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    On this date 4 years ago I was terrified. I had no clue what this journey would bring or even if I would survive surgery. I wasn't given much to expect just basically a list of foods for each stage..so into this journey I stepped. I took each day one day at a time. I never really gave much thought to where my weight would take me; I bought an xl for the next winter. Never did get to wear it;). I am now in mostly medium shirts though the light gray one is an xs and size 2 or 4 jeans. The jeans I have on in these pictures are 26 waist. I have ditched 18 of my medications. I do not exercise due to bad ankles but I do get 10,000 steps in as I'm on my feet all day at work. I can play with my grandchildren (go sledding or swing or slide; things I was unable to do with my own children). I've overcome my fear of water and gotten scuba certified. I do not tolerate alcohol or fried foods. I've had no complications and I've learned to listen to my belly and not my head. If my stomach says enough, I stop. My eyes are still bigger than my belly but it's okay to leave food on my plate. I no longer belong to the clean plate club. This has been the best thing I've ever done for myself. I wish everyone much success.. Lois
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    Tried on bridesmaid dresses today with my sisters. The lady who owned the shop was helping us. She kept saying we had to find something flattering for me because I'm so lean. I was super self conscious because of my small saggy chest but she was clueless that I had been heavy and just kept saying "you're fit and lean there's nothing to be self conscious about." I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. I'm fit and lean--what????
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    Not really exciting, jeans, and very cute booties I got from Amazon, but the biggest thing I am posting.. is that this shirt is a medium!!! I've not fit into a medium in over 20 years.
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    Hi all! I haven't been on here much, but wanted to share my pic from this morning (ignore my daughter's messy room...). Celebrating 3 years of better health! And of course, it was Patriots Day at school today! If you are just starting out, hang in there, follow your program, and you will be successful!
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    On my way to a listing appt! I found this cute top at Macy's on clearance for $10! Size small. The material is fabulous!
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    Morning. LOFT cropped trousers (size 4), small white GAP tank and small Holding Horses denim embroidered shirt. Coral suede studded flats.
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    blood work this a.m. gave me the A1C results before I left. lowest its been in 20 years!!!!!!!!!!!! 5.5!!!
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    Love this blush, silk, Italian-made flutter top by Angela I got off Poshmark for under 20 clams. And it's a size medium!
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    New outfit. Lush top size sx, navy tank mariuces size xs, navy bootcut seven for all mankind jeans size 25, scarf from grocery outlet!! 2.99, pandora angel wing neckless from husband for no reason priceless.... (155.00) and booties from last year but too heavy to wear them all day at work! Now I can!
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    My surgiversary was yesterday! I am celebrating by taking a free session at 9round, a circuit kickboxing facility. I can't believe I'm going out in public wearing the outfit below but I'm ready to keep conditioning this new body. It has been a pretty great year. Constipation has been my most prominent side effect. Fiber is helping. My blood work came back great, too high B12 was the only note so I'm taking it only twice a week now. Blood pressure and sugar are normal. I am considering new goals for this year. I have lost 161 pounds total, 101 since surgery. I want to get below 200 but a generic lose weight goal is behind me. I want to get stronger and more toned. The surgeon spoke a lot about plastics, but I'm not mentally there yet. I've also considered starting a side business. I want more out of life than work and TV, so I need to figure out how to get to whatever that is. Now that I have the energy, that seems possible. Thanks to all of you for sharing your stories and the support. HW: 426 Currently 263
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    Med Democracy blouse 9/10 Maurice's trousers
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    Ok. So I can't resist posting this. My Facebook friends already saw, but here is Eli's passport picture we had taken two weeks ago. Going out of the country in May so wanted to get ahead of it. Seriously
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    For Christmas my husband bought me a Vince Camuto dress size 4. So, I got to wear it on Valentine's for dinner. What a good feeling that he could buy me a piece of clothing and I slipped it on with no problem and it fit perfect. He could never do that when I weighed 251 lbs.
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    My one year surgiversary was last week... 160 pounds down... 30 BMI lower... I feel like a True Athlete. My goal for second year is to drop 30 more pounds get to 10 % total body fat and get Shredded! Just wanted to update my thinner times family, and say thanks again for being there in early days post-op I was terrified and you guys were there to make me feel better. <3
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    Bonjour Tuesday! Today I'm wearing a vestigial Lane Bryant knit top, size 14 and slate grey skinny jeans by, not ashamed to say it, Jaclyn Smith. Yes, it's a Kmart blue light special, ladies and gents. Until I get all the weight off, I don't want to spend a lot on clothes. Bongo pointy-toe flats. Btw, for those in transition, poshmark.com is a great site to find affordable fashions.
