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  2. I have read about some type of shirt that keeps a person firm. Some type of body shaper that is comfortable to wear? I have to look into those because I already know I am going to have plenty of loose flab hanging around.
  3. I am just going to be so darn happy to wear normal sized jeans and shirts. I never have been a shoe/boot kind of gal. The ones on the right are pretty darn cute though
  4. Thank you for your reply, BB. The things that you mention are some of the reasons that I too chose the sleeve. Only 2 hours of surgery rather than 3, etc. I had an emergency c- section 37 years ago and I feel like there is a good bit of scar tissue in there from that. I was cut from my belly button all the way down. The recovery was horrible and truly was the main reason that I never had another child. Also, I had my gall bladder out back in 1997. That was laproscopic and such a simple recovery. I was in excellent shape because I had just dropped 90 pounds doing a supervised modified fasting program. Plus, I went to the gym and walked 5 days per week without fail. Pretty certain that the rapid weight loss was why I developed gallstones. I do think that my surgeon will prefer to do the sleeve because of the scar tissue. Which is more than fine by me. The only reason that I am leaving my mind open to a bypass is that I promised the CNA that registered me I would keep an open mind until I meet with the surgeon. I am going to have to get stats and info about the female surgeon from her office staff I guess. I have to choose a surgeon before I meet with one and at that point will be too late to ask the Dr herself.
  5. Happy Dance!!!!! Not sure whether to laugh or cry. I have been super stressed about supposedly having to wait another 6 months for surgery. Guess what just hit me tonight? My policy states that I must have at least 6 consecutive supervised and failed weight loss attempts within 2 years prior. Well, I saw my PCP in May, June and July of 2016 when I was taking Qsymia. Then I went to the local bariatric weight loss Dr in August, September, October and November of 2016. That is 7 consecutive months of supervised attempts at losing weight. This is what my records show. I have my records from bariatric Dr and am going to call my PCP to confirm the dates in 2016 that I saw him first thing in the morning. I am going by my when i got my prescriptions filled so hopefully my dr visits will coincide with that. It seems like I didn't get my first script filled right away. That would be just my luck that I screwed myself up once again. I shall find out in the morning though. I had just set my mind on the fact that I would have to wait the 6 months out and was ok with it. Until I figured out that my $500 hospital deductible has already been met for this year. If I have to wait until February or March, my deductible would be due all over again. That would really suck but is what it is. I am not giving up quite yet though. Something has just got to work out here. I don't feel like the CNA handling it at the surgeons office is putting much effort into it. She was pretty quick to just tell me that I have to do the 6 months all over again. Probably makes her job easier not having to research and get records for me. I have my nutrition eval tomorrow so at least I will feel like things are moving in the right direction.
  6. I think that your case is a great illustration for the idea that no matter how much you know beforehand (you're obviously very knowledgeable on the physical effects!), you may not be psychologically prepared for the emotional effects. None of us are. You're at that awkward stage where you have to deal with the hardest parts (early out, liquid diet, nothing nice to eat) but don't have any great results to point to yet to keep you feeling positive. Just hang in there. You'll feel better about it. Come here to complain. We're sympathetic.
  7. *raises hand* Me me me! Boots! I like the ones on the right. I also really look forward to wearing jeans. They look horrible on me when I'm heavy because I'm pear shaped. I'm really looking forward to buying myself some nice jeans.
  8. I love the wetsuit NSV. I got certified about... um... 10 years ago? And was at that time mortified to find that the wetsuits available to the people in training were too small (well, except a men's size that fit extremely poorly) so I went without. Luckily I was in a warm water locale. I haven't gone diving after the summer I got certified because I have been too embarrassed about being in either a wetsuit or a bathing suit! I'll have to give it a go again sometime soon
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  10. Is there no place left on the internet for pedestrians like me? Geez...
  11. Short tops. I've always needed ones that cover my butt and tummy, so am looking forward to short ones!
  12. I had to take my BC in for its yearly service (Buoyancy Compensator Device, the jacket part you wear for SCUBA). Before I take it in, I always take off the accessories I've added (gauge clips, instructor's bell, etc) **and** cumberbund extender. You see, the BC uses clips, straps and a large velcro waistband to hold it in place in the water. When I bought the BC, it wouldn't fit around me. I had to buy an extender (extra bit of velcro). Over my years of diving, whenever I traveled, I would have to remember to bring the extender so I could fit into an off-the-rack rental. And then, at the shop while being fitted, I would have to sneak it on so as not to call attention to the poor fit. I hadn't been diving in over 5 weeks so I thought I'd try it on. AND...drumroll, cumberbund extender needed! Whooo hooo. The BC fits and will shortly be too large and unable to strap down onto my smaller body! Huzzah! My next adventure is the wetsuit that has been haunting the back of my closet. Brand new, never worn, will it fit??? Diving starts again in a month so I WILL need it.
