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  1. I know a lot of people on this forum are going though the first year of their weight loss journey. Just would like to hear from someone who has gone more then 5 years, were you able to keep your weight off or not? Would love to hear from you, where you are at and where you are going. Inspirational stories would be a plus. Thank you
  2. thank you gamzap.
  3. Well haven't posted in awhile but I am wondering if there are other people who have in the past or are having problems that I am having. 4 ½ years I had my Gastric By Pass, lost over a 100 pounds in the first year, have gained a few pounds back but my surgeon who is a good friend of mine is not worried. My dieabet3s is gone and never came back, along with some other problems are gone. Physically I feel great. Happy with my results and love my 2nd lease on life. But several years ago, I started to just withdrawal from things in my life. Things that I thought was important just had less and less interest, in my life, And I started having these ringing in my ears. Very disturbing during the day, and It effects my sleeping too, and now I think I am depressed. Never had depression or Tinnitus at all, before. Never have had any problems before. I have a appointment with my PCP Wednesday, all the therapist and psychologist, I inquired with, wouldn't take me unless I got a referral from my PCP. Just seeing if anyone had problems start years after your WLS.
  4. this is me now down from 330 to 220. I know I have some more work to do. but alot has already happened. enjoying vacation in the philippines.
  5. From the album me before

  6. It's a battle but it's a winable battle. Congrats! Howre you doing?

  7. It's a battle but it's a winable battle. Congrats! Howre you doing?

  8. well right now i am at a 230 stall. today it is 229.5 tommorow it will be 231 then back to 230. I keep telling myself that this may be it. i was 330 before i started dieting before the operation. Then I was 295 before the operation. but in a few weeks it will start over again. i guess i will see James
  9. great story i am 5 months out and am happy with my progress JAMES
  10. From the album me before

    at 235 ish
  11. From the album me before

    me at 330
  12. From the album me before

  13. From the album me before

  14. From the album me before