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    Maintenance time for me. I'm done losing weight and on to the next part of my journey. I'm not quite sure what to expect but I know that it is a challenge I'm willing to take. GAH! I've lost over 75 pounds. A few of those pounds are a result of removing my hormonal IUD. I'll take that loss. I'm going to continue to weigh every day to make sure I stay on track. One pound a month can turn into 12 in a year. I'm not willing to take the chance of relapsing into weight gain. A month or so ago, I posted about making a new friend who has a sleeve. The other day she said "I love being thin but I also love nachos. You know what I mean?" Maybe it's because I'm a newbie but no, I don't know what she means. I hope I never know what she means. My husband and I don't feed our daughter junk foods. We get teased by other parents that we make our daughter eat healthily. I usually blame a family history of diabetes. The reality is that I want to instill healthy eating patterns for my daughter so that she never has to face obesity and WLS. I hadn't intended for this status update to be so long, but here we are. TTF is my confessional. A place where I can be as honest and work through my food related issues. At some point or another, we all lie to ourselves. I want people to call me out when I'm being unreasonable and a gold star when I've been a good girl. NerdyLady out. *mic drop*
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    I want to wish you the best of luck tomorrow, Michael!! It's finally, FINALLY your day!! You will be in my prayers ❤️Please post as soon as you are up to it and let us know how you're doing!!
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    Just got word I'm approved for surgery! They should call to schedule my pre-op sometime this week.
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    Hi everyone posting my progress
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    It feels good not to weigh 220 pounds wow I’m blessed to have gone so far in such little time thanks to God & my doctor
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    Hi my beautiful people just posting my progress