  13. Hi BurgundyBoy, no hiatal hernia repair, just my sleeve. It has occurred to me that perhaps, in my quest to make the foods that are available to me less boring, that I'm using too many acidic ingredients, such as steeping jalapeños in my beef broth to make it more interesting. I like the milk idea and will give it a whirl. Thanks!
  14. Sorry to hear your acid is back @tracyringo. I'm glad your having it tested though. Hopefully they can figure out what is going on and why it keeps occurring. Please let us know how the testing goes on Wednesday. Hugs!
  15. I might just need to get one to wear under my clothes to keep everything where it belongs once I lose the weight....haha! Congrats to you because I can't imagine EVER feeling comfortable enough to wear glad you got to where you are now and can wear one! Where are you going in a couple of weeks?
  16. Take a deep breath..As BB says give it time. Things will get easier. Eventually you will be able to chew real food, and drink more than a sip. It takes time. And you adjust to not eating big portions. When you see someone load a plate at a buffet you will be thinking "my god how can one person eat so much". Your eyes and stomach adjust. Seek out help. You can do it. Keep an eye to your weight loss bucket list (what do you want to do when you lose the weight? Ride a roller coaster, scuba dive, fly comfortably in an airplane seat, bend over to tie your shoes without feeling you are going to pass out???). Life will get easier..embrace this second chance to live..
  17. Love those! for me it was a wet suit! When I got scuba certified 3 years ago, hubby insisted I get one, I thought they looked dorky and I could do without. But I realize now I'd have frozen to death in 82 degree water. Now I'm looking at cool prints in women's wet suits. I'm going to have me one for our April trip. Doubt it will be here for our trip in a couple weeks:). My addiction is jeans:) jewelry, (never felt comfortable around my fat neck).
  18. It sounds silly but for me, it isn't a bathingsuit or anything revealing or tight that I haven't been able to wear before but it is a nice pair of fashion boots! I was just looking at sale papers and saw the fall boots on sale and I love warm fall clothes and I have always wanted boots, but my calves never let boots zipper ! So, next fall, I WILL be wearing a nice, cute, warm pair of boots (similar to the ones on the right here)!!! What about you? What do you want to wear or what have you been able to wear that you couldnt' before if you already are at or close to goal?
  19. Yep, agreed. I bought some before my surgery (on advice from here) so I'd have them on hand should I ever need them. While I rarely do, they do work quickly when I get that stuck feeling. I think my sister has used more of mine than I have...she has a lapband, and that stuck feeling seems to occur fairly frequently for her. Papaya Enzymes are my go to gift for people I know having WLS. I like to give useful gifts, and to my mind these are the most useful things I've found from all my pre-surgery must haves advice.
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  21. That is a great line....we all know the risks of obesity, and so do most people, but they forget to think about that when someone has surgery. Honestly no one takes surgery lightly but you weigh the risks and decide. Even if no one else agrees, I will know I made the right choice for me at the moment.
  22. Thanks GAviv, I’ve been away too long.
  23. Last week seemed to be the time people really started noticing my weight loss. Could be because I finally bought some clothing that fits me. But @NerdyLady, I am also getting the surprised looks as people are asking me how I am losing and I tell them I had weight loss surgery. Almost deer in the headlights confusion on their part lol. So I let them know four things: 1) I started out at 234 pounds (even more deer in the headlights looks). 2) I have lost 48 pounds so far 3) My goal weight is 155 pounds, and 4) I had sleep apnea and it could have killed me... This totally shuts most people up.
  24. @xmandy when can you set up your surgery date?
  25. Good job getting checked out. So glad everything's normal so far.
  26. I hope it turns out to be nothing, but so glad you had it checked out. Keep resting and hydrating....and keep us posted.
  27. So...yesterday I was pretty tired, and today I am even more tired, with some bonus shakiness and lightheadedness. I've talked to my surgeon's PA, who sent me to my PCP for some blood tests. My PCP was all, "Hell no, you're coming in and I'm looking at you myself," so I had a friend come in and take me over. So I got a head-to-toe, my blood pressure taken in various positions, pulse rate measured in various positions, 02 tested, blood sugar tested, heart and lungs listened to, incisions and throat and ears examined, the whole nine yards. Every thing seemed pretty good. Then I was sent across the street to get a CBC panel (STAT!) and various other tests for things like iron and vitamin D and thyroid and a sodium and allsorts. My CBC stuff all came back normal and the rest of the stuff won't be back till tomorrow. Until then, my PCP thinks I might be dehydrated (even though I am getting all my fluids in!!!!) and may be low on sodium. So possibly some post-op version of "keto flu". I'll find out more tomorrow! For now, I'm sitting at home drinking some salty salty knorr chicken bouillon broth and relaxing. I feel like this is nothing serious, but I felt pretty bad after two weeks of feeling great, so I exercised the better part of valor by getting myself checked out.
  28. Hello all. Traveling again...In Northern Virginia today and tomorrow. Seven for all Mankind jeans (size 27), small black Banana Republic sweater, small black J. Crew blazer, Gucci belt and Sam Edelman slides.
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