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  1. wow, 23.2 lb is a lot to loose so well done for that girl!!!! Its the keeping it off that I find impossible - is this what you've found Trish? So I'm hoping that have bypass will make this more achievable and I'm hoping for some dumping to remind me to only eat good stuff - I have such a sweet tooth and can scoff inordinate amounts of chocolate, cake, biscuits etc etc. can I ask you what it is about bypass that has made it your choice Trish? Iam having a lovely day, partly because of my appointment with my surgeon 2 days ago when he made me feel completely ok about my situation, having a band for 6 years (and being heavier now than when I had this fitted) - I was quite teary eyed, I felt so understood and accepted. I'm struggling to believe that Ive actually committed to such a drastic procedure, it does seem so huge and of course here in the UK we don't talk about things like this except in fairly disparaging terms ( out of ignorance) and having any sort of surgery, for cosmetic reasons or weight related stuff is just frowned on. I suspect that I probably actually know a few people who've had stuff done, but they've not told anyone, which is where I am at the moment!!!! Right now, I plan to keep this entirely to myself apart from you and few others on here. Have you been able to discuss this with your family and friends Trish? Good to hear that your blood sugars are stabilizing and you feel much better ( its so tough when you feel weak and crappy isn't it). Have you been on vlcd for this - shakes and stuff like that. I have used Lighter Life and also Cambridge diet in the past. The diet sheet Ive been given for the weeks before my op is just very small amounts of regular food. Looking forward to hearing back from you soon Trish!! X
  2. oooooo - not long to go Trish!!! How are you feeling?
  3. thanks so much Cinwa - Ive sent her a pm
  4. Booked my gb for june and wondering if any of you have experience of Mr James Halstead (UK) Many thanks
  5. Hi Brittneyanna - just wondering how you are now? Cath x
  6. thanks for that Cinwa - I think you were very brave to be so open about your surgery. Here in the UK we seem to have a very harsh and negative viewpoint of wls. Such a shame since it seems that it can be such a blessing to many. I appreciate you wise words. Congratulations on such a fabulous result.
  7. Hi Ktallon - thanks for your interesting reply - its so reassuring that you know something of what I'm experiencing, and I really appreciate that. What is it about the sleeve that made you choose this over a bypass?
  8. Jumping Jo - I haven't mentioned this to a soul - only you guys here know and as you can see I have omitted a photo since anyone could be browsing - like you I would rather avoid censorious attitudes/advice from those who have little clue. I wonder, if I do decide to go ahead with surgery if I will end up telling all.
  9. thanks so much for your encouraging words Michael - you sound very informed and on the ball. High BP is a problem for me and as I store most of my body fat around my middle I feel that diabetes could become a feature if I fail to address this now. Struggled for the past 20 years, Tried WW, Slimming world VLCDs across that time and always regain. Banded a few years ago, struggled with that since it wont allow me to eat sufficient good food, so I'm left hungry. I do know what I need to eat but its eating enough that eludes me. You've given me some great info here Michael and yeah I want to research - do you have any pointers as to best websites for this, I don't seem to be getting very far, apart from hitting on this forum - I really appreciate your time and thoughts - tell me about your story would you?
  10. Been down the therapy route over several years. I think my problem is a combined emotional/physical one. Physical because my band doesn't allow me to eat normally (my chicken salad is discarded, half eaten in the kitchen as I write this) I weigh more now than I did when I had the band done. I do know what I need to eat, but getting it down is dreadful, and embarrassing when I have to disappear to the ladies room. over the years I have used VLC diets on several occasions for a few months at a time. Harsh but effective, though energy levels were very low. Thanks for your thoughts Aussie
  11. Hi Lee - thanks so much for your wise words - the Roux-En-Y is the method used to reduce stomach capacity and also reduce absorbtion am I correct - 20z ham and 2 slices of potato sounds so little to eat - do you feel satisfied with that amount or do you have to battle hunger pangs? I would love to exercise properly again, and I did ballet until I was 20wks pregnant with my 2nd child and would love to go back to this again. Partly its an injury that prevents me from getting exercise (though, I do swim)and partly because I'm so heavy now. it certainly sounds like you've had great success with your choice - what is it about this op that you think has helped the most. Looking forward to hearing your reply - many thanks to you Lee
  12. ah, ok - that sounds like a good result Tom. Do you feel satiated when you've eaten all your new stomach can take or are you still 'hungry'. With my band, although I'm retching and bringing up food, I'm still genuinely hungry and in need of food - good healthy stuff. I really hope you don't mind me firing so many questions at you but I'm just trying to understand since its such a big deal and an expensive one too.
  13. Hi Tom, thanks for your reply - Ok, so I understand that you prioritise protein, then carbs from fruit and veg, but couldn't you havedone that before having surgery - I'm not understanding what advantage GB has, Yes, my band experience has been very frustrating indeed
  14. Hi Jan - I'm in Uk - very happy to share experiences with you and we can support one another
  15. thanks for your reply tmcgee - so can you tell me what has helped you since having GP? A few people have mentioned that I need to getmy head in the right place before considering surgery - but apart from hopefully being able to eat more protein and less carbs (which I canwith a band) I'm unsure what that means exactly? Ifmy head is in the right place surely my need for any surgery is negated and I can loose weight by virtue of this alone. What does your surgery enable you to do that you weren't able to before? I appreciate your thoughts