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  1. It's good to see you back Minfit and doing so well!
  2. Welcome to Thinner Times!
  3. NerdyLady, you are being too tough on yourself. You've lost an average of .8 lb - that is outstanding for someone starting out at a lower BMI. There is so much riding on our WLS so don't feel ashamed about your feelings - get them out in the open and you'll see that you're not alone.
  4. I'm not in Nebraska but I do want to welcome you to Thinner Times.
  5. Welcome to Thinner Times Mandy! Best advice I can give is to read all you can on the forum and ask questions.
  6. That's good news Colleen - good that it's not surgery related.
  7. Cutting caffeine is a whole lot easier if you do it in stages. As you've got plenty of time, try 3/4 regular to 1/4 decaf. Do that for a week (or longer) and then go half and half etc. It will lessen the effects of caffeine withdrawal: Headache. A caffeine headache usually starts behind the eyes and then moves up the front of the head. Sleepiness. ... Irritability. ... Lethargy. ... Constipation. ... Depression. ... Muscle Pain, Stiffness, Cramping. ... Lack of Concentration.
  8. I've just added this to our Quotes To Live By! thread.
  9. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME!! ~ MyLife1121 ~
  10. I signed the pledge not to buy any more gadgets for the kitchen. Other than hot tea, I use Blender Bottles exclusively for my drinks - I just sling in whatever sliced fruit and herbs that take my fancy, give it a bit of a muddle (squish the ingredients against the bottom of the bottle to help release the flavours), add water and I'm good to go. I can't drink anything colder than room temperature so it's the easier way for me.
  11. Glad to hear you're well and truly over the worst Jules.
  12. I'm sorry you're off to a rough start Gaby. I had an umbilical hernia repaired at the same time as my WLS but I don't know that it caused additional issues or made my recovery slower. Hopefully, your surgeon will put your mind to rest today.
  13. Given that men only account for 18-20% of bariatric surgery's in the US are done on men and even less seem to seek the support of bariatric forums, it's not a surprise I guess. I'm glad for the few men that we do have on this forum.
  14. That is excellent news Bob - being free of diabetes is a blessing for sure.