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  2. No worries, I know it can be other things - my regularly scheduled GYN checkup is later this month, so I'm definitely on top of it!
  3. That is sooo true! Although 6 of my family members (cousins and aunts) have had the surgery, they never talk about it. In fact, my cousin I am VERY close to, when I said she looked great, what was she doing, she said she joined a gym. Later that week she called me back and told me she felt awful she lied and that she had the surgery and just got so used to lying about it that she didn't even think about telling the truth about it anymore. How sad. My sister in law also had it 3 yrs ago and has never admitted it. I called my cousin who had it 4 yrs ago when I was considering it and she told me that she recommended her surgeon to my SIL and that is where she had it! was shocked...I just thought she worked her butt off (literally and figuratively)! So this did two harms to me (and anyone out there thinking of WLS)...1. it made it seem like it is still taboo and bad so it must be hidden, and 2. it set me up for thinking I just needed to work harder..."afterall, SHE lost her extra weight!" !!!! I am glad someone at my work shared so openly (she hid it presurg and at first but a few months later told whomever asked)...had she not shared, I wouldn't have considered it at all, she was my biggest inspiration so we should be encouraged to share when we are comfortable with it! (side note: my cousin told me that my mom told her my SIL had it bc she was babysitting and went through her cabinets and found protein shakes (which I always have had them and slim fast and what not in my cabinets from my years of trying. But can you imagine my mom searching thru her daughter in law's cabinets looking for signs simply bc she had lost a lot of weight and my mom asked her if she had surgery and she lied about it so my mom went routing thru stuff??? THAT, my friends is why I am not telling my mom before my surgery but afterwards, i surely will....just to say I decided on my OWN to do it and I am being successful!)
  4. Such a spot on comment @CurvyMermaid! As for me - I tell anyone who asks. But I need to preface that by stating my goal was/is to lose 80 pounds. I have not gone through some of the horribly painful experiences some of you have shared here. Those stories broke my heart and have hopefully helped me gain more sensitivity. I work for a Police agency, so my co-workers really seem like family to me, so I have no problem sharing my successes here. Also, for those here that are overweight, I want to give them HOPE. Hope that yes, our insurance WILL pay for this procedure. I also have been asked a ton of questions along this journey. I don't mind being a resource to them perhaps having a healthier lifestyle as well - even if that means just making wiser food choices, or walking with me daily at work or whatever.
  5. congrats! You crack me up, bc like you, I remember dates and weights! (for instance, I weighed 193, which was three up from the start of that vacation...{thanks to the scale in our resort bathroom...who does that?} the day my icon pic was taken in Los Cabos, MX!) As you can see, I can tell you how much I weighed at any moment in my life! Which is sad bc it isn't normal to be so preoccupied with food and weight, but that is how I am wired. So to see someone I can relate to makes me smile! Awesome day and awesome weight loss!
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  7. I always love to hear about people like you who have decided to be open about this decision and the process. Kudos to you! Thanks for doing your part (and mine, apparently) to lessen the stigma. I'm really glad to hear that you've experienced positivity from people who you've told. It brightens my outlook on humanity a bit
  8. you bet I will....i just need my cpap machine to be paid for and arrive then my 2 wk countdown starts so i will be calling every day to get it in
  9. In the grand scheme of things...true, that is the best way to look at it. Minor annoyances that are just part of the process, and I can live with it. I have had little short hairs of regrowth before and I always find them interesting and a good sign that is it coming back and in a regrowth phase!
  10. Hi Sleevalicious, thought I'd check in and see how things are going? Any success getting the scale to move?
  11. I think the mashed potato cave was Clusie L... I'll work on my schmearing technique.
  12. Protein and biotin are great for re-growth but won't really do anything for prevention. It's not caused by lack of nutrients but by the stress of major surgery. That's why it happens in VSG and Bypass both, as well as other non-weight loss related major surgeries. It also occurs after periods of prolonged stress completely unrelated to surgery. It's called telogen effluvium and I had it happen twice in my life; once from extreme prolonged stress and once after VSG. Of course there are many other reasons for thinning hair, like thyroid issues and other hormonal imbalances but if it starts abruptly a few months after surgery it is likely effluvium. I am incredibly fortunate to have 4 times the hair I need so I actually enjoyed having thinner hair for once and used my thinner hair as an opportunity to grow my hair out. I could never make it past summer without whacking it off because it never got long enough to pull it off my neck and it was like wearing a hibernating bear on my head all summer lol. Didn't enjoy the process of it shedding everywhere and clogging drains but that was a minor annoyance in the grand scheme of things. I understand the anxiety of those without thick hair; for so many of us hair has been our best feature while fat (at least in our own minds). Like others have said a shorter cut with layers can help it look fuller until it regrows. You'll have all these little short hairs all over when it starts regrowing which is interesting.
