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  2. HELP!! I am 1 week post op and I WANT FOOD. 2 weeks of liquid only was fine for 6 days, but now.. I want so badly to grab a mushy piece of tuna from a pouch and have it. I'm mad, sad, depressed, angry, frustrated. I am trying to keep my eyes on the prize, but it's on pepperoni right now. What got yall through these hard times?
  3. Welcome! You may be amazed at how small you really are. I was always told I was a large frame-in actuality I do have huge hands (as big as many guys) and I still have big feet-I wear men's tennis shoes. And my shoulders and rib cage are still big but I wear medium shirts and size 2 or 4 jeans..I used to wear a 2xl. I ditched my health problems (diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney issues). I can do things with my grandkids I never could with my own kids (sledding and going down slides). Keep a sense of humor and keep your eye on the prize.. good luck on your journey!
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  5. Wow. Still not at goal but getting there. Started exercising again so maybe that did it.
  6. I used both an ice pack and a heating pad, whatever felt best at the time. This is a normal issue at your stage. Congrats on a successful surgery and your weight loss!
  7. You're welcome. It's Bariwise brand. I order mine from Their regular flavored hot chocolate is delicious too.
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  9. The first few months my energy would go in spurts. Some days would be great, I could tackle IKEA and not feel like I was pushing it, but then I'd feel hungover for a day or two. It took a while to even out, so I didn't worry about it since it wasn't constant.
  10. It is definitely easier and part of why I got my sleeve. I wanted to be able to play with my niece and still breathe!
  11. Welcome Buddy! You won't look ridiculous; you'll look healthy. I was just saying to another new member that the health issues that are obesity-related begin to improve in a very short amount of time post-op. Be encouraged. In addition, I take much less medication for anxiety post-op. I hope that is the case for you, too. Eating right and weight loss does something to affect the overall wellbeing of the brain, I find.
  12. Welcome to TT! I had fear the day I walked in for surgery; that's normal. Trust me when I say you're going to be thrilled when you no longer require a CPAP and your knees no longer ache. The things we accept when we're heavy really aren't ok. Someday soon post-surgery you're going to feel revitalized and you'll find yourself amazed at the big and small ways your body responds to weight loss. Sometimes we don't even realize the impediments the extra weight has placed upon us. Then when we experience daily NSV's, it's like, "Whoa! I can't believe it!" Surgery is not a panacea, but it is a tool that can aid in greater long-term success than just dieting alone.
  13. This forum is my primary support group and has allowed me to succeed long term with my weight loss surgery. I strongly suggest that you commit to visiting this forum every day or so for at least the next year (unless you have a great in person support group). This forum will give you information, inspiration, and a feeling that you are not alone and really can do it. Geoff
  14. I started at 356 and it will be 4 years in March, have been hovering about 200 for a long time. Once in awhile I'll come across an item of clothing that hasn't been purged yet and I'm always amazed I was ever that big. Welcome to the losers' bench, this is an excellent community for support!
  15. Hi...I'm new. I was always the strongest guy in the room. 5 foot 6 200 pounds. 20 inch neck, wide shoulders... size 50. Turned into a bad food addict. My top weight was 355. I am now 321 as I prepare for my self pay v sleeve on Jan 27 2017. I have sleep apnea, sore thighs, size 5X shirts, 56 short suits, 5 EEEEE shoes...on various depression, anxiety, ocd and adult adhd. I am exited about living... I have a huge frame...wide shoulders. I am wonder if I will look rediculous after surgey as i a now 54 year old
  16. Good luck I'll be thinking about you, 1 day before mine
  17. Thank you guys! I know deep down it's the right move before I have health issues, now other than a cpap and knees hurting I am healthy. But I know that is short lived, as am I if I don't change. I'm going to put my head down and trust the process. I didn't think the support group thing would help me but it does, knowing I'm not alone, I appreciate you guys. Cody
  18. ShrinkingViolet2 - thanks. Is mocha-flavored high protein hot chocolate a concoction that you make or is it premade for purchase? Thanks.
  19. The crazy thing is that I don't especially like diet Pepsi, but it's in my top three sodas, diet Coke, Pepsi and diet Pepsi ... habit.
