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  • Surgeon Dr. Alfredo Fernandez
  • Hospital Brandon Regional Hospital
  • Start Weight 266
  • Current Weight 197
  • Goal Weight 185
  • Surgery Date 12/16/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Milestones & Even Better Things!   

    Hi Penny, we have been gone all summer. You did good. I bet you feel fantastic. I am also doing well. We just got home after traveling all summer (Nova Scotia). Since I have been home, I have gained about 4 lbs. Might be lack of activity over the past week. Anyway I have lost 90 lbs. since surgery in December. Off all medication and feeling great. I have went past my goal and currently am at 182. I just don't want to gain any weight. This is still a trial to see what I can eat to maintain. School starts soon and going to have to figure out routine for when I get back. Should be interesting.

    I am impressed with you. Do you remember how scared we both were. Well we got past that and survived. Keep in touch and again, CONGRATS, John

    YAY!!! I'm just sooooooo ecstatic

  2. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Weight loss post-op?   

    8 weeks out and lost 60 lbs with pre-op diet and post op. Been about the same for last 4 weeks. Started at 270 and now down to 210. Been eating about 60 gr protein and day and around a 1000 calories. Do notice inches leaving, but not much weight. I guess this is normal sometimes. I have only about 20 more pounds to loose according to the surgeon. I guess there is no rush even if it takes a year. It has been easy to stick to low amount of food. Got tired of those shakes (still drinking one per day), but with meat and cheese, I have been able to get the protein down. The next year should be interesting.
  3. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Tigergal's January 2011 Weight Loss Update   

    You are doing great. Keep up the good work. I have been over 5 weeks with no weight loss. These last 20 lbs are tough. I remember when you went through the same problem. Inches are coming off, but no weight. I hit 8 weeks out yesterday since surgery. I have lost 60 lbs total and can't complain. I sure before the year is up, I will hit my goal of 185, but sure am hanging on the 210 for a long time.

    Anyway, I am proud of you and you are my motivation. Keep it going. Hope all is well at Dr. F. John
  4. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Am I the oldest?   

    I am doing fine, but think it takes a bit more time to heal. I went back to work this past Monday driving a school bus. Best to you. John
  5. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Yay One month post-op   

    I am right behind you with surgery done on 12/16. I was a Brandon Regional with Dr. Fernandez. You said tired, you got that right. I have lost 27lb. since surgery and go to Walmart shopping and need to sit down at Walmart before I get home. Hope this energy level picks up since I am scheduled to go to work next week. I sure don't plan on going dancing with the wife this week. John Keep in touch.
  6. John Sagraves added a post in a topic "Head Hunger"---why do you torture me?   

    Big mistake. I kept asking my wife how many would be there. She said several. I looked at the dining room table and it was formally set for 6. I noticed there was 2 other couples and I thought I would just sit with them while they ate. I could not do it. I said sorry, but I could not stay here. Wife stayed for dinner and I went home. I was embarrassed for them and my wife, but that is the way it goes. They brought her home later. Last night another party and I went in other room while everyone ate. Did better and watched TV til they finished. New Years we have 30 people coming over. Food should be everywhere. I am going to find a corner to hide in and stay away. Should be interesting. What test we go through. John
  7. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Need help taking Cipro   

    You are all great, thanks so much, Guess I will continue with the bitter pill.:)
  8. John Sagraves added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Need help taking Cipro
    Have urinary infection, 7 days post op and Surgeon wrote script for Cipro. He said take with apple sauce. After two times taking it that way, it is extremely bitter tasting. What I have been doing is crushing pill and mixing with apple sauce. Hate to bother the Dr. Anyone have any suggestions? Would swallowing the pill whole be ok and follow up with apple sauce? What is the purpose of the applesauce. I have other pills (statin) that I take whole that is the same size as Cipro with (no problems) Does apple sauce make the Cipro pass through more slowly so I get more benefit? I guess I should have called the Dr. to determine what taking with apple sauce means. Any suggestions. (One bitter pill) to take .
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  9. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Not cool job, but works for retirement   

