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  2. @Cardamom77 Four weeks is just around the corner! I'm happy for you. I did not have any pre op requirements. I was told to try to eat low carb for two days and a light dinner the night before surgery. The night before was tough because I was staying in the gastronomic part of town. As folks have said above, every surgeon is different. Trust your doctor and her/his orders. If you follow the instructions, you will be fine. On a side note, I spent many years traveling to NWA for business. You live in a beautiful and lively part of the country.
  3. Atta girl! I love your positive attitude. We should all be so lucky to avoid falling into negative places. Through my WL journey, I've been in and out of Goodwill a dozen times. As you get smaller, you will actually have choices! When I was obese, I would pray that I could find a skirt in a size 18/20. Now I find anything I need. You'll be there in no time.
  4. Congratulations to you both!
  5. I’m very excited even with all my worries. Just can’t wait to get over the surgery hurdle and onto the real journey of a healthy lifestyle and learning what works for me!!
  6. @BurgundyBoy that's a great idea. Next time someone finds a crock of a weight loss product, they can start the thread! That'd give us all a laugh....and a focus on how desperate ppl are to lose weight, so "cutting your stomach out to have proven weightloss" suddenly doesn't sound so crazy!!!
  7. Don't gooooo!
  8. funny thing, @Jen581791, I decided to have a relaxing evening watching tv....until after the 10th food commercial of melting cheese, I got up, turned it off and went to walmart to get some liquids. It was distracting enough but produced its own distractions! haha! I will have to switch to Netflix only stuff and get another distraction....wish I was motivated to clean instead!!! Maybe after a few days when the hunger subsides, I will feel differently but I am actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow to be busy enough to not be hungry!
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  10. sounds wonderful're doing great! I'm anxious to hear about your weigh in next week!
  11. Glad you sailed through the test. My surgeon told me he was impressed by how much I knew - I had researched the heck out of everything before I talked to him! I think in the weeks leading up to surgery, after you've made your decision, you're probably right to avoid the negative stuff. You KNOW it's there, you know it's possible, but there's no sense worrying about it unless it happens. Positive thoughts! Good luck on the pre-op diet. Shopping while hungry is not fun. I think the best strategy is to distract yourself with activities you don't normally associate with eating (taking a walk, doing something with your hands like knitting or crafting or playing video games, or taking a bath). You just have to power through it. For me, it was useful to make a list of things I was looking forward to doing/wearing/feeling - it helped me to keep my mind on the positive outcomes.
  12. @Jujuseven, on purpose I am not reading anything negative...if I have anything happen, I will have my dr talk me through it but it isn't worth the negative energy I would need to spend on the what could go wrongs! I suggest reading only good things like the "My only regret is that I didn't have this done sooner" posts Good luck on the surgery!
  13. I'm still adjusting, learning a bit more about my body. I don't see changes, but people at work and in my life say they can see me loosing. Walking taller and stronger then I have in a long time, so I guess that is my feed back. We are always are hardest critic, and I was blessed to not really have much pain after the surgery. Also might be because I had some cute nurses and I was trying not to show off any measure of pain was feeling But I don't really regret the surgery, it had opened my mind to how I was and gives me a setting stone to the path I'm building ahead of me. Making sure not to fall on bad habits, and while I am not exercising as much as my trainer/doctor might want.. I am pushing myself a little by little each day in how much I walk. My next weigh in is on the 31st, and from there will start planning my stride through the holidays.
  14. @AustinJ, do yourself a favor and get rid of what you can now...because I want to clean out my refrigerator so the tempting things are gone but I don't really have the strength too tonight, as I fear I might cave and snitch something I shouldn't have. I see two bags of apples I bought last week and a container of potato salad my ILs brought over and I am nearly salivating at having one right now. So, get rid of things while you can. I know I can do this (you can too!) but finding the fortitude to be honest to it, will take all of our strength but it would be stupid of me to go through my refrigerator right now! I also told my sweet husband that he is in charge of dinner duty as I am not cooking! He is a fabulous sport about it, as always so I have no problems with that. I also switched seats w/ him tonight so I was at the other end of the table near the kid that eats like a bird and only a few things (he's autistic) so I wasn't tempted by what the others are having. Are you getting pretty pumped about it coming up? (not the diet, the surgery?) I just want it over with at this point. If they offered to do it today, I would have stayed and had it done!
  15. Good to see you, @Melina89! Please continue to update us. I think of you often.
  16. It's totally normal to feel this way! So normal, in fact, that my surgeon has started prescribing xanax for the two days prior to surgery and the day of. Don't be shy to ask for some if you need it. Hugs. You'll do great!
  17. You will have to keep me up to date on how the pre-op diet is going. I have 10 days of the pre-op and start on the 28th. You can do it!
