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  • Gender Female
  • Location Seattle
  • Age 47


  • Surgeon Dr. N
  • Hospital Overlake
  • Height (ft-in) 5-06
  • Start Weight 260
  • Current Weight 188
  • Goal Weight 160
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 43
  • Surgery Date 12/14/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. bambinari added a post in a topic The feeling of being judged/embarassed   

    So sorry you are dealing with this!  You have nothing to be ashamed of.  You got a surgery that your doctor said was medically necessary.  If you had a medically necessary surgery to repair a, let's see, a heart valve issue, would you be ashamed.  NOOOOO.
    Your body, your life.  Your ex is just that, an X.   He and his bride do NOT deserve space in your head.
  2. bambinari added a post in a topic What do you eat for breakfast?   

    My go to breakfast is 2% fage Greek yogurt mixed with Kashi Go Lean.  I get crunchy, double protein, and tastes good. 
  3. bambinari added a post in a topic Did you tell you coworkers?   

    Love it.  I wish I worked for mice elves.
    I did my surgery over 2 weeks vacation and didn't tell anyone but my best friend.  As I started losing weight, very few people asked about it (but they were talking about it).  When someone finally asked, all I said was I was under medical care to deal with some health issues.   And thanks for asking.
  4. bambinari added a post in a topic My life is changing in 13days....gastric here I come...   

    Good luck, Christina, and thanks for posting!  It is an exciting and scary time, isn't it??
    It  is wonderful that you love yourself, regardless of your weight.  You will still be you, but you will be loving a healthier you.
    Keep coming back.  TT got me through my surgery and stories like yours will give me the inspiration to keep why we did this in mind.  A different appearance is a by product of choosing to live.
  5. bambinari added a post in a topic Apollo Overstitch - Endoscopic Revision   

    Thanks for the update!  I found my insurance will cover this, but I have to have been "compliant" with the eating and exercise.  I would have been compliant except I've been hungry all the time!!!!
    Is yours self-pay or is the fact that you are basically a tube all the way through, covering it?
    I hope you go through it all well!!!!
  6. bambinari added a post in a topic Apollo Overstitch - Endoscopic Revision   

    Any update?
  7. bambinari added a post in a topic Nine Days to Surgery and Have Questions. Please Help!   

    My only advice when going to hospital is don't bring too much. Wear easy sweatpants and a top that buttons. Bring a bunch of clean undies (you don't know how long you'll be there) and some skid free slippers for all of the walking you'll be doing.

    Good luck!!!!
  8. bambinari added a post in a topic back to basics   

    I'm right with ya. Came back because I've worked too hard to lose this gift. I'm on 5dayPT. Starting day 3. Give it a try if you haven't already?

    HANG IN THERE. I will too !
  9. bambinari added a post in a topic Newbie (scared)   

    Hi Jackie --congrats on being only 21 days out!!!

    The next three weeks on liquids will be challenging but keep your spirits up.

    What helped me during that time was to move out of my TV chair and set different nighttime routines. I basically stopped watching TV as I started to notice all the food commercials.

    And, when I started prowling the kitchen would GO TO BED. there r were some nights I was in bed at 8.
  10. bambinari added a post in a topic Stuck, Stricture or just Full?   

    Hi Misty -- hope it's not a stricture.  I'd suspect that with the revision, you are back in newbie land.
    I'm up near Burien and would love to know more about your revision.  I'm doing 5daypt, but it hasn't worked in the past.  I can eat a 12 oz steak and fear I've created the second stomach too.
  11. bambinari added a topic in Introduce Yourself   

    I'm baaccckkkkk and need the support of TT
    Hello old-timers and new RNY peeps.
    I was very active 4 years ago while I was on my journey toward surgery and then after for about 2 years.
    Not needing TT anymore ( HAH ) I basically forgot I'd had the surgery and slipped back to old habits.
    I need to get back in touch with WHY I had the surgery and listen to the stories of everyone who is at the beginning stages.  It's exciting and scary and hopeful.  It can really be done -- I'm proof.  But, I'm also proof that backsliding occurs.
    I miss the support of this group and hope you'll welcome back someone who is four years out.
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  12. bambinari added a post in a topic results of the 5 day pouch reset diet   

    I'm in day 2 of the 5daypt.  This is the second time I'm doing.  I just feel I've got my patootie whupped right now.  I've gained a huge amount of weight in 2014.  Some is stress related but most of it is keeping my really heavy friend company as she eats.   I have just started enabling her eating problems and diving right in with her,.
    That has to stop.
    5 day PT hopefully will help get me on track.  My other good friend has promised to help me stay on straight and narrow  but bottom line is I have to do this myself.
  13. bambinari added a post in a topic Thrift Stores--great source of in-between clothes   

    Hi Cindy-- if you do need a NsV I recommend buying a pair of jeans at a thrift shop. You and I are about the same size and I bought a pair of jeans at 225 and cried in the dressing room. I remember they were a 16 or 18 and I couldn't believe they fit and looked good!

    I found that having clothes that fit me really made a difference in realizing how far I had come. You don't have to splurge, but I bet you will be thrilled with what you see.

    Also, since I had been heavy for a long time the sizes were totally different than what they were when I was in my twenties. Easing into the new sizing at thrift stores helped me mentally.

    Congrats on your progress!
  14. bambinari added a post in a topic Back on the Wagon -- after having fallen off.... Let's have fun~   

    So glad we are all here together. I wish I had recognized the problem at five pounds like Nana. I watched myself up at 8, then 10, ten at 12 pounds I had a freak out.

    I could
    A) keep gaining and tell myself I will get on track later. Or
    deal with it now

    I finished the five day pouch test and it was really helpful. I didn't lose weight on it, but got off the car s and could feel my pouch again. Today is day 8 and I've now lost three pounds. Down from 162 to 159. I believe it is real weight and not the fast water weight from the beginning.

    My biggest discovery was learning that what I was eating for breakfast was sabotaging me!!

    I'd been eating Fage 2% with kashi go lean twigs. High protein! But I was hungry by 1030 so would have a second breakfast. And that breakfast was a coffee and a lemon bread or something like that from Starbucks. Oops.

    During the 5dpt I had two eggs with meat and stayed full until 1230. Less calories, more protein and very little carbs.

    The journaling and tracking of times and hunger really helped me.

    Good luck everybody!!!

    Wagon Driver #1
  15. bambinari added a post in a topic I'm back! Can't go it alone   

    Hiya. I get premier at Costco. The chocolate is really good.