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    I can't believe 2 years have gone by! The best 2 years of my life! So here's a photo from the day before surgery and here's today's photo.
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    Hey guys! Guess who I totally randomly ran into tonight! Yes! Our sweet coldestaugust! I can tell you she's even more beautiful in person than her pics could ever show! I went out to eat with my family and there was a familiar looking face siting at the bar. I went up to her and asked her if she was Meredith. She cautiously said yes (we are Philly people, I get it!) and I introduced myself. Yay! It's the first in person TT meet up I've had! Here's a pic of us tonight. She's doing great!
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    I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to come back to share with everyone that I hit my goal weight of 200! It happened a couple months ago, and I'm hovering between 196 and 203 most of the time now. Comparison picture attached. I decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants done once I had maintained for about three months. Surgery was on Monday... I'm definitely a little sore still but doing a lot better than I was Monday and Tuesday. I'll come back and post another picture once I'm healed from surgery!
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    Hi friends. It's been awhile. I just don't have access to mirrors anymore. You all continue to look beautiful! Today was a travel day. Wore size 6 Loft skinny ankle jeans, orange blouse from walmart, size small and small navy Ann Taylor cardigan, nude kitten heels.
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    so geoff is gonna come from boston to philly and kick my tail. i just know it. i miss you guys. i'm sorry i haven't been on as frequently. things have been pretty poopy for me recently, for lack of a better term. i've had my good and bad days, and it seems the bad days have been outweighing everything else. so let's start with the bad news, then we'll work our way up. i've gained weight back, as a surprise to no one. i've been struggling very terribly with my depression since my grandpa passed last year. i have been keeping up with taking my meds and doing therapy, but the eating and keeping consistent with my exercise has still waned. at my lowest i was 173, i'm now back up to 197 and it's freaking me out. i had to go up a dress size and i'm incredibly frustrated with myself. it seems as though it's harder and harder for me to remain consistent. so. there's that. my job is... meh. it's getting to the point where i feel like i'm in a rock in a hard place. we have new management and i can't stand it. that's all i'll say here, to protect myself. what i will say is that i need to find another job...but getting compensated close to what i make now in another place is going to be difficult. now on to the good (or better lol) news: i've been training in pro wrestling LOL. there is this wrestling company that works very closely to the WWE here in NE philly, called chikara. they specialize in campy, luchador-style wrestling. they were offering a 101 course, where you learn the basics and fundamentals of wrestling, for half-off in february. so i figure - why not? i've been a fan for this long, and maybe it will help me get back on track with my fitness. it is, quite literally, the hardest physical training i've ever gone through. i have a love-hate relationship with it lol. sadly, my last course is next sunday, where i'll be evaluated on my progress. i know i'm not gonna pass, but the experience was life-changing and i have so much more respect for the business as a fan, having gone through this. my trainers are amazing, and incredibly patient. i actually just came back from orlando for wrestlemania, and i was able to see a couple of my trainers in action. one of my trainers from chikara, juan franciso de coronado in other news: palaceburn is doing wonderful! we just bought a van! we've been working very closely with management to get us more out of town shows (geoff, we're coming to cambridge next month!), so this is a purchase that's been long overdue. we're also currently working on the new EP which is like 90% complete. it will be called "the empress", and we're hoping for a september release. we're also going to be shooting a music video in june, which is super exciting. it will be the first one for this band. we'll be playing brighton bar in long branch, nj, this saturday - so any of my NYC/NJ people... i'd love to see you! welp. last and not least: the most important news - i met someone. meet joseph. he is 31, works in IT - and is, without fail, the most incredible, amazing man that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. just look at this handsome chocolate drop. LOOK AT HIM joseph and i met earlier this year, on twitter (as i have a habit of doing). he's basically my better half. he's also a singer, he's also into metal and wrestling, he is incredibly charming and extremely hilarious. he's driven, passionate... and worships the ground i walk on. he's slowly becoming my best friend...and he and i are so happy together. and