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  2. CJ, I hope you get your salad! I’m just over 9 weeks I think, and haven’t had any raw veggies yet. Like you, I kind of obsess about them! But I’m a bit intimidated by them right now. I’ve been having some eating woes lately, topic for another post, so I’ve mainly stayed in the kiddie pool. I’ve had a bite of broccoli, a bite of cauliflower, and a bite of Brussels sprout, all cooked to super soft texture, and that’s it. Oh, and a strawberry piece once in a while, and a single bite of a kiwi slice once! Fruit is heaven. I’m a bit like Kayak I think - the stage transitions are exciting but I often find myself staying longer in earlier stages, or relying on them as staples. Technically I can try anything now, but I’d say 90% of what I eat right now is “soft stage” - yogurt, refried beans, protein bars/shakes, cheeses. Your basic non-challenging textures. I tend to save denser/crunchier stuff for once-in-a-while, when I know it won’t set me back for the day if it goes wrong.
  3. 6 month surgiversary!

    Hubby is the avid reader...he loves books. I wish I had my photos and decorations put back before I took the photos of the library, but we haven't gotten that far yet, lol. We love our house...hubby puts his whole heart into what he does, and it really does show. I'm very envious of his talents, but so thankful for them, and him ❤️ I love the hallway too. It probably won't be stained before thanksgiving, but I don't care at this point. We are so far behind with everything that the stain is bottom of the list right now. I have to go for my 6 month blood work tomorrow because my appointment is next week, my daughter has 2 appointments tomorrow that we have to be there for, thanksgiving on Thursday, more appts for my daughter on Friday, hubby has to make Harper's birthday cake on Friday also, then his party is on Saturday...deep breath!! I think I just may have a nervous breakdown this week.........
  4. 6 month surgiversary! matter how much your PCP is against WLS, he still needs to TREAT you! Geez!! I'm glad, at least for now, that it's ok. It is outrageous that it's an issue. Your doctor sounds like the one I just left I feel for you, my friend. I really do. ❤️
  5. Don't know what to eat!

    It is scary!! My bariatric surgeon explained, during the seminar, about resetting the set point...and I know at that time I understood, and it made sense. But ask me to explain it to you now, and I don't remember a word he said! (Thyroid brain fog...) My core is so weak it's not funny, and the belly?!? Omg, forget about it! (Imagine that I said that in a New York City accent, lol) It's playing head games with me too. If it weren't for my belly, I would look like I didn't need to lose anymore weight...ugh. I hope your foot cooperates and you can get back to exercising soon!!
  6. 6 month surgiversary!

    @Trish1967 I did have to ask my surgeon to order them himself at my last visit. Needless to say he was very angry that my doctor was being so hard to get along with. He did tell me he'd be writing to him about it, but my doctor certainly hasn't mentioned any letter of that kind to me. It's actually okay for now while I still see the surgeon 3 monthly, the real problem will happen when those visits drop back to yearly but the blood tests are still 3 monthly or later twice yearly. It's totally outrageous to me that this is an issue. I've even asked him if I need to get a new doctor with bariatric experience just to make sure I'm looked after properly. While he says that's unnecessary, I'm still not convinced. The problem for me is that the nearest bariatric GP is a 3 hour drive from where I live
  7. 6 month surgiversary!

    @Trish1967 thanks for the newly created hallway instead of a pantry. And your guys must be avid readers. Your home looks as warm and cozy as I would expect it to be....your heart is reflected in it.
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  9. 6 month surgiversary!

    Thank you, @Aussie H I'm really praying that this PCP is THE PCP. I have been through 4 in the past 6 years, and I'm getting to the point where I'm so fed up I can't deal with it anymore. When you're as overweight as I was, and you have a lot of LEGITIMATE health issues (I emphasize 'legitimate' because even though I had medically proven problems, they kept ignoring me), they tend to not believe you. If it hadn't been for my wonderful bariatric surgeon, I still wouldn't have had my thyroid cancer diagnosed...not the way my former PCP wanted to treat me. So I can totally see where you are coming from. It's pretty bad that you have to stay with a crappy doctor just to get pain meds that you need. And wow...your doc is so against WLS that he's fighting you on getting your labs?!? That's insane! That's one thing I don't have to worry about. My surgeon sees me every 3 months, and at that visit they give me a lab slip for the next visit. Can your surgeon order the tests for you directly? That would make your life a heck of a lot easier from the sounds of things. It IS hard when you can't trust your doctor. That's why I had to try yet again to find a decent one. My new doc is in the same area as my bariatric surgeon, general surgeon, cardiologist, urologist and ortho, and they are all fantastic. So I'm betting this doc will be a good one too. Fingers crossed! I hope you can find one that will give you the care you need and DESERVE as well ❤️ I think it makes all the difference in the world!
  10. Don't know what to eat!

    Scary thought isn't it! For all the talk about resetting your metabolic "set point" which they say happens at some point after WLS, I've yet to hear a studied explanation of how that actually happens (and when)....probably because no-one seems to know. While I can see logic in the higher calories earlier out giving an edge on metabolic rates later, I certainly wouldn't stake my life on the theory. That said there is evidence that lapbands cause a significant lowering of metabolic rate over time and therefore make maintaining weightloss harder (along with losing less excess weight on average) so maybe there is an element of truth in there, particularly for those whose surgery is purely restrictive. I'm still not cleared for any exercise yet, just for standard Activities for Daily Living, but I seriously need to get into some just to strengthen my core and loose some more of my belly. GRRR!!!!! This belly fat is doing my head in. Hopefully not long now.....but I definitely see my honeymoon period slipping away from me rapidly.
  11. Tomorrow.....

