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    118lbs lost since my high weight, 109 since my surgery date, just 15 months ago. I work for a portrait studio and I get a pretty good employee discount, so I am kind of thinking about having some pictures taken with my daughter in celebration.
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    Hi TT fam. I just wanted to send a big thank-you to you for your support these past few weeks. Your kindness and expressions of care and concern have meant so much. We are still riding an emotional rollercoaster with my father's illness, but we have been blessed with great love and support. So we remain positive. I'm happy to report that I'm back in the losing game. As of today, I've lost 91 lbs., and I'm still so happy I made the decision for WLS. Staying in the fight is so worth it. From now on, I intend my posts to get back on track too. Mostly just keeping it about weight loss. You guys are awesome! You rock. Big hugs from New Mexico! -Kim❤️
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    The ones on the left were this time last year - I am down about 125lbs, and I feel great. What a difference. I went from a size 24 in jeans, and 3xl in shirts to 8/10 in jeans, and Medium/small in shirts.
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    So this was me a week ago when I went out with a girlfriend. I hit my 2 month mark and the amazing part was I actually wore those heels all night long. Before surgery I wasn't able to do that. It's amazing how much has changed in just 2 months.
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    Hi there folks It's been almost a year, but I'm finally starting things up again. Cancer free!! I had my "first" consultation visit on Wednesday. Starting from scratch on my pre-op diet...no surprise I gained all of my weight back. Between 2 surgeries and treatment, I did a lot of stress eating. My thyroid meds still aren't regulated, so I'm still losing a lot of hair. I did have a wonderful blessing during the last year, however. I have a brand new grandson! His name is Harper James, and he will be 4 months old on the 25th. He has given me new motivation to get myself back on track and get my butt in gear! I've missed interacting with you all, and I can't wait to hear how you've been doing! It's great to be back!
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    I look like I just rolled out of bed and threw on makeup. Pulled my hair into a bun, didn't curl it. I'm kind of tired, but hey, I'm here. I can't get a good photo at my desk, but I'm wearing my slightly baggy bootcut size 6 Old Navy jeans and a loose size L black sweater. It's comfy and I needed comfy at work today. Sorry for the size on the photos.
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    The weather is turning warm in NM, so I'm wearing Peck&Peck rayon/lycra Bermuda shorts, size 12, large CDP& Co. black cami, and a white, ribbed Cable & Gauge knit cardi, large. Rocking post-surgery sunglasses, too.
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    I took my first bike ride in 15 years! I love that I have a body now that will physically support what I mentally want to do.
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    July 19, 2012, about 360 pounds and March 14, 2017 at 195 pounds -- a 165 pound loss. I couldn't ask for more! Thank you to everyone here (past and present) for all of your support, counsel, and encouragement. We are not programmed to go though this alone, it is far easier with colleagues.
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    Morning. Black GAP trousers (size 4) and small J. Crew sweater set. Black suede booties.
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    I haven't been on here in awhile but wanted to come back to share with everyone that I hit my goal weight of 200! It happened a couple months ago, and I'm hovering between 196 and 203 most of the time now. Comparison picture attached. I decided to have a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast implants done once I had maintained for about three months. Surgery was on Monday... I'm definitely a little sore still but doing a lot better than I was Monday and Tuesday. I'll come back and post another picture once I'm healed from surgery!
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    Morning. J. Crew chinos (size 27), small Chico's ivory tee and small LOFT cardigan. Brown suede ankle boots. And my birthday present from my amazing husband...Louis Vuitton neverfull tote (he even got it monogrammed).
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    Everything on is a medium!! Woo hoo!!
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    Why do you believe that a person who treats you (and your husband) so badly for so long is in any meaningful way your friend? A toxic friendship is no friendship. Indeed and as the saying goes, with friends like that, who needs enemies.
