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  6. It may vary from doctor to doctor, but mine wouldn't even schedule surgery until the weight loss goal had been reached (in my case, 5% of my starting weight). I suppose if I had gained it all back between my final pre-surgical appointment and the surgical prep (a couple days before surgery when the hospital did all the intake info including weighing me), that would've been a big red flag for all involved that I wasn't ready. But all that aside, from your two posts, it seems like you're having some jitters or misgivings. It may be best to start a new thread and lay out exactly what you're struggling with. Pre-op nerves are totally normal, but whether you want reassurance or input, starting a new thread would be a good idea. And welcome to Thinner Times!
  7. Rivermom, Why the cold feet? I can't wait to say i'm 24 hours out. I put this new life off long enough. Tired of being one of "those people" and all my back and joint pain. Not to mention sleep apnea, High blood pressure, pre-diabetic, and taking all those meds to keep myself from having heart decease. Stay the course, but talk to your surgeon if you have any misgivings. Best of luck...
  8. My surgery is day after tomorrow. 2/21. Should I halt from doing this?
  9. Any chance they won't do your surgery if you didn't lose much weight before?
  10. Great post and really helps put pre-op into perspective. Going in eyes wide open and little wider now. Thanks
  11. FANTASTIC!!!
  12. Wow, you really succeeded in your life change. I don't really have that much to lose, but I'm 320 (5-11, male, 44yrs old) now and the doc says he can get me below 200 for the first time in my adult life (3wks pre-op). You seem to have achieved a similar goal. I can't imagine being that small as I can't remember it. Did you have a similar concern and does it have any negatives going through such a drastic change? Happy to meet you BTW. P.s. I needed by a shirt today while we out buying a NurtraBlend after I found I had layed in a grease spot while checking my keeps steering. Anyway, I had to find the "big mans" section and settle for a dumb looking shirt. I can't wait to be able to buy a nice shirt off the regular men's rack. I told my wife I'm done with the big mans section (God willing).
  13. Read your post and because I'm still pre-op I probably don't have much to offer. However, from what I read time and time again it all about controlling you intake, limiting your unhealthy foods, don't drink when eating (helps make the food go through easier) and stay active. You can do it, as most seem to. I'm sure others with more experience in this will chime in and help you out. Just wanted to give some words of encouragement. Get back to basics and I bet you will break your stall. Best of of luck...
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  15. You must feel so great; congratulations!
  16. Beautiful words, Kim, and totally understandable. I wish you lots of strength and love in this difficult and intimate time.
  17. Thanks! Awesome idea
  18. Do not lose any weight until you get the surgery approved. If you do lose weight before you get the surgery approval, then be sure to maximize your weight at any weigh in at a doctor's office - drink lots of liquids on the way in, and even put weights in your pockets.
  19. Hang in there. I am very sorry for what you are going through. Sadly, I somewhat know the pain that you are in now as I currently have a close family member in stage four cancer, and I lost my wonderful father a couple of years ago. Do the best now that you can with your diet, and you can pick up the pieces later. Family for now is the most important thing. We are here to support you.
  20. Great job!! You are an inspiration to us all. What do you think are your secrets for not regaining weight after you reached your goal weight?
  21. I'm so sorry to hear this, and will be thinking of your family during this difficult time. We all get so caught up in the process and this really puts thing in perspective be kind to yourself.
