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  • Location Boston, MA


  • Surgeon Dr. Daniel Jones
  • Hospital Beth Israel Deaconess
  • Height (ft-in) 5-04
  • Start Weight 305
  • Current Weight 275
  • Goal Weight 140
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 34.2
  • Surgery Date 07/11/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. Electriccentric added a post in a topic 4 yrs out and still have not learned my lesson!   

    I'm about 4 years out and have been steadily regaining over the last three years. I lost 110 pounds thanks to RNY and I have now gained back 80 pounds of that. 40 of those pounds were over the last 12 months alone. I feel hungry all the time. Tired. Dizzy. I had no insurance for close to two years because of getting laid off and it taking awhile for insurance to kick in once I had another job, so I couldn't afford to go back for my yearly check up. I couldn't afford anything. I was laid off about a month after filing for divorce and I had moved out of my house because my abusive husband would not leave. So, in a flash I had no income and was paying a mortgage and rent simultaneously. Being broke and depressed definitely affected my once healthy routine.
    Once I had insurance again, I had gained so much back that I've just been too embarrassed to show my face at the docs. I struggle with that everyday. I just feel shame and embarrassment. I have a boyfriend who wears an XS and eats pretty much nothing but carbs and I find that I eat more carbs because of that. I'm the only one that cooks, so after a long day of work when I roll into the house past 7:00 PM, I find myself cooking out of convenience and not health. I'm not sure where to start or how to get back on track. I feel the same overwhelming feeling I had before surgery, like the weight will never come off. I feel like I had this ONE opportunity and I blew it and now this is what I have to love with for the rest of my life. 
  2. Electriccentric added a post in a topic What does your diet look like now?   

    Thank you so much @robin77 and @Buddymiles5 - I need that encouragement. 
    I'm midway through day 2 of the five day pouch test and dear god am I having cravings. I can not WAIT to eat soft protein tomorrow. I will savor every little bite. 
  3. Electriccentric added a gallery image in Members Gallery   

    Just me.

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  4. Electriccentric added a post in a topic What does your diet look like now?   

    I've been off this forum for SO long now, but I'm realizing now that I NEED to come back here for the help and support and to find others struggling far out from surgery as I am. 
    I'll be 3 years out next month. I went from 305 to about 195 at my lowest. I fell completely off the plan during my divorce, then I lost my job and was unemployed for A YEAR which set me into a deep depression. I didn't exercise. I felt like I didn't deserve to do anything for myself. I ate whatever I wanted. 
    I now have a great job. I'm dating the love of my life. And I'm desperately trying to get back on track. I feel like I don't have a pouch anymore. I feel like I can eat anything (I used to dump on sugar and now I don't) and however much I want (or don't want). I'm doing the 5 day pouch test. I'm on day 1 today. I guess I'm afraid I've stretched it out too much. I've sabotaged myself. And, I've put about 40 pounds back on from my lowest weight. I am pretty much a textbook WLS failure story. 
    After this much failure, I wonder if my tool is even a tool anymore.
  5. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Plexus--"The Pink Drink"   

    Hey! Have you done the 7-day trial yet? If so, what did you think? I'm looking for opinions and feedback on Plexus as well. I have one friend from here that is an Ambassador now, and I'll probably buy the 7-day trial from her. She loves it. But I would love some more feedback from other WLS folk. 
  6. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Any Guitarists Out There?   

    I play guitar as well but I'm barely three months out so I haven't lost enough for a noticeable difference yet. I am interested to see how it changes over time though. I hadn't even thought about that aspect of losing weight.
  7. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Almost 9 Wks Out- 60 Lbs Gone!   

    You're doing great! What a big difference already. You can really see it in your face too.
  8. Electriccentric added a post in a topic How Much To Eat?   

    At two months I wad told to up it to around 4 oz. I can eat more or less than that depending on the consistancy of the food.
  9. Electriccentric added a post in a topic First Fifty   

    Congrats! I just reached my first 50 in the last week or so too. I don't feel much different and I've only gone down one size. Definitely anticlimactic.
  10. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Change In Smell And Emotions After Surgery   

    My sense of smell has been crazy sensitive too! When my husband comes home from work I can tell him what he had for lunch that day. I smell EVERYTHING.
  11. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Calories Again....   

    Every program is different. I was told 600-800 at my two week appointment but I've heard different things from different people.
  12. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Any Resonable Priced Hotels In Downtown Boston   

    It varies from town to town between 1am and 2am but in metro Boston you'll get mostly 2am closings.
  13. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Measuring Your Meals...   

    I bought my food scale on amazon.com and it was wicked cheap. I also use good old fashioned measuring cups. To track I use myfitnesspal on my phone.
  14. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Any Resonable Priced Hotels In Downtown Boston   

    Also where in Boston is the wedding? That will help me to find something closer for you.
  15. Electriccentric added a post in a topic Any Resonable Priced Hotels In Downtown Boston   

    Hi, I live in Boston. You might want to try naming your own price on Priceline. I have friends that come up to visit from NJ that have had great luck doing that. If you're going to have a car while you're here you might want to look at places in the Memorial Drive area of Cambridge (have gotten good deals around there) or stay in the Somerville/ Medford area. Hyatt Place in Medford is pretty nice. We have clients stay there. It's also right off of route 93 and a straight shot into Boston. I'll see if I can find any deals in the city too.