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      Community Guidelines   09/15/2015

      A reminder that we have a general set of guidelines that are available at http://www.thinnertimesforum.com/guidelines/. If you have any questions or concerns, you may express them to me or a Community Leader directly. Thank you,
      John Callery


  1. Community Center

    1. Introduce Yourself

      Are you new to Thinner Times? Are you pre-operative, post-operative, or still deciding which weight loss surgery is right for you? Or are you a regular 'lurker'? Say hi and introduce yourself!

    2. Socialize

      General discussion area for anything related or unrelated to weight loss surgery.

    3. Member Photos

      Do you have before and after photos, or other pictures that you'd like to share? Post them here!

    4. Buddies and Mentors

      Peer support is a critical part of your weight loss surgery journey. Use the buddies and mentors forum to find other individuals who have had, or are having, gastric bypass surgery, vertical sleeve surgery, or Lap Band surgery.

    5. Clothing and Goods Exchange

      Classifieds section for weight loss surgery. No commercial postings, please.

    6. Newsletters

      Each month, we send an email newsletter that discusses issues related to RNY gastric bypass, vertical sleeve gastrectomy, Lap Band, general health and fitness.

  2. Before Weight Loss Surgery

    1. General Questions

      This section is for general questions about the gastric bypass, Lap Band, and vertical sleeve gastrectomy, as well the pre and post-operative processes.

    2. Insurance and Financing

      Insurance and financing for gastric bypass, Lap Band, and the vertical sleeve gastrectomy can be a complicated process. Share or ask questions about your insurance and financing plan, as well as doctor fees and the cost of your weight loss surgery. And finally, let everyone know once you’re approved!

    3. Doctors and Hospitals

      Share your experiences about your weight loss surgeon and hospital, as well as feedback on their seminars, pre/post-operative programs, and staff.

  3. Professional Answers

    1. Ask Dr. Callery

      Having performed more than 4,000 weight loss surgery procedures over 20 years, Dr. Charles D. Callery is experienced and knowledgeable. If you have a question about gastric bypass, Lap Band, vertical sleeve, or weight loss surgery in general - Ask Dr. Callery!

    2. Ask Dr. Gupta, Plastic Surgeon

      Dr. Gupta answers questions about plastic surgery. Questions should be of general interest. Feel free to post pictures along with your questions.

  4. Weight Loss Surgery Forums

    1. Gastric Bypass Forums

      The gastric bypass forums are intended to create a targeted discussion area for the RNY gastric bypass procedure. Feel free to discuss pre or post-operative topics, ask questions, or share concerns.

    2. Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy Forums

      The vertical sleeve gastrectomy forums are a place to discuss the newly popular vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery. The vertical sleeve is the removal of 85% of the stomach, but without rearrangement of the intestines. Ask questions about the surgery and share pre and post-operative concerns.

    3. Lap Band Forums

      The Lap Band forums are a targeted area to discuss all angles of the Lap Band or adjustable gastric banding procedure. Feel free to discuss pre or post-operative issues, Lap Band fills and doctors, pricing, complications, etc.

    4. Weight Loss Surgery Revisions

      Weight loss surgery revisions are typically performed because of weight regain, complications resulting from the weight loss surgery procedure, or a reversal of the procedure altogether.

  5. Support and Motivation

    1. Personal Stories

      Every person struggling with obesity or who has had weight loss surgery has a unique experience and story. Some stories are inspirational, some are emotional, and others are painful. Share your weight loss surgery story with the rest of the community and help those who have yet to take their journey.

    2. Emotional Support

      Weight loss surgery is an emotional process. Relationships with friends and family change, and some struggle with physical changes happening to their body. This forum is a place for you to reach out to other members - whether there are others in need, or if you yourself need to share what is going on in your life.

    3. Prayer and Spiritual Support

      This support forum is open to members of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds.

    4. Marriage and Relationships

      Weight loss surgery is a life-changing process, not just physically, but emotionally as well. Use this forum to discuss changes, problems, or developments in your relationships.

  6. Diet and Nutrition

    1. Recipes

      Proper nutrition is important to the long-term success of weight loss surgery. While gastric bypass, Lap Band, and vertical sleeve limits the amount and types of food you consume, that doesn't mean the food can't be delicious! Post your favorite WLS recipes and search our existing database for new ones.

    2. Vitamins, Supplements, and Protein Drinks

      Ask questions or post reviews about vitamins, supplements, and protein drinks following weight loss surgery.

  7. Life After Weight Loss Surgery

    1. Exercises, Workouts, and Recreation

      Personal exercise, gyms, and group activities.

    2. Women's Issues

      This forum is for female-related issues only.

    3. Pregnancy

      Discussions regarding pregnancy following gastric bypass surgery, Lap Band surgery, or the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

    4. 752
    5. Men's Issues

      Since men are sometimes the minority on weight loss surgery forums, this forum is a small space where guys can have man-to-man conversations about life before and after weight loss surgery.

    6. Reconstructive & Plastic Surgery

      Discussions regarding reconstructive and plastic surgery following weight loss.

    7. Careers and the Workplace

      If you had a gastric bypass, adjustable gastric band, or other WLS, share the effects that it had on you in the workplace. How does it compare to before surgery?

  8. Weight Loss Surgery Support Groups

    1. 17,192
    2. 7,223
  • Recent Status Updates

    • LosingLex

      Going to see family tonight 90lbs lighter. It's exciting because work and friends see me daily but my family hasn't seen me since before surgery almost 4 months ago.
      · 1 reply
    • Nina_1981

      My PCP said that he would send in the referral to Community Health, but its been a week and he hasn't done it yet. I call them Monday and they said it would be by the end of the week. They are looking into who they are going to send me to. Call Community Health today and they still haven't gotten the referral.  
      · 2 replies
    • pmaridon  »  Dr. Callery

      Hi dr. Since I saw your last post, have you still seen positive results with weight loss surgery to relieve gastroparesis..any difference between bypass and vsg?
      Thx you,
      · 0 replies
    • bday99

      Today, I became 'normal' for the first time in I can't remember how long.  I am now a 'normal' weight and BMI.  Granted, I am at the TOP end of normal, but I will take it.  I hope to lose about thirty more and make it REALLY normal!
      · 2 replies
    • K80

      Day 3 liquid diet, I was feeling many things yesterday. Hunger was not one of them....I was mainly angry. Angry because I could not eat! It is the oddest feeling. Like someone took something I love away from me...(Well because technically that happened.) I came into work today weighed myself and I am down 7# . ok ok! Now that was a slap of reality in my face. Not only was that a great feeling but it reminded me of what my goal is, where I am headed and how I can always find new loves...like walking on the beach, climbing dunes, riding bikes with my family Just being more active. Not being embarrassed to go to concerts and squeeze through crowds.....and you know what!? I can still love food too....just differently than I did before. A healthier love.  Today is a great day!
      · 6 replies
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