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  1. Band to mini bypass revision

    HI,  Sorry can not offer any help  I had to Google what the mini gastric bypass (aka omega loop) was.  I had the Roux-en-y” Gastric Bypass surgery. I did not even know this "mini" was available.  Wishing you the best.
  2. How do I see All status updates not just recent?  :wacko:

  3. Eat to live not live to eat.  I am 5 years out and no it was not easy and yes I missed all the "different" foods... BUT I now can think of food as fuel for body not something yummy for my mouth.  So during the week I eat the SAME things EVERYDAY!  I find this to be a great thing because I no longer think about food  during the day- I know what and when I am eating. On the weekends is when I will mix it up.  BUT only on weekends.  I have maintained my weight loss thus far and yes it is much harder 5 years out...... Happy New Year!
  4. 6 Months Later

    WOW and CONGRATS!!!!  Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New year!
  5. What a GREAT read.  Thank you so much for sharing.  I am so happy for you. 
  6. Almost 1 year Post and feeling Fab

    I am so happy for you!  Congrats!
  7. long time post op

    First off congrats on the weight loss and even though you gained a few back you still have kept a LOT off!  Great job.  So now I think just back to the basics to get a few of those regained lbs off.  Track what you are eating and ......
  8. Ideas for pictures

    I took pics in my bra and panties right before surgery from all sides.  But I do NOT do updated photos each month - I so regret this!!
  9. Christmas Wedding and other fun stuff!

    So pretty!  Congrats - every pic such a great smile!
  10. 1 year post op and 29 weeks prego!!!! (both today)

    Awesome & Congrats!
  11. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Great pic!  Great job!
  12. Onderland!!!

    Great job!  Way to go!
  13. Iron Infusion

    Just recently finished a round of iron infusions treatments(once a week for 4 weeks).  Easy breezy - took about 2 hours total each time and that included the checking in, getting hook up, receiving the infusion and then unhooking.   
  14. I did not have a pre op diet either.  It takes a while to come out of the haze after surgery but the nurses are there to help - it was not that bad!