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  • Age 46


  • Surgeon dr chistian mann
  • Hospital nash surgical center
  • Height (ft-in) 5-07
  • Start Weight 280
  • Current Weight 147
  • Goal Weight 155
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 44
  • Surgery Date 04/28/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Can't drink after eating   

    I am almost 6 years out and still feel sick if I drink to much liquid at a time. I sip all-day except I wait for 30 minutes after a meal to start sipping again.
  2. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic low blood sugar?   

    I have this if I eat sweets with out a protein I have had my sugar drop as low as 37. I now have a meter and glucose tabs I carry with me and I make sure I eat a protein if I am going to have something sweet and I eat at least something every 3 hours max.
  3. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Who is long term and maintained their loss?   

    I will be 6 years out in April 2016 I lost a total of 135 pounds and have put back on 20 pounds however I have eaten anything I wanted and not worked out until about 1 year ago so the 20 pound gain came before I started working out. I am holding steady at the 20 pound gain. I am told this is normal to have a rebound of about 15 to 30 pounds from your smallest weight. I am being a lot more careful now to make sure everything I eat counts and is healthy for my body also I do not and have never drank and eaten at the same time. As long as I am now being more aware of what I eat I have not put on any weight in over 6 months.
  4. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic After Bariatric Surgery, Alcohol Abuse More Likely - Need to know   

    I drank socially before surgery and now but It does hit me a lot quicker than before surgery. I can drink a few sips and feel it but can finish a drink and have another one and feel  tipsy but not drunk. I did switch my addiction from eating to shopping for the first 2 years after surgery there is no telling how much money I wasted buying stuff just because it was a good deal wheather I need it or not.
  5. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Diabetes worse after surgery   

    My husband also had his surgery to prevent his dibetes from getting worse he was on 3 pills a day and 2 insulin shots. He still had to take his shots and pills while in the hospital and once he came home he had to take all his meds and shots for 2 weeks then at his check up he was able to just take his oral meds at around 2 months out he was able to go off of all meds and was considered in remission. he is now almost 6 years out and has put back on around 30 pounds and is now boarder line again so he really has to what his carb in take to stay boarderline or it will get out of control again. Give it some time and I think you will see positive results it just takes time for some.
  6. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Living thin........   

    I have more energy to climb stairs and get around but really can not tell much difference at the end of a day I am pretty much as tired as I was at my heaviest. I am almost at 6 years and go to the gym 3 or 4 days a week but really have to force myself to do so. I hate to work out.
  7. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Abdominal pain, bloating/gas   

    I am almost 6 years out and have always had problems with constipation and not able to get in enough fluid as suggested. I may get about 48 ozs per day. I just do not feel good when I drink a lot at a time and with spacing out my drinking and eating I just can not get much more than 48 ozs a day. When I get the most bloating is late in the afternoon. i drink 2 cups of coffee aday which I use splenda in and suspect this may be the reason for my bloating I use 4 packs with each cup of coffee If I use the green gasx pills they work really well most of the time but the strips on the tongue do not work for me. When I do not go to the bathroom regular I will have pains up really high on my left side and this can get pretty painful so I try to take miralax if I go more than 4 days with out going. I think a lot of us have the gassy bloating the further out we get but it is worth the trade off for me. If you have not talk done so talk to your surgeon about what they suggest.
  8. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Apologies for not being here to support when I was so well supported...   

    Wow you look wonderful. If you were strong enough to have this surgery and lose the weight you are strong enough to fight your other addictions just remember how important this surgery was for you and why and apply those same principle. Best of luck to you for a healthy and happy future.
  9. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Anxiety/panic after surgery?   

    It is normal somewhat for your hormones to be out of wack and for that to affect your emotional well being early out. I would take it day by day and if you feel this way again talk to your surgeons office about it.
  10. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic HELP SEVERE PAIN WHEN BENDING OVER IN MY STOMACH   

  11. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Okay...let's See Those Tattoos!   

    I had 3 before surgery one on my big toe 1 on my ankle and a stamp tramp on my lower back none changed at all and I lost 135 pounds. I do think that the placement of them is the key to wheather they will sag after a lot of weight loss. my thighs and upper arms are saggy so if I had one there it would have affected the look of it no doubt. If you get one that you do not carry an excessive amount of weight in you should be ok.
  12. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic Okay...let's See Those Tattoos!   

    I think they hurt no matter where you get them at. I have 6 and they all hurt I think the one on my rib cage hurt the most it was a 4 hour setting at one time. I have a lady bug on my big toe and that one on my toe was very painful as well but it was not as painful as the one on the ribs. The tramp stamp hurt the least I would say of all 6 of them.
  13. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic HELP SEVERE PAIN WHEN BENDING OVER IN MY STOMACH   

    After sending a picture of where I am hurting and explaining it in full they are almost sure it is an abdominal wall hernia. I will find out my appointment date next week to see my surgeon. I will keep everyone informed once I find out what it is.
  14. goingtobethinin2010 added a post in a topic HELP SEVERE PAIN WHEN BENDING OVER IN MY STOMACH   

    I went for my 5 year check up in April I mentioned this and that is when they put me on carafate for possible ulcer. After the side effects it caused which was reflux and burping and gas which I have never had they told me to stop taking it. I am just trying to find out if I should ask for an endoscopy or an ultra sound or what they seem to think that the pain is ulcer related but I do not have any other symptoms. I just can't afford to go through tons of test to narrow this down. I guess I need to see if they think an endoscopy would show all the way into my upper belly or if an ultra sound would be better to view this area. I am going to go back to my surgeons office just trying to see if anyone that has been diagnosed maybe with a tristed bowl or adhesions ever felt this sharp stabbing pain before. Thanks for your replys.
  15. goingtobethinin2010 added a topic in 4 Years Post-Op (GB)   

    Ok guys before I go and spend thousands of dollars in test to try to pinpoint my problem I thought I would come here to see if by chance anyone else has experienced this issue. This has been going on now for maybe 2 years it only happens maybe once every 2 or 3 months for a minute or so. When I sit down or bend over I will get a severe sharp pain like something trying to poke through my stomach. It happens only on my left side right above my belly button area straight across from where the biggest incision scar from my surgery and is a stabing pain for the past month or so the area is tender or sore when I rub it Once I stand up and rub the area the pain goes right away. The only other symptoms I have is my stomach bloats maybe twice a week but I chalk this up to using to much splenda once I take a gas x pill the bloating goes away. The pain I have is very painful but does not travel to the shoulder or back. I am going to schedule an apointment with my surgeon's office but trying to see what type of test to ask for. I called about this 2 months ago and they put me on carafate for posible ulcer and that caused major reflux and burping and gas which I have never had before so I stopped it after 1 week per their request. they are suggesting I start with an enscopy of ulcers but I do not have any of the normal ulcer reated problems just this pain in stomach that lasts only a few seconds. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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