here's the catch. he's british. joseph spent a lot of time in orlando...he's been back in london for the past 5-6 years. he actually has a daughter, norah, from a previous relationship, who still lives there. (and she's as cute as a button OMFG) he's currently enrolled at the university of westminster to get his bachelor's in video game programming. the plan is, when he graduates, that he'll be moving to philly with me. being in an LDR is the hardest thing either of us have ever done. this past week was exceptionally hard, especially for him. when all you have is texting and Facetime, it gets rather difficult. but he and i are determined to make it work. this is the most open, understanding relationship i've been in. i feel like i can go to joseph about anything and everything, and won't be judged for it. loving him is like breathing. and i'm so thankful that he's in my life. i know the last time i was here, i was speaking about ashton, so i know there will be questions in regards to that. as for ashton: ol' knucklehead self. at NXT at the amway center, orlando i saw ash when i went down to orlando for wrestlemania. when joseph and i were in our first stages of getting to know one another, ashton and i had a heart-to-heart. he was honest with me, and told me that he is still struggling with feelings for his ex-fiance', whom he was with for a little over a decade. which, in essence, opened up the gates for me to be able to move on with joseph. both ashton and i still love each other, very much. but i can't be with someone who isn't fully invested in me. i've been there, done that... and i refuse to go down that path again. he understood... and gave his blessing for me to move on. and he's so happy and excited for me. ashton and i remain friends, and will continue to do so. WELP. i know that was a lot. but it's been a while. i hope all of you are doing well. i'm glad to see that greer is still slaying in the "what are you wearing?" thread (as she always does). i will *try* to not be so much of a stranger. no promises. but i will give it a go. i love you all.
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    Morning. Well, today I am 40 Crazy. Heading back to Denver tonight and will celebrate with the family this weekend. Ann Taylor black pants (size 4), small Halogen tank, small Charter Club cashmere cardi. Black leather Halogen flats.
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    Start weight: 350 Surgery date 12/20: 338 Current weight: 253 these two pictures blow me away. On the left was 2 days ago and on the right was about 2 years ago. The difference is astonishing to me and I still have a hard time seeing how much different I look now compared to then. I haven't had my skates on in two years and it was a great feeling to have put them on and stand in them with out pain. There is still more progress to happen but being this far out and losing this much weight I can see myself reaching my goal weight well before my year post op. I couldn't imaging not having this tool and being successful on my own.
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    Interview today. Large Vince Camuto top, Small Express blazer, size 10 Loft slacks and heels (I NEVER wear hills!)
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    Good morning! Today I'm camo'ed out with school spirit. Camo softball team t-shirt, size L, and London Jean pants, size 12.
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    New blazer for a client visit at work today. I got a lot of compliments
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    So I've been able to lose three of the six pounds I'd gained from taking steroids, and I'm still on them. I'm confident if I continue on this trajectory, I'll be back in business! Wearing Gap jeans, size 12, Kenar navy top, L, and Cable & Gaige white cardi, L. Happy Thursday, Y'all!
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    New outfit for a busy day. My mom and I shopped clearance at Maurice's. Size 15/16 boyfriend skinny jeans and a new top.
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    Morning. In the airport on the way to the Bay Area for a quick trip. LOFT cropped jeans (size 27) small black Banana Republic sweater and black suede booties. Burberry jacket and scarf.
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    Morning. Chico's black skinny pants (size 0), small Halogen tank and small Charter Club cashmere cardi. Black suede tall boots.
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    Hello! Busy day with Q1 earnings just around the corner, but just stopping by to post. Pilcro cropped black straight jeans (size 27), small white tank and small Cloth & Stone denim top. Free people slides.
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    Good morning. Blue size 6 trousers from Express, cream lace xs top from banana, small orange cardigan from Talbots and my favorite leopard print wedges.
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    So I'm feeling spunky today. I'm wearing Baccini snakeprint skinny jeans, size 12, a black cami, size large, and a Cato sweater/cardi, size xl. Crystal cage earrings and necklace.