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    Hi All, Haven't posted in a while, I have honestly not been doing the greatest, my weight loss has stalled pretty significantly for about the past 3 months or so. No real secret there, I have discovered that while I cannot eat exactly like I used to, I do not have dumping, and can eat in the same manner as I once did if not the quantities, if I chose to.Anyways this is an I went to Mexico on business last week and ate very poorly the entire time- call it not preparing properly for the trip, or vacation mentality but the bottom line was that I ate what I wanted just in much smaller quantities than in my past- the good news, not the NSV, was that when I came home from Mexico I weighed exactly what I did when I left. So what felt like out of control eating was still nothing compared to pre surgery eating. The NSV was that my sons were at a roller skating party the day I flew home, so I met up with them at the skating rink and skated for about an hour and a half. I hadn't been on skates for about 30 years at that point! I actually did well and had a lot of fun and my sons loved it. It just helped remind me why I got the surgery in the first place and what is important to me- it is look on my son's faces when I rolled out onto the floor and skated with them. It does seem as though the surgery has taken me as far as it can without my direct help to a loss of 140lbs, time to remember why I did this in the first place and start helping the surgery instead of fighting with it and trying to defeat it. I am also not the poster child for weight loss surgery, I have stumbled and fallen but not stayed down and not done too much damage in the process thankfully. I love the words LadyFi used above "I am a work in progress" too
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    Pardon the crazy image on the projector. We're talking about juxtaposition and juxtaposition in literature. It's casual Thursday (this rural district goes to school Mon-Thurs most weeks. Yay.), so I'm wearing jeans and a sweater, size 12 and large. Looking forward to hitting size 10. Not gonna lie: I've fallen off the wagon the past couple of days in terms of carbs. Gotta pour on the steam. Happy Thursday!
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    Jut when I thought things couldn't be anymore amazing. Lady fate steps in and takes my breath away. Had a lovely evening where we got kicked out of the restaurant again for being the last two in there and they wanted to close lol. I almost chickened out because my mind goes into overdrive and tends to overthink conversations and how to say things way to much. On the way out to my truck I get the nerve and finally tell her. She says to me wanna know a secret, "I already knew, because I did the same surgery." She had hers about one month before me. What are the odds. After she told me I started thinking about our previous dates and it all clicked, like why didn't I see it. Any way I'm super excited and really looking forward to what the future has for both of us!
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    Not wearing anything particularly exciting, but you gotta have a sense of humor. Enjoying high protein mocha hot chocolate (my coffee replacement, thank you Jesus) in my java prescription mug. Wearing black jeans, size 12, faux snakeskin vest, size xl. Happy Friday, y'all!
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    I kind of still can't believe these words are coming from me. But I'm a runner now. Not a fast one. But one nonetheless. I completed a 5k and 10k (a day apart) this month, and have officially been bitten by the bug. I signed up for another 5k tomorrow, one in February, trying to grab a last-minute bib for a different one in February, and am signed up for 5's and 10's in April and November. My friend and I have made the decision to start training for a couple halfs next year. I also joined a gym the week of Thanksgiving and go 3-4 days a week now. I miss it if I don't, how nuts is that?! I'm starting to see some definition and am definitely noticing a difference in my general fitness level. Someone at my office commented that I was in really good shape. I've had a couple others tell me they've been inspired to start walking at lunchtime because they see me do it. And a (very average sized) friend has started walking a little with me at lunch and I find that I have to slow waaaay down and only do 2 miles for her to keep up - she commented "I'm just not in shape like you are yet!" This stuff is still very hard for me to wrap my head around.
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    ohh ohh ohh I have a big one! I was at my local Starbucks working and the barista came by with a bunch of frappucinos a trainee had made and was giving them away for FREE! they looked so good, but I told myself that just because it's 0 dollars doesn't make it 0 calories. I'd have NEVER refused a free sweet before!
