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    4 years ago at this moment I was in the OR. It seems both like it's been just a few months and a lifetime. Today I'm wearing a medium top, medium pants, 4 inch heels and a bright orange handbag. 4+ years ago I was wearing size 20 or 22. I never would have carried a bright handbag as I would have felt like it would have been a spotlight on my chub. And heels - I stopped wearing them when I got over 240-ish. Too much foot pain for heels. Pre-op I was lucky and didn't have any weight related health issues, but I knew it was only a matter of time which is part of the reason I had surgery. Pre-op I made a list of things I wanted to do once I got the weight off and many of them I've done: run, get certified to scuba dive, ride roller coasters again, wear dresses on a regular basis, etc. What I didn't expect and couldn't have foreseen is how having WLS and getting my food addiction under control would impact so many aspect of my life. When I was fat and people asked me to stand with them at their wedding, I always declined as I didn't want to be the fat one in the photos or cram myself into some dress that would look terrible on me. I've stood up with two friends since WLS. In my fat years, while I was still active, somewhat athletic and social, I said "no" to various invites and activities more often that I realized. After I'd lost about 70 pounds I remember starting to say "yes" to nearly everything I was invited to or wanted to try. I realized in certain places I would figuratively wear armor to discourage people from making comments about my weight and protecting myself it they did. It was hard to be the fat one at the gym. Or on the beach/on the dance floor/in the kayak/on the ski slopes, etc. I spent a lot of time while in public trying to make my body smaller as not to bump into strangers on the bus, planes, in lines, weaving through crowds -- the list goes on. And, all the time I spent thinking about food. What to eat, when, how much, oops now I feel bad because I ate too much. Okay, this time I really mean it, the diet starts tomorrow. But, until then I'm going to keep eating xx until it is gone. I road this crazy roller coaster as a fat then thin and then fat again adult. All the tears I cried of frustration and shame. I have serious self-discipline. I smoked a pack a day for over 10 years and quit cold turkey - no meds, no patch, no smoking cessation aids at all while living with a smoker. If I was able to do that then why couldn't I control what I ate for more than a couple of days?! Finally, I admitted I was a food addict and slowly the pieces finally started to fall into place for me. Having WLS was just one of those pieces. I still love food and definitely enjoy it. But not with the all consuming love and need/desire I used to feel. I was happy before WLS but I'm much happier now. I had a great marriage before and it is even better now. Both people who know and don't know about my sleeve have remarked how more laid back I am since I lost weight. Yep, I no longer waste time fighting a mental battle with food and my body which in hindsight was exhausting. With the money I save on eating far less food that I did pre-op I've bought a closet full of clothes that I love in a variety of styles and colors! I've been able to travel more. The time I used to waste on food I now spend doing a variety of other things that contribute to my happiness - including exercise. 4 years out I don't think WLS was/is easy. But for me, is was far easier than all the years I spent losing and gaining. I think it is the easiest hard thing I've ever done. Last night I was thinking about how scared I was the day before surgery. And how I could still back out up until the moment they knocked me out. I had a vision of jumping off the table and running out of the OR! While I was scared that I wouldn't lose weight, what scared me the most was that I would miss eating the way I used to for the rest of my life. Thankfully I did lose the weight, keep it off and I don't miss the way I used to eat. Getting sleeved is the best decision I have ever made. Even better than marrying my husband and he is my most favorite person ever! Huge thanks to all that have shared their stories and inspired me. (And, to those who provided cautionary tales.) Reading the success stories from those who made it to goal were a huge inspiration to me. I felt like if that many people could do it and be happy, perhaps I could as well.
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    Wow. Wow, wow, wow. In almost five months I reached goal. Now, I think I'm going to slow down when I reach 155. I am slimmer for sure. I am thankful for my surgery and my family that supported me all the way. However, I had a bit of an unrealistic idea of what my body would look like at goal. Yes, I am much thinner but my body frame will not change. I will always have broad shoulders and a waist that is thicker than my thighs. I look at my slim mother and she is built just like me. I can't change these things and it honestly just dawned me. I could weigh 135 (what I weighed in high school) and still have the same body. I will always struggle to find shirts that fit my shoulders and my waist. That's ok because I now have a myriad of clothing I can buy. I haven't weighed 155 since I was 18 and put on the Freshman 15 (and then some). What can I say? I was a party girl and rugby player in college. All the beer and snacks caught up with me. So huzzah for my awakening. As always, I thank each of you for helping me reach goal. Hearts and farts, NL
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    NSV Last week and yesterday: I have a bunch of XL long and XXL long shirts and 2 sports coats that I have worn for years. I trimmed out of all the closet all the XXL shirts [or 17 1/2 necks or 18 necks, 37 sleeves] and tried on all of the XL shirts. NONE fit me without looking like a sail. Issue: I had to leave on a business trip and had not one shirt I could wear, same for the sports coats. So, rattled, I bought 4 new short sleeved shirts, 16.5 necks, last week. All fit and my wife said pffft, buy 16" necks, they looked a touch too big. So, I ordered 4 new 16" neck/36" sleeve long-sleeved shirts, like I used to wear in my 20s (we are talking dinosaur time, folks). I also needed a new jacket, since when I took the old ones to my local tailor, they said they could not be done without looking bad and "just donate them, ok?" I ordered a new 44 inch jacket at the same time and donated my two jackets (they were 52" or 54" as I recall) and 24 shirts. My closet was BARE. The long sleeve shirts arrived the day I left on this business trip. They fit like a glove. And juicier yet: so did the jacket. So here's a pic of me in Jakarta...
