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    Maintenance Time

    Seven months out of surgery and I've finally arrived. I'm typing this on my phone and resting my elbow on my hip bone. Not my fat but my hip bone. Hooray for diabetes in remission! Hooray to ditching the CPAP! Hooray for more energy! Hooray for health! I'm rooting for everyone on the forum. Pre op, New maintenance folks and long term WLS veterans. Huzzah to us all!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Me and my son, this past Saturday, on his wedding day!
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    21 months post op

    My surgery was Jan 26, 2016 .. Last weekend my brother (taller gentleman on the left) and his best friend since high school (aka my other brother) came to visit me for the weekend. We had breakfast at the American Legion on Sunday before they left to go home - 400 miles away. I had one scrambled egg, bacon and half a spoon of hashbrowns. I now weigh what I weighed when I started high school. Health wise my life is the best it is has been in a long time.
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    Met my first TT celebrity today!

    I got to meet @Michael_A and his wonderful family today! He looks so good, and he's moving around like a champ! So much fun!
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    Normal BMI.

    What?!?!? Yes, it happened. I am currently at 163.4 lbs, which is 24.8. Do I think that BMI means a whole heck of a lot for an individual? No, I do not. It certainly is not taking into account my fat/lean ratio, my bone structure, etc, etc, etc. However, it sure feels good to have a "normal" label to affix to myself with regards to my weight. ***edit*** I totally forgot that this magical number also gets me to -90% of my excess weight, as well***
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    My start weight this time was less than the last time I lost 100lb. This time I'm using my October 2016 weight as the start point because that was when the decision to have my revision was made. I only noticed when updating my signature this morning and doing the kg to lbs conversion. I actually hit the mark yesterday but didn't realise it. I absolutely never expected this much loss so wasn't watching for it, but I'm more than happy to be celebrating it!!!! It just goes to show that revisions can be just as successful as first time WLS surgeries.
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    Hi everyone, this is Austin's wife. He wanted me to let you know that surgery went well this morning. He was able to walk a mile and drink an ounce of water this evening. Good review from his night nurse. Thank you for all of the well wishes and prayers!
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    Maintenance Time

    OK, y'all! I snapped a quick picture and dug out the worst possible picture (WLS day). I like to call them "fat me" and "not so fat me". I'll post full body shots a bit later.
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    I did it!

    I have re-entered the married life After being a widow for 8 years it is a little surreal, but oh so wonderful! We went away by ourselves and had a quiet romantic ceremony. WLS literally changed my life! I expected it to save my life but never considered how much different life could be with more self confidence and less self-loathing. Life is not just good...it is GLORIOUS!!!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Not what I'm wearing TODAY, but I had so much fun being prince for Halloween. I miss him so much!!
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    Ever have the thought.....

    .... when people clearly are smirking at you/whispering behind your back/quietly making jokes because you're fat and you're thinking, "HAHA! Joke's on you! I'm going to not be fat anymore soon, but you'll still be a jerk!" Maybe that's just me. LOL.
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    Disappointed beyond words