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    The ones on the left were this time last year - I am down about 125lbs, and I feel great. What a difference. I went from a size 24 in jeans, and 3xl in shirts to 8/10 in jeans, and Medium/small in shirts.
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    Wore a shirt today that I remembered I had taken a monthly picture in from one month post op last year. I can honestly say I do see the difference.
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    Good Spring Morning, y'all! Cache capris, size 12, Anne Klein black top, size XL and Bagatelle jacket, size XL. I've gained 6lbs from steroids, but I feel good and my eye is healing. I know it's mostly water weight because I continue to eat right. Hugs and have a great day!
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    Congratulations on your decision to have WLS! And, congrats on having a strong marriage! The general sense around here seems to be if you have a strong marriage going into WLS, it will only get stronger after surgery. My husband and I had been together 11 years before I had surgery. He had a front row seat to my battles with my weight and the emotional roller coaster I rode as I would gain or lose weight. For me, I had to admit to myself that I was a food addict before I had surgery and started to deal with those demons. It was very hard for me to break my carb addiction. I was an emotional eater - happy, sad, mad, glad - all reasons to eat. When I stopped eating like that I was quicker to anger, quicker to cry and generally far less pleasant to be around. I was in therapy and talked to my therapist extensively about how my surgery and my changes would impact me. We also talked about how it would impact my marriage. One of the things my husband and I would do together was go out and eat a few times a week. This was going to change. I knew he would miss that. And, I would miss it too. At first, all I wanted to talk about was my WLS. I didn't tell many people so I wanted to tell him about every little thing. Plus, we had a couple of fights about it. I think it was the 3rd night after I came home from the hospital - I woke to the smell of cinnamon toast. I hobbled into the kitchen and nearly threatened his life. What smells better than toast with melted butter, sugar and cinnamon?! I exploded and the poor guy had no idea that cinnamon toast would bother me. Once I calmed down I realized this wasn't a good path to be on so we decided every night at a specific time we'd set aside a few minutes to talk about my surgery, weight loss, how I was changing, how it was impacting him, etc. It was a safe space where we both could say whatever we needed to say. If we wanted to talk for more than 5 - 10 minutes we both had to agree to continue the conversation. One of the best parts of this nightly check-in was if I had something I wanted to share or say, I could hold it until that night. Rather than peppering him with a barrage of WLS stuff through out the day. We both had fears. I had all the standards fears about WLS. Would it work? How could I live without Doritos? How would I cope with my crazy mother without ice cream, etc. He had fears too. After a few weeks we stopped having this nightly check-in because we didn't need it anymore. We had a strong relationship before my WLS and it is even better now. In general, I am happier, more laid back, fun-loving and easier going. My body no longer holds me back from the things I want to do. I looked at WLS as hitting the reset button on my life. I want to be out and about doing things I couldn't do when I was big - like riding roller coasters. He loves all the changes. Because you have a strong relationship and you are asking these questions now, I expect you both will do just fine!
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    Good morning! Small, burgundy floral top, NY&Co skinny jeans sz 6 and booties.
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    It's been ages since I've been around but thought I'd share my news. After Alan & I have lived together for 22 years, we are getting married on Saturday. Never thought I'd actually get married, but decided with! April Fool's Day seemed like the perfect time! Hope you all are well, last Saturday we started a new landscaping project and needless to say I now have a hernia, but it's not stopping my celebration!
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    Tried something new today....I haven't done the leggings and dress combo much so I gave it a shot. Walmart 2x dress and leggings.
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    Jacket that I got for my birthday (I turned 35 on Friday), came in .. It's a medium from this site http://www.chicstar.com :
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    Good morning. Small Ann Taylor skirt, small black Charter Club cashmere sweater and black suede boots. It's still cold here!
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    I met with my Psych evaluation today and she's cleared me for surgery, now 3 group meetings and then a date..... Never been this close in 4 years I started this journey so I am very excited now hopeful like never before and I guess it does mean something when you don't give up and get down
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    Morning. GAP bootcut jeans (size 27/4), small ivory Chico's tee, small Merona blazer and LOFT scraf. Tan suede boots.
