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  1. kelz684 added a post in a topic Kelz Is Out Of Surgery   

    Gentle hugs. I have another 2 laps to do at 6-6:30. That's gonna need a lot of strength. I wore myself out last time hardcore. And I'm still catching up on sleep.
  2. kelz684 added a post in a topic Kelz Is Out Of Surgery   

    Still in ICU. My hemoglobin dropped from 12 to 7 from last night. Still have the slight collapsed lobe in my lung, pulse is still 115+ and pulse oxygen % drops to 90% when I'm done walking. Just did 2 full laps around the ICU unit- there's a few ICUs, this is the surgical one. They've been awesome and I got some sleep last night, not a ton cos I was woken at 5:30 for a wash down, bed sheets changed and blood taken. Now I'm comfy in a chair. Mom & sis are coming at like 3-ish today. Probably going to regular room tomorrow I hope. Going back to bed after 12 noon & quickie nap.

    Thank you all for being supportive. I'll be thoroughly enjoying my mini cupcakes once I'm all recovered. The true fatty in me is needing to celebrate my 4-year surgiversary on November 26th :-D
  3. kelz684 added a post in a topic Feel Worse Than Ever   

    I recommend therapy and maybe some antidepressant of sorts. Dealing with this all post-op isn't easy & sometimes you need help. Not getting it is the worst thing u can do, you are bettering your body, you must better your mind...they go hand in hand.
  4. kelz684 added a post in a topic Why Are People So Rude?   

    I get that u are a little over emotional, but you didn't have to discuss it with her. I don't think it was worthy of reporting her. Heck, we all have our opinions about everything. Sadly, even on this forum I've seen people use WLS as a quick fix after gaining too much baby weight or even post honeymoon weight! In addition, people who have no idea what has been done to their bodies.

    Most triage nurses are shocked to hear that I've had gastric bypass & always ask "oh my gosh, how much did u lose, you totally didn't need it u were pretty before and you regret it now?". Honestly it doesn't bother me. I think people gotta stop caring what others say and just let it roll off their back.
  5. kelz684 added a post in a topic Kelz Is Out Of Surgery   

    Not potassium. My pulse is/was really high, 118-134-ish. Along with urine output that wasn't happening as much as it should. Was scary and still is- I'm still in surgical-ICU and still is serious. We are just taking things one day at a time. Thank you julie & Ty to everyone for the support. It's goin to be a long recovery, but I think well worth it this time.
  6. kelz684 added a post in a topic New Wls-Friendly Food..   

    Um, no one here is blogging these recipes.
  7. kelz684 added a post in a topic 3 (Not 4) Years Ago Yesterday...   

    We all do, which is why i'm still here too.... You are a strong lady, much stronger than i.
  8. kelz684 added a comment on a blog entry Why Do People Eat So Soon   

    I said this once about how I see people and still do see them, eating stuff SO early out. What is the point of rearranging your innards if you are going to push the boundaries from day 1? Example: Someone had surgery on I think it was 10/28/11- was posting 2 days ago about going to enjoy her delicious steak. It actuall pissed me off. Why would you let your brand new & healing intestinal track have that added pressure to try and digest that piece of meat. If i do steak it is filet mignon and I waited at least 6 months. I dont know what the rush is. I'm all for anything with moderation, WHEN you are at goal and maintaining. Not 3 months out becaause you "lost 50lbs"
  9. kelz684 added a post in a topic 3 (Not 4) Years Ago Yesterday...   

    Congrats my love<3.. you will get through these other issues, 10lbs++ lighter, I PROMISE!! <3.... keep your head up and your belly sucked in!!

    Miss you and my other 3-4 yr outters!! 2007-2008 was a year awesomeness - i mean i was around(and had my 1st surgery) then----, whoop whoop.
  10. kelz684 added a post in a topic Upset   

    How? He doesnt support you, he makes you want to cry/stress out more when you should be recovering and stress free and he stomps around like a 2 yr old. I wouldnt be shocked if he was banging another chick and picking fights with you for no reason. Again, if you dont want our advice & just wanted to vaidate that your boyfriend was "amazing", i won't do that... I think he and you both need to grow up a lot. Do you constantly change your fb relationship statuses with each fight too? You never said why your mom wont allow him over. How do you see him? How did you meet him? And how is this relationship benefiting/enriching your life?
  11. kelz684 added a post in a topic New Wls-Friendly Food..   

    I made it too, llooooooooved it. I forgot to post when I had it, been little nuts in my life (obviously, lol).
  12. kelz684 added a post in a topic Upset   

    A relationship shouldnt make you happy, you need to be happy and love yourself. It doesn't seem like she loves herself much at all. You can't ask your mom for a hug.. weird.
  13. kelz684 added a post in a topic Single Peeps.. When Did You Feel You Could Start Dating Again?   

    Ok, he didnt use the best words, but are you all attracted to 300-400lb men? Chances are that you are NOT. I call myself/others fatties, or refer to this site as "fatty-land'... doesn't mean i am a horrible person. I think you need tochill out. He isn't attracted to fat women, some aren't attracted outside their race, some only like blondes. Welcome to reality.
  14. kelz684 added a post in a topic Upset   

    Your boyfriend sounds like a real class act. Look, my ex couldn't handle me being sick with no end in sight as to when my recovery woulld be. You can ask a few girls here... he wasn't even that much of a jerk, your bf makes him look like superman. You are 21, why won't your mom allow him there... do you live with her?
  15. kelz684 added a post in a topic People Being Hurtful   

    What you are saying about her online isn't exactly qualifying you as awesome friend of the year. I know you are upset, but when you say things out of hurt like this, you say things you may regret. 2 wrongs don't make a right. I dont think she is jealous, maybe she is having a hard time and doesn't know how to convey it.