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  2. You’re doing fantastic! Pick up a 14lb weight and carry it around all day and you’ll appreciate that 14lbs is significant.
  3. Thank you, its been far too long since I’ve been here.
  4. @Amber76bailey what did you get prescribed that worked for you? Are you still taking it? I am on dexilant which is working better but now I am thinking all this hunger every few hrs might be acid again ugh
  5. Is this the way it will always be? For those of you farther out with the sleeve how much protein can you get in? My problem seems to be I am starving every 2 hrs and I am lucky to get 2 oz of protein in at a time and it doesn't matter what kind of protein it is. Now I feel stuffed on an ounce of crab meat ugh. In 2 hrs I will be hungry again
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  7. Hi to all my fellow July 2009 Alumni, It has been years since I have posted. It was great to see Wusang post and so glad to hear that he is doing so well. I wish I could say the same. My weight has been slowly going up over the years. I stay between 175 and 180. I am not real happy with that. Everyday I say I will do better, but it never happens. My personal life is stressful. Husband has gotten a new job working in MD. We live in Pittsburgh, PA. So he travels back and forth each week. It is very hard on him, but I try not to show how hard it is on me...but internally I hold all my stress and I eat my stress when no one is looking. I know that it isn't the best thing and I wish I could figure out a way to stop! I have found a new love and that is Zumba. I do it pretty religiously Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. I should do it every day. I do have a video I can do when I don't make it to class. I also have a new dog and walk her every day, but not any great distance. My biggest issue is that I am having back pain. I just had an MRI and I have disc degeneration with nerve impingement. (Sciatica) I have an appointment with orthopaedic doctor 10/6 but I have a fear of having a shot into my back which will more than likely be what she recommends. I am definitely not doing any surgery. Having this pain makes everything even harder. When I do my Zumba by the end of class my back feels better (which I believe is weird) but I guess it loosens up everything? Well anyway it is good to check in with everyone. I would love to hear from more fellow Alumni and hear how they are doing. Maybe they could inspire me to get back on the wagon. I wish everyone well and hope that you are continuing to be helped from you decision to have WLS.
  8. Thanks, @Dragonfly111! Glad you found the blogs - I was so inspired by so many who went before me and documented it. I hope you find something here that speaks to you.
  9. I definitely have put it out there with the acid thing! I was "hungry" all the time so I thought. That acid and those hunger pangs sure make it seem so.... But yes, I found something that works for me! It's been 3? Years? That seems so not right and I now rarely deal with any acid maybe 1 x per month.
  10. Paul, It is really great to see you back here at TTF. Your wisdom and inspirational weight loss story have been missed.
  11. Hello my Alumni Long time ago (July 2009) I took control of my body. WLS. It has been the best decision I ever made for myself. Today Sept 2017 I maintain at 177 +/- 5 pounds either side. I have enjoyed good health without any complications. I had my gallbladder bladder out just this, year in July but don't think it related, who knows. To anyone considering this operation all I can say is don't hesitate. Be kind to yourself just once and you will never forget or look back on your self.
  12. I've always been a fan of just doing it. In that though, take it a step at a time. Identify the biggest area of sugar intake and cut that back to the bone. Then if no change do it again with the next biggest area...and so on.
  13. Congrats, awesome news.
  14. You've always been an inspiration Tom.
  15. Perfect, Burgandy Boy!
  16. Luckily for me, anything sweet I eat since my surgery makes me seriously miserable. I feel nauseated, I get stomach cramps, and then I end up with diarrhea. I’ve only tried small amounts of sweet stuff 3 times (hot chocolate, a tablespoon of ice cream, a sweetened latte). I was miserable all three times. So basically I don’t even really want to try it anymore. I do know that it’s nearly impossible for me to eat anything I really like in moderation (coffee, chips and salsa, etc). So I’ve learned that cold turkey is the best way to go with anything I’m trying to control. Good luck! You can do it!
  17. @Toto65 How are things going?
  18. ... so maybe our 'toos should be underwear-shaped?? That would solve all the problems!....
  19. Great news! (Plus you may be surprised by how much better you sleep - sleep apnea gets defined in medically relevant terms, not by how much it interferes with your perception of how you are sleeping).
  20. How are you doing? and, can you take a nonsteroidal like ibuprofen or naprosyn?
  21. Let us know how things went...
  22. There is a test called a urea breath test - you drink a liquid with urea and if you have H pylori there is more of an indicator gas made. There is also a stool antigen test where they look to see if there are any H pylori bacterial parts using a fecal sample. Lastly if you have endoscopy they can do a biopsy and look under the microscope for the bacteria. The blood test looks for antibodies to H pylori, but it could be positive because you had it in the past, and not now, so the above are better.
  23. not common to see a posting here where it was of any importance to anyone except us. We just carry around this paranoia that people will characterize us for not eating a lot! Dinner at friends last night - told 'em, they were surprised to see me so skinny, and not a word about my intake. It's becoming a non-issue for me.
  24. @Kio Hard not to pay too much attention to rate of loss, and to build up expectations about exact number of pounds... keep reminding yourself that your path is different than anyone else's! and that you don't need the external validation of the people at the practice to let yourself know that you are happy with your progress. You are losing, you are walking, and even blogging! n.b. Take a look at the corn/crab soup at Bonefish tonight. I've had that there, and at Troquet on South, and as I've slipped back into going out to eat, delicious soups like that are my usual biggest course.
  25. Just awesome! AWESOME!
  26. Just keep to the Plan, it will drop. Perhaps my memory is faulty, but your Path has been just diet as I recall? Maybe an evening stroll would gently boost you in the right direction... Say this because I'm finding that if I don't get my hour of exercise 4-7 times a week then my decline really slows down. I must be one of those people for whom the exercise does make the difference. Just came back from a week long trip where I got no exercise and the food was all salty... and I am 5 lbs up on the scale. I know it can't be real weight but man I did not like seeing that. So now back to my Plan with the knowledge it always works in the end. And so it will for you!!
  27. @Trish13 What a delicious moment! and after all you have been through, all the sweeter. Don't overbuy now out of delight and excitement...
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