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  2. Walk, Dwayne, walk. It will help with gas pain immensely!!
  3. Thank you!
  4. Thanks!!!
  5. Yes, unfortunately, I'm aware of this fact, lol. I averaged about 3 pounds per week after my initial 12 pound weight loss the last time I started out, and I know the majority of weight loss the first week is water. I'm a little nervous to see how it's going to play out this time since I no longer have my thyroid, and a lot of thyca patients don't do well trying to lose weight. I think I'll do well though. How can I not on 800 calories and 50g carbs a day, right?
  6. Don't compare yourself to others:). I have really bad ankles and other than getting 10,000 steps a day at work, I don't work out. I eat pretty much the same things every day. I try not to put temptation in the house. That said; I love to cook and bake. If I bake it goes home with our adult kids or to work. Above all, I get my protein in, always have. Until I get 4 oz of meat in I don't eat anything else. Some meals I don't get 4 oz in. And I've always gotten my water in. Early post op I set an alarm and drank a 2 oz shot glass every 15 minutes. In 8 hours I had 64 oz in. Water and protein are your friends; carbs are not... It will take a while to figure out what works for you.
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  8. Welcome to the losers bench. We are here to support you. Your life as a thin, healthy and active person awaits you if you can stick to the diet.
  9. I kept it completely quiet at work. People say funny things sometimes, but mostly let it go. There is only one lady who regularly asks me if I'm feeling alright when she happens to see the size of my meal. I told them I was on a medically supervised diet. I think 6 people are now drinking protein shakes for breakfast
  10. Great job. You made it. Welcome to the losers bench. The next couple of weeks may be tough, but hang in there. Life as a thin, healthy and active person awaits you.
  11. Made it through to the losers bench. Have a hard time sipping and my gas pain is pretty intense. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
  12. Made it through to the losers bench. Have a hard time sipping and my gas pain is pretty intense. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
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  14. Thank you so much for your advise Carina. Cheesehead, you seem to be doing really well. Do you have any advice? How often do you work out? I am wondering if 5 days a week should be enough or if I should go to the gym every day?
  15. I'm 3 years out and I still can't eat meat or dairy products! I've switched to a mainly vegan diet and get my protein from shakes or beans. Everyones stomach is different! I thought i'd be back to eating normally by the 1st year. Sometimes I see people who had the same surgery just gorging down cheeseburgers and french fries like nothing! I hope your tummy feels better soon xoxo
  16. My mom is quite the conversationalist as well. I think she is as supportive as she is capable of, but sometimes I really want to punch her in the face. She knows I had surgery, but continues to offer me cookies and candy. She is obese and has myriad co-morbidities because of it, but only wants to take another pill (as does most of America, I might add.) She is always commenting on other people's weight and says stuff like "Look! Did you see her? She's got such a huge behind!" I recall how much her mother, my Nana, shamed her and I about our weight and I realize I have to be the one to break the shame cycle. Whoopie! She is 86, so the hope of having her change significantly has long since dissipated. As I re-read the last paragraph, I realize I am not the poster child for the compassion team either. I am trying to appreciate her for what she does bring to the table: a sharp wit, a sense of style, refreshing bluntness (when not directed at me), and a love of my children. Realizing that food is her only comfort in a pretty uncomfortable life is sad more than anything. She has been through a lot with me and my brothers, not to mention my father (that is a whole other post). AHH! I just thought of something! There are no real boundaries in our family, so I continually have to reinforce what I will and will not do with my mother and my brothers. Maybe this is the issue with your mom. I have gone so far as to say "If you continue to talk to me about, ask me about, or other wise engage in (said topic) I will have to leave or hang up." The tricky part is following through without anger. and then doing it like 20 more times until it sticks. I can't control her (Lords knows I've tried), but I can decide how and when I will interact with her. It's hard not to take things personally. I brought this up the other day while apologizing for a backhanded remark and she told me she heard herself saying things to me and thought to herself. "Why would I say that to her?" I guess if I'm keeping it about me, we can still have a breakthrough. Ha!