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    Last week I attended a visitation, a funeral, and a burial all over several days with family and family friends that I see about once every year or two. Comments were made to me and about me constantly. Things were said to other people when we were in groups but said loud enough I heard. Some people spoke about me as if I was some kind of invisible person and couldn't hear what was being said. It was literally non stop. Some of what I heard was: "Well, you're STILL skinny." "We all need to eat what your sister is eating since she's so teenie." "It's just hard to believe she looks so good." "I still don't recognize her at all." "I would have thought she would try to put some weight on she's too skinny" "Exactly what size are those pants?" "I wish Susie would do something about her weight she's even bigger than you were" I ignored most of the comments for the most part but I managed to say thank you when I felt someone was being sincere. If I was uncomfortable or felt like someone was being nosy or judgemental I said things to change the subject back to how beautiful the day was, how nice the service was, have you seen uncle don I need to speak to him, etc. I would like to be able to say I handled the situation well the whole time; however, that is not the case. (Keep in mind that about three years ago when I was heavy I was with this group at another funeral and two different people at two different times thought I was my mother!!! Yes!! They thought I was the MOTHER of my sisters--one of who is older than me!!) On the fourth day I was standing in a group of about 12 people and one aunt decided she needed to bring up my weight yet again. She had made several comments publicly and privately and I had always changed the subject. During a conversation lull she said to me across the circle of people, "Well I know 'John' (dh) HAS GOT to be so proud of you now that you've lost all that weight." The look on my sisters' faces was priceless. They were waiting for the redheaded crazy lady response lol. Well they got it I guess. I paused and said "Well, we have a great marriage. As amazing and astonishing as it is to believe John was as proud of me as a big ol fat @*# as he is now because he actually values me as a person rather than a number on a scale." I thought about running away after I spoke my mind but decided that I wasn't the jerk in the situation so I had no reason to flee so then I just stood there and stared her down until one cousin just bust out laughing and it started everyone laughing. I'm already known to be really outspoken and a little nuts lol but understand too that in our extended family women do not swear (at least not in public), and we do not dress down our elders.
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    Morning. Small bright pink linen Cartonnier cropped pants, small GAP tank, small Cloth & Stone denim short. Black suede ankle boots.
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    People compliment people for two reasons, it makes you feel good, and it makes them feel good. People like to be positive to other people, usually. By giving a compliment, they are really saying that they want you to know that they care about you, and that they notice changes going on in your life. Try not to overthink compliments. It's weird at first because, you have all these internal things going on in your head, but you should take these comments as a positive. All you have to say is "Thank you," you don't have to go into details about how/why you are losing weight. Just thank them and move on.
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    Dad's doing better and so am I. He no longer needs his walker, and his energy is being restored. My eye feels and looks better, but I'm still wearing sunglasses indoors while it heals. We were able to go to church as a family today. I feel so blessed. Thank you for your prayers! They're working. Hugs.❤
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    I figured I'd give an update since Eli will be one year old in 6 days! Where did this year go? We just had his 1-year photos done and wanted to share. This kid brings so much joy to our family, it's unbelievable.
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    6 months ago I started working on muy preop weight loss with my Nut. 46 lbs lost since then, of which 24 have been post-op. Feeling alive!
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    Good Morning! All brown today! Top xs, leggings ps
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    For me the last 2.6 years has been a mind changer. Yes, I have lost weight physically. The most important thing that I gained is "joy." I have returned from the dead. I am laughing everyday. That is my NSV. Now, time to go an workout!
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    I can't believe it's going to be 2 years this April. 10 lbs shy of goal but I think winter is at fault . Just found a picture of myself on my computer taken 1 month before I decided to go down this road. I weighed 300lbs! Almost all of the men in my family have not lived past their 60 birthday. I lost my uncle at 48 and my dad at 59. So for my it was an easy choice. Added benefit I will never get that horrible heartburn again. If you're deciding if you want GPS surgery you will hear some negative things about it. So always ask yourself "What type of life would I live if I don't get it? Am I willing to endure the kind of things that could happen if I don't?
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    So on Thursday I had a lower body lift which included tummy tuck,butt, outer thighs. Also had inner thigh lift,liposuction of hips,thighs and mons. Surgery went well although the post op pain was intense. The day after surgery I went in for follow up which included ultrasound of legs (he's doing a study on the use of ultrasound post op to detect blood clots). Discovered a 4cm clot in the popliteal vein behind left knee. Had a filter placed to catch the clot should it decide to travel and started blood thinners. You always know these things are a risk but never expect them to happen to you! The good news is that I am just thrilled with the early results and the pain is a little better every day. My surgeon went to the hospital with me and stayed the entire time which impressed me. My new love has been an amazing caregiver, the man deserves sainthood lol. I'd still do it all over again so don't let my experience scare you off if you're considering it
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    Morning. Lucky cropped jeans (size 25/0), small LOFT tee and small Hei Hei cargo jacket. Brown leather Vince Camuto boots.
