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  • Gender Female
  • Location Chicago
  • Age 25


  • Surgeon James Kane
  • Hospital St. Alexius aka worst hospital ever
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 342
  • Current Weight 162
  • Goal Weight 165
  • Surgery Date 07/08/11
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. Samma added a post in a topic Tummy tuck and Breast Augmentation together   

    So I had an extended tummy tuck and implants, no lift together. My insurance covered my tummy tuck from the belly button down and I paid above the belly button and for my implants. It did save money because my insurance paid the hospital and OR fee all but $1500
  2. Samma added a post in a topic ab fib and panniculectomy   

    I'm the odd one out in this. I had a panni, extended TT and breast implants and took 13 days off work (nurse). I was in pain for about 2-3 days and then just sore. I was able to drive, walk the dog, go out to dinner by one week postop. I was tired and didn't have as much energy, but it was a much much easier procedure than I thought. I was tight and swollen for a few weeks, maybe 5 or 6? Laying back is still weird 9+ months out 

  3. Samma added a topic in Socialize   

    My PICC is back
    I have been battling a postop breast implant infection off and on since Jan of this year. After so many round of antibiotics, drains, replacing implants I now have a PICC line and twice a day IV antibiotics for 4 weeks. The ID and bypass doctor feel I am not getting the maximum benefit from the oral antibiotics due to the bypass. On a positive not I give myself fluids everyday as well and feel so hydrated. 
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  4. Samma added a post in a topic Deep thoughts...   

    I work in OB and a lot of my clients have issues with hyperemesis(constant vomiting) which leads to chronic dehydration. There is an IV clinic (for hangovers) near my office and my clients love it. It's a little $$ but they buy a package deal and go in when they feel themselves getting sick and it helps prevent the ER visit
  5. Samma added a post in a topic CHICAGO PEEPS   

    I'm on-call all week for 4 deliveries, so I don't want to commit, but if you make plans let me know and if no ones in labor I will attend
  6. Samma added a post in a topic Worst part of being post GBS???   

    We will see. I had the same surgery in Dec and got an infection and had to start all over
  7. Samma added a post in a topic Is ANYONE happy and not in a gaining/panic mode at 18 mos.+ post surgery?   

    Every winter I gain the same small regain and it melts off in the spring, similarly to most people I know. I'm over 4 years out. 
  8. Samma added a topic in Socialize   

    Worst part of being post GBS???
    Liquid antibiotics.....they taste like death. I had some plastic surgery last week and OMG they are so so vile-bleck 
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  9. Samma added a post in a topic Regrets   

    I wish I had picked a better surgeon and hospital 
  10. Samma added a post in a topic Na Na Na Na Na, Batwings!   

    I got mine snipped off, and all my armpit skin.....that was actually the worst, it totally looked like balls. 
  11. Samma added a post in a topic On a scale of 1-10   

    1.How stressful was the month leading up to surgery? A 5? Mainly because the practice sucked and I was having trouble getting needed appointments for pre-op testing done. 
    2. How stressful was the first month after surgery? A 10, but I was in the hospital every day for massive complications. The eating and drinking part was a breeze
    3. How painful was your first couple days after surgery? 6 or so? I had mine done open so a 12 in incision and 6+ dozen staples and drains.
    Also did you face any depression after the wls surgery? Yes from my infections and open wound, not the WLS it's self-that part was easy 
  12. Samma added a post in a topic Does it hurt?   

    My incision was painful, 12 inches all stapled, but my insides never hurt like some people do 
  13. Samma added a post in a topic 20 somethings!   

    I went on to drop some more weight after my one year which Kane said would never happen. His words "You wasted youre honeymoon phase being so sick, you won't drop any more weight"....and have maintained for another 3 years. I was in the 340's when I went to my first visit and hangout between 165-170lbs. My success had nothing to do with them and everything to do with me, it would have been nice to have support like others have had. 
  14. Samma added a post in a topic What are some usful tips for going into Plastic Surgery?   

    I was so so fat after my tummy tuck. I just got a new set of implants and some skin removed on Thursday and I am still 10lbs heavier than when I left the house. For plastics be mobile. I've had an extended tummy tuck, lower back lift, thigh lift, arm, two sets of implants, and flank lift in the last 8.5 months. I found only taking the meds when truly needed vs tylenol being enough helped a lot. The meds make me feel way worse every time I've have surgery. Getting up and moving was really helpful, I pinned my drains to my pants or tank and was out walking and going places ASAP. I healed very quickly compared to others. 
  15. Samma added a post in a topic 20 somethings!   

    The service from the office was pretty lacking, the person who did my ultrasound missed my enlarged liver which resulted in me waking up from surgery with a foot long incision, 80-100 staples and a drain. The nursing care at St. Alexius was horrible-lack of pain control, giving me medication I was allergic to and so on.
    Once home I developed a slight fever and called them about it. It was brushed off over the weekend and I then ended up in the ER after my incision ripped open on it's own because of how much puss was in my belly. I was hospitalized for a massive wound infection at Alexian Brothers(I refused to go back to St. Alexius). One of the surgeons came to see me and pulled out all my staples and then cut my incision open with no pain relief of my consent-my nurse was even yelling at him to stop. The next day another doctor did the same thing, though with pain control. I was then on PICC line (implanted IV) antibiotics for a few months every day, plus had a wound vac placed to try and help heal the open wound they left. 
    After wearing the vac from July-Sept they realized they didn't open my wound deep enough and I had to have another surgery to reopen more. I then wore the vac from Oct-Dec again, and the wound finally closed in March. So open wound from July-March, the doctors were very unhelpful and condescending with my issues. I saw them for a one year followup and have never been back since they were so unsupportive. I wish I had picked a better practice Below are pictures of what happened-they are very graphic.