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    Stepped out of my comfort zone for a baby shower today. Maurice's size 2 tunic with leggings. I really didn't feel confident when I left the house but I sucked it in and wore this to the shower and a visitation.
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    Hi Everyone, I have been a member here since just before my sleeve surgery back in 2014. Lost a good bit of my weight and decided I was okay to be on my own so I stopped. Stopped lurking here, stopped recording my meals, eventually stopped my water and eating plan and vitamins and regained about 30 pounds. I have started feeling the way I did before surgery, sluggish, bloated, and tired all the time. However, I am a glass half full kind of girl. I am using these feelings to get myself back on track. Today I am posting for the first time in who-knows-when and taking my vitamins, drinking my water and cleansing my body of carbs. So... with that being said... Hi, I'm Liz and I'm back to keep myself accountable.
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    I promised to be better with this thread. I'm in Boston for a conference. Small gold Banana Republic shirt dress. Tory Burch wedges.
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    From 360 to 180, I am amazed at this, and it’s been 4.5 years. Please everybody, stay with it, it works!
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    This post is the follow-up to my post asking for advice earlier this week - http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/topic/120767-advice-for-post-op-dinner-party/ A few days ago, I starting really worrying about a dinner party I was invited to and asked for advice. I got lots of good pointers, mostly along the lines of “don’t get so worked up over this - people won’t care/notice.” Well, last night was the dinner party, so here I am for a post-party postmortem. Before the party, I had emailed the hostess to say that I was a vegetarian-who-now-eats-fish (a category I once derided as “fake-atarian” but must now dignify with the name of “pescatarian” I guess). I was happy to hear that the hostess also falls into this category, as does another guest (whew! I wouldn’t be arriving at a lamb-roast! that’s a good start!). I loaded up on protein early in the day just in case, and determined to do my best to eat a little bit of whatever was served. I was also praying for salad, since I can do a pretty decent job of taking out some green leafy vegetables without getting too full. Or maybe a buffet-style thing where I could just take tiny bits of things. I arrived to find that there were only 5 of us, total (alarm bells!) and that the hosts are sort of famous for their cooking (more alarm bells!). However, they are also very very very fit and health conscious people, so I was still holding out for something other than a giant plate of carbs. I had some wine before dinner and some veggies and hummus, which was a great option. Then, the baked brie topped with fruit and nuts and maple syrup (Canadians!! grr!) came out of the oven, and a loaded up cracker was thrust at me. “This,” I thought briefly, “would be a bad time to find out that I dump from sugar.” You see, dear reader, I have had no sugar, other than the stuff naturally occurring in dairy, fruit, and veggies, in 8 months, so I had no idea whether this would be the end of the world or no big deal. (I maybe should have experimented beforehand.) I ate the cracker with the stuff on top, and the maple syrup definitely wasn’t a selling point in my opinion, but it went down and stayed down, and I felt OK. As a non-Canadian, I do like maple syrup in theory, but do not enjoy the liberal use of it that Canadian expats seem to enjoy. Then, to table. Out come pre-plated dinners (worst case scenario!). They served seared tuna and grilled vegetables and grilled halloumi (an excellent firm salty Middle Eastern cheese, best eaten grilled or fried, doesn’t melt, just gets crispy). Yes! I can eat all of those things! I skipped the bread (and actually the salad, too, no room with this giant plate of normal sized portions!), and attacked the tuna, which was delicious. I ate really really slowly and drank wine while eating (please just wash some of this food through so I can eat more!) and managed to eat about half of the tuna, all of the halloumi and some of the veggies. I mumbled some things about low carb and how delicious everything was - it was actually really delicious. At a certain point, I was admonished to stop eating if I was full and not worry about it, since of course I was the last one eating and the only one who didn’t clean her plate I gave up at that point. Then, the hostess disappeared into the kitchen to get dessert. Which came back to the table already plated (small voice inside making strangling sounds). It was sitting in front of me before there was any possible way I could have politely declined or even asked for a smaller piece. These are people I don’t know at all, remember, and who are being very nice to me and my husband as new people, to invite us over for dinner - so I can’t really be rude here. It’s super ultra rich chocolate cake and ice cream (small voice takes on new urgency, sort of quietly screaming). I’m pretty sure I looked a little like a deer in the headlights, but I tried to be calm, really I did. I skipped the ice cream and got some tsk tsks for that, but I ate a lot (for me) of the cake. I maneuvered around the frosting and got only the cake itself, to minimize the dumping risk. I ate super slowly. I tried