    Hi everyone thanks for your words of encouragement. Things have been hectic. I have been fighting tooth and nail to get this all sorted out. So the reason they cancelled my surgery is they feel like my albumin is still not high enough. It was 3.5 which i was told was normal and that i could proceed with the surgery so you can imagine my frustration with them changing their minds and saying it needs to be 3.7 at a minimum but really 4.0 then the doctor who was going to do my surgery changed his mind and said he is not experienced enough to do a revision. I finally found a doctor at the Cleveland clinic who is going to do my surgery. He said he wants my albumin to be 3.8 to make sure i heal properly from the revision. My numbers were 3.6 as of last week so I'm going to keep chugging along as surgery will tentatively be December 12th. They have me doing my premier protein shakes and adding unflavored protein to boost what i am taking in. So basically i am getting almost 200g of protein a day hopefully i will get good news in 2 weeks when i go back for my labs again. I am also happy to report my almost 2 month stall has been broken i have lost 15 pounds in the last two weeks. This has all definitely been overwhelming but i am going to make it. Hope everyone is doing well
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    Hey ya'll! Long time no talk. Took a picture of my new skirt at the office this morning and it made me realize how far I've come. How everyone is doing great!
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    Thank you, @CJireh! Your positivity and inclusion is really helpful in all of this. I think you're so right about November being a month that the old us would have balked at. I won't lie, I've thought about how this is a huge decision and I won't be able to smoosh my emotions down with stuffing. I'm also a great cook, so I am trying to figure out how I'm going to cook for my loved ones when I can't eat! Haha! My "little" (we have 4 kids, but aren't going anywhere) family is ordering Whole Foods TG dinner this year. I'll drink broth and pretend it's gravy. LOL. The holidays will be hard for a lot of reasons for us this year, so I'm not sure I'll feel much like eating anyway. That's a good and a bad thing, probably. But I am excited. It's a really weird kind of excited, but I am still very happy I made this decision.
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    I got approved for surgery on Tuesday (yay!). My poor program coordinator is probably done with me. I called my insurance to see if the approval was done and called her before she'd even been notified Yesterday they called to schedule my pre-op for November 7th - I was actually surprised they could get me in so soon, but super excited. I'll meet the surgeon, the dietician (to go over LSD) and then his assistant to get a surgery date. Or so I thought! This morning after arriving to work my phone rang with the hospital number, but I was in the middle of something. Then my husband's number pops up, and he goes "Um, they want you to have surgery on the 16th, but you'll have to start the LSD now." I dropped the spoon carrying oatmeal to my mouth so dang fast However, we're traveling from the 20th-25th, and I didn't think 4 days post-op would be the time to be sitting in a car for 8 hours+. And considering I have zero intentions of telling his family, being on clears still on Thanksgiving would be awkward... So I called the assistant back and politely declined. She agreed extended traveling so soon after would not be my best idea. And so I got scheduled for the week after Thanksgiving, the 29th! This is just about freaking perfect to me. I'll be able to take off the month of December, but still get my surgery in in 2017 to hit that all-too-important deductible. I'm so excited!
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    Bragging on my husband's ingenuity!!!

    So I heard my husband in the kitchen today and when I got up (i was sleeping on the couch) and so I went in the kitchen, and he said "do you want a shake?" (Personally I use the powder to save money but it is annoying to have to make up 4 oz at a time....not that I have been, he's been doing it for me). Then he opened e refrigerator and look what's in there?!?!? We have tons of Rubbermaid containers but I rarely use the 4oz containers.....well, he cleverly made up two batches and set up my grab-n-go protein shakes!!!! He measured each one to be 4oz, and there is still room for one ice cube if I need it. He also took one of each and put them in the freezer so I can see if I like them semi frozen or frozen. How smart is he?!? I really wanted to just brag on him but I also thought I'd post the idea in case you newbies have a lot of these containers and want to do the same! (The seal is good and you just shake it up before drinking it.)
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    12 hrs

    I have to be at the hospital in 12 hours, 530 am Nov 10, to check in for my 730 am surgery. I'm a little nervous, and am looking forward to 8 days from now, when I fly home to Fairbanks. My 3-yo is with us, but I'm missing my other 4 kids a lot! If all goes well, I will be discharged on Sun the 12th. My weight today at the pre-op appointment was 218. The hospital gave me the bottle of special soap that I'm supposed to shower with in the morning. I'll need to be up about 4am (California time). @TP1210, I want to thank you for posting about your experience, two years ago. I was lurking at the time but came across your blow-by-blow of the events leading up to your surgery, even posting as they were taking you to the OR :-) That was the moment that I pretty much said, this guy can do it, so can I. I'm so grateful for the friendships I've made here.
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    12 hrs

