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  2. Hey, Kelz- been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. Maybe I'm not reading the boards closely enough, but I haven't seen any posts lately from you. How are things?

  3. Hi again, just wondering how you're doing? Hope you're feeling much better by now? <3

  4. Finally in a normal private room, I even got puppy therapy doggie visit yesterday! <3. I'm taking it slow & enjoying my clears/jello to be honest... They want to advance me onto mushy and oral meds, I think we are movin one day too fast.

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    2. noholes


      Glad to hear things are going well... You can do it,

    3. mmshelly23


      what are you in the hospital for?????? Hope it's not a complecation from the GBS!

    4. swizzly


      Hey, how you doing now, hun? Thinking of you and hoping you are feeling better!! xx

  5. Hiya...just thinking of you, hoping you're feeling better day by day. HUGS to you. <3

  6. Another day in ICU...they are taking amazing care of me <3. Hopefully these 2 units of blood helped & I'll be moved to a regular floor tomorrow. One step closer to a smooth sailing recovery!

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    2. rulebreaker


      best wishes Kelz..

      get better soon

    3. Luciluu


      One step at a time! Sending hugs and prayers your way

    4. mmshelly23


      what are you in the hospital for?????? Hope it's not a complecation from the GBS!

  7. Gentle hugs. I have another 2 laps to do at 6-6:30. That's gonna need a lot of strength. I wore myself out last time hardcore. And I'm still catching up on sleep.
  8. Still in ICU. My hemoglobin dropped from 12 to 7 from last night. Still have the slight collapsed lobe in my lung, pulse is still 115+ and pulse oxygen % drops to 90% when I'm done walking. Just did 2 full laps around the ICU unit- there's a few ICUs, this is the surgical one. They've been awesome and I got some sleep last night, not a ton cos I was woken at 5:30 for a wash down, bed sheets changed and blood taken. Now I'm comfy in a chair. Mom & sis are coming at like 3-ish today. Probably going to regular room tomorrow I hope. Going back to bed after 12 noon & quickie nap. Thank you all for being supportive. I'll be thoroughly enjoying my mini cupcakes once I'm all recovered. The true fatty in me is needing to celebrate my 4-year surgiversary on November 26th :-D
  9. I recommend therapy and maybe some antidepressant of sorts. Dealing with this all post-op isn't easy & sometimes you need help. Not getting it is the worst thing u can do, you are bettering your body, you must better your mind...they go hand in hand.
  10. I get that u are a little over emotional, but you didn't have to discuss it with her. I don't think it was worthy of reporting her. Heck, we all have our opinions about everything. Sadly, even on this forum I've seen people use WLS as a quick fix after gaining too much baby weight or even post honeymoon weight! In addition, people who have no idea what has been done to their bodies. Most triage nurses are shocked to hear that I've had gastric bypass & always ask "oh my gosh, how much did u lose, you totally didn't need it u were pretty before and you regret it now?". Honestly it doesn't bother me. I think people gotta stop caring what others say and just let it roll off their back.
  11. In ICU.. This is going to be a long recovery

    1. word nerd

      word nerd

      suck. hope its faster than you think.

    2. Shell74


      You wil do great, I know it!!!

  12. Not potassium. My pulse is/was really high, 118-134-ish. Along with urine output that wasn't happening as much as it should. Was scary and still is- I'm still in surgical-ICU and still is serious. We are just taking things one day at a time. Thank you julie & Ty to everyone for the support. It's goin to be a long recovery, but I think well worth it this time.
  13. Have to be at hospital at 930am tomorrow for surgery. Totally mentally drained & ready for a complication-free 2012?

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    2. msdepew


      Best wishes to you. I hope you have a safe trip and a speedy recovery. I will be thinking about you

    3. Sohappyididit


      best wishes - - sending out good thoughts! ;-)

    4. Sohappyididit


      best wishes - - sending out good thoughts! ;-)

  14. I need to wake up & it be Tuesday am. Tomorrow I'll kill time by going for a pedicure. I get an exact OR time at 4pm

  15. Um, no one here is blogging these recipes.