to refuse the fancy Italian chocolate liqueur that was served with it, and was allowed to share one with my husband (I took fake sips). The cake was good. I’m not really a chocolate person (sounds crazy, I know, but I don’t love it, and since my sense of smell went haywire last winter, it just tastes sort of bitter to me), so it wouldn’t be my thing in the best of scenarios, but at this point, I’m just eating slowly and hoping that I’m not going to have a dumping episode right here at these fine people’s house. I did not. I got a bit hot and sweaty, but nothing other than that. I’m glad I didn’t push my luck with the ice cream. I was fine. After we left, I was like “Woo hoo! I made it through being invited to someone’s house for dinner and I did OK! I ate like half of everything! I ate cake! I made it!!!!!!” I think I’ve just established myself as a person who doesn’t eat much or maybe a picky eater, which is fine. I guess that both of those things describe me now, so that’s probably a good thing. “Hi, I’m Jen, and I’m a picky eater who doesn’t eat much.” BUT, I’m a picky eater who doesn’t eat much who can go to dinner at someone’s house and not die! I did my MFP food diary when I got home (gee, I’m so fun), and I only had about 1100 calories total for the day, even including the two glasses of wine and the cake. I guess there’s only so much damage you can do if you’re eating tiny quantities. Good to keep in mind while focusing on keeping the quantities of suboptimal things small. I think this dinner was the signal to me that I need to experiment a bit more and figure out some more coping strategies for dealing with being served things that are less than ideal for my way of eating. Living the life of an expat in this part of the world means eating dinner at other people’s houses pretty frequently, as that’s a major portion of the social entertainment available. Since we’ve just arrived, I think there will be a good number of these kinds of things as people get to know us, and I’m hoping they all go as smoothly, despite my fears, as this one went. I’m about 28 pounds from GW right now, so at some point in the foreseeable future, I’m going to have to learn how to maintain, which will require learning to deal with the normal everyday food challenges presented as I go through my life. Up to this point, I’ve been narrowly focused on eating *perfectly* and this has served me well, but my strategy will have to change a bit. In general in life, I find it much easier to be an “all or nothing” kind of person - I can do *perfect* perfectly, for a while, until I can’t. I have a hard time going back to something like *perfect* after falling off the wagon, or making periodic allowances that disrupt *perfect*. This is something I need to work on. The cake didn’t kill me. The maple syrup didn’t even kill me. Today I can eat whatever I like, which in this post-WLS iteration of my life means greek yogurt and protein shakes and cheese and shrimp, and I don’t have to feel bad or guilty or anything negative at all about what I ate last night. In fact, I can feel good about it. I was flexible and I ate both to sustain my health and to perform a social function, and both of those things are important in life. And they liked us enough to invite us camping next weekend, so I guess we passed the test. I’ll make sure to bring some protein bars.
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    Today is my 21st wedding anniversary. Hubs has loved me through thick and thin - literally. I think it was Julie who posted a pic in her wedding dress awhile back. It inspired me. So here it is - straight out of 1996 and it still zipped!
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    I haven't been on TT much so I thought I'd post a picture since it turned out to be a warm sunny day, around 80 degrees! I took advantage and wore my skort, sz s, black t w/ruffle bottom, sz xs and my super cute & comfy sandals. Hope everyone is doing well! Good to see Greer post on this thread again too!
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    Today I volunteered at an Ironman race. Part of the volunteer perk was a free t-shirt and when I requested the largest size they had (XXL), I resigned myself to doing a frantic stretching so I could breathe in it before hitting the transition area where I was helping. The coordinator gave me the XXL and I slipped it over the t-shirt I was wearing - with room to spare! Maybe I could have even gotten an XL!!??
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    A nice NSV for living in a hot, humid place: in the last couple of weeks, I have discovered that when wearing a dress or skirt, I don't have to wear spanx or whatever stretchy shorts things under them to avoid thigh chafing. No more thigh chafing, even on hot days. This makes life so much better: nothing worse than having to pull on a pair of spanx under your skirt when it's 100 degrees (that's 38 for you C people) and high humidity. I swear it increases my body temperature by 50% when I have to do that. No more! Sweet freedom!
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    So the insurance debacle is over and it is current once again, so I called the medical equipment provider and they are rebilling for the cpap today and then when it comes in, they will call me for a set up/delivery date. So, it's one more step to the finish line! Once it arrives, I have to use it for 2-4 was to get clearance. Right now I have a 10/30 appt for that but I'm going to call to see if I can move it up once my cpap arrives. It's getting closer!