  18. Well, if we're chopped liver, at least we're high in protein!
  19. Good job getting through your busy day! And way to ace your test! Won't be long now!
  20. So today I started my 2 week pre-op diet. They all seem so girlfriend lived on yogurt....but I can't have that at all. I get protein shakes, broth, diet drinks, sugar free jello and popsicles and hard boiled egg whites (which sounds great...something to chew! I have some cooking now!). Well, I haven't had diet sodas in a while but I wanted a few for these next two weeks so I ran up to walmart and got some things. I never buy crap when I am out, but honestly I swear I could literally HEAR the food screaming out to me! I saw silly things like a cup of cooked popcorn shrimp in the warmer at walmart and and I would never in 1000 years buy that but it was looking so good. I am starving and I expected that and I know I really can DO this it was just a little overwhelming going through the store. However, I survived! I came home, cooked the eggs, poured myself a diet dr thunder (Walmart's Dr Pepper) and had a bowl of cherry jello (it was sugar free but still too sweet!) Funny thing is I just want to go to bed and wake up with one day done and only 13 more to go!!!! haha! I spent the day in the city getting all of my pre-ops finished and having my final appt with my surgeon's office (seeing the NP). It was very real but also very relieving that I am almost there! First thing I had to do was to take a "test" was super easy but they wanted to make sure I knew what I was getting into. So, I took the test in a matter of 2 mins if that (I am well educated on everything from being on this board!)....and of course, I got a 100% on the test and I joked that it was pretty easy and she said "you'd be surprised how many people get quite a few wrong!" After that, she talked about the surgery, the risks and I had to sign the papers saying I could die...etc. I really am not worried about it...a little anxious to get it over with, but not nervous. I think I have seen you guys go through it or talk about it and I am just ready to do it! The other thing is I refuse to listen to the negative! Actuallly when I see a post here with a negative title, I don't read it..I will after I am through this, but for now, I don't want to hear the horror stories or hear what COULD go wrong. I am a nurse (not practicing right now) but I know the risks and I know the complications of any surgery, but I refuse to dwell on them. IF I have any issues, I will deal with them at the time but I refuse to give them any thought right now. I am a big believer in the power of suggestion and I don't want to know any side effects etc and come up with some problem just because I know to expect it. So, I am going in very positive and not worrying about what COULD happen....I am just going to believe what WILL happen...I WILL get thinner!!! We told the kids tonight, they really couldn't have cared less. I haven't told the adult kids because I haven't seen them but I plan on it this week or next. (definitely before the surgery!!!) Today I weighed the highest I have ever or ever will weigh in my entire life and am so glad to see it will start going down from here!!! Onward and downward!!!
  21. Are you breaking up with us???
  22. It's based on the findings of the guy who invented the RNY (back before the sleeve was a thing), and his experience with his patients. It's certainly worth a try - I'm just getting towards the point in my journey where it's relevant, apparently. It doesn't sound low carb enough to be keto, but if that's not working at the moment... I hope you can drop those last pounds, but regardless you've already lost an amount that has brought the benefits of health improvements and lifestyle improvements that are so important
  23. I hate the lack of activity that used to be here, TT was an incredibly enormous source of support for me and everybody else going through the process -- but the reality is that every forum I used to love has moved to FB and while I loathe and despise FB, the people I've come to know and love on forums are there and they are more important than my opinion about FB.
  24. My gastric bypass surgery is scheduled for wednesday and I’m beyond nervous. I’ve played it cool up until now but now it’s really all feeling real and I keep reading horror stories and scaring myself. From strictures to dumping to leaks.... I’m paranoid! Don’t know why I torture myself like this but I do, lol. Also having super mixed emotions about the fact I can’t have solid food for god knows how long... on top of having not eaten anything in two and a half weeks... ahhhh. Anyone in the same boat pre op or is anyone post op who was feeling all of the emotions like me lol! I’d like to hear from you all. I just want everything to go smoothly! I’m a worrier 100000%.
  25. @BurgundyBoy As always, you give wise advice and encouragement. Despite my cheerful demeanor on the forum, I excel at cutting toxic people out of my life. However, it is difficult when that toxic person is your MIL who is a presence in your life. You are right. We do need to protect ourselves from hurled rocks and stones. This is the advice I would give to a friend in a similar situation. Nevertheless, it's not advice I apply to my own life. Grr. I've moved past doubting myself and into the anger stage. I know the only person this anger hurts is *me*. I will let this go soon but it's a reminder that I should continue to keep her at arms length. Again, thank you.
  26. @kristinwitha_k I will have to read Captain Awkward's advice. You are correct when you say that there is no winning. She is disapproving of our "lifestyle". We don't have a huge house, fancy car or live in the suburbs. This is all by choice and we are happy with the life we are living. She can't brag to her friends that her son has flashy things in America and this bothers her to no end. She is insecure, so she chooses to nitpick whenever she can Thanks for listening.
  27. @kisten1210 My best friend needs a dental implant and I recommended A Lighter Me based on your rave review.
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