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  3. I mean, realistically, I've made certain kinds of decisions already, and every day is full of decisions—I guess it's just that they're not the REALLY hard ones for me yet. Like, deciding to eat primarily whole foods that I prepare myself and log with a kitchen scale and MyFitnessPal isn't rocket science, but that doesn't mean I didn't decide to do that. I decided to reincorporate fruits and vegetables, to not sweat minimizing carbs too hard as long as things were in balance and I was hitting my protein; I decided how to grocery shop and how to eat from a takeout menu or at a restaurant and all that jazz—but a lot of that relied on work that I'd already done in my many years of eating disorder recovery, so YMMV based on your own background. Besides which, I tend to think many of my current decisions will have to adapt to changing norms for a good many months yet, so it's really just a surfing day-to-day thing a lot of the time.
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  6. Im not letting waiting time fuss me at all and it is over 6 months now for me since I knew I would have to have surgery. I've used the time to research,research and do more research. I've watched everything I could find to watch, and read everything I could find to read. I've searched out recipes that will be useful at each stage of recovery and purchased smaller serving size freezer storage containers and smaller dinner plates. Even more importantly though is I've used the time to change my lifestyle and eating habits. I figured that if I couldn't do that before surgery then what was the point of having surgery. I have lost over 45lb and that has in turn decreased my risk of surgical complications. Looking back on the past few months I actually wouldn't have it any other way. I exercise more now and I eat high protien/low carb. I know now that I can do this after surgety because I'm demonstrating that I can do it now. Sure it would have been nicer to lose weight more rapidly by having surgery more quickly....but the reality for me is that I feel so much more ready now than I did 6 months ago to deal with such life altering surgery.
  7. Good to know! I'm a planner, so I can't really help thinking of the grand scheme and implementation and whatnot. I'm also drowning in down-time at the moment, which amps up that tendency... Reality and pouch issues will kick in with regular food, I'm sure.
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  10. Thanks for your kind and caring words. I need all the help I can get. I am a person who prays and truly believes in miracles. Best........
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  16. Wife and I have been married 20 yrs and we have both be over weight most of our lives. I am pre-op 15 days, but the subject of me losing a lot weight has come up. She told me likes bigger guys and has grown to love me the way I am. She is having a hard time visualising me being smaller or even skinny (dare I say). I think it will all be good and make our love stronger, but is there anyone here who lost a relationship over losing weight?
  17. Ok, how did you stop the 6 month pre op requirement from feeling like it would never end? I need tips or tricks because its been 1 week and im going obsessively insane. Also, my surgeon said I would be able to count all prior consecutive dr appointments toward the 6 month goal. Before being referred for WLS, i saw my PCP in Nov, then skipped dec due to holidays, and then saw her again in Jan and Feb. I can definitely use jan and feb toward my 6 month req., but would LOVE to be able to go back to Nov and get around 4 months of the 6mo req. Ive been on dr monitored diets for many years and stopped most recently due to pregnancy and delivery recovery. Im not new to restricted foods. Has anyones doctor filled out that youve been to a weigh in when you didnt? Sounds so illegal and im sure if it is, my dr wont do it. I just hope she will!
  18. Thanks Jerry and Cheesehead. I have bought a few things as to try and get into the pre-diet softly. I am really enjoying different shakes and the Isopure unflavored seems to agree with me now. Hopefully that won't change. Not really looking forward to pureeing any meats, but I am thinking of hot carrots and protein powder and tomatoes or peas the same way. We'll see how it goes. Getting excited.
  19. Honestly, I feel like I'm just getting to the point of having enough room beyond compliance to think about what I eat in a systemic way, and I'm almost 7 months out.
  20. Welcome! I second that, many tastes change post surgery. Mine really didn't change drastically but even now something I've eaten or drank and liked will all of a sudden be a no go. I ate eggs early out, now they look and sound good but when I try them, I gag. Hated coffee pre surgery now drink iced decaf.. I no longer like hamburger. I stocked up on broths but only managed 1 box, don't like broth and it took forever to get through with 2 oz at a time.. if you can, find them sample packets are sense in buying a big container of something that you aren't going to drink;). Whey isolate is best..
  21. Welcome to TTF. I see you are in South Florida. What hospital are you having your surgery at? I had mine at Univ. of Miami Hospital about 15 months ago. I advise you not to load up too much on protein drinks, other drinks and food too much before your surgery, as your taste buds will likely change quite a bit after surgery. For example, my beverage of choice before surgery was spring water, but I needed more flavor in my liquids after surgery in order to drink the quantity needed. Wait until after the surgery, and then try samples of various kind of drinks in order to find ones that you can tolerate in large quantities. The Ninja blender is a good idea, as it will be especially helpful during the puree and soft food phases after surgery.
  22. Wow! You look amazing!! Worth every last penny.....xoxo
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  24. Mark, I suggest for food ideas and recipes, she is years out from bypass and has an excellent site. Congrats on your surgery! I have no regrets and in the last 4 years no complications! The worst early out was constipation. Being cold constantly started a couple months out and hasn't improved. my belly is obnoxiously loud (sounds like a haunted house with creaks and moans)...but I would do it over in a heartbeat!! Make the most of your honeymoon period! Follow your doctors orders to the letter!! Good luck!
  25. Hi Aedin45 and welcome! How are you feeling?
  26. Lookin better than Kurt! You're doing great Marc!
  27. Is there anyone who could do a scope on you, now?
  28. He told me to stay on the protein shakes and to try and find a doctor to do the test on me that's needed. I have been trying. But all the tests I'm needing. My family doctor told me there's up to and Year waiting list and that she would send off the paper work and that some won't even see me as I'm not high risk enough.
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