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  1. Not sure i like the new look of the site haven't been here in a while and can't find anything.

    1. cinwa


      It can be a little confusing sweetheart but you'll pick it up. If you need some help - send me a PM. Click my ID and hit send a message.

  2. All is well just haven't had much time for the computer.

  3. Haven't heard from you lately so I wanted to check in. I hope all is well.

  4. It's cool I know how busy you are with kids and all. Call when you can.

  5. Hey Corrine I have a question for you again. Okay the thing about not drinking 30 minutes before or after a meal. I have heard different takes on this. Some say since we have no valve it doesn't matter about the before since it doesn't stay in our pouch to stretch it out. The 30 minutes after is more important. Others have told me that drinking right before eating lubricates your pouch and allows you to eat more. I know I am not suppose to drink during a meal but occasionally I do take a small sip. I adhere to not drinking for 30 minutes after. So what is your take on the before a meal thing. I know you have some expertise on these things and i value your thoughts. Thanks Lucky

  6. Its good to know I am moving at an acceptable pace. I refuse to weigh anymore except on Tuesdays.

  7. Hey Amanda I am glad to hear you are doing well. The post op diet is well its a post op diet. I am starving but tomorrow is the big event. Less than 24 hours away now. I am as ready as I will ever be I guess. Very nervous.

  8. Hey Amanda doing okay on pre-op diet. I am on day 3 now and the hunger has set in day one and two went really easy but. I am starving. My kidneys are killing me. They aren't used to drinking anything but water. In the past if I drank a soda two days in a row they would hurt and this protein drink is doing it. I found one that is really yummy. Called Banana Scream. yummmmmmmmy.

  9. Hey girl how is it going? I haven't heard from you in a while. Hope all is good. How is the protein shake thing going? I still haven't tried one yet. I start my pre-op diet on Monday. I am so trying to wrap my head around the pre-op diet its driving me nuts.

  10. your welcome Dawnie.

  11. Nice new photo like the shirt.

  12. I had to switch it because of the black background so I have a new one now. Thanks though the new one is cute.

  13. I know I am in a state of shock of how fast this is going. Its in God's hands that is for sure. I wanted this done before John deploys so he can be here while I go through the healing process so maybe that is why it is moving so fast.

  14. Hey Amanda, I just found out today that my insurance has approved me for surgery. I go for my sleep study on Aug. 5th and I will probably schedule my surgery date today if I get back in touch with the doctors office soon. Out of area to call them right now.

  15. Hey Brooks, I found out today that my insurance approved me. I go for my sleep study on August 5th and Lisa called today to set my surgery date. I have to call her back I will let you know when I am having it. I am so psyched, scared, nervous, anxious. you get the picture.