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  2. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    Tammy, have you looked at the Reddit ABraThatFits community sizing calculator? Here's the Beginner's Guide from the community, as well: If you're not sure after measuring, you can submit a "fit check" to the community and the generous and experienced people there can help you. I found the calculator to be accurate (at various sizes), and the community maintains lists of places to buy (mostly online), as well as lists of brands and models that work for various shapes and sizes. While there are definitely good bricks and mortar stores with experienced people to measure, this Reddit community is full of stories of people going into stores to get fitted and walking out with armloads of expensive stuff in the wrong size If you measure yourself and read up a bit on how to make sure a bra is the correct size for you, then you'll at least be armed with that knowledge before going shopping and getting fitted. The guides and rules you see on the fitting room walls are usually complete hooey. <- I love this word. Why do I not use it more? BTW, I am not affiliated with this Reddit community in any way - I just love the work they've done and the fact that they've made it all available to anyone who needs it, which is anyone with boobs! There are so many great stories of people whose lives are improved simply by getting a hold of some well fitting supportive undergarments!
  3. Pre op appointment

    Your surgery is on the 11th? So is mine, can’t wait!!
  4. Cranberry juice?

    Hi Laura - I'm not a sleever, but I suspect that cranberry juice, like tomato juice, is too acidic for your new stomach. Many sleevers have some problems with acid, particularly in the early days, so it's probably best to avoid that. Can you do flavored water, like Mio drops or something? Herbal teas are good, too, and their warm temp can be really soothing to a healing tummy.
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  6. I went out to eat tonight!

    This is a much harder thing to do before surgery than after it, so big pat on the back with a "Nice job!" thrown in!
  7. Cranberry juice?

    Hi guys, Can I have cranberry juice with no sugar ? Or is it acidic ?
  8. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    Your face looks so slim!
  9. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    You're making serious progress! I can really see a striking difference, especially in your newly sharp chin and long neck I think you're going to wind up with some stunning cheekbones. The pixie cut is cute, and I'm sure it'll be a life-saver with the hair loss issue - short with more volume.
  10. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    I felt pretty decent when I was discharged, but I just wanted those next two or three weeks to be DONE. It will go by quickly for you I think. I'm lucky with the protein drinks I think. I liked the Premier Protein drinks before surgery, and I love them after!! I'm sure other folks will have good suggestions for you though.
  11. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    These are tremendous progress pics! I have to say, the last one is a completely different person compared to the first.
  12. I went out to eat tonight!

    I sympathize with you! I was on liquids for an extended period of time. Time does fly by though. Before you know it, you'll be post-op, working your way up to being able to eat somewhat normally again! You get extra points for your great attitude :-)
  13. Pre op appointment

    Thanks everyone! Hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! I am on day 12 of my diet and it is getting better! Just like you guys said those first few days were killer! Thankfully I am past it! 17 more days!!!!
  14. I went out to eat tonight!

    So I am on day 12 of my 4 week liquid diet. Tonight we had family pics of my whole family. Afterwards everyone wanted to go to eat and of course I tagged along. I sat and watched everyone eat pizza and I drank my protein drink. I have to say it wasn’t the most fun thing that I have experienced but it wasn’t terrible. I think I am kind of getting used to the diet and not being able to eat all the crap. I know that can change in a blink of an eye though! I really just want to be able to eat regular food lol! I just wanted to share to give myself a pat on the back and to also say to anyone out there keep pushing! Stay strong! You want this surgery and lifestyle change more then you want that pizza!
  15. Thanks! These are just taken with my iphone, but it's an iphone 6s, not one of the later models - so a little lower resolution, maybe that's it?
  16. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    Great job !!! I cant get my pictures to upload it says they are too big or something.
  17. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    I had a real problem with the taste of protein shakes after my surgery. Like you said "revolting". Then a post here led me to Nectar Proteins. They have some very unconventional flavors. Lemon ice tea and Fuzzy Navel are my go to drinks. Also the vanilla latte is really good. The tea and Fuzzy Navel are available at Vitaminshoppe. Or Amazon of course. They are a little more expensive then most but they are a real life saver for me.
  18. I feel sure that you are right @BurgundyBoy Probably have myself stressed over nothing with the eval. I actually did pretty good in the beginning of all of this. I kept up with my water and was getting more than enough exercise. That part was at the hospital where it was buffet style in the cafeteria. I had the ability to make better choices. Once we got to hospice, it was another story. I had to order meals through delivery services and healthy options were not available. Plus I was only eating once per day and was famished by the time that I did eat. I am not an emotional eater. My real issue is that I am ALWAYS hungry. My first time going to a bariatric dr was in the mid 90s. He said then that he felt I had too much of the hunger hormone being produced. I did lose weight while I was going to him. I put a lot of thought into whether or not I was eating when I wasn't hungry. I am positive that I was not. Anyway, this is one of the major reasons that I feel the sleeve will work well for me. I know that I can follow the program and just the reduction in appetite will do me a world of good. Thanks again for the reassurance.
  19. Changing bra sizes as the pounds drop

