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  2. Now I don't have any issues but before the surgery I had a lot of reflux, heartburn. Doctor mentioned that they would end with the bypass. Thanks for answering me.
  3. Good luck!! I'm so excited for you and can't wait to hear all about it!
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  5. I did not.. do you have issues with heartburn?
  6. I am back in the U.S. (I had by bypass 25 days ago in my home country) and I am wondering if any of you had to take one omeprazzole pill for 6 months as well? My doctor told me to take one 40g pill a day. I haven't found omeprazole with this dosage so I am just curious to know if you guys had to take it and which dosage was prescribed? Thanks
  7. Just over 3 months ago - March 20. Hope you get sorted out re: liquids and get out of your stall!
  8. Um, does this mean 4th time is the charm for @Vaultgirl72 if we count her delay? I may not have enough fingers to count this high....
  9. Good luck. We are with you.
  10. I didn't have to fight for my above average weight loss, but my doctor is quite thin and French-born (which I think has some effect on her cultural expectations of thinness and what is "normal"). I know she told me that I was good at about 10 pounds heavier than I am right now, but I haven't seen her since I lost this weight and don't expect to see her for a long while. But I know when I called a plastic surgeon for a consult and gave them my height & (current) weight, I was declared the "perfect" size with an "ideal" BMI (somewhere between 19 & 20?). So, it really is all perspective to a certain degree, Personally, I don't buy the idea that our bones and supporting structures are designed for a bigger me. First off, that substantial percentage of lean body mass that we lose during weight loss? There's a scientific theory that there's "obesity tissue" that develops as part of your fat free composition that is formed to support your fat and that's part of what we lose during weight loss. Your body simply doesn't need the extra vascular and related tissue once you lose the fat. And I have hardly any excess skin, so that's a moot point in my case. I'd be shocked if I had more than 2 pounds of excess skin across my whole body, so that argument doesn't hold any weight (pun intended) for me. Second, you won't be skinny fat if you lose the fat. It sounds obvious, but there it is. Our bodies prefer to burn fat to muscle. There's been plenty of studies demonstrating that, while some muscle loss does occur, even in the extreme starvation conditions, our body is still going to use up our fat supplies. Keep going until you're down to a healthy body fat percentage. And, third, dietitians aren't necessarily physiologists. They're trained in nutritional needs (and as many posters have experienced, not all of them are even that well versed in that when it comes to WLS patients). They're not really in a position to be advising you on whether you should stop losing weight unless they are consulting with someone who has or themselves have substantial knowledge beyond just dietary & nutritional studies. And finally, you can build back muscle once the fat is gone. It seems completely counterintuitive to encourage someone to stay heavier and carry a higher amount of fat mass instead of encouraging you to work on losing that fat, then shift the focus to gaining muscle. This is why I read, read, read scientific journals, consult with people who have extensively studied exercise physiology, sports medicine, etc and then challenge "professionals" when they try to spout off opinion disguised as medical fact. Or I just smile and nod and then go along my merry way doing whatever I intended to do anyway. Just my thoughts....
  11. Thank you so much! I ordered the camelbak eddy water bottle and bought some popicles/jello - I very much appreciate your suggestions!
  12. I am ok, thank you! I have to be more mindful about getting my liquids. This is a lot more difficult than I anticipated. I really do appreciate all the kind words and support!!!!
  13. Checking in with everyone. At the hospital and waiting for things to get going for surgery prep. Will check in again soon!
  14. Yes @BurgundyBoy, still a go for me Wed and hopefully a go for @Vaultgirl72 today!
  15. Aw, thanks dude! Appreciate it.
  16. Too true!
  17. How long since you had your surgery?
  18. Thank you so much for your encouragement. I have had a couple of setbacks so I am going to start over with just liquids until my stomach settles down.
  19. Wooohoooooo way to go!!!
  20. I eat out once or twice a week and for the me the secret is to eat items off the appetizer or side dish portions of the menus (or go to a small plates or tapas restaurant). I totally ignore the main dish and desert sections of the menu (except that a very plain piece of fish or chicken as a main dish is fine). For example, if I go to a typical "red sauce" Italian restaurant, I will order two of the following: a cup of soup, a small salad, a high protein appetizer, or an order to meatballs. I skip the bread and the desert (except to sneak a bite from my dear wife's desert ). If I am not driving, I will have a nice glass of wine (I am at my goal weight, so I am allowed a few more calories and I really like a glass of wine at dinner as long as someone else is driving afterwards). In general, Mexican, French, steak, fast food and pizza places are the hardest for me to find a good meal at. If I am really careful the rest of the day, I can have an Indian, Chinese or Thai meal - these tend to be much higher in calories.
  21. WOW! Fantastic! Congrats, you must be so proud. Love that sass in the second pic!!!
  22. LOVE seeing posts from vets further out. Thank you for posting and congratulations on your long term success! It inspires me! Xo
  23. Wow!!! Awesome job! I. An definitely see it in your face. Keep up the good work!
  24. Hope you are doing ok...
  25. Hoping all went well...
  26. Today at my 3 month visit with my surgeon I mentioned that I would like a "normal" BMI have just crossed into the sub-30 world. She essentially laughed at me (we have a good relationship) and said I had not considered my excess skin and all of my support structures (bones, tendons, etc) that were designed to support my bigger me. Those inflate our BMIs. From the time I was 14 to 27 (bones fuse at puberty) I was very athletic and thin and so maybe my bones are not excessively molded to my higher weight, but there is no question I will have many extra kilos of skin. She also told me that I was to start muscle-building exercise, I guess to avoid the skinny-fat situation. Perhaps a BMI of 26 is really like a BMI of 23 with those considerations... had you not posted your situation I might have opened a thread on this topic. Hoping with you to hear from more knowledgeable persons...
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