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    Hi guys. I've disconnected from TT for a bit, simply because life's been hectic. I think about you all and wonder how you're all doing? Here's what's what with me: I got my braces on Jan 9th! My husband was sick and hospitalized for a week. Thankfully he is much better now. I am researching schools, you guys. I have a bachelor's degree and then I have an associate's for my RN. I'm planning to go back to complete a bachelor's in nursing and then a master's and doctorate. Does anyone here teach at the University level? If so, will you message me here if you have a minute to answer some questions? I am considering pursuing the education concentration for nursing. My weight is ok. I go between 128-132. 132 is my max before I crack down and make sure I get back down to at least 130. I suppose this is what maintenance is, which kind of scares me. I've seen that suddenly, out of nowhere, my sleeve has relaxed a bit. I always remember Jolls saying, "just because you CAN doesn't mean you SHOULD" (eat more). This is a new challenge for me, as my sleeve was quite a boss and quickly punished me if I had a misstep. That's not happening so much now, so I have to be extra careful. In short, it's harder now than it has been up till this point. The honeymoon is totally over. My goal is to make time to come back on here more often to keep drawing from the positivity and encouragement I've found here all along.
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    Morning. Ann Taylor dress (size 4) and small black 14th and Union tee. Black suede boots.
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    Morning and Happy Valentine's Day! Maeve long, pleated silver skirt (size 2), small black Banana Republic merino wool turtleneck, black suede booties.
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    I don't want to be a cry baby about 10 lbs after 7 years because I am thrilled with my life after gastric. I enjoy dancing, crossing my legs, wearing a bathing suit, skinny jeans, etc... I was just surprised how fast the weight came on and that it is not budging. I will go back to strict lean protein and vegetables and go back to weighing and measuring my food.
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    Morning and TGIF! J. Crew straight ankle-length jeans (size 27), small J. Crew sweater. Adidas Superstars.
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    I had to go help someone quickly at work, so I jogged from one side of the campus to the other. Got into the conference room and I wasn't embarrassed by being totally out of breath. Still not a runner. No idea how you marathoners do it--I feel like I"m going to die if I run for more than five minutes
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    Went to a friend's home today. We text everyday. We have not seen eachother in 6 months. She said "you are so smalI I could rap my arms around you twice." "Small" is my trigger word. For the first time, I just said "thank you." I even went into store and bought my kids "junk food." I did not get myself anything. I am a work in progress. At least I am moving forward.
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    Morning. Small Rosie Neira (Anthropologie) grey flannel skirt, small GAP tank and small white Old Navy tee. Black suede boots.
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    Morning. Another busy week as our quarterly earnings prep is in full swing. Ann Taylor black cropped trousers (size 4), Land's End white button down (size 4) and extra-small Troubadour sweater from Anthropologie. Black leather Tory Burch boots.
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    Hello, I am post op gastric bypass 6 years out. I have lost 235 pounds and have successfully kept it off. I am here to answer any questions or give pointers to anyone. I wish I would have known about this site when I had my surgery.
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    Med Maurice's top 10- Anne Klein trousers chocolate brown loafers
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    I'm 15 days post-op and today I had a banana for breakfast ... maybe I'm over reacting, but it was GREAT to not be "eating" a liquid meal for the first time in 2 weeks!
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    I reached my goal weight of 180 pounds, in September 2014 (10 months after my surgery), and have maintained at or just below that weight ever since (see chart below). Whenever I gain a few pounds and go over my goal weight (usually after a nice vacation ), I just focus on eating the right diet and my gastric bypass allows me to lose the extra weight fairly quickly. Similarly, the few times I have gone more than 5 pounds below my goal weight,I have just focused on eating a bit more food. They key point is that I try to stay a few pounds under my goal weight and do not accept weight gain over my goal weight.
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    We were almost twins today but then I changed up at the last second. med blouse I can't remember the brand maurices jeggings brown boots
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    Today my teenie sister asked me to help her stay motivated about working out!!! What????
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    Great news. But as a guy, I feel bound to tell you that women do not like secrets. Tell her at some point about your surgery, but do it in a positive way. Let her know that you did it to be more healthy.
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    Well, it's official. Reached this milestone and I am thrilled. Haven't seen 100's in at least 20 years. HW 273. SW 248. CW 199.