    Yep, I have been a diabetic for over 15 years, no insulin. Went to surgeon yesterday and things are moving right a long. This morning my weight was 232 (naked as a jay bird) with highest being 270 before detox. That is a lot of weight in less than 25 days. Surgery was 251 (fully dressed) I am taking it off quickly. I got a urniary infection from the catherdra (spelling Started on Cipro and it seems to be doing its job. Fever down. Not a lot of energy. Old heart rate went to 156 when I got out of bed right after surgery. With meds, I just checked it 106/71 with 72 beats per minute. It is working. I am just amazed how that little pouch works. Sure don't take much to fill me up. Shakes last about 3 hours and then it is juice time of other liquids. Eating time is 8, 12, 5, 9PM. That little rascal works. Have been curious how this all went together. I am sure please. John
  10. John Sagraves added a topic in Careers and the Workplace   

    Not cool job, but works for retirement
    I drive a school bus. Not really high paying job, but works for me since I need insurance until I hit 65. My diabetes was getting so bad that I might have had to go to insulin. The State of Florida will not let you drive if you are on insulin, pills are ok. Anyway 5 days post op and sugar test at 140 with no meds. Couple more weeks and back on the road. Thank God for RNY. John
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  11. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Metformin - PRE-OP   

    Had a chance to visit the surgeon today and he said stay on all meds until 2 days prior to surgery. Then no more Diabetes medicine after that. He is the boss, so that is what I will be doing. Thanks for your replies. John
  12. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Metformin - PRE-OP   

    I am going back on meds til I go and talk to surgeon on Monday. Then I will know for sure. John
  13. John Sagraves added a post in a topic Metformin - PRE-OP   

    Dr, put me on Detox Diet yesterday. No diabetes pills, Metformin, Gluberide, and no Actos. Blood Sugar staying at 225. I am concerned, Surgery is 12/16 and it is now Thanksgiving. Should be interesting. I have another appointment Monday. Going to talk to him. Any help appreciated. John
  14. John Sagraves added a post in a topic My Turn!   

    New to this forum and it took a while to find out how you were doing. Looks like your fine except a few complications. Looking for a mentor to get me through this in December. Please keep up the post and I will follow closely. Best of luck while getting through this. John
  15. John Sagraves added a topic in Emotional Support   

    Can't believe the reactions from friends when surgery date was set.
    I just found out a couple weeks ago that my surgery date was Dec. 20th. I am fortunate with a BMI of 37 and am so excited about the surgery. I have gained, lost, gained, lost and the cycle goes on since I quit smoking several years ago. The yoyo cycle is just awful. The diabetes is killing me and the side effects of all the medication is creating problems also.

    Anyway, I told several of my friends about the surgery date and have been amazed at their reaction.

    One friend who has been negative about the surgery since I start checking into it, finally told me that he was really jealous with the possibility of me being thin.

    Another friend who hits close to 350 lbs said I was crazy and he would never do that. His heath is really questionable starting some congestive heart problems.

    Another friend, preacher's wife who also is extremely heavy could not figure out why I would take such a drastic action. I explained about the diabetes and the other problems associated with overweight and I know she has to be aware of them. Still she thought I was crazy.

    Another friend who has a daughter in the mid 40's who again is huge refuses to tell her daughter about the surgery. It is not my business she says. They have great insurance and I don't understand the reluctance of not spreading the news.

    I see several of my fellow employees who are huge with BMI's having to be in the mid 40's and larger, ignoring the surgery.

    I was fortunate to run into one of the school bus drivers who indicated she had RNY a year ago and lost over 100 lbs. I immediately started pursuing this option with her help.

    I just don't understand why so many overweight people do not use this step in prolonging their life. I thought I would be able to save the world with this info, but just am amazed to their reaction.

    I have spent hours in researching to facts before justifying in my mind, this is the only way for a long term weight loss.

    Friends don't understand, but a few, setting down and explaining the benefits do. Still a lot of them still don't want me to do this for one reason or the other.

    I just keep thinking of how active I will be playing comptetive tennis again, hiking, riding my motorcycle across country as a lot of my friends do. The diabetes has been so restrictive with not having enough energy to participate. This summer we went to Yellowstone in our camper from Florida. There were times I was so out of energy, I was discusted with myself. I would get grouchy and my wife just would deal with it. I hope this changes after I loose the weight.

    I drive a school bus and after 3 hours I am so tired, I come home and take a nap. 1 year from medicare and this job provides the insurance benefits, which especially now, I thank God I have this job.

    Well I got that off my chest and still don't understand friends reactions. As in life, I just let them know what I am doing and stay out of their business.

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