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    I did my monthly weigh in today and I am officially down to 297.2, my starting weight was 342. I am officially OUT OF THE 300s!!!!! AND that brings me to a total loss of 45 lbs. I'm 5 lbs away from my first goal. I'm hoping to reach my 50 lb loss mark by May 1st.
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    Casual meeting. Loft xs Kelly green sweater, small hot pink top from Belk, size 2 Loft white Capri pants and some retro looking sandals.
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    Morning. Small Saturday Sunday silk pants, Chico's ivory tee (size 0) and suede booties.
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    Morning. Black Ann Taylor cropped trousers (size 4) small pink Banana Republic sweater. Black leather flats.
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    So I went looking for a pair of light-colored capris for Easter...and I was able to fit a size 10! So excited. Haven't been a 10 since high school. I didn't purchase them because they were snug, but I couldn't believe I could get them on! Even though I'm on steroids, I'm still losing inches around my waist. The water weight seems to only be in my face, which I'm ok with. Yay! Happy Dance Time!
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    It's been a long journey with its ups and dows, and my goal is to lose another 22 pounds. Hope I can get there!
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    I was doing so well... I managed to go the entire Girl Scout cookie siege with out encountering any of their tactical assault teams by doing my shopping when they were in training sessions (school) or late at night while they were asleep, resting up for the next days assault. When one of their advanced scouts showed up on my door step I instructed my wife to just hand them the money but don't take any of their illicit materials. But all my efforts were to no avail... I entered into the kitchen area to find a field of Thin Mints scattered about... I retreated into the back dinning room only to find it had been over taken by Somoa's... I back tracked to the living room to find Savannah Smiles and her Tagalong Trefoils! My eldest son, who is a former Scout and just home from the Navy, then spoke up... "Sorry dad, I could not help myself. I ran into a mob outside the store on the last day of their sale, how can anyone say "no" to all those cute smiling faces? So I bought a bunch and have been carrying them around in the truck of my car for the last week." Traitor... my own kin too. But I have the strength to resist! I have not indulged in a single poisonous morsel!! (Besides, my youngest son came home and ate them all)
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    I took a week off from walking because I was sick for a few days and experiencing my monthly a few days. Today I decided to kick things back into gear. As I'm walking at 5:00 am at the track behind our house, I hear the loudest motorcycle on the planet. I tried not to draw attention to myself with my head lamp on. They continued down the road past me and I made another lap on the track. Then I saw the same motorcycle pulling into the parking lot of the track where I was walking. I'm nervous. No one is ever out there when I'm there. I pull out the knife that I always carry and get in what I call shank mode. The bike stops as it sees me coming off the track wielding and open blade in my hand and in that moment I took off in a straight up sprint. Now I'm running with an open blade back to the house. I cannot for the life of me close the knife. So now I look like a serial killer looking for an early morning victim. Maybe I've watched too much Law and Order. Maybe I just needed some adventure today. Happy Friday!
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    Morning. Black GAP trousers (size 4), small black tee and small Banana Republic sweater. Leopard print calf hair boots.
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    Gap floral oxford unknown pants, thrift store find with no tags black flats
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    The weather is ridonkulous in NM lately: one day sunny, the next slushy. Cold and rainy today. Today I'm wearing a Trenz black and white blazer, XL, a 21 satiny black sleeveless top, L, and size 12 black skinny jeans.
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    Last night a distant cousin called me to talk about the surgery. She has been heavy her whole life. Her doctor has suggested surgery before and her insurance covers it but she has never talked to anyone who had the surgery. We were on the phone for almost two hours!! She was so encouraged that today she is calling her doctor to make an appointment! Helping her made me feel great!