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    I never thought I'd be doing this, but here I was today getting nude photos taken for my preop I am scheduled for a lower body lift which includes tummy tuck, inner thigh lift and a little lipo here and there on March 16. My grandmother, who was all about looks and sometimes made me feel "less than" because of my weight, left me some money and I've decided this is a good use for some of it. She would approve lol. My new love will be taking care of me and says he loves me either way but is excited for the increase in self confidence he believes will result. My life has changed so much in the last 3 years, and it all started with a weight loss surgery seminar. I am a little nervous since it's such a big surgery, but I'm so excited for the outcome.
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    1.5 Years ago my stomach would sometimes rub the steering wheel in my truck. yesterday I had to take 2 dogs to the vet, coming home I noticed both on my lap standing between me & the steering wheel. 1 was a 12 pound Yorkie & other was a 11.5 Yorkie/ Miniature Schnauzer cros
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    Today is my three year mark! I reached goal about two years ago. And then got down to 168. Right now I'm at 174 but I think it's water. Anyway I need to get back on my fitness pal and track everything. I want to lose four pounds. The site won't let me upload a photo from my phone so I'll do it later. For those wondering if they should do it, I have to say this is the best thing I've ever done for myself. My life has changed in ways I couldn't imagine. I had chronic ankle pain that is 99% gone now. I didn't have comorbodities yet but I wanted to be live a long active life for my daughter. My blood pressure is lower. It was a but high at times but nothing that was chronic yet. My relationship with food is so different. At times I have to remind myself to eat. I really don't get hungry. I have head hunger sometimes just because it's lunch time or whatever but that's about it. I don't feel deprived at all. What I've seen in my more than three years here is that doing the emotional and psychological work before and after surgery is so important. You really need to know your triggers, know why you gained weight, what was food doing for you, what was being over weight doing for you? Then find ways to replace that. I enjoy the atmosphere and conversation when eating with others more than the food usually. It's just not the main focus anymore. I want to thank everyone here for all your support during my long approval process. It took two years and I had to switch surgeons and redo all my testing but it was so worth it. Unfortunately my marriage ended. I'm not sure it was directly related to losing weight but I think it had something to do with it. He told me before I moved out that he wanted to stay friends and support each other and I've spent the last six months coming to terms with the fact that he wants nothing to do with me or my daughter, so I have no support system. I'm making big changes in our lives to get more of a support system and to move to a different area just to get a new start. I wish everyone the best!
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    I applaud you for wanting to find out from us anything that might be useful. I also applaud your recovery. I'm not sure what kind of health issues she may have since she had a reversal, but I would assume since she has had two major intestinal surgeries she may have some potential issues with digesting things and has a higher probability of other intestinal issues, but that is a guess. I think your biggest challenge will be the psychological issues. Again I'm going to just assume since I don't know - she probably was heavy at least most of her life and had lots of issues with that which caused her to have the WLS in the first place. The surgery and losing so much weight can then mess with the mind and we find ourselves changing a lot. Again since I don't know why she had the reversal I have to assume it was because of medical issues (she may have lost too much weight, or there were complications with the surgery which caused it to fail) - and that would have probably messed with her mind quite a bit and maybe felt like a failure once again. Now she has gained weight back. She more than likely has many unresolved issues and should probably get some counseling if she isn't already. I'm going to say this and some will agree and some will not. I would say that most of us who have been heavy most of our lives have deep seated issues that we haven't dealt with and we are addicted to food. We use it to make us feel better when we are happy, upset, sad, mad, whatever. Like addicts we know it is making us feel terrible about ourselves and it makes us sick, yet we will sit down and eat a box of cookies while crying because we are fat. Food addiction is as real as drug, alocohol, gambling, etc. addiction. The problem is that everyone has to eat to survive so it makes it very difficult. After many have had WLS we have fallen into what is called transfer addictions - we suddenly shop beyond control because suddenly things fit and we feel good, one drink can get us drunk because we metabolize it so much different and many fall into alcoholism. This is because we can no longer use our drug of choice - food - to make us feel better so we need to find something else. This happens when we haven't faced what the original issue(s) was in the past. Sometimes even if we think we have dealt with it, things can sneak up on us. Some are going to vehemently disagree with me on all of this and some are going to cheer me on. I'm not here to argue, I have my opinion and you were asking for advice. Basically, tread lightly and realize that she may have some issues. You are in recovery so hopefully you can understand how she may feel. But I wouldn't put pressure on her to confront her issues until she is ready too. Like an addict - you can't force them to get help until they are actually ready to. Good luck!
