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  2. Warning, partial hijack of thread, apologies: so more seriously besides the vanity issue, and the subjectivity of what is beautiful -- beauty is clearly in the eye of the beholder: is beauty a quality because something delights us, or is delight the perception of beauty? As I recall this is what Augustine wrestled with... The most serious issue is the stigma, discrimination, humiliation so many suffer when obese. The sharing of our lesser appearances is a novelty for many of us. The imputation by others that obesity is a moral issue is horrible. You use the almost demure, polite word "sensitive" about pics of yourself, which I must assume is born of the discrimination you suffered. FYI there is an article today in the New York Times about Gabrielle Deydier's "memoir of growing up fat in France" by Alissa J. Rubin. The book is entitled "On Ne Nait Pas Grosse" ("One is Not Born Fat'). In the article, she is reported to have rejected WLS because she dislike having the idea of having a functioning part of her body removed, and was afraid of the social isolation (having to eat 5 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones). Those of us on the other side of surgery made a different calculation. I can only suspect she does not yet have the health issues that many of us have also factored in... but obviously this requires reading the book. Also referenced is an article by Jane Brody on August 21 2017, 'Fat Bias Starts Early and Takes a Serious Toll." Fat bias in children aged 9 to 11 is as strong as implicit racial bias in adults. ... and she refers to a Dr. Kahan who wrote that "obestiy has been called the last socially acceptable form of prejudice, and persons with obesity are considered acceptable targets of stigma." So I get the reluctance to post pics. For me I am finding it a kind of liberation. It doesn't address the underlying societal stereotyping and prejudice.
  3. Beautiful.....keep up the great work. Your starting stats are similar to where mine were at my highest weight. Believe me your goal weight is still there, and can be achieved.
  4. Absolutely beautiful!!!!
  5. Oh of course I love it, complete BS to say otherwise. In my youth I "learned" that a lot of that praise was insincere or ephemeral, and so I discounted it ... while secretly wishing I could garner some too. It feels very odd, even superficial, at 62 to be posting pics having all my life been the polar opposite. I guess this is what living on the Wild Side after WLS is like.
  6. Hope revision is soon, Good Luck For the education of Newbies and Lurkers could you explain what the "getting stuck" meant? Thanks!
  7. BS BB. Go on and admit you love all the compliments you get when you post pics here! Good for you though....I wish I could be less sensitive about pics of me. Will probably never happen aversion to cameras goes way back to childhood.
  8. Looking great. The only photos people have of me are ones taken with a telephoto lens. Haha....yes I was that bad when it came to cameras coming out!!!!
  9. [ Sly Aussie - only post pictures of my stunt double. ]
  10. I didn't take chargers, rather I packed a small "juice bank", a rechargeable battery pack that then is used to charge your devices via a usb. Here in Australia many hospitals won't allow you to plug in electrical appliances unless they have safety test tags on then. The juice bank doesn't have to be plugged in as long as it's charged before you go....So no need to find power points or take long cords. The other advantage was I could keep it and whatever was charging in my pocket where none could steal it. I've used a pillow pet for years as my hospital go to pillow. It will wrap around the handle of an overnight bag (so takes up no room), folds under you arm to keep that raised while an IV is in place, and opens up fairly flat to sit under the car seatbelt when travelling home.
  11. I've been taking One a Day Women's Petites, but I take 4 a day (2 in the morning, 2 at night). They're a dream to swallow, though. I'll let you know how my bloodwork looks next month.
  12. Hi! To start: you're totally normal! I'm the weirdo who went back to teaching aerobics 2.5 weeks after surgery, but the rest of the day I was wiped out! I'd feel annoyed when people would say they had so much MORE energy than before surgery. I bought a seat to sit on while putting on my makeup. I didn't have the energy to stand up long enough to do it. Finally, around 10 to 12 weeks after surgery, my energy returned and I felt like myself again. It will happen, and it really won't take long. The nausea can really get you down. My vitamins were making me sick. My doctor switched me to Flintstones Complete twice a day. As soon as I could (3 months out or so), I switched to One a Day Women's Petities, but I have to take four of those a day. By any chance, are you on ursodiol for your gallbladder? I was on 2 doses of that a day but, it was giving me so much nausea & diarrhea, they cut me back to one dose right before bed. That really helped. Being emotional is normal as you lose fat and release the hormones stored in it. Well done losing 30 pounds!
  13. Welcome Karen. Hope all goes well with your upcoming revision. I love mine, and it's so much more effective than my old surgery ever was. Plus waking up from surgery and never suffering reflux again is pure bliss!
  14. Unless of course you post photos of yourself!!!! Welcome to the forum CDB! Glad to hear it has already helped you. Hopefully it will help you even more as you travel this path so many before you have.
