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  • Birthday 08/20/1957

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  • Gender Female
  • Age 57


  • Surgeon Dr Joseph Moran
  • Hospital Rex Hospital, Raleigh, NC
  • Height (ft-in) 5-06
  • Start Weight 280
  • Current Weight 156
  • Goal Weight 150
  • Surgery Date 08/25/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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  1. nancyb284 added a post in a topic results of the 5 day pouch reset diet   

    You did really well on on the 5DPT! Congrats!
    Been a while since I was on the forum (3 knee surgeries in 10 months- yuck)- Hanging around 148-150 , so I'm not fussin since I can't exercise yet. You're doing great to control the carb monster! It hits us all......
    Good luck!
  2. nancyb284 added a post in a topic FEELING LIKE I AM LOSING CONTROL   

    Three knee surgeries since August so no exercise except leg muscle strengthening- sitting on my butt has resulted in a 6 pound gain- yuck! I can relate- if I'm not exercising, then the only way to maintain weight loss is to cut calories! Which I have NOT done too well, obviously. 1500-1800 calories when working out is fine for me, but 1500 when doing nothing results in a slow, insidious gain- a "slippery slope" as some of these folks call it! 
    Like all the other long termers out here, I live in fear of gaining my 140 lbs back, so it's back to protein for me as well!
  3. nancyb284 added a post in a topic My life at 4 years out.   

    OUTSTANDING and I'm right there with ya! Going to Disney World in October and told hubby I'd never been to DW "as a skinny person", LOL!
    You've done a GREAT job! Congrats!
  4. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Two knee surgeries in 6 months!   

    I'm sure I wore my joints out when I was 282 lbs and working 12 hour shifts (ICU nurse) and overtime and heavy patients and equipment, you know how it goes. Knee replacement surgery went GREAT- remember to take your pain meds AND something for constipation (opioid meds are good for major orthopedic surgery pain, but they put your bowels to SLEEP for DAYS)- I speak from experience.
    Good luck to you and BE CAREFUL with the post op exercising, LOL! (Again, I speak from experience- don't try to be a superstar and do too much too soon)
  5. nancyb284 added a post in a topic True or false: does your body reach a certain weight loss and then stop   

    Just FYI- I was one of my surgeon's "most mature" patients, LOL- everybody else in his waiting room always looked 12 years old to me.........At any rate, it took me 17 months and 9 days to reach goal, but it CAN happen!
    "Food for thought", LOL!
  6. nancyb284 added a topic in 4 Years Post-Op (GB)   

    Two knee surgeries in 6 months!
    Had knee replacement the last of August, walked too far too soon (with Physical Therapist with me, no less) and ended up with repair of torn MCL (ligament on inside of knee) in January......ARRRGH!
    Haven't been on in a while- gained 4 pounds while I was sittin' on my butt, unable to work out and scared to death of doing too much and and sustaining ANOTHER injury, so haven't done much.
    Hoping to get back in the gym in the next week or two- I would NEVER have thought I'd miss EXERCISE! LOL!
    Hope you guys are all well!
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  7. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Breast Augmentation Question   

    Had mastopexy (breast lift) and implants WITH extended abdominoplasty in Jan this year! It took about 3 months for all the swelling to go down, so be patient and take those pain meds!
    Good luck! Glad you're home and doing well!
  8. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Don't tell me to stay off the scale - I know it's only day 3 post op lol   

    3 years and 4 months out- still weigh every morning! Guilty, LOL!
  9. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Gaining weight after surgery?   

    My hubby will tell ya that this gal lives in fear of regain!  He says I'm obsessed with the scale, with logging every mouthful I eat, with the analysis of every potential meal as "will it get me to my protein goal for today" ,  etc. etc.
    I'm maintaining but IT IS HARD WORK!
  10. nancyb284 added a post in a topic almost 2 years!   

    Still logging everything on SparkPeople at 3 years and 4 months- Right now the scale is NOT my friend, although I visit it daily-oh, those holidays (sigh)...Combine a few holiday snacks with knee replacement surgery/sitting around on my behind, and it's a recipe for weight gain, but I'm working on it!
  11. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Still having dumping syndrome   

    Reactive hypoglycemia also hits me on a rare occasion but I can always pinpoint the source- too many carbs at one sitting (yes, even the good carbs from beans, etc.) can bring on a crash.
    So I carry glucose tabs and try to be careful with the carbs!
  12. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Head hunger vs. pouch hunger   

    Currently addicted to Lipton Tea K cups (at work)..........really helps calm the snack monster!
  13. nancyb284 added a topic in 3 Years Post-Op (GB)   

    3 year follow up appointment- Happy! Happy!
    Saw bariatric surgeon yesterday for 3 year follow up- (cannot believe it's been that long!). Doc was happy, his nurse was happy, this patient was happy! After telling me how pleased they all were at my "status",  they gave me my lab order and said "See ya next year"! 
    Made my day.........
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  14. nancyb284 added a post in a topic Diet Going To H-E-Double Hockeysticks   

    Like one of my fellow 3 year folks just posted, I didn't even TRY that stuff until I was more than 2 years out. I was just plain scared that I'd revert back to old habits.
    Sweets have never been my thing, but man oh man, did I LOVE me some DORITOS!  I could scarf down a large bag during the course of one movie. They are my "slippery slope" food.....
    SO- I don't eat 'em now, don't buy 'em now, don't look at 'em now..............1 of those things would turn into 100. It's just a conscious decision. Am I saying I'll never taste one again? Nope- I'm not perfect, I do screw up occasionally. I had a good sized slice of pepperoni pizza last night and got up this morning and had a protein shake- new day, new chance to do things right.  
    I'm just trying to play by the rules most of the time. Life is better at 138 than it was at 280, so I don't wanna go back.
  15. nancyb284 added a post in a topic New doctor - Unclear on Bariatric   

    Thank GOD my PCP is the one who recommended RNY to start with and she's one smart cookie! She still sees me every 6 months, orders labs, monitors me, etc. etc. I see my bariatric doc annually now and I take him my lab results, ha ha!
    It's sad that some WLS folks have to be the educators for their docs!