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    So this past week has been so super busy. My daughter turned 4 years old and we had a birthday party for her. I spent a lot of time running around getting her Disney Princess party all set up. I ended up getting it catered by Wegman's grocery store. We had hoagies (subs), pizza, fruit bowl, veggie tray, and chips to eat. I added hummus and cottage cheese to the menu for me...lol! I also had to make about 50 cupcakes as well. The day came and it was a BIG success - everyone enjoyed the food and the party. I was super happy with my choices and let me tell you, I didn't feel like I missed a beat - I had the roast beef out of one of the sandwiches, some cottage cheese, and some veggies and hummus. When it came time for the cupcakes, I was still so full that I didn't even care I wasn't eating one. Anyone who knows me I am a carb lover- bread, pastries, etc. is my cup of tea. Had this been last year, I would have had one of each of the 3 flavors of cupcakes I made. BUT....I didn't. I stayed on point and felt great throughout the whole party. Everyone kept telling me how good the food was - especially the cake. Later that night, my daughter wanted another cupcake, so I let her have one. I took a bite to see what the hype was, and honestly I thought they tasted weird and were dry...lol! Like I could tell it was a box mix. I asked my husband about it and he said they were so good, probably the best I had made in a long time and really moist. I just laughed. It was great because while my head kind of wanted to taste it, my body made sure I didn't enjoy it (thank goodness). Overall I was so incredibly happy with how I made it through the day and didn't even once feel deprived or sad that I couldn't "eat" the way I wanted. It was a nice change for once!!!
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    I'm not wearing anything too exciting. Ann Taylor shorts in size ten, random top, size large and my Keens, which have become way too big. I used to be size 11 but I think I'm now at a size 10 This photo was a spur of the moment snap at Target. I passed the full length mirror and bingo!
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    Today at 1:00 is my last nutritionist appointment and then I am done with the requirements for insurance! It's getting real!! I'm so excited and nervous all at the same time.
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    I had your picture up on my computer when my neighbour dropped her 4 year off for an hour while she ran her older kiddo to school (missed the bus). First words out of her mouth was "LOOK! A PRINCESS!". I've printed a few copies of your picture Dunndeal - I hope you don't mind. Right now, she's giving you the finishing touch with some glitter markers!
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    I had ordered a shirt online at Lane Bryant and had it delivered to the store for free shipping. Tonight I went up to pick it up and they were having a big 40% off sale in the store, so I looked around. I have been struggling finding stuff to wear at home because my clothes were all so big, you could see my bra exposed in a lot of my shirts and my pants were literally so loose and falling off that they were uncomfortable to wear. About 5 years ago, I lost about 50 pounds and as I lost, I got rid of my clothes thinking I would never need them again. Then I met my husband, got married, and had a baby - so I gained weight....all of it back and a few more. Needless to say, I am now at the size that I got rid of 5 years ago, and have nothing in my stock pile. I do have clothing the next size or two down, but that doesn't do me any good now. So, tonight I bought a few items. Here is where I had an amazing moment....I found myself dressing in clothing too big and as I showed the sale associate, she was like - girl that is too big...let's try the next size down and let's face it, you are only going to lose more weight (I told her I had gastric bypass). She was so nice, she was running around the store helping me find things that fit my body and found out that I now fit into a size 18 Super Skinny jeans, size 20 blue jean jacket, a shirt that was an 18/20, another shirt that was a 20, a sweater that is just a tad snug, but I still got the smaller size because I won't wear it for the next month or two. These clothes all fit me, but still give me the option to wear them as I drop another size or two. I was dumbfounded to say the least. I know that almost all jeans nowadays have Lycra in them to stretch, but honestly, seeing that size 18, just did me in. I was shell shocked, excited, and felt hot tears in my eyes. Same with that blue jean jacket. I even had to break down and get some new undies - as my others almost fall right off and are all crumpled up in my pants and uncomfortable. Pre-surgery I was wearing a 26/28 tops and 24 pants - and most were snug. Now I am fitting (with a little squeezing) into 18/20 sizes tops and bottoms. But I felt good tonight. It felt like I had actually began to feel the changes a little bit even though I can't really see them myself. With all of my issues post op and TPN, this shopping trip was the positive thing I needed to help me mentally get through my daily challenges. YAY!
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    Haha! The lines are out! One more step completed. I am doing great!! Regretting my decision less and less everyday! Thank you so much for asking
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    My NSV! I bought a pair of shorts today in size 10. TEN?! When I had surgery, I was at an 18 or 20. I'm pretty sure vanity sizing came into play but I'm not going to question that right now. I'm going to put on my shorts and do a victory dance. I wish I had taken before and after photos that I could share. I had my husband take photos of me in my undies (a ratty bra and stretched out men's briefs in size XXL) the night before surgery. I'm too modest to post them on the forum. I was mortified to have him photograph me but something told me I should document those images. If I had only found TTF pre surgery, I would have taken appropriate "before" photos. Anyway, YAY!
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    Hang in there Lindy - the liquid phase of your post-op journey is a short but important part of your journey. The sensation of not being full is something you need to embrace because being realistic, that's what got you to the point of needing WLS in the first place and truthfully, for me, the feeling full feeling post-WLS is not the comforting thing it was pre-op. Take it one day at a time. Try warm drinks can be more satisfying than cold ones (herbal teas are my go-to).