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    I re-trained myself to think I am faster and stronger in this smaller body. I can better protect myself now at 170 than I could at 310. You will learn coping skills to deal with the attention from men. When men flirt with me or ask me out I say, "no thank you, I am happily married". Or, if I am feeling a little sassy I say, "I would love to as long as you can get permission from my husband." And, whatever anyone says to you - male or female is more about them than about you. I have told a couple of friends (and my MOTHER!) my weight, size and food choices are not up for discussion. I also think I am less conspicuous now because I'm not the fat kid in the crowd. Most places I went and in nearly everything I did, I was always the fat one. I would catch people looking at me and then they would avert their eyes once they saw me looking at them. It takes a while for our heads to catch up to with the changes to our bodies. Be patient with yourself.
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    Wednesday was six weeks since my Sleeve surgery, it's getting easier. I'm learning my limits, when to eat, what to eat, and the right amounts. I still struggle drinking enough water but it's getting better, I bought a camelback bottle (after another poster here suggested it) and I'm not sure why but it does help me drink more....I do still wake up every morning so dry and I seem to play catch up all day.... I'm back in the gym (after almost 6 years), it's humbling how much different my strength level is compared to what I was doing 6-7 years ago. I've been beginning very slow and making sure I am in the gym 3-4 Times a week (even if for 20 min) so I can make it part of my routine. I've lost about 40lbs since surgery and clothes are getting loose. I started at a loose 48" waist (jeans), wore a few old 46" pairs, and had to buy 2 pairs of 44"s. My 4xl t-shirts are getting too big to wear much longer I am looking forward to eating some raw vegetables, soft mush is getting old. I find that I may need to add a fiber supplement, because .... well I'm sure you know why. Not really missing the old stuff I ate or drank, I thought that was going to be an obstacle for me, but it hasn't even come into play. I was a craft beer geek, searching out rare and legendary craft beers, I would have 2-3 pints a day everyday. Yesterday I gave away the last two limited release beers I had been saving before surgery. Thanks for all you have shared, it has helped and I know it will continue to help me as I move forward. If you're newly sleeved or headed that way, remember the first few days are the worst, but it gets better quickly. Don't give up on yourself.
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    I've been working on my exercise lately. I have a beautiful greenway that is located behind my house. It's basically a paved path provided by the city. It follows a creek and I get to see all kinds of people and animals. It makes walking and jogging a little more tolerable. I'll be honest with you, I'm weird. I know I'm weird and I'm okay with it. When I walk, I swing my arms pretty hard. It makes me move faster and I'm sure it makes for something awkward to look at. The swinging isn't as bad but then my thumbs just pop up too. So I'm sure I'm a sight for sore eyes. I've a chubby thing, trying to take flight and giving everyone a thumbs up. Lately I've been jogging. I call it fat girl jogging but its jogging in my books. When I see people coming my way, I normally slow down so that my jiggles don't wiggle so much. Well Sunday I decided that I could care less what people think. If you don't like the jiggle, don't look. I mean if you do like it, don't look. Just don't look. I feel weird passing people but it does happen on the path. I stopped at my stopping point and began my journey back home. As I came up to some ladies that I passed, one of the ladies started giving me a thumbs up but in a way where she was making fun of me for the way I jog. I just smiled and kept going. It hurt my feelings. I mean you've got to see that I'm struggling out there. Now everytime I go back out there I'm in fear that I'll see them again or worse I'll have someone else make fun of me. I just figure that stuff like this is going to happen. I just need to grow thicker skin. I don't need any pity points. I don't need anyone to hate on the women who were hating. However, if it happens to you, know you're not alone. Don't give up trying. You just keep jiggling and wiggling until you can't jiggle no more. I'm about to get my thumbs ready for my next show this afternoon. Haha!
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    Thanks yall! I started going in the morning before the roosters are up because there are not too many people out and also it fits my schedule with my kiddos better. I have a head lamp on that blinds the heck out of the person coming towards me. It's a win win for everyone. Well except for the person im blinding but oh well!
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    Reclaiming my curls!
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    Thx.....hanging out in the desert makes me happy. I always get comments from my clients about how relaxed I look whenever I first get back from a vaca (even if it is just getting out of town for 3 days). Unfortunately my body language and face end up back in the tense, stressed, pissed off mode within a week. Lol.
