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  1. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic June 2011 losers   

    Hi Rick
    I've not been on here in forever...although early on - and evenlong before I had surgery this place was my mainstay of encouragement (I think I need to make an effort to come back EVERYDAY)
    Our surgery was just days apart although our journey was quite different dang it guys are always at an advantage lol) I am down 110 lbs WOW...putting it in writing makes it all seem new since the start of my journey and 88 since surgery. I am battling stress from all areas of life and that was always an issue for me and resulting "emotional eating". Unfortunate for me that my head didn't get surgery too -

    I do feel I need to lose another 25 lbs (doc and NUT say between 15-30) but it has all but stopped and that is likely due to my inability to exercise as the feet are still so painful even after the weight loss, and more importantly due to "grazing".STRESS, STRESS and MORE STRESS - and darn it the issue with stress eating (even if it is fresh cherries or some other healthy option) creates MORE stress because I live in fear of regain and failure.

    Looks like you are still rolling right along....congrats!
  2. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Scrambled Egg troubles   

    NUT says that is her #1 complaint....I am 9 months out now and still dont really TRY scrambled as I VIVIDLY recall the horrible time I had with scrambled. NUT suggested frying (w/o oil) as they seem to work for most and did for me too...boiled seems to go down OK but can't do much volume. GOOD source of protien so dont give up
  3. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic I Wanna Eat!   

    I'm stuck on the ricotta cheese with cocoa powder ((shudder)) that sounds like a strange combo....doe sthis become a high protein dessert?? I'm there with ya though on the crzy pouch rules...I too am horrified that some days I seem to be able to eat more (the whole sandwich) and it SCARES me - scares me as much that I CAN and DO!
  4. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic I Love Sleep But...   

    as for sleep after surgery...mine was wrecked! Sometimes I could fall asleep mid conversation yet couldn't sleep at all at bedtime. As for waking up to discover you are on your stomach...RELAX...I too did that very early out and actually was almost on my tummy in hospital! My surgeon said "if it is comfortable its fine"
  5. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic My Wls Fashion Show Night!   

    BE-YOOT-I-FUL!!!! You ROCK that dress
    I wanna go play dress up and I HOPE I am not done with the losing any time soon! I have only worn formal for my wedding, 25th re-take and my son's wedding so I wanna go play dress up in the formal store LOL However....nothing above the knees will ever see daylight (not will sleeveless with these saggy, baggy elephant bat wings)
  6. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Throwing Up Every Morning   

    It is if you are pregnant Seriously....only throwing up in the morning...I would think pregnant first with all the gals on here getting that news early after surgery. If negative - is it after eating?? maybe it doesn't agree with ya and you need to change up???
  7. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Roasted Seaweed Snacks! Yum!   

    isn't 2 grams of fat per only 30 calories a bit high in fat?????????????? Always told keep it to 3 or less per 100 calories....
  8. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Any Help Is Greatly Appreciated   

    Melissa i cant offer much in the way of suggestions that would help I am sure but I offer my love and sympathy for what you are going through! I can't imagine the distress you must feel in all this and "helplessness" as well as if you say, your own surgeon and other docs havent' found an answer. I am glad however that you do seem to be an advocate for yourself and continue to search out help. I suffer with a wierd tast in my mouth from time to time that seems unexplainable to me and I find a strong flavored sf gum (COVERS EARS AS EVERYONE YELLS) or sf hard candies helps with that a little...Iimagine would also help moisten the dry mouth. I suffered with extreme reflux for 25 yrs and that it what led me to the gastric bypass so I know the burning you describe. Are you on meds for that? The bypass and hernia repair has cured my reflux issues but somehow I still suffer with too much acid and remain on the high dose Nexium prescribed at 3 weeks due to an ulcer already present form surgery. I still have to open my Nexium and our contents onto my greek yogurt to get it in but it does help. I do hope you find answers and help to feel better very soon!
  9. buttrfly2b added a comment on a blog entry In Memory Of... My Butt   

    thanks for the smile this morning...you REALLY do have a way with words that makes for a delightful read
    I have always been the "wide load" but sorta flat behind...guess there is some good to that afterall except that I constantly get the cmment "you don't have a butt anymore-you're FLAT" now if only I could figure out how to get the shrinking to take me in horizontally LOL

    I can't get brave enough to make friends with Victoria yet but maybe I should! I'm with you on the covering the butt cheeks however - I argued with my daughter about thongs by stating that I have spent my life time trying to keep my panties out of my crack - WHY would I purposely buy a string to fit there????????????????????
  10. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Onederland!'   

    Congrats! That is such a wonderful feeling and Lord, I hadn't been there in 35 yrs or longer
  11. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Popcorn!   