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    After being on tour and traveling for 6 weeks, I'm happy to finally be back at home. Sleeping in my own bed last night was glorious! It's been a lot of hard work but I love what I do and wouldn't trade it for anything. I did a pretty good job of keeping my head in the health game for 3/4 of the tour but found the last week to be very challenging. Access to my regular food choices and exercise options were limited. I wasn't able to weigh my self daily as I do at home and was worried to see what the scale said once I was able to step on it. I was happy to learn that after about 4 weeks in, I had pretty much stayed the same (less than a pound difference). The 2 weeks after that visiting with my husband's family in Canada, however, have been a healthy-living disaster. I've been a complete slacker and took a total food vacation. I'll never be able to eat the volume I did before my VSG but my food choices were an abomination. We were surrounded by indulgent food in every direction. Today, I paid the piper, stepped on the scale, and gained 6.8 pounds!!!! Time to get my head back in the game, recommit to my routine, remind myself why I went through all of this, and prioritize my health above all else. Just felt I needed to be accountable....and this is a good place to do it. On a separate note, my son has decided to proceed with a VSG and started his pre-op program this past week. He works in medical research so he is very well informed. I am so happy and proud of him. I've been careful not to push surgery and just let him ask me questions when he had them. Unfortunately, he inherited my genetic payload and was witness to my bad habits growing up. I've carried a lot of guilt about that over the years, knowing that had I made different choices, he may not have had the same struggles with weight that I have. I know that maintaining my goal weight is the very best thing I can do to make up for that. I have no credibility with him if I don't. Happy to be back.
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    So i want to apologize it has been a little while since i have been on here. Things got really bad for a while several hospital stays and a nasty picc line infection later i finally have a surgery date. October 19th i finally get to have my revision surgery. I am really hoping that after this surgery i will get back to feeling normal. Besides all the issues i have dealt with life has just been very interesting lately. My son started kindergarten so it's been a transitioning period for us both. Trying to get a child with ADHD to do homework can sometimes be a very daunting task but it's getting a little better each day. Also i unfortunately lost my job because of my "excessive leaves of absence" that is frustrating just because i feel it should have been excused since i was in the hospital. C'est la vie i suppose. But all in all things are looking up. I finally have my date so that's a big relief. I hope that you all have been well and now that things are settling back down i hope to be on here more.
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    My six week post op appt was Monday. I have been working full time and nursing school started 4 weeks ago (my very last semester!!) so I was worried that stress had made me stall. I'm drinking around 80-90oz of hydrating fluid per day and have eliminated any caffeine from my diet (I do miss my morning coffee.) My weight loss so far has been 44 pounds since surgery! That's a little more that a pound per day. My WLS and Nut were very happy. They weren't expecting this type of loss until month 3. I also started doing 30 min of moderate elliptical cardio each morning this week. They think a realistic goal if adding in this type of exercise would be goal weight by Valentine's Day. Im reenergized by the news and my energy is at an all time high since surgery. hope everyone is doing well.
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    Hellooooo TTF! Stopping by to say hello. I'm back in Los Angeles and been quite busy with my family. I miss our camaraderie and hope to get a break soon. Happy losing, y'all!
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    I was the opposite. I told everyone!! Got all the questions out of the way and luckily the people in my life were super supportive. I haven't had much push back or negativity. I had lots of thoughts and prayers that really helped during my recovery time and especially when i had complications. I think the stigma of WLS is SLOWLY fading. I find when you tell someone they always say, "Oh my (insert person here) had WLS and looks and feels great!!, Good luck!!" I have had only a few people saying negative things... and they don't go home with me or pay my bills.... so they don't really hold much importance in my life anyway. Good luck with whatever decision you make!
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    I just told 2 stewardesses on my flight. They were quizzical why I did not want the entree portion of my plane meal (didnt fit into my WLS diet). They spent 20 minutes grilling me. Like everyone else I've told in this (or a similar 'strangers-passing-in-the-night') scenario they were interested and amazed at the story of 80+ lbs lost. For me reinforces the good of being open. Have not had a negative judgemental response yet in this setting ( not work, not family).
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    I took to the direct way. Just tell it...put it out there. Like @CurvyMermaid said, it depends how thick your skin is. I don't have thick skin at all and wear my heart on my sleeve, but for me saying out loud and admitting it has been very empowering. I look at it as I stepped up and took charge of my life, and unfortunately for some people they only dream of doing that no matter their issue/situation/vice. Therefore, once I made the decision to actually do it, I knew I'd need support and accountability not only just to myself. I decided that no matter if I get a negative response (and I have) that I would let it go. This is not an easy process and I've had a heck of a time post-op to date as I'm still on TPN Nutrition. But I still will tell anyone I had it (was talking to the hot food bar lady at Wegmans grocery store just today about it), and answer any questions or concerns the best I can. I tend to find myself with a spring in my step after saying something, and again to curvymermaid's point, I have enough stress doing what I need to do to be successful with WLS, I surely don't need things hiding in my "closet". For me, it's just not that serious who knows. My philosophy is I'd rather do something to help myself after many years of food addiction and weight gain than to know people will talk about how pretty I was in the face, or how I ate myself to death, or if I could've only learned to eat less and just move. SMH...cuz we all know people who would say those very things. I my opinion, just best to get ahead of the negative comments, and turn them into positive ones.
