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  • Gender Female
  • Location RI
  • Interests LIVING life to the fullest - Trying new things, things I would of never done at my prior weight! Having as much fun as I can!
  • Age 44


  • Surgeon Dr. Pohl
  • Hospital Roger Williams
  • Height (ft-in) 5-03
  • Start Weight 240
  • Current Weight 125
  • Goal Weight 130
  • Surgery Date 01/05/2011
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. Lori88 added a post in a topic Happy Thanksgiving!   

    Great pic!  Great job!
  2. Lori88 added a post in a topic Onderland!!!   

    Great job!  Way to go!
  3. Lori88 added a post in a topic Iron Infusion   

    Just recently finished a round of iron infusions treatments(once a week for 4 weeks).  Easy breezy - took about 2 hours total each time and that included the checking in, getting hook up, receiving the infusion and then unhooking. 
  4. Lori88 added a post in a topic Scared of 2 Things: Anesthesia and No Pre-Op Diet   

    I did not have a pre op diet either.  It takes a while to come out of the haze after surgery but the nurses are there to help - it was not that bad!
  5. Lori88 added a topic in 4 Years Post-Op (GB)   

    SO much fun dressing up now!
    Yup, I'm a Panda!

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  6. Lori88 added a post in a topic 2 year surgiversary!   

  7. Lori88 added a post in a topic One month ago today   

    Great job.  You are doing awesome!  Congrats.
  8. Lori88 added a post in a topic Always cold   

    4 & 1/2 years and still always cold - But a very small price to pay for the "new me"!  Loving the new me!
  9. Lori88 added a post in a topic Finally did it! 100lbs down!   

    Wow great job!  Congrats!
  10. Lori88 added a post in a topic Confused And Concerned   

    You must be 100% ready for this surgery.  Ready to make the changes that are needed to adapt to your new way of life. If not then you could have a harder time adjusting after surgery.
    I do NOT regret my decision  to have my bypass, one bit. I was FINALLY excited for a new healthy lifestyle.  I was ready to let go of the fast food, soda, and junk food. Me personally also let go of white bread, pasta, and rice (because those were my go to foods)  
    It took me a very long time to do the research and find out everything I could on the before and afters of bypass surgery  - including the diet for the weeks following the surgery and then the new diet for life. Only moved forward when I knew I was ready to make the commitment to change and to adhere the "rules" for LIFE!
    I am almost  five years out (had reached my goal in less than a year) and have maintained my weight loss and healthy way of eating.
    LOVING LIFE!    
  11. Lori88 added a post in a topic Starting something new.   

    I love that quilt!!!!!!!
  12. Lori88 added a post in a topic Looking for insight on emotional issues after surgery for U.S. News story   

    Thanks Lisa!  This sure helps put "us" out there and what we go through.......Truth!
  13. Lori88 added a topic in 4 Years Post-Op (GB)   

    So much more ACTIVE - Pics attached - 4& 12 years out
    My new active life style is still going strong.  I have so much more confidence in my self now that I am not afraid to try new things.  
    I have now done many Mud Obstacle races
    I have gone Zip Lining
    I have played in the trees at Ramble wild
    I have gone hot air ballooning
    I have gone river tubing
    I have gone snow tubing
    I still go to the gym 3 times a week
    My yard has never looked better as I now have the energy to keep up with it.
    ****and this past weekend I tried Paddle Boarding - LOVE IT!

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  14. Lori88 added a post in a topic A crazy two years   

    How great is you story!  Congrats!