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  1. you look great , and you can def see a difference!
  2. Thank you Erin!
  3. yeah i think its starting to slow down a little now but its still coming off and thats what counts :) hope u are doing well.

  4. You looking beautiful! and are beautiful inside and out.
  5. U look great my weight loss is going slow but im happy as well i was a 24 and am now a 16 i had surgery sept 28th keep up the good work can u tell me one of your meal plans for a day i think i eat too much then not enough it gets very frustrating.

  6. Thank you so much!
  7. Thanks everyone, the result just make you want to continue to work harder!
  8. great job, you look amazing!
  9. Dont be nervous,you will be great and better than ever in no time! Thank you so much, the rewards are boundless! Thank you, i still have work to do, but its nice seeing i have a shape!
  10. Thank you,Dr Irgau from Christiana, or CHrias
  11. It seems like mine has been consistent anywhere from 2-5 pounds a week,But i think my results have been good because i have been killing myself 6 days a week in the gym, i went through phases where i was telling myself it's not working but it is and i have to reprogram my mind into believing i am doing everything right. I have about 9 more to go till im under 200 , seems like that is taking forever though Your doing great keep it up, you will see results.
  12. Thank you, i wish you all the best Friday , your going to do great !
  13. Just a few more
  14. Wow i cant believe how good i feel,This surgery has opened my eyes to a whole new world was in size 20 clothes and 2x shirts and now im in Xl and 14/16 , never thought i would see those sizes again. My life is so much fuller because i am more social and love to be active, my advice to anyone how is thinking about or going for WLS , DO IT your whole life will change in a matter of days! down 76 pounds in 3 months and 10 more pounds and i will be in the 100's have not seen that weight in over 17 years!
  15. Hey thanks for reaching out to me, great to met you!