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    Today, I saw the nutritionist for the first time today.  It was pretty laid back, I only need to see her four times.  I have lots of homework though.

    A food journal, I have to make a 1 day menu of post op clear liquids, she wants me to get two books, sit and try to take 20 minutes to eat a meal, walk every day.

    My psych eval is next week. I had to fill out 3 pages of questions. Hope it is all ok.


  1. Surgery is scheduled for December 3 at Highland hospital in Rochester,NY .  I was all excited till Wednesday afternoon when one of my infamous headaches turned into a full fledge migraine with dizziness, nausea, and pain from hell... I really was looking forward to celebrating my favorite holiday with my family and a wonderful dinner with all trimmings and tasty leftovers. Instead a trip to the er filled with diulaudin effects instead of tryptophan turkey, a wet washcloth replaced mashed potatoes and gravy, a wonderful doctor and a nurse, instead of satisfying gravy and stuffing. But after it was all done came home slept the night away dreaming of my mom's green bean casserole.  The comfort of ginger ale regardless of a tummy overloaded with good food or bad nausea. I am still thankful that I am having the surgery and gone through all the processes in a short time and all the wonderful people whose stories and thoughts have helped me go through this process with satisfaction thus far and not alone in the journey of stomach town.


  2. It's been over 5 weeks since surgery. The pain is pretty much gone. I only notice if hubby squeezes me too tight. But I'll never complain about that :) . I'm not sure how I really feel about the surgery at this point. My recovery was stalled a bit because I got a head and chest cold ten days out. The sneezing and coughing was hell on my stitches. But I got through that and feel pretty good. Almost all the way back to normal. Hardly any surgical pain left at all. I was off the pain meds fast. Surprised me because I expected worse. It was a good experience as far as surgery goes.

    I have lost a good chunk of weight. About 30 lbs. Eating doesn't bother my tummy at all. I get full fast but am able to handle food well. So well it scares me. I stick to meat cheese veggies and protein but have consumed bread. My choices have been good but not perfect. I've already hit a stall but I'm shrinking in inches. I'm very disappointed about the stall. Have not lost a pound in 3 weeks. And it has me worried that the sleeve won't work. I know stalls happen and my body will lose and stall a lot before I'm done. I just did not expect such a long one so soon. It disturbs me.

    I only had the sip sip problem for two weeks. I can down a glass of water as good as always with minimal discomfort. Just a little burpy. I'm not sure if this is great news or bad news. I get in all my fluid... But is it a bad sign? I can handle 8-12 oz in a short period of time. Idk, but it adds to my worry. Did they leave my stomach too big?

    Another issue I've had since the procedure is sleep disturbance. I wake up in the middle of the night and cannot fall back asleep for hours. It leaves me cranky and tired all day. I've only had a few full night's sleep in weeks.

    Numbness on my tummy. Not at my incisions but a block of skin below. It's a good size area. It's kind of numb and the skin is sensitive to touch.. It boggles my mind. I'm not sure if its normal or permanent but it is bothersome at times.

    Emotionally I think I am a little disappointed. I expected more loss in the beginning. My doc says its fine but I feel like I am lagging and its really bothering me. Should I have chosen bypass? Idk? 

    As far as my emotional bond with food. I'm in limbo. I still get hungry and crave food the same as always. I'm not one of the lucky ones that lose their hunger. I get full so fast that eating is always a disappointment. Just when things start to really taste good.. I'm full. It's just when it starts to get pleasurable I have to slam the breaks. It's getting easier to decline good tasting bad for me foods because the pleasure is so short. It's strange and I can feel my relationship with food changing. I had such a long pre op diet that once I felt good I was eager to "cheat" and taste something yummy... But just ended up with remorse because I can't get any satisfaction from it. I'm a foodie at heart. So its a real change. My brain and cravings just have some catching up to do, I guess... 

    I still have lingering body aches and pains from being down from surgery and how sedentary I've been.. But I'm moving more everyday and already my back feels some relief from the pounds I have lost. I'm hoping that kicking up my activity will get the scale moving again and I'm trying to do more each day..  I can't wait for a change in my overall energy levels.. I'm still very fatigued. 

    Despite my worries and stall I have already had someVictories. I was 375 when I started pursuing surgery. I had 6 weeks total pre op diet and lost a lot before surgery. I had surgery on Oct.19th and I finally hit twoterville!! Woohoo. Under 300!! My first scale victory. I also put on a pair of jeans I have not fit into for 4 years. Most my clothes still fit.. But hang much nicer. Loser and more comfy. All the clothes that have been sitting unworn because they fit.. But not quite right.. Are fitting right. My belly deflated some and all my shirts fit an inch longer. 