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    I was Sleeved Jan 18th, my wife bought me a pair of jeans in a smaller size for my birthday on March 3rd by April 1st they were too big....I'm glad its happening, didn't expect it to be so fast... My waist size has gone from a snug 48" to a loose 40" and a 38" won't be too far behind. My formerly tight 4xl t-shirts just look silly on me now. 3xl' s are loose and comfortable....but for how much longer? Before WLS, I always wore a hoody to hid the fact that most t-shirts just didn't fit my shape right.... too tight or because I was big around that made the shirt to short. I just realized I don't really do that anymore, not to mention that all of my favorite hoodies are just to big now. I tried on a leather motorcycle jacket today and I really liked, but I didn't buy it because I know it will be too big in a short time. I have NEVER had great luck with motorcycle jackets, the sizes are ALWAYS so vastly different from manufacturers, one brands 4xl is another brands 7xl (today's was a 3xl) I have a 3000 mile motorcycle trip planned at the end on May so I want to make sure my riding gear fits....
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    May 17th!!! I had what I thought was just my weigh in appointment today. But somebody in my surgeons office was supposed to call me at the end of March and let me know that they were changing the appt time and adding a visit with one of the PA's, schedule my clearance appointments and see the NUT. No one called me. So there was some confusion when I got there because my appt was scheduled for 1:30, but when I got there they said I was due in at 1. Ugh! Glad I brought my appt card with me! I had to sit around until 2:45 to be seen, but it's all scheduled! A lot of new office staff there since last year. ANYWAY, I only needed to lose 20 pounds pre op and I lost 22 so I'm good to go. They said to just keep doing what I'm doing and that I've done a great job That's always nice to hear
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    the las vegas trip was awesome, complete with stretch limo and elvis giving me away. id never been to las vegas and while much more crowded, but i quickly adjusted. Went to see Circ de Solei and Blue Man group, both with seats so close that i probably would have died if id known what they cost - but they were Alans treat for me. did really well with my eating - i had a few treats at the Bellagio buffet, but at those prices and it Was my honeymoon.... we averaged 20,000 steps a day according to alans vivo fit, so i didnt gain anything. still have my reception/bbq planned for june - was insane and made all the invitations myself. went from no paper crafts to invitations with embossing, inlaid pages and extensive cutting, punching, gluing! the joke is i could probably have hired a personal calligrapher and it would have cost less -- but it was a blast to do. now we will see if i end up with a roasted whole hog and no guests, but think of how much protien that would be. sorry about the long "all about me" post but youguys have been like family so long i wanted to share!
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    So I did something today that I have been putting off doing for 20 years. I went to the dentist. When I got pregnant with my first child I was told that I needed to go to the dentist because kids suck the life out of you and blah blah blah science you need to go to the dentist. Well I chose to not go and in it’s place I chose to worry. Prior to that I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I so badly wanted to ask the lady if she saw anything too crazy in there. I wouldn’t even watch tv episodes that involved the dentist. I cannot tell you how many sleepless nights I’ve had thinking about my teeth. I dream about them. I wake up in a nervous sweat about them. I have wondered if I had mouth cancer. I saw a spot on one of my molars and thought I need to have it checked out. That tooth began to throb and I had a bad feeling that I had an abscessed tooth. You can die from that. Did you know that? I did and that made me even more paranoid. So I made the appointment. So last Monday I spent a lot of time crying and worrying about Tuesday’s appointment. I went in and they promptly got me back. I didn’t have time to even process bolting for the door. Then I began to confess my sins of not going to the dentist to the hygienist and how I probably was having a brief heart attack just sitting in the chair. I felt like the lady needed to know what she was getting into just incase she wanted to back out. It’s like when you get your first summer pedicure. You know your feet are crusty. You feel bad for the person who has to look at them but you know that it has to be done. There you are sitting in that fancy chair with all your dry skin and poorly manicured nails waiting to walk out with lady feet. That’s what this dental hygienist needed to understand. Except my teeth