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  1. I had my surgery 4-28-2010. I normally eat a peanut butter sandwich in the mornings and then around 11:00 I will eat a yogurt or apple sauce or jello to hold me over. I normally go to mcdonald's and get just a piece of grilled chicken or a grilled chicken salad with no cheese and bring my own low cal dressing. I eat Chicken almost everyday at lunch. I am lucky eating the same thing does not bother me. At dinner I eat about 2 to 4 ozs of chicken or pork chop and a side vegetable and every other day 1/2 biscuit. I had gotten a little out of control with sweets so now I am back to just natural sugars and sugar free jello.
  2. I am sorry to hear about all of your loss. I will be wishing you a quick recovery on your surgery and fresh start on your weight loss.
  3. For me at least there are days I want to eat all day but I never do not feel restriction. I may want to eat all day but a few bites still feel me up thank goodness. I am 7 years out and have just now cut out my coffee cold turkey because I was drinking 40 plus ounces a day and it was causing me to bloat and hurt real day bad everyday. I stopped it cold turkey and now feel a lot better. I also went to the dentist that same week and had 4 new cavities because I was allowing myself to eat to many sweets only a few bites at a time but it caught up with me so I have went off all sugar as well and am proud to say i have lost 6 pounds in a a little over 2 weeks. Hang in there and know that you are strong enough to over come your urges it is so worth it.
  4. The first step is to go back to your surgeon and let them look at you to make sure everything internally is working how it should be. Then ask for guidance on what they suggest or if you know what to do then go back to basics. I would thing you should have lost more than 57 pounds from the sleeve if there is a problem they may want to turn your sleve into the gastric bypass. I know a lot of people who go from the sleeve to bypass. Reach out to their office and let us know how it turns out. Best of luck to you.
  5. Post am old picture of yourself on the refrigerator so you can see the old you when you get ready to eat when you are not truly hungry. I was told to do this and it really does help. I see that person who was so miserable and I never want to become her again so it helps to to go find something to do besides eat.
  6. I agree you hear a lot more people tell you bad things that have happened than good. I am with you I am 7 years out and I would do it all over again tomorrow if I needed to. I don't want to down play the risk or the pain you have for a few days afterwards but it is so worth the life I have now compared to the life I had then. Best of luck to your on your journey.
  7. I agree Jodi I had no problems until year 6 so I hope for their sake they can figure out how to manage things now and realize you have to still be careful and try to watch what you eat like you would if you were trying to diet. The great thing is a we only need a little food now so our tool does make it much easier than before.
  8. I lost 5 of the 20 when I cut out the sweets in just 1 week. I just want 5 more so I have some wiggle room. It does start to require a little effort the further out you are. I went from reaching goal to eating anything I wanted and as often as I wanted just not much of it and still maintained until the 6th year. I remember telling people I could not imagine how people could gain weight back because I still could eat so little but that did change also around year 6.
  9. I love water melon this was the only think I have ever dumped on. I eat about a cup at 1 year out and got the foamies. Yuk it was awful.
  10. My surgeon told me to look in the mirror and if my chest and arms looked sunk in or you could see the bones then I would be considered a little to thin woman tend to carry weight in their lower half of their body so you judge if you are to thin by looking at the top of your body. I was too small at 155 and 5'7 but i loved it because even though my breast bone could cut you my things were finally little in pants. I have now put back on 20 pounds since surgery 7 years ago and I look normal now and most say perfect size but my thighs are still a little big in my opinion.
  11. Wow you look great. You have done a great job.
  12. I am almost 7 years out and I noticed at around the 6 year mark I could eat more than I could the past few years. I have now had to review what I eat which I have not had to do. Once I reached goal I ate what I wanted and when I wanted but could only eat a few bites. I noticed at about the 6 year mark I started be be able to hold a little more so I started to put on a pound or so a month. After a gain of 10 pounds I cut out all my sweets unless it was from fruit or natural sugars and have lost 5 pounds in 6 days. I now know as time goes one I have to make smart choices to stay at the weight I am.
  13. I started back coffee after my 1st year and drank between 30 to 40 ozs every morning before breakfast and everyday I would have the worst bloating and full filling in my stomach. I just decided it was because of me not going to the bathroom regular then I started reading reports on coffee. According to a lot of the reports i have read the beans in coffee has oils in them and other stuff that cause bloating even decaf will cause this. I have cut out my coffee for 8 days now and have not have the first sign of bloating. I may add back in a small 8 oz cup a day to see if I can get by with that and not feel bloated. I am a big coffee lover and I really did not think I could just give it up but I have for 8 days now.
  14. Meat tenderizer followed by a few sips of water will tenderize the meat and help it pass. My husband had that happen a few times. Also he use to jump up and down a few times and it would dislodge the food and help it pass. Good luck
  15. beautiful