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  • Surgeon David Li
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  • Height (ft-in) 6-03
  • Start Weight 380
  • Current Weight 216
  • Goal Weight 200
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) 31
  • Surgery Date 07/26/2010
  • Surgery Type Vertical Sleeve

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  1. Rubey81 added a topic in General Questions   

    CPAP Machine
    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking to sell my CPAP machine since I no longer need it. Does anyone know the best way to go about doing that? Mine is in like new condition and is one of the better more quiet ones.

    Any help or if anyone knows someone who'd like to buy one please let me know.


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  2. Rubey81 added a comment on a gallery image Me standing next to my Cake and candy buffet   

    This was for our anniversary party, I loved making my cake!
  3. Rubey81 added a comment on a gallery image IMG 20110713 04139   

    me at 200.2~! and my new dress yay!~ hehehe
  4. Rubey81 added a comment on a gallery image IMG 20110606 02264   

    Me at 205
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    Mattnew9 3 11

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  6. Rubey81 added a comment on a gallery image BLUE AGAIN   

  7. Rubey81 added a post in a topic Has Any One Tried Muscle Milk - Protein H20 Drinks?   

    All I see on that link is Muscle Milk Shakes.... NOT THE WATER that this thread is about. So I think that link should be removed.
  8. Rubey81 added a comment on a gallery image San Fransisco   

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  10. Rubey81 added a post in a topic Arctic Zero - Anyone Try This Ice Cream?   

    Ok so I have tried more of the flavors. Cookies and Cream is not that great. It has a purple color to it which is off putting. The taste just was not there. I was hoping it would be better.

    The Strawberry flavor is good. Tastes kind of like a Neapolitan strawberry flavor. Has a different more firm almost sorbet texture. Still good.

    Now I also just tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate flavor. It is good on its own especially if you let it defrost. It has a nice creamy texture of ice cream like the Vanilla Maple flavor.

    I took 2 tbsps of PB2 Chocolate and mixed it in with the Peanut Butter Chocolate Arctic Frost and OMG. It's like the ultimate chocolate and peanut butter heaven. lol After mixing it in it also turns it all into a softer serve or frozen yogurt type texture. It definitely is my cure for sweet and chocolate cravings.
  11. Rubey81 added a post in a topic Has Any One Tried Muscle Milk - Protein H20 Drinks?   

    Have tried them. To me the pink grapefruit flavor was the best. I think its cause it masks the protein taste a little better. Is not a bad supplement for the price.
  12. Rubey81 added a post in a topic Goal Weight?   

    I am 6'3 and shooting for the same weight of 200lbs. After talking with my doctor and coming up with my bodybuilding plan he said its a good weight and that I could even pack on 15 to 20lbs of muscle. So I am looking to be 215 to 220 with a good amount of muscle. I have posted pics of my transformation so far. I still have 30lbs to go right now till I hit 200. Its a fun journey though.