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    Lindy, sorry you're having such a hard time of it! Have you tried heating up a protein shake? The shakes I'm using - Premier Protein - heat up really well. And the chocolate version makes a great "hot chocolate". You can spice it up with cinnamon for an extra kick. You can also doctor up your broth with spices - I like to put a little splash of soy sauce in my chicken broth - for variety. @cinwa is totally right - this phase will go by fast, and soon you'll be trying to figure out how to spice up your refried beans and ricotta!
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    Hi, @CJireh, I haven't told many people, either. I only told my husband beforehand (he was very supportive right away). When all was said and done, I told my MIL, who has been surprisingly supportive (lifelong frustrated dieter), and also my own mom (supportive but less so - annoyed with her own much more recent dieting struggles, I think). I told my brother because I was staying with him 1 month after surgery and kind of couldn't keep it from him. He's been great, despite never having been overweight. I told my two BFFs, and they're both been really good. That's it. I feel really torn about being more open about it - I am a very private person, and on the inside I think, "What business is it of anyone else's?" and "I don't want to deal with judgement." However, I also think that there is a huge benefit to coming out of the closet, as it were. As long as everyone who's successfully had WLS hides it, people will continue to think of WLS as a weird, drastic, dangerous thing that usually ends in failure - they just don't know any different. I sort of feel like I must have some responsibility to be a good example, even if not an evangelist. But deep down inside, I think I feel shame that I needed it. I know what most thin people think about fat people. I read internet comment sections. That scares me. It shouldn't, but it does. I really admire people who've been open about their procedures. I have an old friend from high school who I'm friends with on Fb, and in the last 6 months or so, she's been very visibly losing weight. I've heard several people talk about how well she's doing and how great she looks. Then, last week, I got an ad for some WLS Fb group on my feed. It said I had one friend in the group. Guess who it turned out to be. I really hope she's not trying hard to hide her WLS from the world, because Fb ad services has pretty well outed her. My fear of this is what prompted me to get out of the Fb WLS groups I had been in, which is in turn what led me here to TT, so in the end that all turned out well. The Fb groups were pretty obnoxious. One thing someone here on the forum said a while back: once you tell someone, you can never take it back, so be careful. Make sure you want that person to know, or make sure you want to be public about it. I've hung onto that piece of advice.
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    Nice topic I suppose my most recent one was after dinner with my folks I was wearing an old pair of shorts, slightly tightened but clearly it wasn't enough and I'm getting softer around the middle because as I stretched upward, my shorts went downward and I mean all the way down Luckily there was underwear. First time I've ever been happy to be embarrassed.
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    Welcome back to TTF - we missed you. I am glad to hear that you have a surgery revision date and am looking forward to welcoming you to the gang of us with a gastric bypass! In terms of your employment termination, as an employment attorney I strongly suggest that you consult with an employment attorney in your area to see if your termination was illegal. I raised two sons with learning disabilities, so I know that it can be tough. Do not give up and him/her, as a learning disability should not limit a child's potential to accomplish anything (for example, my oldest son has a serious learning disability, yet with hard work and lots of support will be graduating in a few months from one of the top 8 law schools in the nation).
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    There is only one. It was so nice to finally meet her, and yeah, she is the sweetheart I always knew she was.
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    Hello Tracy. Sounds like a rough situation you’re in. But hunger post sleeve is a strange beast. There are probably a group of interweaving things gong on. The sleeve stretches but very very little. Don’t expect much more room than you have now. That being said, swelling from the surgery is probably just going away and your tolerance for denser foods should just be increasing; so you’ll be able to start eating denser foods like Chicken. Just be sure to chew dense things really really well. I’m still not able to eat much of dense foods if I don’t chew it well. So be mindful when you eat dense things, chew until its mush. As for hunger, few Sleevers I know experience hunger pangs ever again after surger. For example, I have not experienced a hunger pang since getting my sleeve in 2014. However, whether you ever have them again, this early out you are probably experiencing acid and fluid gurgling which can often be mistaken for hunger pangs. My sleeve is very noisy and stil talks to me at least once a week. My money is on you’re hearing the gurgling and understandingly interpreting it as hunger pangs. All the above said there is also head hunger where our minds are convincing us we’re hungry. Wish I could say this goes away but I and too many other WLS’ers I know still battle that beast on a daily basis. Just know that you can succeed, you have the tool needed. Best of luck!