    Thanks so much for the kind and encouraging words everyone! This is me and my wife Anna and our daughter Serenity. The surgeon came by and I’m almost ready to go!
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    I came out of surgery ok (1:00 pm) but ended up in the recovery room until 10:30 pm as they didn't have a room (how rude! I asked them if they had a stable out back for me after a few hours...haha!). Turned out good though Bc I got more 1:1 care. I had a lot of nausea and dizziness, more that I realized I would. The dr said it was a combo of my anesthesia meds and pain meds (morpheine.....which reminds to advise: never become a druggie, it wasn't that fun!) despite having the endoscopy last month, they totally missed a big hiatal hernia which my dr found during surgery (fortunately since he was able to repair it yesterday ....then remember I said they don't do the barium swallow anymore? He ordered it Bc of the repair and he wanted to see how it all was today. That was my first time out of bed (10am!!!) to get to the stretcher and head down to radiology. I was so nauseated and dizzy it wasn't funny. They moved me to the table for the upper GI and I took three small sips and he stopped me Bc my pouch was so swollen. He did see a little get through so it was enough to let me start on sips of water. I was back in my room close to noon. I was put right back to bed with more nausea meds. I slept on and off until 2. During those two hours, I drank my 4 little medicine cups of water each hour as ordered, like a pro. They made me nauseous but I drank them. I decided to get up (first time standing) around 2 to go to the bathroom. I nearly threw up so they gave me the iv nausea meds. And that helped get me up. I voided like a champ (or so I was told!) and then took off for a walk. My mind wants to go but my body is saying no. I pushed it down to the end of the hall with my nurse and pole then turned around to go down another hall. Now im back in my room in the chair and got the morpheine off (they gave me a liquid oxycodeine) and I just drank the 8 oz warm tea that had been on my lunch tray (that SF jello and broth!) im feeling better than earlier in the day. I'd kill for a shower and to brush my teeth! The dry mouth was no worse after surgery than I get at home, and I don't have a sore throat from intubating, and I've had very minimal gas, so in a lot of ways it was easier than expected but the nausea/dizziness through me for a loop! (although it's been a long two days, I am still smiling...and yes, my bangs are all sticking up from all the cold washcloths on my forehead to help with the nausea! And just pretend I have makeup on!!!) haha Thanks all for your well wishes, prayers and concern!!! I'll be praying for you, @AustinJ tomorrow...and saving you a seat (yes, right now I am sitting!) in the bench!! We can scoot down when @Michael_Aarrives! Signing off, the new Tiny Tummy!!!
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    My sister died suddenly tonight

    I have to tell you all this. It is difficult, but I find such comfort in it. My sister had a gastric bypass surgery in 2003. She went from around 500 lbs to close to 200 lbs. She had an abdominoplasty and breast reduction, but always struggled with extra skin that insurance would not cover. Burn victims will be able to benefit from her extra skin. She was an organ donor and her skin is one of her most valuable donations. I am so humbled and comforted by this. She was so kind and would have loved this.
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    12-week follow up

    Saw my Surgeon today for my 12-week follow up. Results were great. I've been doing cardio at 0530 every morning (elliptical), eating mostly protein and non-starch veggies, and drinking 96oz (or more) of water a day. Starting weight: 345 Surgery weight: 322 6-week post op: 278 12-week post op: 252 7 more pounds and I will be at 100 since starting this journey. It is hard at times, but oh so worth where it leads you to.
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    Whew! That's over 10,000 steps per day since the day I bought it Never would have done this last year, that's for sure!! Here's to healthy habits.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My NSV happened over "wedding weekend"; we went zip lining in the hills of the Ozarks and I never once worried that the harness wouldn't fit, or that I'd be too heavy and it wouldn't hold me up. How freeing that is!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    I haven't been on TT for quite awhile! Here is a picture of me and my daughter at her baby shower!
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    Maintenance Time

    *deep breath* I am deeply ashamed of these pre op pictures. The picture where I am wearing a black hoodie was taken at my all time high. I stopped weighing myself, so I'm not sure what I weighed. I think I may have been 240ish. The irrational part of my brain keeps screaming, "how did you let your weight problems get so bad?". The rational part of me knows that much of my weight problems were not my fault. I can now choose to be healthy and happy. I'm not going to throw that away for empty calories.
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    I'm incredibly lucky, not only that he CAN do it, but that he wants to, lol. I don't know that the one good dress I've bought will make two, but it will need to be taken in. I just had to buy smaller leggings though...no more X in front of the large for those! And I also bought a maxi skirt at Target and that was also a large So I'm getting there anyway! oh, oh...I forgot...I bought boots!! And I love them! Please ignore the clothes I'm wearing, they are gigantic! Haha
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    Ever have the thought.....

    Yes!! I always thought my brothers who are both slender felt morally superior because of course I was just lacking in self control. I have the same body shape as our mother; they have the same shape as our father. They are both now bald (like our father was) and I'm thin...Ha Ha I win lol!!
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    I'm excited for each of you. Seeing the seven of you bond as a group is affirming that TTF is a valuable asset for all who are going forward with WLS. I'm cheering for each of you and looking forward to welcoming you to the losers bench. xo
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    I want to eat my feelings.

