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  1. I have read about leaks and long hospital stays. That scares me. What do you guys think causes some people to have leaks and others not..... do you think it is the surgeon not doing a good job? Some surgeons better then others? Curious as to some sort of reason. Thank you.
  2. I think this is it. http://www.aspirebariatrics.com/about-the-aspireassist/ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/aspireassist-weight-loss-device-stomach-drain-has-some-medical-experts-queasy/
  3. I saw a new weight loss surgery on the news a few days ago. You have a drain port on your belly and it goes to your stomach. After you eat you drain out the food you just ate. Anybody ever heard of this? Do you know what it's called? Any thoughts?
  4. I am a male and I am deathly scared of a catheter. I dont want to get one or wake up with one Does the sleeve surgery require a catheter?
  5. So usually you only hear from people with problems. I want to hear from everyone. I'm still trying to decide.
  6. HCG

    Does anyone know anything about this?
  7. Thank you for the responses. I really apreciate it. I am worried about waking up during the surgery or waking up with tubes in my throat. The catheter scares me too. No way on the drain. I will check with Dr. Suh on my consultation visit and see what he does..... I prefer to wake up without a drain, catheter or tube in my throat. Also I like the comment about the "amnesia" stuff and not remembering anything. I know I am a chicken.
  8. So I have never had surgery. When you wake up from the RNY surgery... Do you have a breathing tube in your throat? When do they take it out? Do you have a catheter? When do the ytake it out? Do they put these things in after you are asleep?
  9. I totally agree with what you are saying about quality of life and running around with my boys.... I am just not a risk taker. The 1 in 1000 death rate scares me. I just really wish I could overcome that fear.
  10. Thank you for your response. I really apreciate your story. To be honest if I still weighed 450 pounds it would be an easier decision. If I had diabetes it would be an easier decision. But I am perfectly healthy. That is what makes it hard. I have thought about your comment that your surgeon made about doing it while you are young and healthy. I always thought I would do it when my youngest (12 years old) was about 18. But then I will be 43 years old. So not sure about that anymore. It just scares me to death when I think about leaving my 4 boys without a father. I may be fat but atleast they have a father. I have done tons of research. I too went thru all of the Kaiser classes. I did all of my presurgery test. I was 1 week from my surgery date and I backed out. After that I went on a diet and lost about 175 pounds. the surgery would of been all paid for. Since then about 5 years ago I sold my factory and retired (I know I am only 37). So now it is out of pocket. Which is not an issue. I have the money. Just scared of death, complication, pain and then 5 or 10 years from now gaining the weight back. Sorry to vent but this is a good place to vent and get advice from others. It will either help me to not be a sissy and get the surgery or get off my butt and loose the weight again.
  11. Here is my original thread... Well here I am a year later..... I did not do the surgery. I hired a personal trainer. I lost 50 pounds. Things were good. Every summer we vacation with our boys. Over the summer I gained my 50 pounds back. I havent been working out at all. So here I am 1 year later right back where I starteted at 350 pounds and thinking about surgery again.... I have been on a diet for about 4 weeks but I am finding at 37 years olf it is getting harder and harder to loose weight. The only way that I am ahead is that I think I know that RNY surgerys is better for me. The only reason is that I have had acid Reflux my entire adult life. If I do the surgery I think I want to use Dr. Suh. So those are 2 decisions that make me better off than last year at this time....... http://www.suhbariatric.com/index.php I just cant bring myserlf to do the surgey. I get scared. I almost wish I had health problems. It would make it an easy decision. But it is hard for me to risk leaving my wife and 4 boys alone without me right now. I am perfectly healthy other than visually over weight. What if the surgery gives me problems that I never had before? I wish I wasnt such a sissy......
  12. I read that you have a breathing tube in when you wake up..... Do they take it out shortly after you wake up? Does it hurt? What is it like? I have never had surgery and I am a bit scared of this breathing tube.... Does it go down your throat? When you wake up is there a tube in your nose or just your throat... Just For the MEN... I am even more scared about waking up with a catheter. The thought of it just scares me... Does it hurt? Does it hurt when it is removed? I am cringing just thinking about it... Thanks.
  13. Drain Tube?? I have read about this... Does everyone get a drain tube after surgery? I think I read where some do and some do not.... What factors determine this?
  14. Yes... I am only looking at the RNY and laproscopic. Sorry I should of clarified that...
  15. This might be a dumb question... After the surgery will the doctor close the incesion area with staples or stitches? I beleive it is staples. I have never had either... How do they remove the staples? Is it painful? Do they num it first? Thanks.