  22. It's day five post-op, and my surgeon has me having only clear liquids until Monday (tomorrow) at our 5pm appointment, when he will supposedly clear me for full liquids. The only "food" I'm cleared for is broth or Isopure clear. I'm in a hotel in Mexico: there is no veggie broth here, only meat broth in restaurant soups (I tried some meat broth and it made me gag - I'm just not used to meat flavored stuff. It was truly awful tasting to my vegetarian taste buds). I brought veggie bouillon cubes from the US, and although they used to taste OK (bouillon cubes are never very tasty), I made one yesterday and it smelled so bad to me that I gagged. Hmm. Apparently my tastes have changed, as so many have promised they would. No great loss on the veggie bouillon cube front. Isopure clear is the devil, a million times worse than the broth. I have drunk one per day since I was released from the hospital as my only protein/vitamin/mineral source, and it is just so offensive tasting that it turns my (now tiny) stomach. I think I'm also sensitive to one of the ingredients in it, because it's making the inside of my throat peel off in little gooey globs of skin. This happens when I use whitening toothpaste, but not sure what chemical it is, so no way to avoid it. It is very unpleasant, but not the worst thing about the Isopure. The worst thing is the taste. The second worst thing is the astringent feeling in my mouth after drinking it. It seems like something you'd use for a household cleaner, not food. I've been having carrot juice at the breakfast buffet each morning, which is going down well, but that's my only other source of calories or nutrition. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will get cleared for soup and pudding and applesauce and stuff, I think. Even other protein shakes would be awesome! Chocolate Premier sounds heavenly at this point. OK, done whining. I'm not skipping ahead on my food lists or anything, no cheating, just feeling very sorry for myself about the disgusting Isopure. As far as everything else goes, I'm feeling pretty well. I tossed and turned last night so my tummy felt a little sore this morning, like on the inside. My surgeon told me that there's basically nothing I can do (moving, lifting, whatever) to mess up the insides, which makes me feel better, but they just feel a little tender today. The incisions don't hurt at all. My stomach is still a little swollen from the trauma of the surgery, but otherwise it's all good. The drain tube is draining less stuff now, but I'm really looking forward to getting it removed. It's a bit of a hassle having it dangling from me. It also makes me feel more like a hospital patient and less like a regular person. My energy is fine ( I'm taking it very easy on myself - being far from home with no real plans makes that a cinch: I don't do anything I don't feel like). I don't feel hungry, or in pain, or grouchy or anything (except about the Isopure). Just waiting to get the all clear so I can go back to the US. We'll be picking up our round-the-country driving trip, going very slowly, when we get back, so we'll be headed across Texas with lots of stops and short driving days. Looking forward to it. And to the soup. Nerdy aside: While I've been whiling away my days at the hotel, I've been doing a lot of internet reading, and I came across an interesting piece in Mother Jones about the gut bacteria microbiome and weight loss/gain. TL;DR - the variety of bacteria in our guts can be changed by eating sweet/fatty/carby foods, and some of those new bacteria put out toxic molecules that cause inflammation in the body. It is speculated that this inflammation may cause weight gain. Some kinds of probiotics can lessen this inflammation. Another thing that can lessen this effect is... weight loss surgery. Besides changing the way that many genes are expressed all over the body, it can actually change what kinds of bacteria are found in the gut. The new kinds may lead to weight loss. This is all in sort of preliminary studies right now, and isn't well understood yet, but scientists are finding that some bacteria in the gut make you healthy, while others make you both fat and unhealthy. Basically, WLS does some crazy things to our bodies, and scientists aren't totally sure of why it works so well, but work it does.
  23. Hi! I am at the very beginning of my journey and was wondering about your process with insurance. I see that your beginning weight was similar to mine. Did you have any comortalities and did your BMI ever go below 35 during the prior two years? Thanks for any help

  24. You are an inspiration!
  25. I have severe sleep apnea along with a BMI of 36. Insurance will cover that part. But, my weight has fluctuated below and above 36 in the past two years. That's the major hiccup. Any suggestions or advice?
  26. I've done broccoli, cheese, and chicken for hubby. I've also added quinoa to it. I dont like casseroles (I'm not fond of food mixed together;). So I normally take my meat and veg out before making a casserole. Hubby loves casseroles and takes leftovers for lunch the next day..
  27. I would call your insurance and double check if those would be sufficient.. Will your insurance cover it if your bmi is below 40? Do you have co morbidities?
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