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  • Surgeon Dr. David Lautz
  • Hospital Brigham and Womens
  • Start Weight 322
  • Current Weight 198
  • Goal Weight 150
  • Surgery Date 06/27/2010
  • Surgery Type Gastric Bypass

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    180lbs and feelinnnnnn great

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    IMG00091 20110804 0943

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  3. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic reversal in MA?   

    couldnt agree more =) Dr.Lautz was my surgeon...amazing

    Hope you feel better soon =(
  4. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic ONE YEAR PHOTO   

    Thanks guys!!So great to hear the responses. I am minus 130lb, but for some reason i feel heavy, the heaviest ive ever felt.
  5. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic Newbie from MA   

    YAY another person from MASS. I am closer to boston, had my surgery at brigham and womens. I also had to do a 6 month 'i can change' program through insurance.

    Wishing you the best of luck,and welcome to TT!!
  6. jjacobs1 added a comment on a gallery image in the dark   

    took the pic as the base for this 6-3-11. Guess I am making progress. lol I always have fun working on art in the computer. I haven't done self portraits in a long long time.
  7. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic 11 mos later   

    you look awesome!!
  8. jjacobs1 added a topic in Member Photos   

    Words will never describe what this surgery did for me, and continues to do for me each and every day. Food will always be a struggle, but I have the power to control the food I put in me, and not the other way around. I thought 322lbs was living, but never have i been so alive! A new lease on life, and a new body. Thats what I calll WINNING.

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  9. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic Why can I not control my hunger?   

    I am going to my first meeting on Sunday =) I will let you know how it goes
  10. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic Why can I not control my hunger?   

    Im getting myself back on track.

    I have been tracking everything I eat. Staying under 1200 calories, drinking plenty of water. I just wish I could make more time for myself to go to the gym. The scale says im down 2lbs! Feeling proud of myself that I have taken this accountability and run with it. Its just so emotional some times ... the ups and downs I go through with my weight.
  11. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic Why can I not control my hunger?   

    the over eater anonymous thing is interesting...ill have to check into that
  12. jjacobs1 added a post in a topic Why can I not control my hunger?   

    Thanks guys for the advice and support

    Starting today

    1. My livestrong journal is back in action
    2. I will do a full food shopping and fill my fridge up with wls friendly food, and go back to wls recipes
    3. I will go to the gym more than 1 a week--I will actually plan this into my day so no excuses any more
    4. I will try my hardest to make the wls support meetings at my hospital

    I AM WORTH IT. I just need to stay focused. God this is hard.
  13. jjacobs1 added a topic in Post-op Gastric Bypass   

    Why can I not control my hunger?
    I’m frustrated and scared--I can’t stop eating. I am almost a year out, -130lbs, I feel great, but now I can’t stop myself from eating. Does anyone else who is out for more than a year experience this? It is the worst feeling ever to have made all this progress, be committed to this lifestyle, yet these old foodie thoughts of mine are resurfacing and I am finding it extremely hard to stay on plan again. It requires constant monitoring, constant checking of myself, and being aware of what I am eating at all times. Sometimes I am not hungry when I eat, but I eat. I don’t get it? It’s like I hear this voice in my head saying eat eat eat, yet at the same time I am at war with those thoughts --and the voice ALWAYS wins. I want to hate the food that is bad for me, but I just can’t get myself to have enough self-control.

    This is a low for me--I need some inspiration and encouragement.
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    being silly, and -130 lbs

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