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  • Location Rolesville, NC
  • Interests Singing, playing the piano, crafting, interior design, traveling.....is there time for interests outside of being a fulltime mom of 5? :)
  • Age 34


  • Surgeon Dr Peter Ng
  • Hospital Rex Hospital
  • Height (ft-in) 5-04
  • Start Weight 245
  • Current Weight 155
  • Goal Weight 135
  • Surgery Date 8/1/2011
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  1. Good luck on your surgery today!! :)

  2. ColorVibe3a

    From the album Color Vibe 2013

  3. colorVibe2

    From the album Color Vibe 2013

  4. colorVibe

    From the album Color Vibe 2013

  5. Just did my first 5K.... It was so much fun and I have def caught the running bug! :)

    1. MommaKitty
    2. BugdocMom


      YAY!!! Congratulations!!

  6. you are looking fantastic! :)

    1. MissAshley


      Thank you! :D That means a lot coming from you! You've definitely been an inspiration for me going through the process.

  7. Been a bit busy! glad to check back in. hope everyone is doing great! :)

  8. Pictures of my 360 Body Lift

    You look great! Did you take any before pics? I am going in for a consultation at the end of the month to decide what I need to get "done". I would love to see what your skin was like before.
  9. Another semester down. STress eating was a minimal this go around. Fingers crossed for next semester. It's gonna be a doozie!

  10. 052

    From the album Afters

    My baby sister and I.
  11. 034a

    From the album Afters

    The hubby and I at the rehearsal dinner
  12. IMAG0272a

    From the album Afters

    Just a side view... I can't believe for all that time and effort to get ready, I didn't get better pics...lol.
  13. IMAG0273a

    From the album Afters

    At my sisters wedding on 9/21/2012. I was around 138 here.
  14. 333 TO 218.....

    You look fabulous, girl! Awesome job!
  15. Sometimes I hate being a girl..lol...

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    2. AshleyAdair


      hahaha....i guess it does have its days. :D

    3. MissAshley


      haha i feel you. and re: what bugdocmom said.. what it is to be a girl definitely does change in some ways after this journey, eh? the ways it extends to other facets of your being is insane!

    4. Aya


      It's a good day for being born ;)