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    I am so very sorry for what you are going through. I don't know you but your post made me cry for you too. I wish that I had some words of wisdom for you. Instead all I am able to say is that I hope things turn around quickly for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and please keep us posted.
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    So, first the NSV - my period has returned! On schedule, even. Sorry guys, this may be more than you want to know. But sometimes when ladies reach a certain size, their female bits malfunction. We may get horrible periods, or crazily scheduled periods, or sometimes, like me, no periods at all. Mine has been gone for at least three or four years... until the end of August. By that time I'd lost almost 50 pounds, and I suspect that made the difference. Still - one period isn't enough to say hey, I'm better now. One period isn't a cycle. I've had the odd period over the past few years, but they would be separated by like... years. But as of yesterday, I can definitively say I'm cycling, with all the fun that implies: a whoosh of weight loss (yaaaay!) from water retention; cramps; mood swings; the whole nine yards. It's even happening on a normal schedule, for a normal number of days, at normal intervals! I never thought I'd be so happy to have it back - I'm certainly not using these eggs for anything at 46 years old! But I like what it implies about my health - I feel like I may actually be getting it back now. The scale victory I didn't really expect to have for another few days at least. The one time I managed to lose a significant amount of weight - probably four or five years ago now - there were certain milestones that stood out for me on the way down. I've kind of been mentally checking them off as I go, like little mental mini-goals. 313 was one - that was when I first thought hey, maybe I can lose weight after all! (Spoiler: That did not last.) 299 was one - I actually still have a picture of the scale in my doctor's office the first time that little slider didn't get moved over to 300. The next one was 291. That was what I weighed when I went to Chicago to a visual arts convention I used to attend yearly with friends. I had a great time - great friends, great stuff to look at, catching up with people, dressing up... it was just a really awesome trip. But... I haven't been the past few years. I felt too big, too uncomfortable. I stayed home and played cat-sitter instead, while Leah and Meg went without me. So I expected to post this when I hit 291, but the scale has tripped me up. I woke up at 290 this morning! I feel really good about that. I've got other mini-goals coming up, and I feel like I'm going to make them. And who knows where it will all end up? I'm already so much healthier than I was... it's hard to imagine where I'll be in a few months. Which is kind of why I'm keeping this blog going. Just in case, when I get there... I can't remember what it felt like to be here.
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    @CJireh @Res Ipsa @Jen581791 @Gretta....thanks for the kind words! I felt it important to make sure I was prepared as I could because I wasn't sure how strong my desire would be to eat. Having high protein options there was good because I stayed full longer and didn't succumb to junk to feed my hunger. Honestly I didn't feel deprived or even envious of people eating because I was eating mostly what they were eating too. Tackling this makes me feel more confident as the holidays are approaching very quickly that I can participate and eat while making wise choices.
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    Don't diminish you achievements just because your starting point was a bit lower than average. You just got there more quickly - you still had to take the plunge and you still have to follow all the same rules. You just got it under control before your situation got worse (wish I had). I think "comfortable in your own skin" is sort of a far-off goal for many if not most. Bodily self-awareness is so hard-wired into our brains that it will take a lot of input in a variety of situations before our brains really *get* that we're smaller. Maybe you should go buy some really tight skinny jeans and try to accelerate the process
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    @CJireh I was very sick because of my diabetic condition. I was on 4 (? I'm starting to forget) injectable medications and it wasn't helping. My endocronologist suggested WLS and I went to the Tufts Weight and Wellness Center. The doctors at the Center said that I was a perfect candidate. Not only was I an insulin resistant diabetic but I also had sleep apnea. Given my health issues, it was suggested that I have RNY. Doctors do not know why, but most diabetic RNY patients are very successful at putting their diabetes in remission. There was one problem. I was not morbidly obese and therefore my insurance wouldn't pay for the procedure. I was advised to gain weight and return once I was at a higher weight. I drove straight to McDonalds and ordered one of everything. Eventually, I realize that this was a poor decision on my part. My husband shared a New York Times article about medical tourism. After much research, my husband and I made the decision to self pay in Mexico. This was the best decision I have ever made. The surgery was very expensive but significantly cheaper than the same procedure in the USA I haven't taken any diabetes medication since post WLS day 9 (? Again, I'm starting to forget). I am officially in remission. My A1c numbers are fantastic, I no longer use my CPAP and my blood pressure is the best it has been in years. I sometimes feel guilty that I had WLS because my weight was relatively low (I was *only* obese). However, I can't deny that my life has changed for the better. I'm healthy and happy. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
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    Yeah, isn't it weird? I mean, my BFF eats in front of me all the time - and when friends come over they eat in front of me, too. I've told them it's okay. And physically, it's totally okay - I'm not hungry, and after a little emotional twinge I actually forget they're eating. I guess it helps that I get a little monofocused, so if we're hanging out watching tv, I lose track of anything else. The "not okay" part is totally brain/emotion stuff. Like, I wish I could eat what they're eating? I miss whatever it is that they're eating? But I don't WANT it, physically, the way I used to. My mouth doesn't water, my stomach doesn't growl, none of that stuff. It's all just in my head!
