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  1. HELP I need/want to lose the 10 Lb gain before my wedding in Nov. Nutrition advice, exercise advice. Already working out, walking, swimming. Low blood sugar keeps me from reducing food intake but what types of foods are best for evening.
  2. Getting married in November.

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      Oh wow, congrats!

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  3. From the album life after wls

    Grandkids me n jerry
  4. From the album life after wls

  5. From the album life after wls

    Wedding after 120 losz _
  6. 3+ yrs post op. Walk, walk, walk. About 1 mile a day Pilates, yoga combo at home Swim and water aerobics 58 yrs old total weight loss 120 lbs kept off 110. BTW, getting married in November
  7. ok so I am feeling mostly great but I do notice that I still have trouble with being "regular" when I don't get in enough fluids. I also notice that I do get gastrointestinal pain about every 3 days when I do have a bowel movement and it is horrible. I gotta get the fluids under control. Also, I've had trouble with blood sugar dropping quickly several times and have been told by the doc to be sure to eat more frequently since it seems to happen mid-morning when I am active. Other than that, I feel great! I eat about 6oz per meal depending on what it is and try to get in 5 meals a day with protein first I lack on the greens . Still some things to work on but I no longer have any of the ilnesses and disorders I had pre-surgery YAY. I also am in a size 8 pant and medium top from a size 20 pant and 3x top. Huge boost to the confidence I would do this again in a hot second Thanks everyone for your support and I hope you all follow the rules and feel healthy.
  8. my surgeon is just fine with my using GasX and I still need it [/code]
  9. I would call my surgeon.
  10. Awesome:) So hap hap happy for you!
  11. Hi Bren- I'm from Southern California. Welcome Hope you find this site as friendly and as useful as I have. Debi
  12. I love this site-
  13. I still can get in a mourning mood now and then but it is all in my head and it is not that I am really hungry I've found foods to replace my old favorites and things to do when I am in a "comfort food" kinda mood.
  14. My surgeon says "no alcohol ever" because it turns into sugar and that can cause problems.
  15. I had to lose prior to surgery too and I used the high protein low carb approach so I was never hungry. Head hunger yes, real hunger no. It worked for me )