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    This week was pretty massive, but gave me a crazy, daunting task ahead of me. We called our regular bank to look into refinancing our home. We had a good conversation and learned that we would qualify for a refi and could get cash back to start paying off debt. Good deal. That got us to thinking about "If we can get this smallish cash back from the refi, what about looking into just selling the house and buying a new one?" So, we started looking at new houses. We found a house and floorplan layout we really like (it hasn't been built yet, but there are lots available to build in the neighborhood we're looking at) and ran the numbers against our budget: turns out we can afford to pay the slightly higher mortgage and there's a good likelihood that we will be able to make enough on our current house to pay 20% down on the new house and pay off the same amount of debt that we wanted to pay off by just refinancing. We spoke to a realtor to start getting an estimate and suggestions about our house and what we would need to do to get it ready. He said that it was pretty close and in really good condition for having lived here for almost 8 years, but we do have a few things we need to do. The new house won't be done until probably July, but we will be putting our house on the market next month to sell so we can have the money for the down and deposits on the upgrades we really want. Next month! Anxiety spike! My sister in law offered to house our family for the months that we will be basically without a home because her husband just relocated for a new job and she is still here with her own job until he passes probation and becomes permanent in the late spring/early summer. Perfect timing for our house. So, we have a place to go and will basically be paying her mortgage while we live there (it's less than what we pay on our current house). Lots of good stuff, and all of this happened over the last week! Big changes for us this year, it seems. Now, to tackle my garage that has become a haven of storage and stuff that is just put in there because it needs to get out of the house. Hoping to make a major dent, if not completely go through it, by the end of this weekend (Monday is a holiday for us, so we have three days ahead of us). Good times!
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    Thank you to all. Yes, people always said we favor each other. More so than my mother, lol. I wanted to also add that my father is an officer and a gentleman: He distinguishly served thirty years in the United States Air Force. I love Colonel Wayne T. Fisher with all my heart.❤
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    Just about a week and 6 years ago, I made the decision to go through with gastric bypass surgery. At the ripe old age of 20, I wasn't sure I was making the right decision for the rest of my life but I knew it was the right decision for me at the time. January 13, 2011. I was pretty sure I was going to die as I walked myself into the operating room and climbed onto the cold bed. But I woke up, and started the next phase of my life! To this day, I have no regrets! As a college student at the time, I went back to classes just 5 days after my surgery. I packed my lunches of protein shakes and pureed soups. I dedicated myself to my studies and to myself that year. I promised myself that I was going to do everything I could to make a happier me. I knew I wanted to get my degree but I also wanted to shop at regular cloths stores again. As the months passed and the weight dropped off, I started noticing things that made me happier than any number on a scale could. I could fit into the desks in class again, and turn to the side to work in groups! I could sit in the lecture hall seats and use the swing up desks without it resting on my leg at an angle. I fit comfortably through the turn stile at the cafeteria. I felt my self becoming more "normal". An awesome bonus was my boyfriend who loved me at over 300 pounds continued to support me and love me without making excessive comments about the weight loss. He was happy that I was happy and, to this day, he tells me he always thought I was beautiful no matter what. So now let's fast forward 6 years. I have had skin removal surgery on my stomach, arms, and breast lift. Then graduated college and moved to San Diego. Got married, then engaged, and bought a house. I am so so so blessed that the gastic bypass saved my life and allows me to live like I do now! Also this whole journey was made possibleby my mother! She believed in me and knew that my weight was so much more than just I ate the wrong things. Without her, this process would have been 100x more difficult. My mother is my best friend and she made is possible to be friends for years longer than the road I was headed down. To anyone reading this, at any point in your journey, you are welcome to reach out if you have questions or just want support. This forum made the scary process of going into surgery so much easier for me. This forum gave me hope that it was all going to be ok on the other side! Cheers to all of us going through our adventures!
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    I started dating in the past year after a very long time (1985!). My husband had loved me through many size changes and I was very comfortable naked with him. When he died 7 years ago, I really thought the days of being naked with someone were over. So, I really struggled with this. I look pretty decent with clothes on but between skin that's been stretched multiple times over the years and age the naked don't look so hot That was a very difficult conversation to have with the man I am dating. Fortunately, he loves me and finds me attractive as I am. I am scheduled for some work in March, and he is supportive of that, but loves me either way. None of us should settle for anything less.
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    A guy's perspective, a guy should love you for you and not for your weight. So lose the weight for your health and if a guy does not like you since you lost weight, the guy is not worth it. And yes, I am in snowy Massachusetts!