had seen many summers with being manicured. She had her job cut out for her. She was going to be earning her paycheck today. God knew I needed to meet with Joy Tuesday or was it Joyce. I was too nervous to remember. First they had to take x rays. Her response was that the x-rays looked good. What does that mean? Do my teeth look good or was she just bragging about her x-ray techniques. Next she brought out a tool that I describe as part hook part jackhammer. There was scraping and hammering and a lot of nervousness going on. I wanted to cry. I could have cried but Matthew was watching me like a hawk. I couldn’t cry because I didn’t want him to have the same fear as I do. So Joy kept asking me if I was okay. I don’t know if it was normal for her to ask so much. Maybe she saw me white knuckling the armrest. Maybe Joy too can smell fear. Or maybe she’s just a sweet lady. Either way I was happy to have her asking. After the jackhammering ended she brought out the normal hook. Am I the only one who hates having their teeth scrapped?? A couple of times I wanted to remind her that she had already scraped that tooth and to move on but alas I let her do her job. Then came the time for the doctor. I waited for the look of discontent in his eyes. I waited for him to break it to me that I was going to lose some teeth. Let me have it Doc. I’m ready. I had two cavities. Are you following me here?? 2. Not 12 not 8. No root canals. No mouth cancer. No pulled teeth. The tooth that was bothering me did not even have a cavity. Thanks anxiety! Fear can make you do crazy things. My fear had not only kept me captive for 20 years, it tormented me. It ruined my nights and made them long. I had nightmares upon nightmares of the outcome of my visit. Here I was with 2 cavities and boy was I feeling ridiculous. The staff was so nice to me and in 6 months I’ll go back and do this again without hesitation. I guarantee you I’ll not lose another night’s sleep over that. So what I’m trying to say here is face your fears. Don’t stay a prisoner to an emotion that doesn’t really hold any power. BTW if your fear is going to the dentist call me. I’ll make the appointment for you and make you take my child so that you too can keep your emotions in check. I’m kidding but seriously you can talk to me about it. At this point in my life I’m pretty sure I have a PhD in irrational thoughts/fears. Changing the subject completely, I’ll skip on over to my favorite subject. WEIGHT LOSS. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that weight loss was still a struggle. It’s not watching what I eat that is a problem but watching what I can’t eat. A friend of mine recently texted me about lamenting over having to be aware of everything they ate and how consuming that can feel. I get it. I feel that every day. Some days I just want to eat my body weight in popcorn. That’s normal right? I almost asked the lady at Chick-fil-a to drop a fry in my bag even though I didn’t order fries. I just can’t say no to a whole bag but I’d love to say yes to one french fry. I just wish life was that easy. I wish I had that kind of will power. I’ve got so so power. I do well most of the time but sometimes I do so so. Friday I was getting my son’s lunch ready for school. I got out the gold fish and was about to put them in a baggy. I seriously thought that I wouldn’t be able to put them in the bag with out snacking on them and when he left some over from lunch, which he always does, I wouldn’t be able to not snack on them before putting them in the trash. So I just put the box back in the closet. Sorry Andy, you get honey nut cheerios because mama can’t say no today. There are days that I can look at food that I want and just know that in my mind it’s not mine and it’s not okay for me to eat it but more than I’d like to admit I don’t have that kind of self control. Life isn’t like getting a random french fry in your sack of Chick-fil-a. Life for me is like watching people eat fries as I bitterly eat my grilled chicken. I chose the grilled chicken but one day I want to be so full of gratitude over the chicken that the fries not even make me bat an eye. Today is not that day. Exercise has been getting better and better. I did take a week off and during that week I lost more than I have while exercising. The lazy part of me does want to learn the science behind that. The way that I feel mentally keeps me going with the exercise. I feel like I can’t think through all my crazy after I exercise and make sense of things that seemed overwhelming. So as of this morning, I’m down 80 pounds. I’m over half way to my end goal. As of April 24th I’ll be six months out of surgery. I’m happy. I’m fitting into clothes that I haven’t in years. I weigh less than I did when Tony and I met. I can climb a latter without worrying about the weight limit. So that and all of the support that I have received has kept me going. I’ve still got a long way to go but Lord willing i'm not going to stop now!
