscopic bariatric surgery because that port is generally where they insert the larger cutter/stapler and they sometimes have to swing it about a bit. I was advised to massage the area gently in circular motions (I used a bit of olive oil) with my fingertips weice daily and that helped a lot.
  6. As mentioned in the You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing thread, I plan ahead for celebrations etc., by eating fewer calories for a day or two beforehand. Something I never did pre-op. I always had the best intentions of doing that but I always had an excuse for why it never happened.
  7. How it went - post-op day 2

    Congratulations! It sounds as if you're off to an amazing start. Long may it continue.
  8. Paige’s Surgery Date!


    You're giving yourself an amazing early Christmas gifts Paige.
  9. Welcome to the losers bench Cardamom77!
  10. Song of the day Post -

    It's been a sad year for artists of my youth - I had a poster of David Cassidy in my bedroom. This is my favourite of his songs: David Cassidy ~ How Can I Be Sure
  11. Happy turkey day!

    Couldn't agree more Trish. Even now at over 10 years out, I know that I would not be where I am without this forum and it's members.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    It does look good .... wonder if we could persuade BurgundyBoy to post the recipe.
  13. NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I use this site - 600 pixels works well for the forum. You can even shrink a pic. to avatar size (the link is to the left of the page):
  14. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    THAT alone is worth going through the bariatric process.
  15. Did you bring medications to the hospital ?

    Thinking of you today Laura.