    Thank you, thank you! I appreciate all of your love and concern. My mom is thankfully ok and discharged from the hospital wearing a heart monitor. My mom was in a grocery store parking lot when she fainted and hit her head on a concrete barrier. Thankfully, there was no damage to her brain or any broken bones. My mom is in a lot of pain, which is to be expected. The ER doctors don't know why she fainted. They suspect that the high California temperatures and a heart arrhythmia made her collapse. We'll see what the heart monitor tells us. My mom asked me to stay in Boston and after much thought, I decided to stay. I'm not sure if that was the right decision. Mom seems to think it is best right now. I want to eat so badly. My heart is telling me that a little bit (aka a lot) of food wouldn't do me any harm. My brain is telling me to continue to eat small meals and stay on track. IRL, I'm not someone who opens up easily. I don't like to make myself vulnerable and tend to swallow my feelings. However, my struggle with food is a constant one and I rely on your support to stay on track. I'm two pounds away from my final goal. I wish I could say it was always easy. Most days I have no desire for the foods that made me obese. However, the days I feel helpless and scared, I want to comfort myself with food. I remind myself that in the old days, I would be consumed with guilt and shame when I was on a binge. I don't want to go back to that. With your help, I won't. Thanks for all of your good wishes, prayers and love. xo
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    Hi y'all!

    Hello everyone! I am Stephanie. I live in Kentucky. My surgery date is November 30th and I am super excited. I'm also very excited to be here to share our experiences! it seems like forever that I have been trying to have this surgery done. I don't think it's actually hit me yet that it's finally going to happen....soon!
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    Hi guys, My surgery went really well yesterday afternoon. I’ve been sipping on water and up walking a bunch. My chief complaint at this point is that I’m experiencing some gas pain in my upper abdomen. Sometimes walking helps, but sometimes it doesn’t. It’s a pretty uncomfortable feeling that I hope will be over sooner than later. Thanks to everyone for all the well wishes yesterday. You are wonderful people!
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    Relationship Trouble?

    Most of us worry about how our weight loss will change our relationships. Many folks on the other side of WLS will tell you that the issues they had with their partner didn't disappear after, or because of, their surgery. In many cases their weight loss magnified their relationship issues. Your lifestyle and priorities will change dramatically post op. The fact that your GF is able speak honestly about her insecurities is a very good thing. Saying that your weight loss won't change things between you and your GF is a really nice thing to say but I suspect you both know this is not true. With a physical transformation also comes an emotional one and this can be challenging to traverse within a relationship. Rather than saying your weight loss won't change things, perhaps try some of these: My body may change post op but my principles will not. I'm not sure how I will change after surgery or how others will react to those changes, but I do know that I love you. What I'm about to do is going to be very hard. I can't think of anyone better to help me get through it than you. Your support means the world to me. I have no control over other people's behavior but I can promise you that I will never give you a reason to distrust me. I'm so sorry you're feeling scared and sad about this. What can I do to help? Here's the good news; you guys are talking about it. There's a lot of people who are not able to do that. Instead they act jealous and even try to sabotage the efforts of their partners. My hubby and I went to couples counseling before my surgery to work through some of the issues that could be compounded by the changes the surgery would bring to my life. I am so glad we did. It made a HUGE difference and even 2 years out, we're still experiencing the benefits of it. My best advice; try your best to keep ahead of this. Continue to talk about things ahead of time. Best of luck!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    @Smashlee83 Good news and bad news! I bought two Grace Whatsherface skirts and I love them! The bad news is that they are way too big and they look sort of clownish. Back to Amazon they will go. I’m going to trade them in for a smaller size. I cannot believe I am saying these words. I have to buy a smaller size. Who am I????
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    Hey everyone its me again. Thank you for all prayers and support. After walking 2 miles today and drinking 4oz of water 4 hrs in a row they decided to let me go home early. The 1hr long car ride home was horrible, I am still trying to recover from that. I only have 3 things on my mind right now drink water, walk, sleep.
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    My second Amazon skirt purchase. Also a large with a medium top from target. I may order a third. I'm obsessed.
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    I'm alive!!!!

    I'm on the losers bench.... Laying on it at the moment, but at least I am ON it!!!! I'll post more tomorrow as I'm very dizzy
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    I'm in surgery!!!!!

    posting from the OR....how freaky is that??? bet I am the first on TT that has done THAT!!! hahaha! (seriously though, I am just scheduling this to be posted when I am in ) I'll see you on the other side, but MOVE OVER BENCH SITTERS, I am coming over!!!!
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    What Are You Wearing Today?