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    For me it was the fact that I haven't worked out in a while (and I used to all of the time, tho I never enjoyed it). So, I was inspired when @Kio suggested I start getting in better shape before my surgery so my surgery/recovery is easier....so today our youngest son had his first basketball practice and it was nice out so I got home from work and said to my husband, I am going to walk up to get Mason, do you want to come with me? (he was an avid walker but hasn't walked since he got laid off last month). So, we walked (and it was sunny but it got hot as soon as I started moving a lot!)....it was about 2 miles (round trip) and sweat was dripping down my back and down to my butt, and though I got home and changed my sweaty clothes and took my pulse (it was 120!) I felt good that I had worked my out of shape body! Granted one day isn't going to make me a marathon runner but it sure feels good that I did it!!!
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    UPDATE ON MY UPDATE I finally got through to my sleep dr office and they offered me a November visit and I said, no I need it sooner for surgery clearance and she was like oh, I thought you wanted to see the dr. And I said I want to see whomever can give me surgery clearance. She said "would you be willing to see our NP?" And I said "can she clear me!?!? Yep! And she can see me 10/30! So i finally have an appt to get my final clearance!!!! I'm not going to get my surgery date I wanted but at least I'm heading in the right direction!
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    The only people I have told are my husband, 3 children and 2 close friends that live out of state. In my case, I've had coexisting health problems...which could explain a large weight loss should someone ask. I have been posting, intermittently, about my weight loss on Facebook, so in case I run into someone I know, it won't be a huge shock. But I've been modestly understating the amount of weight I've lost. I've told the friends that know... if someone should ask if I've had surgery, through Facebook, that I am going to lie about it. I got so much negative feedback when I was supposed to have WLS last year, I'm not going through that again. Lying is really hard for me, but in this case, it's nobody's business but mine and the people I choose to tell. It's NOT the easy way out, not by a long shot. And I swear if someone said that to me, they'd have a throat punch to look forward to!! So it really is a personal choice. I don't consider it lying...not completely, anyway...if you don't admit to having the surgery if someone asks. It's your body and your business. You are doing this to improve your health and life. Tell people when you're ready. Or not ❤️
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    I'm sure a lot of you must have gone, "Yeah! Duh!" Specially since I've read so many of you reiterating it on this forum. But it's incredible how much difference hitting your water goals for the day make to your weight loss. Ever since I've started being extra vigilant on the water front, I've been able to break my frustrating stall. I lost 6 pounds overnight! So I must have been pretty dehydrated. So newbies and others facing stalls---hit your water goals!
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    Grumpiness will slowly melt away for all the reasons that @Jen581791 mentioned. My parents took care of me for a month but about a week in, I threw a tantrum and told them I was going to visit my best friend in the Bay Area. Instead, I checked into a local hotel for two days so I could cool down. How's that for grumpy?
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    Great to hear it, @Raddy! I know you've been feeling frustrated. I'm afraid Americans have a bit of an advantage in the water-drinking, since we have sort of a national obsession with being "hydrated." You can always tell an American abroad because they're always carrying a water bottle and ordering lots of bottles of water at restaurants Keep it up!
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    Many of us here have had surgery. It is neither easy or risk free. Read what you can here and research what these procedures involve. Most people who undergo surgery are required to wait at least 6 months prior to having surgery while going through a medically supervised weightloss program. If your wedding is "just around the corner" then there's a good chance your wedding will be happening before you could get surgery booked. Surgery isn't a quick fix by any stretch....it's still a long and very hard road.
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    That's so cool! A great clothing NSV. You'll have to start asking for smaller than you think you need - that way, you'll be able to wear stuff for more than a month
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    I've been so bad, Lois! Traveling too much, but will try to be better. Just landed in Boston and meeting Tom tonight. Will try to take a picture together
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    Glad to hear you're doing so well!! I'll be 10 days post RNY tomorrow, and I've had it pretty easy, too. I was up and doing laps around the floors a couple of hours after my surgery, and I'm healing well, and feeling great. I had some surgery bloat (11 lbs of it!) but I've lost it all since getting home, and today I logged my first "official" loss - 2 lbs under my pre-surgery weight. I'd lost 57 lbs before surgery, so I'm at 59 down total today. I'm hitting my protein and fluid goals every day now, and tomorrow I get to introduce "soft textures" - ricotta, greek yogurt, cottage cheese for protein, and some other soft things if I hit protein goals (unsweetened apple sauce, soft banana, canned peaches, oatmeal). I'm building up my walking a little more every day, going further than I have in adult memory! The only really hard part for me has been boredom - I took 3 weeks off work to recover, and I'm feeling well enough to go back now, if I wanted to. My room mate has convinced me to take the full 3 weeks, though, so I'm going to have to find ways to fill the rest of this time. Movies are expensive, and there's only so much walking I can do in a day.