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  • Location Chicago
  • Age 25


  • Surgeon James Kane
  • Hospital St. Alexius aka worst hospital ever
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 342
  • Current Weight 162
  • Goal Weight 165
  • Surgery Date 07/08/11
  • Surgery Type
  1. I had an extended tummy tuck (pubic bone to breast bone and hip to hip) andimplants. I stayed on night and took the pain meds, went home the next day to my 2nd floor walk up, was out to the grocery store and dinner by 1 week postop and back to work(as an RN) on day 13. I took tylenol and it wasnt bad. I had an 8 hr arm/leg/side/lower back lift that had complications on day 10, but was back to work by day 18. My last plastic surgery was a 2nd set of implants and some skin removal from my side, went back to work 48 hrs later. Reaching for stuff was hard, but I was able to cook, shower by myself and get dressed without help right away. I slept on the couch on a wedge, with a pillow under my knees because it was more comfortable. I took arnica and Tylenol, because I didn't like the narcotic. All and all way easier than anticipated. The drains suck, oh and get a shower chair
  2. It's all perspective

    I lost half my hair haha. I had a ton to start, these pictures are 12/2011 and 12/2015.....it took 3 years for my hair to be back to normal.
  3. The downside of being thin....

    I think so of it too is were wearing more fitted, real clothes. You feel it way more in sized dress of skinny jeans than a pair of loose yoga pants and an unfitted shirt.
  4. On the go lunch

    Deviled egg salad, quest bars, cheese sticks, greek yogurt, lentils satayed with tomatoes and spinach
  5. No Soda Ever?

    I was never a soda person, but I drink tons of seltzer/club soda with no issues
  6. Still having dumping syndrome

    I don't dump as much as I used to. The suger/dairy combo still gets to me 9 times out of 10 and bread makes me barf. But I can eat french fries, real cheese, some candy without issue.
  7. Maintaining over the Holidays

    I let myself eat a few cookies-I pick things I know I love and don't waste it on so so things. I eat really well for all my other meals and it isnt an issue.
  8. compression clothing or what

    Before my skin removal I wore a lot of spanx, but I don't think they make them for guys??
  9. It's all perspective

    My family just sent out a photo's of xmas past, and this was in it. This was 5.5 months postop or 6 months post pre-surgical diet. I had already lost 111lbs by this point felt so thin and everyone was complementing how "small I was".I see it now and I think "OMG I was huge still" This is now for comparison. I'm only 60ish lbs thinner, but apparently it's a big change.
  10. If ever I'm single and looking

    I'm 25 and single and don't want to be with someone who has had WLS. It may be a deal breaker for me actually. I don't want to feel watched by them if they are super strict with their postop plan and I don't want to feel like I need to babysit them if they are way lax with their plan. Also I eventually want children and I really hope to not have overweight/obese little ones and marrying someone else who was obese to the point of needing wls seems like it would almost be a given genetically. Besides having a lot of scars from plastic surgery the WLS is a thing of my past. I know what I can and can't eat, I don't feel weird or pressured to overeat or eat at all. It hasn't been a big issue ever.
  11. timing..surgeon and OB differ in advice

    You may have had GD and not have known it. I work in L&D and I see lots of overweight/obese moms passed th GD test early, but then have 9-11lb babies and at their 6 week follow up an A1C is done and it's elevated, meaning late onset GD. Following a GD diet, avoid dairy fat can all help with baby size. That said it's pretty rare babies get over 5000g
  12. Getting breast lift surgery

    I had a lift in 2005 and then implants this year, it was worth it and I like my results. My first set of implants weren't a great size, so I sized up and like them better.
  13. Fleur de lis anyone?

    I had a the extended TT. This was pretty newly postop, I wore a bikini all summer, people notice the scar but it's better now. I had a lift in 2005 and got implants in Dec 2014 and again in Sept 2015, My lift held up well and the implants look good. This was this fall, so 9 or 10 months postop
  14. Should I wait?

    I had a different experience than Steph. I was 199 going into surgery, I'd gained 22lbs from my lowest weight, when they did the surgery they removed 7lbs or so of skin/fat and I lost almost another 30lbs after randomly. Belly still looks the same, no sagging.