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  1. I love your profile picture - you look like a model :) how are you????????? long time no talk

  2. Can't wait til summer to dress my new body in cute clothes and go swimming and playing with my kids!

  3. Great job! look so good:)
  4. no more overweight for us right????? never again?? :) miss u girl

  5. Sooo awesome! Isnt it funnu when you realize "hey, I'm an after!"...
  6. I'm really glad you could relate to me and I hope this is encouraging for you. I remember only so well how it gave me hope to look at progression photos...especially in the beginning! You are gonna be amazed at hoe your body will react and change!
  7. Thank you! I know how much other's courage to put these photos up helped me out!
  8. what a nice compliment to begin my day! thank you
  9. U amaze me!...i remember beginning this journey together "novmber staplers' look at us now girl
  10. Losinglisa...i actually did the math and you're losing at the same rate as i did. once i hit onederland it slowed down and i had serious plateaus. i did have melanoma surgery on my leg tho that interrupted my exercize and i had to stop losing weight dr orders in order to heal. oh the joys! will be down here in the goal range very soon