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  4. Excellent advise, I love your website and look forward to your emails. I need all of the help I can get now.
  5. VSG Jan 18th 2017
  6. I felt exactly the same way....the first time my Dr mentioned weight loss surgery I was insulted and I almost changed Dr`s. 4 years later I was 75lbs heavier and having problems sleeping, walking, and just day to day tasks got difficult. My blood work was on the verge of diabetes and high blood pressure. I was good at losing weight....I lost a lot of times, but I always gained more than I lost. I lost more than 100 lbs twice in the last 15 years, but gained more than 150 back each time. I had boxes of clothing in every size from L to 5XL. I know I made the right decision to have my Sleeve Surgery 4 days ago. I know that I was headed for much more severe health issues if I didn't make a drastic change in my life. I'm learning to eat again, getting to know my Sleeve and how it can help me live a long healthy life.
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  9. I started this journey 8 months ago thinking about getting the band. Went to the 2 hour seminar thing, left thinking the sleeve. Researched a lot, my dad had it in July my sister in September both with great success. I kept my head down and plowed through all the steps they had me do, psychological, weight loss visits, blood work. Then they called and scheduled the surgery. Then it got real. Here I am 2 weeks away or so and am I doing the right thing? Can I do it on my own? I have lost 75 pounds 3 times before, of course I gained back 85 each time. I know I need to do it to walk my daughter (10years old) down the aisle. But I have to honest I am worried because food is such a powerful damn thing. Do I have what it takes? God help me. Cody
  10. Thanks guys, I am walking at least 30 min. a day - usually more. It rained yesterday, so I went shopping to get my walking in. It's fun editing my weight on here daily. I'm already down to 206. yay. I can only sleep on my left side and back - because my right side has the most serious incisions... tonight I am hurting badly. I got a little upset with my kids and bent over again and again picking up their toys.. Now i'm paying for all that bending so quickly. Do yall think an ice pack or heating pad would help? I've put a small stool in the shower and the warm water helps alot, but that's getting old. Let me know if yall have a suggestion. Should this go away in 2 weeks?
  11. Know how you feel, started wl was 162, day of surgery 146 now at 4 and half months out I weight 186 this morning. My youngest son is 32 and I weight 179 when he was born and it went up from there
  12. it took me a couple of months to get my strength back and not feel exhausted, plus I could eat in the beginning so that made me feel weak. I am almost 5 months out and I feel so much better
  13. Thanks Shrinking Violet...good to know you've been there before.
  14. Good idea thanks Cinwa!
  15. Do you have your gall bladder?
  16. I had the gastric sleeve done about 2 months ago. This was revised from a banded plication surgery. For about 2 years I've been having abdominal pain that extends to my back. Its intermittent it sometimes is there.. sometimes it isn't. It is really grueling and the doctor tells me basically its really nothing. I want to get another doctor now another persons opinion. I don't even get pain meds for this. Its like the pain someone gets when they put the gas in your stomach.. but this has been going on for a long time now. Its defineitly cramping pain. Anyone ever hear of this? Anyone have any advice they can give me? This whole thing is confusing for me.
  17. Tried on bridesmaid dresses today with my sisters. The lady who owned the shop was helping us. She kept saying we had to find something flattering for me because I'm so lean. I was super self conscious because of my small saggy chest but she was clueless that I had been heavy and just kept saying "you're fit and lean there's nothing to be self conscious about." I felt like laughing and crying at the same time. I'm fit and lean--what????
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  19. It's tough giving up stuff we've been addicted to. It's literally an addiction. Be encouraged: it does get better. I was a coffee addict. After going through withdrawals like a junkie, I didn't feel I NEEDED it anymore. Later I found a replacement that satisfies my desire for something flavorful and hot in the morning: mocha-flavored high protein hot chocolate. There's no getting past having to endure withdrawals, but try looking for alternatives. Incidentally, real coffee is not good for your pouch. Some people do it, but it shouldn't be a regular thing, in my opinion. I know you're not a coffee drinker anyway. Good luck! PS: Trust me when I say you're going to love the way you look and feel in the long run. It will be worth it. You've got this!
  20. My surgery date is in five weeks, with the two week liquid diet coming up soon. I had not thought about soups, just trying pack enough protein drinks to get me through my work day. Physically the caffeine part wasn't as hard as I thought it would be; I followed a suggestion to cut caffeine in half every two days. I usually had 16 oz. midday prior to quitting. However, the head part was the worst; it seems like every waking moment is focused on the fact that I cannot have a Pepsi or diet Coke. It wasn't so much a craving for the caffeine, just the knowledge I couldn't have it. I cut back early just in case my doctor asked if I had stopped, and I didn't want him to deny submission because I wouldn't follow the rules. It won't be worth it when we can drink caffeine as carbonation is out even if you can drink it (and I know you can post-surgery as I've seen it), and I don't like coffee.
  21. Thanks, I will look for this.
  22. I am still on protein drinks, water and multivitamins. The nausea makes it difficult to eat or drink and everything has no taste. Also my body has this strange smell not a body odor but so many things I didn't expect.
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  24. Please also measure your hips, waist and bust. Sometimes when I had stalls I would lose around my waist but be the same weight. You just never know.
  25. I wanted to be able to meet new people and not have them instantly judge me due to being overweight. Now that I am at (or a bit below) my goal weight, when I meet people for the first time they have no idea that I used to weight 130 pounds more.
  26. The best solution to hunger is to drink more liquids. Another solution is to eat more high protein foods (such as protein shakes, baked chicken, Greek yoghurt, etc.). Hang in there it should get a lot better.
  27. Try drinking when the hunger hit, wait 30 minutes. See if it goes away. Sometimes we confuse thirst with hunger. could it be acid? There is a lot on here about acid causing hunger feelings.. try differnt liquids. Different temp liquids as Cinwa suggested..
  28. I've had 2 c-sections (both at 250lb). Target exercises can help but it depends on how much your lower belly skin has stretched. Losing weight will help to some degree but it's difficult to shrink skin that has stretch marks. My advice - follow your plan, throw in some regular abdominal exercising and wait to see what you're left with once you're at your goal weight and have been stable for a while.
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