  20. Even at my biggest, I loved doing 5K's and the occasional jog, but no matter how hard I pushed my body I could never get passed the 12 minute mile average (sometimes 13). 80 pounds lighter and I did a 9 minute mile like nothing the other day and I didn't feel like I was dying! Exercise DEFINANTLY gets way easier!
  21. I found it strange too as most of my infections were in the abdominal area. The person I spoke to at the clinic said that they are seeing a lot more approvals for arms and legs. I am not sure what else they had submitted to get the abd approved i'm just glad it did Good luck with your surgery. That is a good price for everything you are having done. My surgeon said that without insurance coverage it would be $5-6000 for just the abd. Hope you will share your results with us too. I am planning on posting before and after pictures once all is done.
  22. I also am very sorry for your trouble. As far as I can tell, however, pancreatitis is not a common side effect of the sleeve. You may well have gotten it even if you did not have a sleeve.
  23. Good for you! Keep in mind that your tastes are going to change a lot after surgery. Things you never liked you will love, things you love will make you sick. There's nothing wrong with picking up food from the deli. Instead of getting fried chicken I get a rotissiere chicken. My daughter usually eats the dark meat and I eat the breast. And then I can take the rest of the meat off and boil the carcass and make chicken soup. Cooking for one person is a challenge. Be careful with the cooking shows. I never used to watch them and then this past year I started to because my daughter loves them so much and it calms her down. (We've been through some very stressful changes.) I found myself suddenly craving sugar and chocolate. It of course coincided with the holidays so people were bringing stuff into work. And I gained a few pounds and went "holy crap, this stuff is real!" If I'm going to watch a cooking show I have to remind myself before hand that I'm going to see things that aren't good for me and set the intention that I'm just watching from an outsider point of view. I lost the pounds I gained. But lesson learned! I'm almost to my three year mark and so far so good! I wish there were a cooking channel just for healthy food!
  24. Thanks so very much for subscribing to my daily emails, DebiW. The support that I get from WLS patients on forums like ThinnerTimes or on their personal blogs, combined with my own research and reading, and then putting that into action has made the vital difference in my success. I find the real world experience of people just like me who have been through this to be both inspirational (if someone else can do this then so can I) and educational (oftentimes giving me valuable insights that I did not get from my doctors). DebiW, you got this. Just put one foot in front of the other. Take it one step at a time and keep moving toward your goal. It will be hard sometimes but you are strong. And the rewards are so very worth the effort.
  25. Ha, I was just posting about how I had a dream last night about Diet Pepsi. It is crazy how we can be addicted to something for so long and then it's just gone.
  26. I was just joking with a coworker who is in her late 40's about how our younger doctors are saying things to us now like "at YOUR AGE, it's going to take longer for you to recover." Sheesh. But it's true. It took me five or six weeks before I started to feel like I resembled something like a normal person. My surgeon did say that a lot of people just can't feel energetic until they can eat animal protein. I refused to eat pureed meat so basically I didn't have any animal protein except for broth for like four weeks. Once I was cleared to eat real meat I felt so much better. I guess I'll never be a vegetarian. And I was tracking everything in MFP so I know I was hitting my protein goals. I guess I just need dead animal flesh. LOL. Everyone's recovery is different. I know it's tough when you feel like you are the slow poke but it'll happen soon enough! Edit: Also it depends on what you are withdrawing from. If you had a history of heavy coffee or diet soda use, your body is trying to adjust to not having that (I would hope). If you are used to having a lot of caffeine and now you presumably don't have any, your body is going to be really tired. I just had a dream last night about Diet Pepsi. I used to drink it all day for years and years. And I think I've had maybe three in the last three years when I was in a place where there wasn't any other caffeine, and I just shook it up and tried to get as much of the bubbles out. But yeah I don't miss it in waking life but I really wanted one in my dream. LOL>
  27. Start tracking everything you eat in My Fitness Pal. Recognize when you are eating out of boredom or sadness and when you are truly hungry. Get in your water and protein and focus on that. Good luck to you!
  28. I think it's normal to have second thoughts. My surgery is scheduled 2-6 and I have had some second thoughts. Especially since I have to be on the liquid diet so long. Between this sight and sitting down and writing out all the reasons why I know I can do this I have been able to work through those thoughts. I know journaling isn't for everyone but it might be worth a try.
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