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  1. Maine is the ONE state I want to visit. Tom, your lobster Sounds so delish
  2. This made me smile. I'm so happy for you.
  3. Boy, this is a tough one. I would address my protein powder and thick soup as part of a meal rather than liquid due to caloric intake. I would also wait 30 minutes to drink water.
  4. Fast weight loss the first year. I did exceed my goal. Although still in a good weight range, I have put on about 10# in the past year. Less activity and age may be the culprit as my pouch still works with great restriction. My favorite too!
  5. Hi all, update is notthing changed. 13 months out. One level fused one possibly not. CT/ixray says this. But surgeon doesn't feel super concerned. He said it is so hard to see behind the titanium, so lets wait a little longer. I'm fine with this game plan. Don't want a revision on the neck. For now, stilll at home.
  6. It has been a long time since I took chewable. Right now I'm struggling with the large whole vitamins. I'm going to splurge and order chewables. Do you think they are comparable in price? From what I recall multivitamins come in a chewable disk and calcium in a square caramel texture. I just dont want to over think this and want to go for it. I totally appreciate advice. Are there coupon codes or benefits to another member referring me?
  7. I love this. You are spot on and I'm not surprised they touched base with you Tom before their shift ended. You also make others feel good.
  8. Ha, like you I don't recall much. Had a 6 day stay do to multiple procedures and other stuff. It was expected. I think My daughter was the best nurse I had. But crazy how the meds help us forget.
  9. You have beautiful, resilient skin. Congrats on your journey
  10. As I look back, going it alone would have been okay with a short stay. Your nurses have your back, and rest, walks, & reading will fill your short time. Best wishes on your speedy recovery and new life.
  11. Is it one patch for all needs?
  12. Nice to meet you, and we are glad you are here. I love this place. Remember who you are and what you want. I think you have done great and it isn't over yet! Gosh, I remember being a mom of young kids. I believe you take care of you first and the littles ones will benefit. I didn't behave like that when mine were young.
  13. You are doing better than good! Dang, you have the beautiful height and fantasitcness to go with it. Congrats on your succces Sami.
  14. Nice Jolls. My first thought was look at the pretty lilacs on her little arm. I hope I'm right your second photo are otters, because a they are really sweet. What is it like to go to a convention. Do they charge by the hour? This one is mine Jolls, it was a cover up and done over a visit or two.
  15. Multiple visits to our break room with a table of treats.