    My daughter hugged me and squeeled because when she put her arms around me she could not only touch her hands but grabbed her wrists. She said it was the first time ever that she could wrap her arms all the way around me. That felt good.

    I just am nervous because I was losing so good and now.. Nothing. I'm trying to be patient... But this is the sweet spot for weight loss, I'm in the honeymoon period and I want it to melt a little faster I still have 120 lbs to get to goal.

  3. After six months of the lifestyle program required by my insurance, I was given approval and a surgery date of Dec 11, 2015! And then about 4 weeks ago I came down with a major sinus infection, which is still wheedling out of my body. I'm nervous that my primary care doc won't clear me for surgery -- after my negative chest x-ray and elevated WBC count, he asked me to get another blood test this week to see if things have stableized. I am suppose to let the surgeon's office know two weeks prior to surgery (which will be Nov. 27--during Thanksgiving weekend) if there is an upper respiratory infection. 

    Feeling a bit down about this. I really don't want my surgery delayed past the end of the year. I am ready now for this to happen!! I've prepared mentally, I've cut out caffeine, I've started chewing food slower and not drinking with meals...I haven't even given a thought about Thanksgiving and how I'm not going to be able to have seconds like usual because I'm super excited about a new life!! 

    Ok. Positive thoughts only. Let's get through this week and see what happens!


  4. Today was my first follow-up weigh in at the NUT office. I am down 8 lbs!! :D Hooray! I had a few wobbles last week, dealing with veggies and Halloween candy, but things worked out. My NUT was very happy for me.  She okayed using vegetable juice and soups to meet my quotas. We discussed ways to work in more veggies. I went to the store and bought a ton of veggies, fresh and frozen. I will conquer this monster called Veg.

  5. Latest Entry

    I have a friend who uses a sleep tracker to see times she is in REM, slightly awake, awake and other. I am thinking of downloading it because something is off lately with my sleep. I wake up so tired. As I laid awake in bed this morning, dreading getting up, maybe I can keep my son at home today. Just call in sick so I can get some rest. But that would have been a dirty lie. No one is sick, I would have no rest with two active kids in the house and school in important.

    One thing I do know is that the baby wakes up at 5 am just about everyday. I can hear her crying, go check on her, no she doesn't want water or to be hugged or anything. If I leave her then within 10 minutes or less she is back to sleep. Problem is my husband gets up and makes a bunch of noise. It is an ONGOING issue with him. He is like a damn bull in a chine store. I got to get this man to be more quite at 6 am.

  6. Only 20 lbs. left to reach my arbitrary weight loss goal! I chose 135 because (a) it sounded lovely when I was 262 lbs., and (b) it's a few pounds into the normal BMI range for me. I completely never thought I'd be staring that goal in the face - it seemed like a fantasy.

    I'm about 12 days from my one year surgiversary (Nov 14). I can't believe how far I've come in such a short time and how complication free it's been. I've been so very fortunate. I can't say it's been easy, but maybe simple would be a good description? I've worked hard at keeping my diet simple and restricted. I worry about long-term maintenance, but I believe I can do it.

    I'm so impatient to get these last 20 or so pounds off and hit that magic goal number. The last time I was at that weight was over 15 years ago, so I don't know if I'll want to stay there or go up or go down. I'm 155 lbs. today and in a size 8. Size 8 - A one-digit size number!!

    We are travelling to Jamaica for two weeks vacation in December. It's the first time in a decade that I'm not anxious over the plane trip or worrying if I'll be miserable in the humidity. I'm actually fully looking forward to it. My only anxiety at this point is clothes! I have virtually nothing because I've been very frugal in buying because I'm shrinking so much. I literally have two pairs of dressy work pants, two pairs of capris, five dressy work shirts, and four t-shirts. That's it. Aaaaagh! I need at least one swimsuit, a sundress or something similar, and shorts / capris. And it's winter, so all the stores are selling sweaters. Oy vey. Plus, I don't want to overbuy, because if I reach my goal of 135, I won't be in a size 8, so I don't want to waste too much money.

    This weekend, when we went to Costco, they were selling swimsuits and shorts, so I decided it wouldn't hurt to grab a Speedo swimsuit ($19.99) and a pair of shorts ($12.99) in a size 8, thinking I'd be in them later this month. I tried them on when I got home and they FIT! The shorts went on perfectly (I didn't like the swimsuit - too short-waisted) and for some reason I was so shocked. :rolleyes: I may go back and buy a couple more shorts (at $12.99, I'm not too worried about shrinking out of them).

    Anyhoo, first world problems and all that. I'm sure it will all work out as long as I can find a workable swimsuit. Ha!

    I'm so bloody happy with my weight-loss progress / success. Some days it's like some magical fantasy that doesn't seem real yet. :wub:

  7. This week was a huge week for me.  For the first time in several years I am below 300 lbs!!!  It has been 5 weeks since my surgery and I am at a loss of 44 lbs.:rolleyes: This week I had a check up with my Dr. where they took out my G Tube as well...it felt amazing to finally have that gone.  I have two more weeks before I can really start exercising and really look forward to it. (I know that most do not have a G Tube when you get the surgery but my Dr. does it and although it helps in so many ways with hydration it limits you from too much activity for the first 2 months) 

    At my Dr. Apt he said that my weight loss was on track and that he was really happy with my results so far.  He stated with the tube coming out my activity levels would increase and jump start another round of increased weight loss (I haven't stalled, but am currently loosing about 0.8 lbs a day) Increased weight loss?...um ok!!!

    I am really starting to get excited about the potential of an active life ahead of me.  I think about wanting to go hiking, and buying cloths in a normal, not plus size, store.  This surgery, although painful, was the best decision that I have made for myself and I could not be more excited and happy about the rest of my life:D

  8. First the stats:

    Day of surgery:  Sept 1; 191 lbs 

    Today: Oct 29;  bouncing around between 169 and 173.

    So now I am almost 2 months out and I am in a bit of a pause.  Sigh.  I have moved to fairly normal foods, per the doc, but I think I have slipped back into some old habits.  Grazing and snacking.

    Even though the amount of Grazing and snacking is a severely reduced volume of food....it is there.  I think my brain hunger is based on the weather getting rainy and chilly.  I have fallen back to "but it's just yogurt...it is a healthy snack"  -- when intruth, that same size yogurt is really a meal for me now.  I have to remind myself that there is likely no sick thing as a snack for me any more.  I used to pick my way thru the morning...now that would spell disaster.

     So my plan is to only allow myself into the kitchen to prepare a plate. .. a full meal... and not grab and go.  That full meal may look exactly like the thing I am grabbing and going with, but it represents a break from a long g-instilled habit.

    My husband is amazing--he has taken over prepping meals bc he knows me like I know me. 

    Thanks for listening--I think I figured this one out.

  9. It has been quite sometime since I have updated everyone on what's going on with my surgery. I just wanted to let you know that yes, I finally got my approval and got a surgery date for October 12, 2015, however....two weeks prior to surgery I called BCBSMN to find out something about a prescription and ended up talking about my surgery. 

    Turns out, the hospital that I was scheduled to get the surgery at is not considered a blue distinction facility and therefore not covered under my in-network benefits, and I'd have to pay out of pocket $3,600.00. Which I do not have. So I requested my medical records be sent over to a facility that is covered in-network however, Methodist failed and refused me my medical records, and I had to spent a whole day (literally) running around collecting everything insurance needed in order to re-submit under a new doctor and a new facility. 

    Long story short, after contact the Department of Health and Human Services, getting everything I needed transferred over to UNMC (where I'm getting it done at now) I am now waiting on yet again approval from insurance. 

    I started pursuing UNMC on 9/28 and was advised that it would take a month and a half to get it submitted and approved through insurance. I had my final exit meeting with my surgeon on 10/14/2015 and since my insurance updated what they require for submitting the information I had to complete a session with an exercise physiologist first. 

    I was advised that it would be submitted as soon as possible and after semi-harassing them to get it submitted, they finally called me today and let me know that they were submitting the information to insurance today. The insurance coordinator said it should take about 15 days to complete and have a determination made. Hopefully it is faster since everything has already been approved and all that they were requesting is a switch of facilities and physicians. 

    I'm not getting my hopes up since nothing with this process has gone my way so far...so here's to not getting my hopes up and keeping expectations low! :-D

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    so ...  Surgery was February 4 of this year. Since March I have sounded like I have severe bronchitis with a squirrel stuck in my throat! I finally started going to an ENT  to figure out what was going on. In the process he found nodules on my larnynx and wanted me to have it checked out by a G.I. doctor  because he believed that it was caused from Gerd even though I have had Gastric Bypass... after talking to my surgeon he said that Gerd can still happen after surgery ...  Very slight chance but can still happen. 

    This last week I ended up getting an upper G.I. scope and they found that my vocal chords and my larnynx were pretty severely damaged and very scared - during intubation during surgery.  I am just in the beginning stages of this, but it's kind of sad, and I going to sound like this forever? Yes I am healthier I am 125 pounds lighter and I am still alive but they damaged my vocal chords!  I sound like a man ... hot!

    happier note!  They checked out my pouch  and it is perfect size… As well the openings at both ends are perfect! And my intestines look great. Finally he said my surgeon did a fantastic job!

    any advise?  What would you do if this was you?

  11. daler28

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    I had a revision of my lap band which I had several years ago. My sleeve was done 06/15 and I have recently hit a plateau. I have been ranging from 167-168. It seems like the scale just doesn't want to move. I am active and watch what I eat. How can I get past this I keep asking my self. I know that I have become a slave to the scale and have been trying to stay away. I even moved it down to the livingroom but that doesn't seem to stop me. I still find my way down there before getting into the shower for the day. I just hope that this doesn't last to long.




    SW 218

    CW 168

    GW 145

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    HI, I just had my revision from lap band to ryn bypass on Nov. 4th.  Still in a lot of pain. especially when getting up and down.  I'm  surprised howi feel hungry at times.. wasn't like that when  had the lap band surgery back in may 2009.  anyone else in the same boat and pointers?

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    Good morning TT family, 

    Got the new diet from the doc, starting phase three... pureed foods...yum.... I will start tomorrow got to go shopping first I bought a ninja prep pro just for this... my old blender really didn't work for this part.  So. It's the middle of October and I'm suppose to be on this for the next three weeks, I made a fission to stay off the scale as best as I could I found myself jumping on three times a day and getting confused so I'll try this out... I got a little lazy on getting to the gym but it's more of a time issue then me not wanting to go, I really want to go!!! Not sure if anyone is following my YouTube channel from here but my next one will be up soon it's do I n got be on the insurance process. Well off I go melting away.. till next time...

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    Today I handed in my hospital admin papers. It's all systems go.

    i keep thinking that at this time in 2 weeks time, it will be done! 

    When I was in line today, another lady was handing in her papers too. When I went to leave she pulled me aside and said she overheard I was getting the same operation as her. She has her surgery 4 days before me and was very nervous. 

    I was trying to support and relax her which was weird as I'm very anxious too. 

    She kept saying that I will look amazing once the weight was off especially because I was young! Lol this woman looked in her late 40s, so i couldn't help but say that I am 40. Well she almost died, couldn't believe it and thought I was in my early 30s!!! Geez the past 7 days of dieting, detoxing, 3ltrs of water daily and losing 6kg must be working lol!!!! 

    We wished each other the best :) 


    13 days to go! 

  13. I am doing well.  I have been so busy with my new job and the little ladies starting back to school.  I am down 111 pounds.  I only have about 14 pounds to my goal weight.  There are many positives.  I have decided to train for a half marathon.  I have been running for several months but I felt like I needed something more.  I run usually 3 days a week for 3 or 4 miles but I have recently added Sunday as my long day and last week I did 6 miles.  So hard to believe that I was able to run 72 minutes straight and I didn't really feel bad afterwards.  I feel so blessed to have had this tool to help me reach goals that I never thought were attainable.  Another positive is the energy that I have.  It is amazing.  

    One weird thing is clothes shopping.  I know I am an abnormal female.  I hate it.  It is so hard trying to find clothes that fit that are appropriate and long enough.  I don't want to dress like my teenage daughters or like my mother so this has been a little bit of a struggle for me.  Today I am actually wearing my first pair of leggings.  OMG I love them.  It is like being in workout pants at work.  LOL!!!

    Negative side is my mother.  She is always the first to give me back handed compliments.  Like you look pretty but don't lose anymore weight you face is too thin.  It is hard because she lives with me.  I usually have my husband there to keep me grounded but I am afraid she is going to get a good lashing from my mouth when and if she hits me on an off day.  






  14. No, not Christmas yet. Just a rundown on how things have gone.

    Thursday, 9/10, Surgery Day: got in 15 minutes late, no biggie, waited in waiting area for about 15 minutes, then was called back. Went through the usual Q&A, bloodwork and pee test, and I think I told one nurse my birthdate 20 times. My surgeon comes in amid the flurry and says, "Anesthesia doesn't like your iron numbers. They'll be here in a bit - but it'll be up to them if things are a go." I have severe anemia, and I'd been doing some iron replacement therapy, but you can only do so much in ten days. I said okay, but inside I was a bit rocked - No! This is perfectly timed! Everything's set up! We can't reschedule this! - Aunt C, my husband's godmother who came out for moral support, and who is also a retired surgical assistant, reassured me that in all her years, she's never seen a surgery cancelled because of anemia. And she was right - the gas docs came in, expressed their concerns, and asked me again (I'd already signed the permissions) if I'd OK a transfusion if necessary; "Of course," I said. That's just practical.

    Bullet dodged.

    Things moved fast from there. IV set up (damn that thing smarted going in), pre-op body wipe from neck to feet, prepped and pressed and off we went. Down a couple of halls, and into the OR - the first time I'd ever seen the inside of an OR in all my life - move from gurney to table, answered a couple of questions, and... BOOM, out.

    My next memory was moaning in recovery, swimming up from the surgery... then out. Then up again, then out, etc. I couldn't get out of the sleepiness. They couldn't release me until I could stay awake enough to go home. Apparently, they'd given me too much of the narcotics and my breathing took a dive. Also, when I dozed, my O2 alarm would go off because I'd desat. I'd wake up, be okay, then doze off and the alarm would go off. It suuuuucked. And of course, you can't take walks in the recovery ward, and that sucked too. I wound up being admitted for overnight observation. Boo.

    So upstairs I went. They did let me walk once I was established there, which helped. The stupid breathing exercise thing was frustrating, because of the gas against my diaphragm; I just looked at it in general dislike. They also let me move to the recliner at about 1am, which was great - thanks to the narcotic mishaps, I'd been on my back for about 5 hours and in bed for about 8. Lucky me, I had a good nurse and a good CNA and they made me very comfortable.

    General Status on the night of Operation Day: woozy here and there and bloated like a whale. The gas pumped into the abdomen made my diaphragm sore. Pain management was done well. Did get some sleep.

    Friday, 9/11, Day 1: At 4am I was a freaking ice cube because the a/c was cranked down and aimed right on the recliner; that cold went right through my three blankets. So the nurse helps me out, and I do a short circuit to the hallway and back, go to the bathroom, and get back into the bed. I doze off, and the phlebotomist comes in and pokes a hole. After that, the nurse makes his final rounds and I give up on sleep. The morning is a round of looking warily at queasy pseudo-jello, dodgy tea, and sticking to my water and ice chips; insisting on walks but can only go with someone there, so I can't walk as much as I need to; taking one look through the channels on the TV and snapping it back off; them pumping me with God knows what in the IV. Hubs and Auntie show up at 10, so I can walk more. The shift floor supervisor chatted me up as I walked - I really liked her - and she would be instrumental later.

    Dr F pops in at about 11 or so. "So, would you like to go home?" And I replied in rather piteous voice, "Yes, please." Everyone thought that was funny for some reason. I was just done. "Well, let me write it up and we'll get you home." Awesome. Instantly my spirits rose - whose wouldn't? - but my silly hubs and silly aunt jump into action and get my personal items and start laying things out like I'm being sprung that moment, and I eventually bark at them to knock it off. I was feeling overwhelmed, tired, goofy and sooo done. They retreated to the cafeteria downstairs. The best part was that I could as of that moment walk by myself, and I did. I had waves of goofiness, the dregs of the narcotics still in my system, but I kept walking when I could because it helped. Did a lot of rinsing my mouth out because it tasted terrible.

    When Hubs came back with Auntie, he started watching the clock because our son got out of school at 2:30. He didn't want to go all the way up there, come back to the hospital, and allll the way back to the house. He went and talked to some person who bumped it up the chain, and the floor supervisor I talked about previously expedited things, hallelujah.

    I dozed in the back of the car on the way home. Once there (just before 2pm), I went to the shower, cleaned the hospital yuckies off of me, and went to bed for a couple of hours. Later, the best thing about being home was that I could walk all I wanted and not be tethered to the IV tree. Spent a dopey evening sipping nothing but water v e r r r y  s l l l l o w w w l l l y.

    General Status, end of Day One: home! Still bloated and uncomfortable, though not painful. Incisions let me know if I pushed too hard or went the wrong way. Very tired. Good news - self-care was not a problem (toileting, etc).

    Saturday, 9/12, Day Two: Up a couple times overnight because mouth was leathery and couldn't create enough spit to wet it, so I went to the recliner and would sip, doze, sip, doze in the dark until I could keep spit in my mouth and not feel so dessicated. And they are TINY SIPS - they are not kidding. And I remembered to BURP to minimize discomfort. Dozed some more. Pretty much kept a low profile all day, staying in my nice loose nightshirt after taking my usual shower (being careful to not get any sort of direct stream on my abdomen. Homebound, obviously. Walked a circuit of the house when it struck me, tried to increase my distance every time. In the course of the day, I took three doses of the hydrocodone - low doses, but it didn't matter, because it would knock me right out. Did a lot of sleeping. No attention span. Difficult to stay hydrated, but my pee kept staying lighter in color which told me I was going in the right direction. I didn't bother with protein this day - hydration was more important. One more dose - pretty much gagged it down, so very gross - and off to beddy bye.

    General Status, Day Two: Housebound. Hydration was the priority, and walking to get me moving and the gas moving. Used pain management quite a bit, even if low doses. Diaphragm felt better but tender. No problem with incisions other than the expected twinge here and there. Self care doing well. No complications so far.

    Sunday, 9/13, Day Three: Up twice for overnight hydration (sip-doze-sip-doze in recliner). Goals for today were to try and stay within a relatively normal routine as stamina permitted, and to avoid hydrocodone until bedtime. I actually succeeded pretty well. Still housebound, again staying in my loose nightshirt so as not to irritate the incisions, still dozing at various intervals. Back in the hospital I was told that barring problems, I could start protein drinks today, so I took a large cup of Sonic ice and dumped a Premier chocolate shake into it (something that was tolerable in the pre-op diet), and sipped that sucker over the course of hours as much as I could until I just couldn't bear another sip. I didn't bother with measuring, but I got protein in today. Passing good amounts of gas. I also attempted Jello (wonderful SF black cherry, woke my taste buds up) - I got maybe three teaspoons in before I had to abandon it - and about a third of a popsicle later in the day. No problem with anything I drank today, nothing came back up. I was pretty fried by halftime of the frustrating as **** Dallas Cowboys game, so I took a very small dose of pain meds (to keep me comfortable as I turned in my sleep) and off to bed I went.

    General Status, Day Three: Much, much better day. Got protein in, but still concentrated on hydration, falling far short of the 64oz - but pee still light colored, so I'm okay. Good walking, still in-house; got some alternate items in (popsicle, jello), no problems.  Oh, and I have no problems sleeping on my sides, or getting up, except for that shifting feeling when I do move, probably gas - once the 'shifting' is done, I'm comfortable. Diaphragm less noticeable. Still bloaty, but starting to have gas move, taking the pressure out of the abdomen. Feel better.

    Monday, 9/14, Day Four: Had one hydration session overnight. Got up at 6, took shower, got partially dressed and helped Mr D with getting our son ready for school. After they left, I finished dressing, and got brave: I went on my first out of house foray to the store. Had half a thought about using the powered cart, but no, dammit, I'm not an invalid. Plus, my pride, you know? I caved and got some Miralax because I'd not had a BM since... two days before the surgery?... and things needed to move, pronto. But before I resorted to that, I had one trick up my sleeve - I went to my fave non-Starbucks coffee place and got a small SF mocha. My stomach sure surely didn't like whatever they use for their SF syrup pre-op, so I figured it'd do the trick post-op (coffee is not the issue here, but it didn't hurt). I carefully sipped that sucker, only getting about a fourth of it down, and dontcha know? It worked. Threw the rest away. Thank God. I don't like chemical laxatives like Miralax, and I don't want my body getting used to that chemical signal. But just in case, it stays in my arsenal.

    Experimented: 1/3 of a bottle of orange Isopure in a large cup of Sonic ice, let it melt and dilute. Very successful, but it wound up being the only protein I could stand all day. I did try to do a Pure Protein shake before bedtime, maybe got about two ounces down. It stayed down, no problem there, but just couldn't handle any more, so I didn't push it. Water was still the mainstay.

    Energy is up. I pretty much made it all day. Got tired by 4-5pm.

    General Status, Day Four: Yay! I pooped! Lots of gas out, too, and the pressure is down a lot. Got some protein down, including milk based. No problems. More energy, feel better. Able to take more, slightly larger sips today, too, meaning I was pretty well hydrated at bedtime.

    Tuesday, 9/15, Day Five (today): it was the first night that I didn't have to have a hydration session, but instead got a charlie horse at 430 am. Took a few sips and dozed back off until 6. Had BM at usual pre-op am time without intervention - yay! Sort of dawdled after husband and son left. Got a 16oz bottle of water, and started in: I finished it in about 90 minutes. WOW! It was like the internal swelling backed off overnight. Once I logged that little victory, I got my butt going, because I was on a mission. After two days of sweet-sweet-sweet, I was jonesing for miso soup. And happy day, I found some without MSG. I know the salt content is thought the roof, but dang it, I was happy to find it. Armed with my Isopure in Sonic ice, I went to my appointment for iron replacement therapy, burned two hours there, and then home to the best tasting miso soup I've ever had. Of course I didn't eat the solids (seaweed, green onion, tofu), but who cared? It was great. I also had a SF popsicle. I later experimented with pudding with no problem, but I decided not to push it. Pick up son, tie in with home help (lifting restriction, of course), and ran out of gas at 430. Didn't sleep, just rested in bed with phone. Drinking as much water as I can before bed.

    General Status, Day Five: Feeling more like myself. Can tolerate milk-based things (yay!), and miso! Pretty darn good day.


    So, there's the update. No, I'm not measuring, logging or weighing. Water is my priority this week. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  15. Tuesday will be 5 weeks post op. I still am unable to eat anything that is not liquid or pureed....is that normal? I'm still struggling with my water intake and protein. I have days were my food has been stuck for 12 hours before I was able to vomit it up. I can also feel everything go down which tends to be painful, including water. Can't complain about the weight loss...start 326... Surgery date 316....today 256.
  16. Latest Entry

    So I have started my new job and I LOVE it. I now work at an involuntary evaluation and treatment center. It is basically a psych ward. I do admits and discharges.

    I have lost 117lbs and and 3 lbs away from being under 300lbs. I have been going to the gym regularly and swimming. Aside from my back hurting I am starting to feel like I have a new lease on life. Yesterday while at the gym my trainer put me on a leg press and put it at 320lbs and said "Hey that is more than what you weight now!" That was surreal, so she wanted me to leg press my former weight of 419lbs, I did it, it was hard. She wanted to try too so she sat her small self down and pressed with all her might and couldn't move the press. She just looked at me and said I don't know how you carried all that weight around. Neither do I, but I did for years.

    My tenth wedding anniversary is in a couple of weeks, 10 years ago we didn't have any money so we don't really have any quality wedding photos. Literally there isn't one picture of us both facing the camera. A couple of weeks ago I was able to FIT into my dress! I wore it around the house for like an hour. So I have contacted a photographer, she did family photos in December and let her know what I want to do. She is excited and I am in planning mode. On my wedding day I went to get my hair done and came out looking like a alien, my hair was pulled so tight. I ended up going home after and using baking soda to pull all the hair spray out. and then just wore my hair straight and down. This time I want to do victory rolls, my hair is red now, and used to be brown, so I think the dramatic hair will rock! I am planning to do a classic cat eye and red popping lips. I am making a few mementos for our pictures too so that we have a prop in the photos that show 10 years. I am so excited to have this opportunity

    My work schedule is weird so I am not on as much as I used to be, but know that I am rooting for each one of you and here if you need me!.

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    Hello all. First let me thank you all as your stories have helped me prepare for this journey.

    I am 6 days post-op from Gbp and am still pretty uncomfortable. The pain is about a 5-6 and I just feel like crap. The surgery was pretty long (5 hours). Dr said I had a lot of scar tissue from prior abdominal surgeries.

    I guess in wondering when will I start to feel good again. I feel like I have gas or something trapped in my lower esophagus but liquid is passing and I'm also confused by what appears to be hunger pains. I can stand or stomach the protein shakes so I've taken to eating yogurt and instant breakfast.

    Any advise to make this tough time any easier?

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    I'm on day 3 of my 5 day liquid diet. DAY 3! I'm getting the hang of this. Discovered a way to satisfy my need for savory foods. Most protein shakes are so sweet, my tongue says, "Enough already! No more sweet stuff!" So I bought some unflavored protein powder. Now I can add it into vegetable juices or beef broth, etc. I'm also enjoying Campbell's Healthy soups. Just strain or puree the tiny bits of onion or such. Yum!

    Keeping my energy levels up has been a struggle. Having a boost of extra protein helps and keeping the water up helps too.

    I'm surprised, but the thought of fast food is losing its appeal. I'm hoping it goes away completely after surgery.

    Oh. Here's a perk. I've lost 7 pounds since I started the pre-op diet. I can't remember the last time I lost 7 pounds this fast.

    So, just 2 1/2 more days and I'm on the next step!

  17. ok, so I was going to play it smart and not weigh myself until my 2 week check up. After all, I have a lower BMI(start at 32), so I am not going to have an amazingly fast weight loss. I also tend to retain IV fluids forever, and everybody knows that any weight you lose is "just water weight" so it doesn't count....and I have been steadily increasing my fluids every day, so my goal here is to play it smart.

    So I got on the scale yesterday and it reported a number I haven't seen in a long while. So thinking that it was probably bouncing around, I quietly recorded it. I mean, i have mainly rested since surgery, nothing like the intense exercise I have done for several months leading up to surgery. I mean, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if I gained weight...that is my track record.

    Holy cow! i am down 9.5 pounds on Day3 Post Op! My bmi is 30.9, and I can hardly believe it. 185.5!!!

    Of course my belly is still swollen, from the surgery, but yowser! I am definitely on my way!

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    Hi. My name is Dawn. I am using this forum to document my WLS journey, so feel free to travel with me...... I will need your support and experiences at some point!

    I have struggled with being overweight all my life. In 2002, I hit my all-time high weight of 250 pounds, moved to Arizona, and lost 75 pounds because I was golfing 3+ days a week while walking the course in 100+ degree Arizona summer! Then in 2005, I injured my back and neck and, over the course of the next several years, I regained all the weight and then some, putting me at my new all-time high of 255 pounds. At 5'1", my BMI of 48 put me in the classification of morbidly obese, and nearing super obese! Funny thing is, although I knew I was overweight and hated the way I looked, I would never had considered myself morbidly obese. And throughout my life, IF I told someone how much I weighed (which was not often), I always heard "no way" or "you do not look it" or "you carry it well" or something similar.

    However, now I was not only suffering from chronic pain and fibromyalgia from my injury, but my knees and hips were starting to hurt, and I knew it was only a matter of time before my health really started to deteriorate. I turned 47 this June, and I have a disabled adult son who is wheelchair bound and whom I need to be able to care of for many years to come, so I decided that I needed to take serious action to lose weight and improve my health. Actually, I had already made some other changes in the past 1 1/2 years, such as giving up ALL fast food since May of 2014 and quitting smoking on March 27, 2015.... both of those major accomplishments were before I had decided to seek bariatic surgery.

    My Primary Care Physician and my Pain Management Providers both recommended me for bariatric surgery and I received my referral to a great Bariatric Center of Excellence for consultation in July, completed their 20-page patient package (which included weight history, weight loss attempts, etc. since childhood!), and watched their required (and very informative) 2-hour WLS seminal video (twice!). I had my 4-hour WLS consultation on August 18th -- it included 4 written psych tests, meetings with the surgeon, a registered dietitian, an exercise specialist, and a financial planner, and finally a 1-hour counseling session with a psychologist. I weighed in at my consultation visit at an even 250, so I had already lost 5 pounds, even with my recent smoking cessation! It was a good thing that I had already quit smoking, because it was a requirement for surgery anyway, so one less hurdle I would have to clear. Another hurdle I found out about at the visit was that I would have to give up my Diet Dr. Pepper :( I can do this.....

    The following week, I had the necessary pre-op lab work done. Now was the waiting game.... waiting to hear from my insurance on authorization. I was a bit worried because, although I had MANY weight loss attempts in my life, I was not sure there was any documentation of them in my current medical records (the one doctor monitored program I had done was in California more than 10 years earlier, and those records were no longer available). My loss in 2002 had not been medically monitored, but even if my doctor had noted that loss in my records, it had been over 10 years ago and those records were likely destroyed also (medical records are required to be stored for only 7 years).

    On the afternoon of Monday, August 31, 2015, my life changed! I received THE letter from my insurance company.... my surgery had been APPROVED! I tried calling the office all day Tuesday but they were closed for some reason (turns out the entire medical building was evacuated), so I called and left a message first thing this morning, and the surgery scheduler will be calling me back by the end of the week. All I was told today was there are several things I must do before my surgery (one is attend a nutrition class), and the scheduler would go over everything when she called me back.

    I am so excited and cannot wait to find out my surgery date!

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    Ok.. I talked with the Doc and he says NO HIGH EMPACT exercise !! I love hiking and trails, and My doctor says no, because my weight is still heavy and could cause damage to my knees and hips. He says Pool time, and stationary bikes!.. and I thought hmm.. a bike would be GREAT! So! I pulled out my old mongoose.. you know the one.. that time when we thought "Hey I'll get a bike and ride my fat @$$ off!!" lol.. and then you ride it 3 times and never look at it again.. well Mine got left out behind the storage shed, and went to pot.. It took a weeks worth of pulling it apart, and replacing cables and such.. and I'm proud to say that since Friday I have put 12 miles on that old bike !! I'm 360 ish.. but the weight I have lost has made it possible for me to ride that thing like the wind!! I just wanted to share with you guys !! I couldn't be happier!

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    So I'm new on here and new to WLS and everything is happening so fast.

    Right after Memorial Day I landed in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer on a hiatal hernia. Thanks to a genetic disorder my blood doesn't coagulate properly so I was severely depleted. 14 units of blood later, 2 hospitalizations, and several trips to the ER, and a whole mess of tests, I finally got diagnosed properly. And that's when the sleeve came up. My surgeon recommends it to help prevent future problems. I jumped at the idea since weight loss has been a problem most of my adult life.

    So here I am. Not able to sleep because I'm too excited about all the changes about to happen.