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  2. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese? youre doing great! Set a timer to remind yourself to eat. (I got busy on Easter and forgot to eat the big meal;). It's easy to forget...
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  4. Wow ! I was on full liquids the first week .. I am on puree s now which I can have eggs, beans, seafood, chicken , soft fruit and I can tolerate all of it no problems. Guess I got lucky in that department.
  5. Yeah, its an awesome place to be. We appreciate all they do, and it's great to be able to support them.
  6. At my dept., all non sworn personnel from the dispatchers down to the maintenance crew is family to me and my fellow officers.
  7. You're doing so well! Hooray! I really liked split pea & ham soup during puree. Also refried beans with salsa & sour cream. I took gas pills when I ate both just in case. Keep up the good work!
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  9. This is my favorite thread! I've been keeping my anti-non/low fat to myself and just watching to make sure it's not causing an issue. So far, so good! I haven't bought sour cream, just had it out once or twice, because it is a trigger food for me, don't think I should have whole containers of it around. I have subbed greek yogurt a few times and that's been okay. Would never buy margarine, just use little bits of butter here and there. I tried Primal Kitchen Avocado mayo, but idk, I don't really see a long-term relationship in our future...I just bought some 4% cottage cheese and it felt like a treat compared to the low-fat I'd bought previously. I so glad to hear from some people who've been successful long-term on this topic - thank you!
  10. I work as an IT Support Specialist for a north Dallas Police Department. I work closely with Police Officers/911, and even though we are IT, they embrace us into their "family". It's a great place to be!
  11. Congrats on the weight loss! That's awesome!! I had to remind myself to eat in the beginning. Sometimes, if I'm busy running errands with my husband, I'll forget until I start to get dizzy or feel faint, lol. I'm so glad to hear that you've had no complications Be very careful not to get dehydrated...always try to carry something with you to drink. I haven't tried the ricotta bake yet, but I want to, lol. Too bad you didn't like's supposed to have lots of protein. Keep up the great work!
  12. Thanks, @Gretta!!
  13. Bahahaha!!! I guess that one goes in the stupid criminal category!!
  14. The Killer fixed a sandwich and dropped some bread on the floor and stepped on one of the slices leaving a perfect toe print. He took his shoes off when he broke into the victim's house and covered his hands with his socks so he wouldn't leave fingerprints. I guess he thought he would never leave a toe print. Lol!
  15. I not going to do non fat either! We can't consume that much anyways so I will adhere to all the guidelines but I will not use margerine. I use butter. I am using skim milk but this is the last time I will buy it. I will use 2% and my cottage cheese has been 2% and 4%. As for sour cream I use Daisy it's all natural.
  16. That's a very cool job
  17. My husband and I love forensic files! I hear what you're saying about the test results coming back the same day, lol...hubby and I have discussed that too. Forensic files has had some pretty interesting cases, and like you said, awesome police work! I don't think I've seen the one with the toe print in the bread That's pretty cool! oh...oh...and CSI Miami was all about David Caruso taking off his sunglasses anyway, lmao, so no chance of reality anywhere near that show!!
  18. Thank you @BurgundyBoy and @Gretta. I just wasn't expecting to not lose weight right after surgery. They really should warn folks.
  19. I didn't like CSI or Criminal Minds because it's not realistic when it comes to forensic evidence. I know it's a TV show but it just turns me to wrong way when they can get forensic evidence back in within minutes when it actually takes weeks or even months for results to come back. If you want to see real police work, you should watch Forensic Files or 20/20 on the ID Network. When detectives can arrest a killer when the killer left their toe print in a slice of bread at a murder scene, that is some awesome police work there!
  20. Hi everyone, hoping you all have a great week filled with progress! Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my VSG and I feel like it's been longer because I'm pain free and pretty much feel healed (though, I know I'm not). Happy to say, I've experienced no complications as of today and everything's going great. I had my post op appointment this past Wednesday with my surgeon's physician assistant and I've lost 18 pounds since surgery Anyway, not weighing myself until this Wednesday or next week so I'm not obsessing over the scale. My only issue is I'm on puree/soft foods and it's going well except that I'm forgetting to eat unless I spend the day at home..and even then, I'm forgetting to consume things because I'm not hungry. Spent some time at a fair yesterday and think I got mildly dehydrated, as I was a bit dizzy when I got home and didn't drink much fluids that day. I also don't know what to eat besides cheese or chili. I think I'm the only wls patient that doesn't like ricotta bake!
  21. Hi it's Janos saying hi - post gastric bypass 6 days.
  22. I realized I took a pic last week and forgot to post it. Green blouse with my new obsession- bell sleeves. Size medium - not sure of the brand (got it at TJMaxx). Black Express slacks size 6.
  23. My teachings is fat adds flavor. In most cases if fat is taken out some form of sugar is added, upping the carbs. I use mostly 2 per cent. Use what you are comfortable with unless it slows or stops your weight loss or unless you are eating way too much.
  24. I'm VSG, and I don't worry about eating non/low-fat at all. I don't believe fat makes us fat. My calories are super low though (around 700). My nutritionist would like me to be around 800 calories. I'm trying.
  25. I repair church organs.
  26. Fantastic, Trish!!!! Woo hoo!!!!
  27. I'm a nurse and I manage 2 charities in my "free" time
  28. It's good to know I like a somewhat realistic show, lol. I used to absolutely love Criminal minds, but it got way too gruesome and I can't handle it anymore, unfortunately. I can imagine you're not a big fan of police shows because you lived probably didn't want to watch it on tv when you got home from work
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