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  1. I've had 2 c-sections (both at 250lb). Target exercises can help but it depends on how much your lower belly skin has stretched. Losing weight will help to some degree but it's difficult to shrink skin that has stretch marks. My advice - follow your plan, throw in some regular abdominal exercising and wait to see what you're left with once you're at your goal weight and have been stable for a while.
  2. Valerie, It might be worth checking out lactose free protein shakes to see if that helps. I had to switch from whey protein for a while early post-op for the reasons you mention.
  3. Holly, have you tried warm drinks?
  4. This thread is getting on for 9 years old now. She compiled the chart so was free to remove it. Bariatric Advantage compiled 3 multivitamin comparison charts that are worth checking out: for Mal Absorbtive Procedures
  5. SME - a few days of discomfort (and a little pain because I didn't heed the advice to keep up with the pain medication) was nothing compared to the rewards of a life as a slimmer person.
  6. Michelle, try warm drinks to see if that helps with the grumbling tummy.
  7. Congratulations on an amazing transformation lulu and happy 6th surgiversary!
  8. Congratulations on a smooth surgery Pincushion - sounds as if you're off to a great start.
  9. It's pretty normal to find that we have to increase our calories and even 800 isn't overdoing it Kari so don't worry on that account. Eating more protein will help fend off the hunger pangs too. Try upping your fluids as well - I found that hot tea works better in fending off hunger than cold ones.
  10. I'm just over 9 years out. I take: 2 x Celebrate Multivitamins 1,500mg calcium citrate Carbonyl Iron (alternate days) B12 (alternate days) Biotin (alternate days) D3 (dry form), (alternate days) CoQ10 Not RNY related but I also have macular degeneration so take KriaXanthin, Mega EFA and Lutein (+Zeaxanthin).
  11. Just a week to go Nikki - that's great news!
  12. Firstly, welcome to Thinner Times! Take a look at the 5 Day Pouch Test. Many have found it a useful tool for getting back on track.
  13. You are doing an amazing job Kate .... you'll be in the 200's soon! Don't worry about not being able to see your progress in the mirror. It was well over a year post-RNY before I could recognise myself in a mirror. Best thing to help you see your progress is side-by-side comparison photo's: How to Take Before And After Photos for Weight Loss
  14. Welcome to Thinner Times Flipper!
  15. It was a good 4 weeks until I felt reasonably normal. As already mentioned, keeping up with fluids and protein will help a lot with energy levels (I had a problem with meat from day one so used (and still use) protein shakes).