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    LIVING life to the fullest - Trying new things, things I would of never done at my prior weight! Having as much fun as I can!
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    Dr. Pohl
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    Roger Williams
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    Gastric Bypass
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    Dr. Deiter Phol

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  1. Hold Me Now -Thompson Twins!
  2. Hello, I am going to be 6 years out in Jan 2017 and I still come on here ....- helps keep me on tract reading everyone's post and I LOVE to see the before and after photos...Now I am a lurker just reading posts I will post if I have something to say or if someone is for "help" I will share my experiences. Lori
  3. Great Photo!
  4. Cute summer dress I got at thrift store! Woo hoo!!!!!
  5. AWESOME!!!!
  6. I to just saw this - I would love to come.
  7. A very BIG congrats! I am so happy for you and happy to know that maintaining is possible long term!
  8. Great job! Love the outfit!
  9. I am over 5 years out and still have a hard time seeing the new me. When I am folding my laundry it still "shocks" me that these small clothes are mine and I look at my body and then the clothes and still do not see how they fit but they do. I do not know how to explain this really, all I can say it is very weird...
  10. Awesome!!!! Great!!! Wonderful!!! Beautiful!!!
  11. I had Gastric By Pass - but I can tell you same thing happens. I can have something that "goes down" fine but then a different day eat the same exact thing and it will not go down! It is so weird and I am not sure why...I am 5 years out and still happens.
  12. Hi Lori,

    I rescheduled my apt with the surgeon until the 10th afternoon. I will let you know when I talk with him. I hope you are well!! We are!! Getting ready for summer, It is really hot in the south!!

    Talk with you soon!!


    1. Lori88


      Great!  So ready for summer sick of rain and cold temps!   :)

  13. Way to ROCK your SLEEVE! Awesome!