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    Look at the hubby! I have known him since I was 13 years old (we went to school together) and more in love than ever!!!! He was the most supportive of me in this weight loss journey,
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    Kenb72 - we are all a work in progress. But it is where we go with our life in the future, rather than the mistakes that we have made in the past, that really matters. So I suggest that you go back to basics and follow the post op diet strictly, drink lots of liquids, get the "bad food" out of your house, plan and log your food intake, and try to have an active lifestyle. If you do all that, you will over the next few weeks and months lose more weight and work towards reaching your goal weight. You can do it and we are here to support you. Your weight loss surgery is a very powerful weight loss tool, and it is still inside you ready to help you lose a lot more weight. Remember, nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.
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    Everything is going great. We had a snafu with scheduling my appointment which was supposed to be today. Instead I will see him Monday. One of my beloved RN's from work pulled my drains for me. I've never had the pleasure of having drains before. OMG. What a relief to have them gone. The first drain she pulled was over 12 inches inside!! When she initially pulled it felt like a giant thick rubber band snapping inside my hip! The second one she pulled we filmed to gross out a coworker. Yeah, we're weird and gross like that. And the mission was accomplished So here are my thoughts at 9 days out: My boobs. My boobs!!! They haven't been this lovely since 7th grade when I went from a training bra to a D cup in a summer. As I said before, we didn't do implants, just a lift. The anchor incisions at this point are so thin and already I can barely see them. This is a sharp contrast from my TT incision which is wide and jagged and puckered. I know this is normal and I am obsessing online looking at scar progression photos. Double edged sword right? With so many wonderful uplifting examples are the horror stories hiding in there! Ugh. Get your act together google. Do a better job sorting lol. The binder. Sigh. It is a monster. It's either too loose or too tight. My spare which is a different brand is so firm that I want to faint about 5 mins after strapping it on. I'm slowly working myself to a more upright posture. However, by the end of the day I notice I'm pretty hunched over again. When I am freshly out of the shower and upright I cannot believe how different my thighs look. I was skeptical that it would make this much of a difference. I was wrong. Of course the very inner thigh is still jiggly and my backside? Cottage cheese. But man is the front smooth! I've sneezed twice. I was sure I died both times. My son has this stupid virus that's going around and I told my husband that if I catch it- he should just put me in a nursing home and forget about me. Melodramatic much? I cannot cough, it's like my body just refuses to do it even if I'm intentionally trying to. I don't know what that's about. I couldn't resist temptation and I weighed myself yesterday. I am 9 lbs lighter than preop. Even with this much swelling. I'm not eating much, but I have had at least one protein shake a day and usually a yogurt and an egg. I've completely weened myself off pain med. I go back to work Tuesday. I have no idea what I'm going to wear.
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    I say age is irrelevant. I've seen people as young as 16 or 17 all the way up to in their 70's get the sleeve. It's all a matter of mindset and a clear understanding of the surgery and why and how it works. The most important thing in my opinion is a complete motivation to change your lifestyle to better yourself, or else it won't work. Period. It's also important to figure out why you may want to eat emotionally, because life will still have it's celebrations and stress, sleeve or not. They still haven't figured out a way to have it choose the food we eat for us People have a tendency to get very short sighted about things when it comes to this surgery, and only concentrate on the weight loss aspect of it, not really realizing that maintaining that loss is actually where you're going to get the best bang for your buck. Only 43% of people who have WLS maintain their losses. That's because it's hard to stay motivated day in and day out for pretty much the rest of your life, but that's honestly what it takes. Sure, you still have the benefits of the surgery, but I always say although it's a permanent procedure, the benefits are actually pretty temporary. At 2.5 years out, I can eat more, am hungry more often, and can easily eat my pre surgery calories in a day if I really put my mind to it. Sure, I still can't eat more in one sitting, but I can graze all day with the best of them. That means what I choose to put in my mouth is so very important these days, even more so than earlier out. When I do slack a bit and put on a few, it takes twice as long as before to take it off due to a metabolism that is now complacent and used to the way things are now. I really have to shake things up to get things moving again. Gone are the days of a few days of protein shakes for a couple of days and BOOM, the weight comes off. I will always have to watch every morsel that goes into my mouth. If you feel you can be truly committed to this, I say go for it! I'm almost 50, and look and feel like I'm in my early 40's. Off all medications, can run a couple of miles and climb 150 levels of stairs on the stair machine. Being able to do those things, plus stay in my size 6 clothes is what keeps me motivated and has helped me keep my weight off for well over a year now. I know I still have a long road ahead, but it's so worth it! It will be for you, too!