    @NerdyLady - Can you tell me the name of this 'serious business' bra store? I am hoping this is a chain. I need to be measured by some no-nonsense people that know what they are doing....
  20. Thank you!! I certainly feel a lot younger - able to move and exercise and DO things again. That first shot of me in the recliner was basically my life last year. This year is totally a different ball game. So glad I did this!
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  22. 11 weeks and some before/after photos

    Wow Kio....such a huge difference already! You look great! I also think the new Kio looks younger. Wonderful job!
  23. Ok, so I offered, then @CJireh demanded, so here goes... my first photos on TT. Fair warning, the quality on these is pretty bad - I have always avoided being photographed for obvious reasons, and I take terrible selfies. There are a couple in here that were taken by Leah, but she's not exactly a star photographer herself. I think in each of those, I have my eyes closed. Starting at my highest weight, around 350, about a year ago, here's a very blurry me Leah snapped when I was half asleep. Included to demonstrate the epic chin(s)! The one below is from June of this year, at basically the same weight as the one above. You can see I've done this pixie thing before... however, at that time my head looked a bit like a white bowling ball with a crew cut! This is a Leah shot, so my eyes are closed, naturally. I had to use a version of this with my eyes open for an article in our company newsletter, which spotlights random employees at random times and was having a teleworker round - you can imagine how proud I was of sharing it with my 500 coworkers... And this is me on September 8, 2017 - fresh out of surgery! I was about 298, and as you can see ... I was pretty high when this was taken! It was about two hours after surgery, I had already started walking, but I was banging on that morphine button pretty hard and pretty often. I was also having some kind of bad rash/reaction to the face wash they gave me to use before surgery. You can also see in this one why I rarely smile big for pictures... it makes me look a like a total lunatic. And now, here is me today! I'm 259 in this one, with my new shiny haircut and about a football field less chin. And this one is a bit wider angle, still from today - proud of this one because look, I have a neck! And the beginning of some shoulders... That's it for the headshots - but when I hit 100 lbs lost I plan to post some full length shots from the night before surgery and some new shots I'll take when the blessed day arrives.
  24. Thanks for keeping my seat warm!

    Thanks everybody! Ive been home since Wednesday afternoon and am doing fine. Not really in love with this experience, but who is? Not having too much trouble with fluids, but am struggling with protein. All of my shake options taste revolting. Working on some new ideas. Ready to get to purees already! Hope those of you in the states had a lovely Thanksgiving!
  25. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    I did pretty good, very proud of myself. I focus on turkey & gravy with some amazing green beans my MIL made. They were made with a ham shank, so there was more fat than I would normally eat, but they were incredible...worth every bite. Then a couple bites of mashed potatoes & stuffing. My kids LOVE Pillsbury crescent rolls, so I made them. I had one bite of one as my daughter begged for mine roll after she woofed hers down. I gave it to her and didn't even miss it - what a HUGE thing for me, as I was/am a carb addict. I also was asked by my brother in law to make my pecan pie, and I did....only ate a couple bites and then I was satisfied. I managed to stay approx 820 calories, 65g protein (which is huge for me), and went over slightly on my carbs. So all and all a good day! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I definitely have a lot to be thankful ..... especially all of you!
  26. @Readytobeme You'll do fine. You're talking about these so it's not like you are hiding them. It's normal to be a basket case when you have siblings or parents in those circumstances. Anyone who is not a basket case is either unfeeling, or exists on an emotional plane that I can only dream of. Sure the shrink will bring them up. Am sure you have thought of the plan for when you are next very stressed and faced with the fast food dilemma. Good luck with this all!
  27. You guys, thanksgiving is coming and i love stuffing.

    Well, I survived Thanksgiving, even without stuffing. It was a large gathering of American expats, so everyone brought something - which meant the food table was full of like 25+ different dishes and the dessert table was about the same. I loaded up on fake vegetarian turkey that I brought for myself, plus some veggies, and had about two bites of mac and cheese and two bites of mashed potatoes. It was the most food I've eaten in one meal since surgery, for sure, and I even had a couple of little nibbles of dessert from my ever-suffering husband's plate (he's not a fan of sharing). It all went down well, no one noticed I was eating tiny portions (well, not that I could see), and I totted everything up at the end of the evening, and I got my protein in and didn't exceed 1000 calories (by guesstimation of course) even though I had a bit of wine. Woo hoo! Success. It was all tasty enough, but I wasn't like *excited* about any of the food enough to eat too much of it. It was good, I was part of the experience, and now it's over. I have no leftovers, so no "well, maybe I'll just have a few bites of this ___ before I go to bed" moments. No continued indulgence tomorrow. Thanksgiving and I came to a peaceable arrangement this year. About time.
  28. Stressed!

    Keep a list of your questions and concerns. Make sure you are satisfied with his answers. Good luck and I hope you can get piece of mind..
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