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    Welcome cath! the gastric band doesn't seem to be withstanding the test of time and many get theirs removed or revised. However, I have to say that none of the WLS available will control what you choose to put in your mouth. With bypass or the sleeve, you can still eat all the foods you've listed up there. You may lose during your honeymoon but the weight will come right back on the further out you get. WLS is only one piece of the puzzle. You need to do the head work in order to be successful. And it's not head work that is ever done. You have to maintain your mental game as well as your physical. They are very much intertwined. I say this all with kindness, I am far from perfect and I fight the fight every single day. I just want you to know that there is hope. Do the headwork and get some strategies down to help you when you want that chocolate or chips or whatever. Some are able to eventually enjoy those things in moderation once they hit maintenance. Some cannot and stay completely away from them. You have to do whatever works for you. If you don't do the head work and really and truly commit to changing your diet and your relationship with food? Your surgery will be wasted. I hope you stick around here and learn from all of us who have been where you are. Good luck!
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    I'm absolutely horrified to be posting the pic on the left because I apparently took it before I brushed my hair in the morning. It's the only profile pic I have of that time, though. Pic on right was taken today, 7 weeks out of surgery and down 37 pounds. Kind of proud of myself. Edit: Pic on right is 9 weeks out, 42 pounds lost.
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    So I finally had the stricture in my esophagus fixed as well as the botox injected into my pyloric sphincter to help it open properly. I got home last night from the hospital and so far I am feeling 100% better already. I have been able to tolerate the full liquids they sent me home on. if all continues well I will be able to advance back to the regular diet by next Monday. I appreciate everyone on here who has given me advice. you all are the reason I hung on and advocated for myself that something just wasn't quite right. now hopefully I will get back on track all the way and start having a more steady loss. I should now be able to get the protein my body needs.
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    This brings tears to my eyes Julie... you look so trapped under there. You are absolutely killing this weight loss thing! That top is also super cute!
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    Last week I attended a visitation, a funeral, and a burial all over several days with family and family friends that I see about once every year or two. Comments were made to me and about me constantly. Things were said to other people when we were in groups but said loud enough I heard. Some people spoke about me as if I was some kind of invisible person and couldn't hear what was being said. It was literally non stop. Some of what I heard was: "Well, you're STILL skinny." "We all need to eat what your sister is eating since she's so teenie." "It's just hard to believe she looks so good." "I still don't recognize her at all." "I would have thought she would try to put some weight on she's too skinny" "Exactly what size are those pants?" "I wish Susie would do something about her weight she's even bigger than you were" I ignored most of the comments for the most part but I managed to say thank you when I felt someone was being sincere. If I was uncomfortable or felt like someone was being nosy or judgemental I said things to change the subject back to how beautiful the day was, how nice the service was, have you seen uncle don I need to speak to him, etc. I would like to be able to say I handled the situation well the whole time; however, that is not the case. (Keep in mind that about three years ago when I was heavy I was with this group at another funeral and two different people at two different times thought I was my mother!!! Yes!! They thought I was the MOTHER of my sisters--one of who is older than me!!) On the fourth day I was standing in a group of about 12 people and one aunt decided she needed to bring up my weight yet again. She had made several comments publicly and privately and I had always changed the subject. During a conversation lull she said to me across the circle of people, "Well I know 'John' (dh) HAS GOT to be so proud of you now that you've lost all that weight." The look on my sisters' faces was priceless. They were waiting for the redheaded crazy lady response lol. Well they got it I guess. I paused and said "Well, we have a great marriage. As amazing and astonishing as it is to believe John was as proud of me as a big ol fat @*# as he is now because he actually values me as a person rather than a number on a scale." I thought about running away after I spoke my mind but decided that I wasn't the jerk in the situation so I had no reason to flee so then I just stood there and stared her down until one cousin just bust out laughing and it started everyone laughing. I'm already known to be really outspoken and a little nuts lol but understand too that in our extended family women do not swear (at least not in public), and we do not dress down our elders.