    As I was stealing Smashlee’s fashion sense on the amazon, I found this little blouse for $12!! I ordered The Skirt in the black and white floral option with a ribbon neck black top. I will wear it to a party this Saturday. I can’t wait to see it!
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    5 months of pre-op diet - down 86lbs

    I had my 5th month pre-op weigh in and pre-op physical this morning. I am down 19 lbs from last months weigh in. I started at 504 lbs and am at 418 lbs now. My pre-op success is due to my low carb diet and exercise. I walk 6 days a week, 3.5 - 4 miles a per day, and don't exceed 60 carbs in a day. I have been in ketosis for several months now. I'm 8 days out from VSG surgery and on day 4 of the pre-op liquid diet. I believe I will be at 100 lbs lost by the time I leave the hospital after surgery.
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    6 Weeks Out

    Had my six week weigh in this morning. 67 ibs lost since surgery. Down 20 from my 2 week check in I'm happy, eating a bit more but not really much. As the weather is getting older, finding my appetite not there even more to the point I'm barely pushing anything food wise. Still trying to stay on top of it, make sure my body doesn't get into a stall because of lack of intake. Anyways, I'm stoked, and happy
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    Res Ipsa


    I had my gastric bypass surgery in mid-November a few years ago. I still remember (fondly) my family Thanksgiving dinner that year - I had a small piece of turkey breast with gravy that I really chewed prior to swallowing. More importantly, along with that meal I had lots of wonderful conversations with everyone around me at the dinner table (as I was not focused on eating). It was wonderful. Exciting times lie ahead for all of the November 2017 weight loss surgery people here at TTF. A lifetime of being thin, healthy and much more active awaits you!
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    5 lbs to lose for surgery approval

    Good Idea about being prepared and bringing my own food. I could easily bring a 350cal atkins frozen lunch. I have Kaiser. The insurance is my doctor and the doctor is the insurance. The bariatric center will not schedule my next appointment until I reach my pre-weight goal. So they said, but.... I will call to day to confirm. Who knows....maybe I'll get lucky. Best of luck to you too. I'm excited for a new life. Agreed. Thanks for the reminder. I know I have some dark days ahead of me, when I hit an emotional wall and no longer have food to turn to. But, Just like having your first child, you can read all the baby books while you are pregnant, but nothing will prepare you for the reality of being a parent. That said, there's no time like the present to get the ball rolling. And on that note, I just turned down a chile verde breakfast burrito. I love my job, I love my job, I love my job!!!!! Jen, this is what I was getting at. As an addict and Binger and stress eater, I need to set some hard rules and boundaries for myself. Once the plate is in hand, no matter how strong my will or conviction, things get out of control before I know what I ate. I eat pretty healthy, with awareness 90% of the time. it's my moments of weakness that add up to failure. I've been in the same 20 lb range for over a decade. Generally speaking, not in too bad of shape, until this year. Diagnosed with MS after going blind in one eye. Now we know that last years 6mo episode was ms too, for 6 mos I could barely stand or walk for 5 min at a time. Low carb is the ONLY way for me. I have PCOS and technically not supposed to have carbs anyways. It's time to set some boundaries with food. Here is the most ridiculously ironic part of my "life story".... I'm sort of a social worker at the welfare department and I teach Job search and life skills. In that....I teach boundaries!!! And I'm pretty good at it too, teaching it that is. I learned some AMAZING tools about boundaries when I left my ex-husband (abusive alcoholic). Learned about my life long issues with co-dependency, learned to set boundaries with people, money etc.... and now it is time to set boundaries with food. I shouldn't be allowed to pick up the fork until I can trust myself to do the right thing with it !!! Thanks for all the welcoming advice and support.
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    Aussie H

    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    Never in a million years would I have believed I'd get to a healthy BMI, because I've never got below 29.8 BMI in the past with very serious and long term dieting attempts. Yet it did happen Trish. Not only that but I'm still continuing to lose. No doubt many others here have felt the same way, but they do get there. You're one of many members here that have the can do attitude, and I believe you have it in you to go all the way. Don't sell yourself short. Aim for your mini goals, and when you reach them just set another.
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    I never owned a sweater before. I wore tshirts year around. Turned the heat off in the bedroom and froze hubby at 48-50 degrees. I now understand "chilled to the bone". And that feeling hasn't gone away.. coats a little larger accommodate sweat shirts that are over long sleeved shirts that are over tshirts..I look like the kid in Christmas story..
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    NSV of the Week - whats yours?

    My NSV of the week... I had to have a scope yesterday. During the check in part they check bp, hr, O2... I was about to tell the nurse she needed the larger cuff for my BP, but decided to let it go and it worked. My BP was checked using a regular sized cuff!
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    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    @Jen581791 Great thread for the day! Here is what I baked this morning. My son has already inhaled 1/3 of the one on the left... My Tartine-style sourdough bread. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone celebrating it, and let me be amongst the first to say I give thanks every time I gain yet more insight from this forum, and give thanks for the changes I have been blessed with since my surgery.
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    2 months post-op, and all is mostly well!