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    Even if it was 12 protein cookies in 4 days, it's the past. It's done. Focus on today and forgive yourself for the past.
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    Well, my first week back on my pre op diet was pretty successful! I lost 9.6 pounds! Last year in the first week, I lost 12, but I'm trying not to compare. My metabolism is different now due to losing my thyroid, but I'm really excited to see that it's not going to stop me from losing at a decent rate! Also, in one week, I no longer need my per meal insulin. And it's looking like I may be able to stop the nighttime insulin as well! I'm so excited, and praying there are no more "bumps in the road" like there were last year!
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    I told people I'm on a low carb, high protein doctor supervised diet. I was judged for being overweight all my life and I didn't want to be judged to my decision to have wls. 4 years out and I work at a different place where no one knew me as overweight. I'm normal:) Tell them you decided on "vacation" that you wanted to get in shape and be fit for your next vacation.. I actually decided to look into gastric bypass while being a beached whale on vacation. We went back to the same place 17 months later and I was 120 pounds lighter:) not a great picture
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    Newbie here – wanted to introduce myself. Typing this while I prepare my hospital bag – my VSG is tomorrow! Like many of you, I’ve been overweight for almost my entire life – pudgy baby to a teenager wearing her mom’s clothes because nothing in the junior’s area would fit me. If there is a diet out there, I’ve probably tried it and over the course of the last 15 years, I have probably lost and then gained hundreds of pounds over and over again, 10 or 20 lbs at a time. Somewhere along the way I always lose focus and I can never seem to find the right rhythm to be consistent. Back in 2011, I lost 50 lbs by eating Paleo and working with a trainer – I ran a 15k, and I’ve never felt happier. Flash forward to today, I’ve gained it all back + 20 more pounds, and I can scarcely remember how I got here. I’ve had an oddly quick trip to my 3/17/17 surgery date. My husband and I went to an introductory seminar in early January 2017, I started the process with surgeon’s visits, nutrition appointments, medical testing, and psychological evaluations. My insurance had no requirements other than a certain BMI range and using an in network surgeon. I was shocked – it seems like almost every insurance carrier has a 6-12 month lead time of requirements. So here I sit – 2 months from my initial introductory seminar date packing a bag for tomorrow’s procedure. I’m ready and excited to start this journey – I know so much of this battle is mental – and I’m hoping this community can help me along the way!
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    I love you guys! Really! I needed this... maybe more than I ever realized. You are ALL right.... and ya know, I was / am not blind to it.... I just never wanted to see the friendship end .... so much history. Many good things / times... I am a glass half full gal, so I always tried to ignore the bad... but you are right. She is toxic. She is a believer that her success is my failure... or my failure is her success... I would find myself lying to her just to make her feel better about herself. I am going to jump off of that train now.... I've got my parachute... I don't think I will confront her... I think I will just let it die.... I'm too tired to confront her.... But truly, THANK YOU!!! I lost another pound yesterday! I am winning!
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    She's not a friend. Think of how much weight you'd lose if you lost her, too
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    I'm with you, I don't like compliments. I don't like drawing attention to myself. I also feel I was a failure before. I just want to be normal. I usually steer the compliment away. A friend of my hubby's told me I look good. Then said I looked really different, wasn't going there-i said thank you; I've started wearing my hair long. End of it. I nipped it in the butt. I try to come up with something to change the subject. I'll ask about their family or kids...4 years later and I still don't like it.
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    I'm sorry you're going through that Christine. I'd be inclined to go with Res Ipsa's suggestion of getting another opinion.
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    No regrets at all. Best decision I ever made. A moment or two of buyer's remorse post-op is very normal. Stay on plan. Don't stress about it and in a couple of years you will have a hard time recalling what your life was like as a heavy person.
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    It used to piss me off when I strangers would encourage me when I was working out. At 300 pounds I went to the gym several times a week and every once in a while someone would say something encouraging or give me a thumbs up. Unless they are encouraging and congratulating everyone they see in the gym, its condescending and frankly, none of their business what I am doing. I'm with Greer - if you see that woman again, flip her off. Or, even better, stare her down. She has no idea if you are crazy or not. The fear of crazy often keeps people in line. Keep doing what you are doing and before you know it, you'll be at goal and in better shape that you can fathom!
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    It's been a year since my last attempt at cosplaying Kurt Russel. Here's another try from today. Wearing my second favorite shirt. This year and last year: