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  2. Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill
  3. Thanks @Jen581791! Not only is this timely, but I love participating in studies. I feel like it is study karma. Maybe the universe will send me participants for my next study? Like @Smashlee83, my kid is extremely picky and willful. If she weren't so cute, I might send her to Bulgaria to live with baba for a while.
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  5. Best wishes Tom. Hopefully they can deal with it quickly and get you back to work.
  6. Glad to hear you're back home surrounded by those that love you. Sorry for not responding earlier, but I'm actually spending most of my time spring cleaning my home and gardens in prep for another surgery myself on Monday. It's nothing major, but the recovery means I'll be stuck away from home for at over two weeks, and no housework for three months, so trying to get the place clean and tidy to come home to.
  7. Same here! I've never had to use so many pillows just to get a good nights sleep. I'll have a cast on one leg from least I won't have to get used to the pillow between the knees this time around. Haha!
  8. My program counted anything liquid at room temp towards the fluid goal so protein shakes definitely count. So does jello, Popsicles, etc
  9. Everything turned out great, almost no pain. A little bit of dizziness but I think it was due to the pain medications. Now I'm having trouble with the liquids and protein
  10. Question guys, my program requires for me to drink 64 oz of fluids and 70 grams of protein. Can I count the liquid in the protein shake as a fluid? I been trying to drink all of that but I just had to stop right now I'm feeling so bloated and full
  11. I hope these medications help you! I don't know anything about sucralfate either, but pantoprazole worked for me for years. Praying for continued healing!
  12. Delicious!! as to your question, no colostomy for any period of time. It was laparoscopic with five incisions. One incision slightly larger than the rest as that is where they remove the colon from. Like I said, tough recovery but worth it.
  13. I am a thrift store champion!
  14. @BurgundyBoy!!!!! Are you back? I want to hear every last detail of your trip "home"! I'm in for Starbucks. I go to that Starbucks all the time. My diabetes is fantastic! My morning numbers run about 90-98. I have had a few days where it's been 112 but I chalk that up to late night mango snacks. My A1c is stable at 6.1. WLS is the best thing I've ever done for myself. I want to go on a road show touting the good news that is WLS for diabetics. Thanks for asking.
  15. @delilas D'aw! You are so sweet. Now if my hair would stop falling out in clumps, I'd be happier! I owe you a message! I'll get to it soon. xo
  16. Thank you @CurvyMermaid! There is nothing I like more than a good rant. You should see me yell at the radio! In all seriousness, I appreciate the kind words.
  17. 5 days post-op Doc trying to get me to go full liquids but can hardly tolerate anything but clear!
  18. I really hope they can get you in quickly. It really is no fun suffering with sciatica. That's the sucky, sucky part of back pain, etc...not being able to do the things you love that involve mobility. I'm so happy you love what you do, and pray you can get back to it soon!!
  19. Exactly!!! I have the same pain, sitting in my dinning room chair and my spine hurts from the back of the chair, my tailbone hurts when I sit very long. I have to put a pillow between my knees while in the bed on my side because I dont like that feeling when my knees are touching
  20. Will let you know, Trish. My consultation is on Tuesday, and I'm hoping the epidural can be next week as well. I hate not being able to work, I'm lucky, I love what I do even after retirement age!
  21. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! His grampa and I feel the same way!!! His hair doesn't usually look like that...he was sweaty after a nap and I poofed it with my fingertips, lolol!!
  22. If I missed responding to any of your posts, please forgive me. I'm so blessed to have so many of you here on TT that show care and concern for me, I was having trouble keeping up!! Lol ❤️
  23. Thank you, I've had a tiny bit of relief today by maxing out my meds, which I truly hate to take them, it did help at least a little bit, and I'm quite sure hugs from all of the women in this group who have sent me lovely supportive messages would help much more than that! Thank you all, it means a lot to me. I love you all!
  24. Thank you, @valslosinit ❤️ Your prayers for me mean so much and are so appreciated!!
  25. Thank you so much, @Raddy The prayers are greatly appreciated!! I'm feeling much better tonight.
  26. Your little one is adorable,your little one is adorable!
  27. Thank you, @Trish13, for the super big squeezy hugs!!! They're the best! And thank you for your prayers, they were received, gratefully ❤️
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