  15. Thanks, @NerdyLady! The home stretch is a good place to be!
  16. 43 is amazing! Soon you'll be at goal. Congrats!
  17. I had a stall at three weeks out and I was stressed. Like you and many before me, I was petrified that the surgery didn't work. Hang in there and eat your protein. Your stall will break and you'll continue losing.
  18. Ohhhhhh, we're halfway there! Ohhhh ohhh! Livin' on a prayer! I couldn't resist! Congratulations on this wonderful milestone. Before you know it, you'll be at goal! *hugs*
  19. Hooray @tracyringo! I can't believe that 41 pounds are gone. What am I saying? Yes I can believe it! Your hard work is paying off. I wish I had taken measurements. I have pictures of myself in my manties (I wore men's underwear for years and my husband called them manties) from the night before surgery but I wish I had measured as well. Do it, lady. Well done, my friend!
  20. @EMHMaine Starting with the positive, hooray for a successful surgery! I'm glad you had little pain and your medical treatment went well. Now for the challenging part. I felt bizarrely alone when it came down to the lack of energy. I went to a support group meeting for people who had WLS and one gal had run ten miles...six weeks after her surgery. Meanwhile, I was dragging and sluggish despite hitting my protein goals. I don't think that I had any energy until six weeks or so after surgery. I forced myself to walk every day but by the time I got home, I was wiped. A theory of mine is that I was in poor shape prior to WLS. Other than walking every day, I had no exercise. I think strength training would have helped me bounce back faster. Again, this theory is based on nothing but my own lazy thoughts. You may want to ask @cinwa about Calcium Citrate. She is much wiser than I am and can provide you with great information regarding supplements. All my best to you. Huzzah to a healthier life!
  21. @CJireh that's definitely no fun for her then! Nifty to come across as it is a super rare reaction, but it certainly sucks for your daughter! Keep us updated.
  22. This is just what I was thinking. I was still pretty wiped out by everything at one month. This, too. @Madhouse, you're stealing all my material @EMHMaine, I'm glad you're being proactive and staying in contact with your team and having tests run and stuff. It's probably only a combination of your body and stomach still healing and getting adjusted to getting fewer calories and nutrients for the moment. As @TammyP asked, are you getting all of your protein and water in every day? If you're having problems with that, try to get those numbers up (unflavored protein powder in other foods that are gentler on your stomach, like soup or yogurt, warm herbal tea for water, etc) and your energy levels will probably follow in a couple of weeks. When I was recovering, I kind of thought there'd be a time when I'd wake up and feel normal (like after being sick for a few days) but it was really, really gradual over a couple few months.
  23. I like the Super-Sciency (c) arrows swirling around the body. Very convincing. The patch will make the arrows happen, and with all that swirling, who WOULDN'T lose weight???
  24. I was taking the chewable Flintstone vitamins until about a week ago when my foolish dog decided to get ahold of the bottle. I came home to a vomited mess of vitamins ... he was fine. Ugh. It keeps slipping my mind to get more and I also wondered if I should switch to a different version that I can swallow. I don't know anything about calcium citrate. The nutrition program at my location was pretty lackluster. I have been hitting my protein requirements until about a week ago. This nausea issue really has me concerned. It is now overwhelming me whenever I eat anything, including protein shakes. Water doesn't seem to trigger it. I barely got anything down today because I would start to eat and it would kick in. I took the prescription nausea medication they sent home with me, but it doesn't help. And not to get too detailed, but I have gone from having firmer stool back to diarrhea every few days. I will be curious what they say about my labs. When I talked with the PA, he said that a number of my levels were "borderline" at the one week appt. after surgery. I really hope that they shed some light on my fatigue and also what might be now causing this nausea. I assume it can't be anything really bad like a blockage or a leak? As far as feeling like I am eating less, it is much more pronounced than a few bites. I feel like I am getting full halfway through a portion. So I will be sure to share all of this with the PA on Monday.
  25. @delilas I appreciate all the info. Her cough is a dry extremely nagging one that keeps me up in the next room. No meds helped it. I told her not to take her Topomax and it's been out of her system for almost two days and she feels so much better (I didn't mention it being the med side effect bc of power of suggestion but it is amazing how it stopped) I haven't heard her cough all day. I hate that bc she seems to react in weird ways to EVERYTHING! I am frustrated over it so I am sure she is doubly so. I had an appt w/ a neuro for Thurs and cancelled it to see what the Topomax would do, wish I hadn't. I am going to see if I can reschedule it for when I am home after surgery so I can go w/ her. Hoping to get some help from him.
  26. aren't they? don't you love how you have to wear it right on your belly button??? What could be funnier? But, man it is worth it...I love the sexy body when you're done! Want me to order some for you too? I might import cases of them to share with you all! Watch out, Bariatric're out of a job!!!
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