  17. I told people I'm on a low carb, high protein doctor supervised diet. I was judged for being overweight all my life and I didn't want to be judged to my decision to have wls. 4 years out and I work at a different place where no one knew me as overweight. I'm normal:) Tell them you decided on "vacation" that you wanted to get in shape and be fit for your next vacation.. I actually decided to look into gastric bypass while being a beached whale on vacation. We went back to the same place 17 months later and I was 120 pounds lighter:) not a great picture
  18. I kept my surgery really private when I was actively trying to lose weight. When people would ask about my weight loss, I'd just tell them that I don't drink anything but water and I cut a lot of stuff out of my diet. Now that I'm at goal, I've been a little more open about having surgery, primarily with people who have their own significant weight issues. I just can't look at someone who is struggling to lose weight and is trying to figure how I succeeeded where they keep failing and omit the fact that I used an amazing tool to drop all this weight. That just seems mean and WLS has been such a blessing for me, I would be the first to encourage someone if they wanted to do it. But for "normal" people who ask, I don't mention the surgery, I just talk about how I massively overhauled my diet and reduced my portion sizes.
  19. Keep yourself focused on the reasons you are doing this. Not everyone gets a do over. I had so many health issues I was sure I was going to die on the table. I nearly got up and left the OR, if I had, I wouldn't be where I am today. The unknown is scared but you can do it. Once in the hospital let them know your worries they may be able to relax you. Good luck! Looking forward to seeing you on the losers bench:)
  20. Ha! So far I've resisted looking at those videos! I can't think of much besides the usual suspects like keeping yourself occupied, a little exercise, lavender oil etc. Maybe someone else will be of more help. Mine's in three weeks; I'm not nervous yet, but I'm sure I'll be checking the suggestions when I'm closer to the date! Good luck.
  21. So like an idiot I watched a surgery video of someone having gastric bypass surgery done and now I am scared. I am not scared of a specific thing happening. More of just wondering if I should do it. I am NOT getting gastric bypass because I don't like who I am or have a low self esteem. I am doing this to be healthy, stop the family cycle of obesity, and to hopefully cure my chronic gastro paresis. I know it needs to be done, but I keep thinking is it worth it. I had my gallbladder taken out by this doctor so I completely trust him, but things go wrong. I am not a big believer in taking medications so does anyone have natural suggestions of how to calm my anxiety? Thanks everyone.
  22. I am glad to share my story with you all. I used to be a very fat angry girl with no particular dress to fit until a friend recommended Ii read up about Phentermine: aftrefew weeks of taking action of the info i got i lost upto 12 pounds within three weeks of using Phentermine. thanks to kate who introduced me.
  23. I tell people, but that isn't for everybody. I have received NO negative reactions in 4 years, and personally, the only reactions I care about are from family and close friends. A work colleague who I only see once or twice a year told me this morning that I should start eating something -- highpoint of the morning!
  24. other replies have said a lot of what I would, but i have to say that now i truly love the compliments. i will even say, "thanks, I FEEL great!". you will get there.
  25. Hi Jay. We are spirit animals. I have told a grand total of 5 people. I am just about 14 months post op. I don't plan on telling anyone else, and the truth is, the further out I get, the less of a thing it becomes. I've been at goal weight since October and close to goal since August. People are getting used to seeing me smaller. During active losing, you're going to get a lot of compliments and questions, some bonehead will ask you if you're sick, another dummy will say you're getting too thin. We are a nosy and curious people. Thankfully, we also lose interest pretty quickly. So you'll get all that feedback, but then once you're at goal for a while, it will calm down. people will get used to seeing the thinner you and will stop commenting and questioning. If you've decided to keep your WLS private, hang in there. Before you know it, no one will bat an eye anymore. ride it out, it'll pass. good luck!
  26. I TOTALLY agree about not overthinking it, and I thank you for that. My experience has been that people compliment for other reasons as well, and that not everyone's motives are pure. I'm a little paranoid. I don't have to react. I can also trust my gut, say thank you, and keep going. I went for my 6 week follow up with my surgeon and nutritionist yesterday and they said I was right on track weight-wise, but needed more water and exercise. My friend, Jane, keeps telling me to play the triangle. That is, I'm in the band known as Gastric Bypass and I'm not the lead singer, lead guitarist, bassist or drummer. I need to listen to my team and you guys who have gone before me, following directions and not making up my own rules. I need to remember my best thinking got me to 315 pounds at one point. It's really hard when you think you know everything. I hate the damn triangle! Lol.
  27. Trish! I've thought about you several times and hoped you were doing well. Welcome back! So happy to hear you are cancer free! Can't believe it's been a year already. time flies. that baby is delicious. love his name, too. he looks like a perfectly adorable reason to get your butt in gear. giterdone! xo
  28. I was open about my WLS but I know that isn't for everyone. Some told enquiring minds that they were following their doctor's weight loss programme.
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