    I can't believe it's been 2 months since surgery! I haven't had any complications, very little pain, very little nausea, and I'm firmly in stage 4 (final stage) of my program's diet plan. That means I could try pretty much whatever I want to try - but in practice I'm finding that there is a pretty limited subset of good-for-me foods that are working for me right now. Here's a quick glance at a "normal" day's diet: Critiques and suggestions on that would be welcome! I'm trying to find ways to increase my protein without greatly increasing fat and carbs, but it's not easy. I find that right now I'm living mostly on the line between Stage 3 and Stage 4, and my tolerance for most foods is governed by how slowly I eat them and how long I chew them. Funny, that's just what the program said on the tin! I'm usually getting somewhere between 700 and 800 calories a day, and I'm hitting the low end of my protein goal (60-80 a day) pretty consistently. As far as weight loss goes, I've lost: 57 lbs (pre-surgery) 17 lbs (month 1) 14 lbs (month 2) So I'm down 88 lbs since around April of this year, currently at 267; not bad! I think it probably puts me somewhere in the middle of the pack as far as quick losers/slow losers, and I'm content with that. Everyone here has been such a great help - thank you all for sharing your knowledge and support, I wouldn't be able to do this without it! I'm moving around a LOT better (with the exception of this last week, when I benched myself due to a pretty bad cold). I'm finding walking a lot easier to do, but just as hard to get started - it turns out, I'm basically a lazy person. But I can make myself exercise when my innate laziness isn't combined with a certainty that any given activity will involve a great deal of pain! And I do like walking once I'm out there. (Whether that will continue after there's snow on the ground, I don't know... but I have a treadmill, so I'm set either way!) One last thing I wanted to mention - what is it with people TALKING to me all the time now?! Never once in the past 20 years or so have I had to worry that someone in an elevator would decide to chat with me; now I keep having to make small talk. And the other day in the Apple Store I had to move once, and fake a phone call after that, to get away from chatty people who just came up to me and started talking. I feel like I may have crossed some heretofore invisible boundary between "gross, stay away" and "motherly", and now everybody wants to tell me all their problems. I'm a pretty friendly person in general, but usually I've only had to be friendly with people in settings where they kind of had to interact with me. Now they're doing it willingly - it's really bizarre! Just another crazy thing to get used to... like having kneecaps and collar bones, I guess...
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    so, every day when I get on the scale, I am shocked!! In the 4 days of my liquid diet so far, I have lost 10#! Is that not crazy?!?!?! I haven't lost 10# in a while, but never in a few days! I can really get used to seeing the scale go down! I FEEL thinner...which is hysterical bc I thought my clothes might be fitting better yesterday so with pride I looked in the mirror and it dawned on me that I am STILL fat It will take a lot more than 10# to make me look thinner, but I really think this is the beginning to the new me and pretty soon I will see a difference! I checked my BMI and right now it is 39.4 which is pretty cool since it already is under the I can have surgery level (not that it will cancel my surgery but it is helping me to see this whole this is ENTIRELY POSSIBLE!)
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    12-week follow up

    Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate the support. in my last post (6-week update) I mentioned that I wanted to be able to fit into some suits that I was wearing when I married my wife by this Friday. You see, it's our 10-year wedding anniversary and we are going to a nice dinner and having an evening without the two children. well I have some sad and happy news to report, I don't fit into the suit like I had hoped, that's the sad. The good is that when trying my suit on last night it became clear that it is about 2 sizes too big! After work I'm off to the Men's shop to get a suit jacket that I can wear Friday. Happy Halloween all and stay strong against the urge to steal from the candy bowl!
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    50 Pounds Gone

    Today I stepped on the scale, and I am down 50 pounds! I’ve felt like the weight was coming off sooooo slowly at times, but when I think about losing 50 pounds 3.5 months, I am amazed and thrilled! I had a Panic moment last week when we were traveling for a weekend I ate more carbs than usual, didn’t drink enough water, and gained 1.8 pounds. That was followed by several days of intense cravings and desire to eat the way I used to (poor choices, emotional eating, eating mindlessly, etc). It took several days to get back in the right mindset. For me it takes intentional meal planning and making sure my house is junk-food-free. After I got my head straight, I am down 4 pounds this week. I doubt this cycle will ever completely go away, but I’m thankful for this tool that helps me make this lifestyle change! Blessings!