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  1. I'm at 32H/HH and love BraObsessed, great size ranges and not too $$
  2. I met with 6 or 7 I think. I picked the 2nd to last one, he was great! I'm so glad I went to someone connected to a good hospital. I had so many complications and having all the specialists around to work with him was great.
  3. My new belly button is super cute! Get a 2nd opinion
  4. I had an extended TT and breast aug together and then 4 months later, arms, hips, sides and thighs done together. The first was about 5-6hrs and 2nd about 8
  5. I had an extended tummy tuck (pubic bone to breast bone and hip to hip) and implants. I stayed on night and took the pain meds, went home the next day to my 2nd floor walk up, was out to the grocery store and dinner by 1 week postop and back to work(as an RN) on day 13. I took tylenol and it wasnt bad. I had an 8 hr arm/leg/side/lower back lift that had complications on day 10, but was back to work by day 18. My last plastic surgery was a 2nd set of implants and some skin removal from my side, went back to work 48 hrs later. Reaching for stuff was hard, but I was able to cook, shower by myself and get dressed without help right away. I slept on the couch on a wedge, with a pillow under my knees because it was more comfortable. I took arnica and Tylenol, because I didn't like the narcotic. All and all way easier than anticipated. The drains suck, oh and get a shower chair
  6. I lost half my hair haha. I had a ton to start, these pictures are 12/2011 and 12/ took 3 years for my hair to be back to normal.
  7. I think so of it too is were wearing more fitted, real clothes. You feel it way more in sized dress of skinny jeans than a pair of loose yoga pants and an unfitted shirt.
  8. Deviled egg salad, quest bars, cheese sticks, greek yogurt, lentils satayed with tomatoes and spinach
  9. I was never a soda person, but I drink tons of seltzer/club soda with no issues
  10. I don't dump as much as I used to. The suger/dairy combo still gets to me 9 times out of 10 and bread makes me barf. But I can eat french fries, real cheese, some candy without issue.
  11. I let myself eat a few cookies-I pick things I know I love and don't waste it on so so things. I eat really well for all my other meals and it isnt an issue.
  12. Before my skin removal I wore a lot of spanx, but I don't think they make them for guys??
  13. My family just sent out a photo's of xmas past, and this was in it. This was 5.5 months postop or 6 months post pre-surgical diet. I had already lost 111lbs by this point felt so thin and everyone was complementing how "small I was". I see it now and I think "OMG I was huge still" This is now for comparison. I'm only 60ish lbs thinner, but apparently it's a big change.
  14. I'm 25 and single and don't want to be with someone who has had WLS. It may be a deal breaker for me actually. I don't want to feel watched by them if they are super strict with their postop plan and I don't want to feel like I need to babysit them if they are way lax with their plan. Also I eventually want children and I really hope to not have overweight/obese little ones and marrying someone else who was obese to the point of needing wls seems like it would almost be a given genetically. Besides having a lot of scars from plastic surgery the WLS is a thing of my past. I know what I can and can't eat, I don't feel weird or pressured to overeat or eat at all. It hasn't been a big issue ever.