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  1. sounds great - very impressed that you were back in the gym at 1 week!!!! What sort of laxative are we allowed to prevent/deal with bowel probs?
  2. Hi Aussie!!! thanks for your reply - good to know you are getting your water down!! Interesting to read that you had gastroplasty - does that work by making the stomach smaller? What was it about bypass that inspired you? I originally had a band fitted, and had very limited success with this as it allowed me to eat rubbish, whilst making eating of healthy stuff very tricky!! so, I'm hoping for better results with the bypass and will 'welcome' dumping if I dare to misbehave How are you feeling?!! Are you sleeping ok and did you have much in the way of pain relief immediately after?
  3. How are you feeling now Jan?!!!! Youre back at work aren't you?
  4. I imagine its quite a challenge to get enough water down - one step at a time sounds like a good plan. Do you mind if I ask if they gave you something before your surgery to relax you? I'm sure I'm going to feel terrified. Iam self funding, so I don't know whether this will make any difference. Did you get any stocks in for your recovery? Protein drinks, low cal drinks? what are we allowed I wonder. So pleased you are doing so well - I guess you feel very relieved the surgery is all over with do you know how long your op took? Iam having a lap band to bypass revision so I'm thinking that this will take some time. Sleep well tonight sweetheart and thanks for all your answers X
  5. gosh, that was very speedy!!!!!! Home already - how are you feeling? Cath x
  6. But you did Jen!!!!!! Well done that girl!!!!
  7. looks like it contains some sugar, and stevia to sweeten - I wonder how much you can eat to avoid dumping?
  8. thanks Jen - I will investigate this! \important to have something so deprivation mind-set doesn't happen - my food intake after this procedure is going to be sooooo different!!
  9. .......hmmmmmm, just reading all your positive comments about Halo Top - wondering if Uk has an equivalent - is anyone able to give me the list of ingredients for this please?
  10. Hey Trish - not entirely sure when I have to start my liver shrinkage diet - it hasn't actually been specified - I'm thinking perhaps a couple of weeks - what do you reckon? guess I should contact them to make sure
  11. you will darling - as long as you don't have 'a toast' for your brekkie well done Trish, not long to go now - Iam very excited for you!!!!!
  12. Iam expecting to feel anxious during the hour or two before my op. Will they give me something to calm my nerves prior to the op? What experiences have you all had?
  13. I can imagine that I am going to feel very anxious in the hour or so just before my surgery - what policy do surgeons have on giving a little something to calm the nerves whilst waiting?
  14. vegEtables hahaha, he sounds like a great guy Trish, and I can just hear him saying all this in his Russian accent - hopefully on your surgery day, he'll be Russian here . Russian there and Russian all over the OR getting you all kitted out with your new digestive system and no, you wont be allowed a toast when you wake up!!!
  15. Brittneyanna, hi hun, hope your feeling lots better today - can I ask what 'foamies' are please?