    Will be praying for you tomorrow. I wish your sister was still there for you and I'm sure she'd be proud of you....I know we are! I hope tomorrow goes smoothly for when you can. We're pulling for you.
  12. Cardamom77's Surgery Date

    Good luck tomorrow, @Cardamom77!! Can't wait to hear from you when you're feeling up to it!! Sending prayers ❤️
  13. leftover eggs...ew!!! Oh and @Gretta, btw, I had hubby take this picture for you thought you'd get a kick out of it!
  14. Multicare Tacoma

    Of course. Both Multicare and Chi have excellent surgeons.
  15. Don't know what to eat!

    I think I'd like to eventually end up around 1,000 calories a day. That is, if I can get that many in, lol. I haven't really played around a lot with my calories yet, simply because I'm taking full advantage of my honeymoon period. Who knows, I might be able to eat 1,000 calories a day right now and still lose. I have always been able to lose weight whether or not I'm exercising, so I'm not too sure about that theory either. I think exercise is great, but I've never needed it to lose. I would like to try and firm up though, if I ever get myself strong enough to do some real exercise. I think if the thing about the metabolic rate is true, I'm screwed...700 calories a day for life, I'm not too sure how I feel about that. Food for thought, lol
  16. Thanks for posting such a detailed account of your journey. It is very helpful to those of us that will follow you.
  17. Tomorrow.....

    Good luck to you. I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow. I already know that you got this though. Please post when you are able to. I may not be able to check in until late but, looking forward to hearing that all went well.
  18. Hey you...I hope everything is ok ❤️ You've been pretty quiet on here lately, and I just wanted to check in. Miss you!!

  19. Tomorrow.....

    Good luck tomorrow! You are one tough cookie. I can't wait for your update on how it goes!
  20. Multicare Tacoma

    While a responsive doctor’s office may seem very important, I strongly suggest that you pick the best and most experienced bariatric surgeon for your weight loss surgery. A gastric bypass is major surgery and you want to do all you can to maximize your odds of a smooth surgery without complications. The best programs are bariatric centers of excellence.
  21. Disability Pay?

    Most likely everybody's going to have a different experience or input on this as it usually is based on the employer (if they even offer it) unless you live in a selective state that has state coverage. That said I notified my plan that I was going to be going out on short term disability and the dates and then they sent me the forms that need to be filled out... One or two were to be filled up pre-surgery and the rest were all post-surgery. My employer short-term disability plan requires a two-week waiting period unless you buy one week through your benefits package which makes the waiting period 7 days. That said we have the option to take pto/vacation/sick time for that either 7-Day waiting period, or 14 day waiting period, otherwise if you didn't have any pto/vacation/sick time left it would be zero during the waiting period. After that, my short-term disability pay of 60% would kick in. I know my plan paid weekly so that was helpful once it kicked in cuz every week I had something but again it was only 60% of my pay so that was a big loss of income during that time. The best thing to do is call your company's STD provider and talk with them. It's good to set it up STD in the event there are complications (or just have the option to stay out longer), but after 3 weeks I went back to work, so I only ended up using a week of benefits and the rest was vacation to cover my waiting period. I was tired and it was hard at first, but I went to bed earlier and rested up on my days off. I hope this helps.
  22. Disability Pay?

    On a related note, six weeks seems a bit long for a medical leave for weight loss surgery unless you have a very physical job. For example, I had a gastric bypass (which is more surgery than a sleeve) and I was back on a part time basis at my desk job six days after my surgery, and back full time about a week later.
  23. Stressed!

    Remember that we are here to support you.
  24. Stressed!

    Thank you all for responding, the kind words, and the information. I really appreciate it. I'm so glad I found this site! My pre-op appointment is Nov 30th and I'm going to discuss these issues with my surgeon. I'll be in touch. Thanks again!
  25. Congrats on your eating, and yes, it will get better! Check the soy milk for sweeteners - if it tastes at all sweet or vanilla-y it may be sweetened. The unsweetened stuff tastes like the devil - but at least has no sugar. Glad you're feeling more normal - the first two weeks are definitely the hard ones.
  26. Tomorrow.....

    Well, I've done just fine on clear liquids and magnesium citrate today, though the bathroom is sure seeing a lot of me. Ha! I'm missing my sister a lot right now. I would be calling her up and joking around with her, asking her for advice. She was my dear friend. She would have come with me to the hospital. I have been talking to her anyway, even though she can't answer. I think she would be proud of me. I'm nervous, but excited to start this journey. I'm thinking about joining the gym my husband goes to so we can go together. I haven't decided yet. I haven't been all that successful at trying to work out at home, though - and he goes pretty regularly - so I'm thinking it might be wise to go with him. We'll see. It will be a little while before I can go anyway. I'll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.
  27. Stressed!

    I really don't have any words of wisdom for you. I agree with the others that revisions are more risky than original surgery is. As with any surgery or medical procedure, I always thoroughly check out the hospital, Dr and the anesthesiologist. If they all have excellent track records things should go smoothly for you. Most things in life carry at least some risk. You have to decide if the risk is worth it to you. I do empathize with you and your situation though. Any kind of surgery is a little scary. Having an experience like yours has to make your decision very hard. Good luck and do keep us posted.
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