    I can't get my nerve up totry popcorn...some FEAR of it getting stuck However, I see I need to just plain fear it period!
  12. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Popcorn!   

    feeling restricition is the purpose of the tool...I am approaching 8 months out and am JUST NOW getting that point in my head! Was reading something about that very point the other day that brought it home to me...no one likes that tight - and sometimes painful, sensation but there is a reason...OVERFULL! I found that I was leaning toward the greek yogurt, cheese and other softer protein sources so I didn't feel discomfort that I did with a thumbs width of chicken breast, and my downfall was pretzels added because it settled the nausea that I was plagued by so much. OOOPS - and I wonder why my losing slowed down???? NUT advised crackers and pretzels not such an issue (but don't do as a meal) but for me - the carb count is all there is - and worse, it makes me want more carbs but I also find I can eat MORE of that stuff. I am trying to go back to early post op in quantity and making myself eat the dense protein now that I can finally handle meat better. Good thing is - when it is meat for the protein source, I can't hold but a small portion. Let's both Nip that "useless food" pitfall in the bud
  13. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic The Tale Of Dookie   

    Upi are already cleared to take capsules at 3 months?????? I would LOVE the option to take a capsule vitamin!

    I do use Celebrate chewable (mandarin orange - tried about every other flavor and can't stand) and I have their chewable calcium but I am using the Bariatric advantage sugar free chewy bites for the most part because I can actually ENJOY those. I have been advised by members here that there IS a powder form of calcium you can mix in your drinks and I know celebrate also offers a shake powder that has the vitamis in it - I used those early post op. I struggle with getting supplements in too but am working hard to find a way becasue I do not want to have deficiencies!
  14. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic Walking And Plantar Fasciitis   

    I hope your experience will not be as bad or prolonged as mine either (about exhausted EVERY OPTION except surgical release which Duke Ortho says is coming) I suffered 2 yrs with plantar faciatis pre surgery and was nearly icapacitated by it. I wore the night splint with little relief and the dang thing kept me awake all night so that created another issue
    I did the freezing the soda bottle and rolling the foot on it - that does help with the inflammation. I did 3 of the shots - none helped at all until the last ditch effort of the Duke Ortho who went straitight up throught the bottom of the foot and I did find "some relief" but it was short lived. I also did 2 rounds of Extracorpreal shock wave therapy and wore an aircast for about 6 months - NO results, other than the opposite foot began to have issues because I adapted my walk with the cast to put more weight on that foot. I did months of physical therapy including taping the foot and deep tissue massage. PT massage therapy helped some...I also have custom molded EXPENSIVE orthodic inserts in my shoes and well over 100.00 a pair shoes (only have 1 pair) designed to give better support for the fascial ligament. I still today can bearly walk 15 minutes in anything other than very good tennis shoes with the inserts inside. I was told at Duke that the ligament is just so hard and scarred and is more than 3 times the size it should be that surgery appears to be the only rememdy and unfortuantely there is no guarantee that will even resolve all issues - could even come out worse off in a rre happening. I had great hopes that Losing alot of weight with the GB would cure the problem but it hasn't...although it is not quite as severe constantly some 90 lbs ago.

    Shared all that to say this - try the shots...alot of people get great results. Try all the stretches suggested - best one for me wascheap...take a belt or even rolled towel and put it beneath the ball of the foot WHILE STILL ON THE BED BEFORE TRYING TO STAND FIRST THING IN THE MORNING holding one end in each hand and pull towards your head getting a good stretch then release. Repeat at least 10 times before getting up. Do the "icing" to help with inflammation and if pre-op take anti inflammatory (unfortunately again, post op those are not an option which is a bummer for me now) use the orthodics and even go to Physical Therapy if you can afford it! If yours is not so chronic yet there is a good chance you will get good relief. My doc said that most cases resolve within a few weeks and the rare cases went 2 yrs (that would be me...I seem to love being the odd ball that always is the "rare" case, which freaked me out when pre-op and facing all my fears of surgery LOL)

    Good luck to you and yep, although not a cure since 90 lb folks suffer this issue, weioght loss HELPS
  15. buttrfly2b added a post in a topic 4 Yrs. Out   

    WOWZA...that is an awesome post~
    from a 26 to a 1 (sorry, but I can NEVER fathom a size 1 existing let alone beng able to wear one LOL) Thank you for posting again...I am only 7 months into my journey but I find myself searching for the long timers. I need all the HOPE I can manage as I find myself sucked up in that fear of "will I be one of the stats that fail at this too". 40 years is a long history of continual diet mode - it is hard to get past the fact of no matter the program or effort to lose it ALWAYS came back! Please post often