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  1. Lisa, thank you for closing that thread. Unfortunately, I'm afraid the bashing will continue until these people are banned. I'm just so sick and tired of it.

  2. Lisa, thank you. I do have a request--utilizing the calendar to post surgery dates--who should I send the request to?

  3. Sorry to hear of your denial. I do the authorizations at Dr. Callery's office. Aetna is a tough company to deal with. As far as the 6 mo diet, there are a few ways you can go with that. 1. You can do the six months. You clearly have been seeing a physician while in work up for surgery. Depending on what the notes say from those visits, you can use those as part of your 6 mo diet. For example, if you started seeing your doctor in say, June, and he recorded advising you to work on pre-operative weight loss tha note can count as part of your diet, in which case you would already be 2 months into your 6 mo requirement. 2. You can do the three month mulit-disciplinary program which would consist of monthly visits with a psychologist, a nutritionist and an exercise therapist. 3. You can tell Aetna that your diet is ongoing and will be completed before any surgery date is planned. It is in their policy that surgery can be approved before completion of the 6 mo diet as long as it is completed before surgery. The weight history is a little trickier. I have had patients approved without ever sending in officicial drs notes. I have had people approved that only made a chart of their weight loss, not even approved by a physician. I have also had people denied that provided everything that was requested. Unfortunately its kind of unpredictable. Its as if your apporval just depends on the person that ends up reviewing it. I think seeing your Dr. to inquire about a letter of support is a good thing. I also think that writting a letter in your own words regarding your struggle with weight loss and the other problems your excess weight is causing you would be helpful. You mentioned that the drs. notes that were submitted were of a lower weight because of dieting. You should point that out in your letter. Mention that due to dieting your weight had dropped, but the weight was re-gained. It would be best that the appeal come from your surgeons office so they can re-send all of your records, if they are willing to do it. I know some offices do not deal with appeals. If they don't, get a copy of all of your records from them to submit yourself with your letter. Lastly, The January 2010 date on your letter was most likely the expiration date that the auth would have had if it were approved. Aetna uses that as the date of service when the service isn't actually scheduled yet. Good luck!
  4. Please visit the office news section for our new location and support group schedule.
  5. Please visit the office news section for our new location and support group schedule.
  6. Please visit the office news section for our new location and support group schedule.
  7. Please visit the office news section for our new location and support group schedule.
  8. Please visit the office news section for our new location and support group schedule.
  9. Please visit the office news section to view our new location and support group schedule.
  10. Just a reminder that tonight's discussion will be "What you need to know about Protein". Why is it important, what is the turn-over rate, what is an amino acid. Please join us for this presentation to answers to these and other questions you may have concerning protein. See you at 6 p.m.
  11. You are more than welcome to bring her!! Kelly has brought her kids in the past.
  12. Dress however you like. We have had some people come in cocktail dresses and some people come in jeans. Its pot luck so bring whatever you like. We will have a fruit and veggie party platter there. In the past people wrote the recipes to their dishes on index cards and placed it on the tables with the dish. Everyone seemed to enjoy sharing. The party will be at the office beginning at 6, wrapping up at 7:30.
  13. The annual Christmas Party for Dr. Callery and Dr. Potts will be Thursday, December 14 (2nd Thursday) at 6:00 at the office. It's potluck! If interested, please write out the recipe to share with everyone. We all look forward to seeing you. Happy Holidays!