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  2. I've always been a fan of just doing it. In that though, take it a step at a time. Identify the biggest area of sugar intake and cut that back to the bone. Then if no change do it again with the next biggest area...and so on.
  3. Congrats, awesome news.
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  5. You've always been an inspiration Tom.
  6. Perfect, Burgandy Boy!
  7. Luckily for me, anything sweet I eat since my surgery makes me seriously miserable. I feel nauseated, I get stomach cramps, and then I end up with diarrhea. I’ve only tried small amounts of sweet stuff 3 times (hot chocolate, a tablespoon of ice cream, a sweetened latte). I was miserable all three times. So basically I don’t even really want to try it anymore. I do know that it’s nearly impossible for me to eat anything I really like in moderation (coffee, chips and salsa, etc). So I’ve learned that cold turkey is the best way to go with anything I’m trying to control. Good luck! You can do it!
  8. @Toto65 How are things going?
  9. ... so maybe our 'toos should be underwear-shaped?? That would solve all the problems!....
  10. Great news! (Plus you may be surprised by how much better you sleep - sleep apnea gets defined in medically relevant terms, not by how much it interferes with your perception of how you are sleeping).
  11. How are you doing? and, can you take a nonsteroidal like ibuprofen or naprosyn?
  12. Let us know how things went...
  13. There is a test called a urea breath test - you drink a liquid with urea and if you have H pylori there is more of an indicator gas made. There is also a stool antigen test where they look to see if there are any H pylori bacterial parts using a fecal sample. Lastly if you have endoscopy they can do a biopsy and look under the microscope for the bacteria. The blood test looks for antibodies to H pylori, but it could be positive because you had it in the past, and not now, so the above are better.
  14. not common to see a posting here where it was of any importance to anyone except us. We just carry around this paranoia that people will characterize us for not eating a lot! Dinner at friends last night - told 'em, they were surprised to see me so skinny, and not a word about my intake. It's becoming a non-issue for me.
  15. @Kio Hard not to pay too much attention to rate of loss, and to build up expectations about exact number of pounds... keep reminding yourself that your path is different than anyone else's! and that you don't need the external validation of the people at the practice to let yourself know that you are happy with your progress. You are losing, you are walking, and even blogging! n.b. Take a look at the corn/crab soup at Bonefish tonight. I've had that there, and at Troquet on South, and as I've slipped back into going out to eat, delicious soups like that are my usual biggest course.
  16. Just awesome! AWESOME!
  17. Just keep to the Plan, it will drop. Perhaps my memory is faulty, but your Path has been just diet as I recall? Maybe an evening stroll would gently boost you in the right direction... Say this because I'm finding that if I don't get my hour of exercise 4-7 times a week then my decline really slows down. I must be one of those people for whom the exercise does make the difference. Just came back from a week long trip where I got no exercise and the food was all salty... and I am 5 lbs up on the scale. I know it can't be real weight but man I did not like seeing that. So now back to my Plan with the knowledge it always works in the end. And so it will for you!!
  18. @Trish13 What a delicious moment! and after all you have been through, all the sweeter. Don't overbuy now out of delight and excitement...
  19. It sounds like you were calm and collected at the party. Kudos to you! The idea to test out some different foods so that you can cope better in social situations is a good one; I'm not sure how I'm going to handle that first happy hour when it inevitably comes, and your post provides some good food for thought on that. I love the way you describe your "reaction to carbs"; it is exactly how I feel when I eat carbs. I, too, have been very careful in selecting my vitamins, because I've tried the fancy bariatric chews and they give me that same fake-empty feeling in my stomach. There is no doubt that carbs got me to where I am today - needing WLS.
  20. You should certainly do what gets to you being best prepared for the WLS and the long run. It's clear that having lots of social support in place, psychological issues addressed or being addressed, the capacity to stick to the diet, and even modest amounts of exercise predict long term success. I think there is pretty good data that people who have lost some weight before surgery also have statistically better results as well. You are smart to get yourself in order!
  21. @Trish13 that sounds wonderful!!!! You can consign them in a few months and use the money to get new size 16 things! Hard to imagine, right?!? (I'll be you, next year, and be thrilled with getting smaller things!!!)
  22. Ugh!! So frustrating!! I'm sorry you're stalled like this...I think that's the hardest part of this whole thing. Here's to hoping your stall breaks soon!
  23. Another walk today...two miles. Not a problem but I'm drenched in sweat. Granted it's warmer than normal here in the NE but my son and husband were with me and they weren't drenched. I'm not usually a huge sweater but now that I'm out of shape AND heavier, I'm a mess when I exert myself. I know that will go down when my weight goes down but for right now it's annoying.....HOWEVER, I'm not going to stop moving because of it. I just came home and changed. Tomorrow I'll walk again. I want to be physicals in better shape by the time my surgery gets here.
  24. Great work!! Keep up what you're doing, and you'll be at goal in no time!! Awesome job
  25. Kio, I know it feels good to have the dr say you're doing great with the weight loss, and I'm not them, but I think you're doing phenomenal. When was the last time you lost 13#?!?! How did you do it and how long did it take? Much longer than two weeks I'm sure!!! You seem right on track to me though everyone is different and not going to loose the same amount at the same amount of time, but trust the process, I think you're doing great!'
  26. Hi Jen. I just found the blogs feature on TTF! I want to echo what others have said: I'm so grateful for your candid posts and your honesty. Many thanks to you, and keep up the good work. You are so lovely inside and out!
  27. You WILL make it through to the other side just fine! Sometimes it's easy to forget just how infuriating these delays can be once we are post op, even though we've gone through it. I can remember when I was pre op the first time, the wonderful folks here on the forum were so supportive, and telling me that before I knew it, I would be on the losers bench. But despite all of the support I found here, I was doubting it would ever happen...because every time I turned around, there was another hoop to jump through. I kept telling myself that after my cancer was treated, I would get back in the program and schedule my surgery. Then I found myself postponing getting back in the game. I set up an appointment for January. I cancelled that appointment, and rescheduled for May, because I didn't think I was ready. My surgeon's office called me 3 times between January and March with cancellations and offering to give me an earlier date. The first two times I said I wasn't ready. The third time, I figured the powers that be really wanted me to take an earlier appointment, so I did. I ended up having my surgery 8 days before my May appointment would have been, lol. So here I am now, a little over 4 months post op, and finding it hard to believe it took 21 months to get here. I agree with BurgundyBoy about checking when the doctor received your blood work results. Maybe that will give you a bargaining chip with the insurance company. If you do have to go through the whole 6 months again, msmarymac has some great advice about using the time to your advantage and getting the head stuff straightened out before surgery...and practicing your post op habits now. Hang in there...I'm thinking of you ❤️
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