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  2. Saying Hi to Ya'll

    It's always good to see you posting Marie and congratulations on still being at a comfortable weight for your height.
  3. So a co-worker who had Plantar Fasciitis said magnesium helped him a lot with inflammation. Is this safe for me?
  4. Saying Hi to Ya'll

    I've stuck around since this was a Yahoo group, some 14 years ago. I got to goal weight (135 at the time) in 8 months, kept losing and a few months later, to 120. Lowest was 114, too skinny for me! Overtime, life got busy and I was back up to 155. Now, I hang out around 125-130. My waist is so tiny, it's hard to find clothes to fit. Who thought it would be hard to find clothes when you're at a healthy weight????

    A lot of us found that warm drinks go down way easier than cold ones Paige. Try some warm tea (I like Celestial Seasonings - especially the fruity flavours).
  6. Going to Kansas City need suggestions!!!

    I was wondering how your trip went and where you ended up eating?
  7. Newbie!!!

    Hi, welcome! Your kids are going to thank you for this eventually - and for quitting smoking, congratulations! These are going to affect your quality of life for many, many many years. I'm in Massachusetts - a lot of us seem to be from this area. But there are some Alaskan folks wandering around, too! I wouldn't worry too much about recovery, honestly. You're young, you'll heal fast. I was moving around as easily as before a few days after surgery, and was living life as usual after two weeks max. I would say the most important thing is not letting your kids jump or bounce on you for a while - that could get dicey - and don't pick them up for 6 weeks if they weigh more than 10 lbs. You may be a little more tired than usual, but you should still be able to get done the things you need to get done. What's your support system like? Friends/family? Hey, at least you'll be doing this in June when it's going to be light out all the time - I can't imagine trying to get through this in the cold dark Alaskan winter!

    Hi all, wouldnt you know as soon as I get home, walking around, bending to the floor and such, I started passing gas they didn’t have me so much in the hospital, they literally let me lay in bed and watch tv the whole time I was there. The only time they made me get out of bed was for a shower lol. In the past 5 days I’ve lost 8lbs. I’m afraid I’m not getting in the amount of liquids throughout the day. They want me doing 40oz then work my way up to 64oz. I’m barely hitting the 40 mark. And that’s weird for me to say because I’ve always been one to drink a bottle of water in under a minute. I’ve noticed any time I sip liquids my chest gets a fullness feeling. So that’s what stops me from drinking what I’m supposed to. It doesn’t feel good. I would have to take a sip, wait 2-3 minutes then take another sip. I don’t want to revolve my day around sitting there sipping but it looks like that’s what I’ll have to do just to get everything in.
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  10. Turkey and stuffing ?

    Potatoes have a lot of vitamin C and some varieties like russet have a few grams of protein. I've always been a good Irish meat and potatoes guy. I don't eat potatoes that often, I just don't ban anything completely. My sweet tooth is long gone, so sugars have banned themselves from my eating plan.

    Obviously they love you. They even like to provide you with surprises! Next will be the gift boxes and discount certificates...
  12. Hi Im New Here.

    Congratz Ronny and welcome to the loser's bench!!!
  13. Artie's Surgery Date

    There'll be a warm spot waiting for you on the losers bench Artie.
  14. Newbie!!!

    Welcome to Thinner Times Xmonamia!
  15. Newbie!!!

    Hey guys! I'm new here! So I'm a mom of two, living in alaska. Im 25 right now, and I've been overweight my whole life. I've had this battle with food, a love/hate relationship. So here's some info about me! Height is 4'9" Weight is 165 BMI 35.6 With diabetes, high cholesterol, herniated discs, kidney and liver diseases. So with my BMI being 35 plus having 2 or more comorbidity my insurance which is medicaid covers for it. But one of the requirements is a 6 months supervised weightless program with your general practitioner. So that means I'll be getting gastric bypass in June 2018. I'm really nervous and excited! I've quit smoking cigarettes, 15 days tobacco free! It was really hard too, but I'm glad I was able to cut that out. I'm almost a month into my 6 months program. I'm a little nervous about the recovery, I've got a 6 year old and a 1 year old who are so energetic. I have no idea how I'll be able to handle everything after recovery. But for now, I'm really just trying to get all my requirements together and maintaining my weight. So hey everyone! Where are you from?!
  16. Want to learn more

    Oh, yeah! Your wife and I would get along well.

    @BurgundyBoy I will be the second test subject on the probiotics and gas. HA! I take them now and have for quite awhile. I never put the two together but, I never had a single issue with gas after a colonoscopy or my gallbladder surgery. many others that I know did have issues with gas. I guess that I will find out again very soon. I went to my pharmacy today to pick up a script. Big surprise to me was that they had a bowel prep kit already filled for me as well. I had no clue my preop colonoscopy had already been scheduled. No clue who the Dr that will be doing it even is. lol I knew that my surgeons office was making the appointments. I just haven't heard back from them yet with any information. Dates and times would be very nice to know.
  18. Want to learn more

    The sous vide water circulators are thin cylinders with an electric cord, and can pack under the sink or elsewhere. If you use your sink, or a standard tall pot, as the water container, then when you'r done they just go back to their usual spot. My Perfect Wife abhors appliances so this works for us. Our microwave broke and I am having great difficulties getting her to agree to its replacement. I think sometimes her ideal kitchen = coffee pot, one hot plate, and that's it.
  19. Artie's Surgery Date

    Will be thinking of you, Artie! Post when you are able to.
  20. Met With Surgeon

    That is true, BB. I have already learned that remaining constant on this forum will help a great deal for support. It seems like many of the people that disappear turn back up a few years or so down the road with issues or regain. Support seems to be a big part of the puzzle.
  21. Met With Surgeon

    It won't be. Just use the rapid loss period to build the good habits for the years and decades of excellent health ahead of you.
  22. Met With Surgeon

    Me, it was BBQ ribs e.g. full slab. Now I have 1 or 2 and that itch has been scratched and is over. Important to think about enjoyment of food NOT being the amount, but rather the beauty of it, the company you share it with, and the pleasure (for some) of making it. WLS for some means a kind of divorce from the pleasures of food, for others it means a rebalancing. I LOVE to cook for others and make them happy.... and eat my bit or two.
  23. Met With Surgeon

    I will give it one helluva shot. That is for certain. Keeping it off will be the biggest challenge. Hopefully not as much of a challenge as it was before surgery.
  24. Met With Surgeon

    Everyone here has lost and gained and lost and gained and has well-founded fears of failure. THIS IS THE ONLY MEDICALLY PROVEN WAY TO LOSE WEIGHT AND KEEP IT OFF. You are choosing a procedure recognized by the medical profession and scientists as the only way to lose weight. You'll lose weight.
  25. Met With Surgeon

    I will admit that I have been having one long food funeral over the last month. I have what I have seen others talk about. Eating things that I know I will not have again in the portions that I am able to eat now. I must get myself in gear very soon. It is getting close!
  26. Met With Surgeon

    It must have bioperine (black pepper) in it in order for a person to be able to absorb it. I would never have believed how well it works if I had not tried it for myself. I am determined but still a little fearful that I will fail. I have been determined so many times. Lost the weight and put it back on. My problem is sugar and carbs. As long as I can keep them under control, I will do well. Thanks for the vote of confidence
  27. Met With Surgeon

    I do not drink any alcohol. My middle sister was an alcoholic and just passed away from cirrhosis on Oct 21. It has given me an aversion to alcohol. At least for now. There is no danger from alcohol with me at all. But, I have also read people talk about what you are referring to. It is good information to have.
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