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  1. Been missing you and thought I'd stop in to check on you. Hope you're doing OK. Sending hugs and warm wishes!

  2. Welcome to the TT Forum. Great support here and lots of information to read to learn more about your journey before surgery and after. Keep us informed of your program. I had my Gastric Bypass by laparoscopic methods, including fixing of an umbilical hernia, almost 2 months ago and walked out of the hospital without my diabetes, high blood pressure or high cholesterol, and my sleep apnea is basically gone now. Since then I've never looked back. Good luck.
  3. I'm too early to know, but I would anticipate it is settling in to a 'normal' life again and eating regular foods again that have a much higher calorie count. Some may hit the sweets if they don't dump. The surgery is afterall just a tool and if you quit using it properly it is easy to gain back weight.
  4. Just remember that everyone's tastes often change after surgery and what one person likes now could be totally different later. As stated, the recommendation is pre-op to buy nothing but 'samples' and you are able to then find something you can tolerate before you fork out a ton of money for a tub. SqueezyMama, is there a reason why you are only doing a protein drink in the morning and at night? Another one at lunch would get you into the higher numbers. You should also be able to use milk which will give you more protein.
  5. I'm Medicare using an Advantage Plan HMO for coverage. Mine covered 100% of the surgery and all the tests, but you really have to do your research on these different plans. Most seem to be 80% covered with 20% paid by patient with certain maximums and/or co-pays. Too detailed and different and it will give you a migraine reviewing all of them. My surgery, not including tests and Anesthesia services, was $87,282.23 but the negotiated billing (actual charge) was $12,383.90 which was paid by my HMO. You might try going to the Social Security/Medicare website and see if you can get some questions answered about WLS if you stick with them. I would then start doing serious research on the different Advantage Plans that are available in your area and find out what each of them cover dollar-wise. As for the surgery itself, Medicare only offers lap-band or RNY Gastric Bypass at the present time. The 'Sleeve' is not yet covered. Good luck.
  6. Sounds like you have things under control. Keep us informed of your progress and hopeful resolution of your anxiety issues.
  7. Awesome. Keep it up.
  8. Sounds like you are doing great. Just stick to your surgeon's eating routine and don't try to rush things if you happen to find one stage easier to do. Your new plumbing needs to have time to heal.
  9. Yup, we all have those thoughts at one moment or another. Shows you are a normal human being. Mine lasted about a minute and then I reminded myself of what could go RIGHT and that had a higher percentage of succeeding that going the other route. After that I relaxed and enjoyed the ride. You will do fine. I slept through the whole thing. All I remember was the Anesthesia guy talking to me and the next thing I knew I was waking up in recovery. At that point I realized I was alive and breathing. Since then I've never looked back and I try my best to follow the rules given me.
  10. You're doing fine, better than me for sure. Remember your body is not a machine and there are times when it needs to rest and figure out what its supposed to be doing. Perfectly normal. Keep up your levels of protein and liquids and your body will continue in due time. If you have been low on your protein intake, try increasing it a bit and it may be enough to nudge your body into doing something.
  11. Welcome to the TT Forum. Sounds like you are ready for your surgery and the beginning of a whole new healthier way of life. Hopefully you will find information here to help you in your journey and, of course, there is support here from your peers when needed. Good Luck.
  12. No experience in that area, but here's what I came up with on a search: "A bladder ultrasound test is used in the urologist's office to measure the amount of urine in the bladder, to look for stones, to measure the bladder wall thickness, and to look for elevation of the bladder by an enlarged prostate. The most common use of bladder ultrasound is to measure how much urine is left behind in the bladder after you are done urinating, an amount called the post-void residual. " Keep us informed.
  13. I'm not that far out yet, but I generally don't try to fill my pouch with a dense food like chicken. I will measure out 2 ounces of it and the rest is a gravy or something else to help it in the pouch. Often I will even chew a couple Papaya Enzymes with it. Any more than 2 oz and I will usually regret it. Strangely I can eat a 3.25 oz package of beef jerky and have no issues, so it may relate there to the marinade used and the fibers being broken down so the pouch has an easier time. I just home canned some chicken thighs, which I plan on trying in the near future to see if it is easier to digest than regularly cooked chicken, which might also allow meals higher than the 2 ounces. Canned chicken in the stores should be the same.
  14. I'm finding that I have to slap my hand recently when I find myself grazing while eating Edamame, Soy Nuts, or Almonds as a snack. It is so easy to do. I have to force myself to put them in a 1/4 or 1/2 cup and just eat them! As long as we recognize what we are starting to do and can correct ourselves, we are doing okay.
  15. The first question that comes to mind is you are deficient in your vitamins and minerals. Are you having regular blood work done to check your numbers?