  13. I am being treated mean about my Gastric bypass needs people do not understand that I cannot eat and drink at the same time and I need to be able to drink when I feel thirsty. Channing
  14. Maybe this is why my hair is falling out, I am only eating 60-70 grams of protein daily!! Sounds like many members eat way more than that. Gonna up the protein!
  15. I would consider an addiction specialist. My sister, who also had the sleeve, saw a therapist with a specialty in addictions. My sis knew she had a food addiction and was VERY anxious about having the surgery knowing this. It helped her through this journey. She had lost #200 and seems to be holding steady even after a couple of years. She doesn't eat much, mostly protein bars, drinks, etc but feels satisfied and looks healthy. Good luck. You sound very frustrated and unhappy, I'm sorry
  16. I've hit another stall. For the past 2 weeks, my weight has been fluctuating between 7 to 10 lbs. from the 100-pound mark. I'm doing my part to get to that mark. I'm waiting patiently for this stall to break.
  17. I was the opposite. I told everyone!! Got all the questions out of the way and luckily the people in my life were super supportive. I haven't had much push back or negativity. I had lots of thoughts and prayers that really helped during my recovery time and especially when i had complications. I think the stigma of WLS is SLOWLY fading. I find when you tell someone they always say, "Oh my (insert person here) had WLS and looks and feels great!!, Good luck!!" I have had only a few people saying negative things... and they don't go home with me or pay my bills.... so they don't really hold much importance in my life anyway. Good luck with whatever decision you make!
  18. Haha! The lines are out! One more step completed. I am doing great!! Regretting my decision less and less everyday! Thank you so much for asking
  19. I do food, liquid, exercise, and weight in MFP. It syncs with my Fitbit app, as well. I like that it does all the work, including keeping weekly and monthly snapshots and macros and everything. I used Baritastic for a couple of months, but didn't like it as well. MFP won't let you close the day with such a small number of calories, as @Gretta said, but it doesn't seem to make a difference in how it works. Its database of foods is huge.
  20. Thank you everyone for your welcome. It's been 2 days since I began working with my tool and program and carb withdrawal is real. LOL Thank you Rep Ipsa for the guide. I'm following the stages to get back in touch with my sleeve. I look forward to 'seeing' you all in the Social Forum 'hugs Liz
  21. Not wanting to put a downer on your NSV, but if you haven't had a period for at least 3 years and it's suddenly your experiencing bleeding, then you probably should pay your gyn a visit. At a minimum have your FSH and CA125 levels checked by your normal doctor. Unfortunately the return of uterine bleeding can be a sign of very sinister happenings in overweight females. Having dealt with endometrial cancer 3 years ago, that was the sign for me....and a very common sign as it happens. Definitely worth getting tested just in case! Congrats on the weightloss so far, but please don't ignore the changes your body is going through by making what to you may seem logical assumptions. It may well be nothing, and I certainly hope it is nothing, but better to be safe than sorry later.
  22. I agree wholeheartedly @BurgundyBoy re the chicken breast. In my opinion the absolute worst cut of meat from the humble chook.....and completely unforgiving in the cooking, yet always the cut recommended for the diet conscious. I'll use the breast for a parmigiana or a Swiss chicken dish, but neither are particularly diet conscious meals hahaha!!!! I've come to love the thigh meat for most of my cooking, but love the drumstick. Until now I tended to avoid them though because of all the advice to remove the skin for healthy eating. I certainly don't do that these days....I figure given my capacity for only a single drumstick the skin is minimal anyway. I've never tried confit cooking but might give it go when I next have to cook - that's probably about 6 months away for me given the 200+ meals already in my freezer.....yes I was very prepared for my recent surgery knowing I wouldn't be cooking afterwards. I'm proud to say I've not tried anything yet deep fried or battered. I dumped so easily on sugar that fat just stayed off the menu. I'm not afraid of it from a diet point of view, rather the dumping potential. Last time I dumped I lay down and it was 12 hours before I woke up again.
  23. It can be, not just protein is in the mix. Max your protein and vits every day. Hair loss prevention may take more protein than what your WLS team suggests for optimal healing and muscle sparing.
  24. Thank you, @Stephtay, for all the takeaways here, and I appreciate the time you took to share your self-reflections.
  25. GREAT! Might Consider calling every day for a cancellation and sooner date. Works 95% of the time.
  26. I use a Google docs record. Developed it with my NUT. Left column, day's after surgery, weight and total weight lost. Next column what I ate; next column fluid totals; next column protein; last column type and length of exercise. Easier than 3 apps. Doc must be 25 pages long now... but forces me to look at the totality of the day. In food column put total calories and note fiber intake. Plot weight in Excel.
  27. @Trish13 You are the best. Have adopted your tactic of telling random people. Suggest when you get your PICC line pulled after TPN ends, get it bronzed, since it is a Totemic Symbol of your WLS Greatness. Will look great on the mantle above the fireplace and will be a great conversation piece.
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