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  • Birthday 08/17/1983

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  • Gender Female
  • Location IL
  • Age 27


  • Surgeon Dr. Papasavas
  • Height (ft-in) 5-01
  • Start Weight 246
  • Goal Weight 135
  • Surgery Date 03/29/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Band

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  1. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Update New side by side   

    Wow, I totally want to do hundreds of crunches tonight! You look fantastic!!
  2. MsKate83 added a post in a topic So hard to write this..   

    Thank you everyone for your words of support. Writing everything out and reading the responses were surprisingly therapeutic in itself.

    I went to my surgeon's office before I moved to IL, but there's little that she would do for me being that I was moving the next day. Because my stint in IL is only temporary, I am hesitant on getting a new doctor. I know it's something that I do need to do seeing that I probably need a fill, or will need one soon. But as with everything else, one thing at a time. I started journaling my food intake again, and that is helping me. Once I have that under control, perhaps in a few days, I'll start getting back to the gym. Fortunately, my apartment complex has a free one and I can see it from my window. So, when no one is in there, I'll make my way over.

    I'm excited to get back on track.
  3. MsKate83 added a topic in Emotional Support   

    So hard to write this..
    This is all hard for me to admit.. but I need help, support and guidance from people I know will provide me with that.

    Last year, March 29th 2011, I had Lap Band surgery. After discussion with my doctor we believed it was the best option for me due to my own personal preferences, current medical concerns and goals.

    I did wonderfully! I was so excited, by the end of the summer I had lost 50 lbs, and made it under 200 for the first time in 10 years. Then a series of horrible things happened to me. I had my heart broken by a guy who I still can't get over. My father died unexpectedly. I had a change of bosses at work, and was then treated like a piece of crap. I got a new job (amazing part!), but it required me to moved to IL (I am from CT). Those 4 drastic things, each are enough in their own right to cause anxiety in someone, but happening to me all at once I lost control of everything. I needed to start anxiety medication.

    So now, 6 months later and I feel disgusting. I have gained some, not all of my weight back. I feel out of control. I can't get back to feeling in control. I have gained about 15 - 17 (depending on day). I tried many times to jumpstart and get back on track but nothing is going the way I want it to. I hate the excuses but really what happened is I stopped caring about myself the way that I did prior to my dad dying. When I started to take care of myself and really take control of my life and weight it was because my dad was worried about me. He would be so ashamed of me now.

    I'm crying as I write this. I really need to just get this all out.

    I feel like a failure and that I wasted all my time, energy and money on a surgery I clearly stopped "working" to my advantage.

    Help, I need to get the control back. Help. Help!
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  4. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Best tasting protein shakes   

    I used the Atkins protein shakes. A little $$, but I tried the others and didn't like them. I also have tried CVS brand Protein Whey in Cookies N Cream. I mix it with milk, and drink it cold. It's pretty fantastic!
  5. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Well, It's A Start!   

    Thanks Everyone!
  6. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Before And After   

    Lookin' good!!! Great job!
  7. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Well, It's A Start!   

  8. MsKate83 added a topic in Member Photos   

    Well, It's A Start!
    Here are some head shots ... one was from this weekend and the other was from New Years Eve, which was a few months before surgery. I can see the changes

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  9. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Motivation while working out..   

    I had some pop type music on today (Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, etc) not normal stuff that I would just listen to but it got me movin' tonight and of course I would picture my "crush".
  10. MsKate83 added a topic in Marriage and Relationships   

    Motivation while working out..
    Does anyone picture someone or something when they work out? It's kind of a long story why I would do this, but I picture a guy I have a crush on from work. We've never met but I know what he looks like, and he's pretty hot. I'm kinda weird, I know
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  11. MsKate83 added a post in a topic My First Post-Op Photo Share   

    You look awesome! I am losing it in my face first too! Most specifically my chin and neck
  12. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Before and 3 1/2 months...60 pounds!!!   

    You look AWESOME!
  13. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Keep & Kill   

    first love
  14. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Keep & Kill   

    Past Love
  15. MsKate83 added a post in a topic Hello From Syracuse   

    Congrats on surgery!

    Keep on walking .. it'll help the gas Feel better soon!