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  2. I've seen a recipe online for protein jello, using unflavored powder, so apparent that works, but you have to be careful about temperatures and timing. I have Genepro but haven't used it for this. I also saw a recipe for making protein gummy bears, essentially by making super thick jello. Not sure if this would work for you, but I thought I'd throw it out there... So sorry this saga is continuing for you. I hope you feel better soon.
  3. @ktallon First off, you are in my thoughts. I'm so sorry you have to go through this roller coaster process. I'm glad you are talking about your frustrations, because keeping these feeling inside would make this process even harder. I use SFT unflavored protein powder. I wouldn't buy an entire bag because it's a bit expensive. Whole Foods sells trial size packages so you can try it before you commit to a bag. I mix it up with milk and PB2 (powdered peanut butter) for a peanut butter smoothie. I wish I had more suggestions for you. Please keep us posted. You aren't alone. xo
  4. Hahaha they are a delight!! The funny part is, I didn't think I was going to be a grandma anytime soon...Harper was a surprise So I have to kind of re-learn everything flying by the seat of my pants! No poo in the bathtub here yet though, lol. How old is Katya? I LOVE her name, by the way.
  5. It's so close now! Best of luck in the liver shrinking phase... I didn't know you were a Seattleite! I'm from the Oly area and went to the UW.
  6. LOL. Katya smeared poo on me yesterday after deciding to go in the bathtub. Ah kids! What a delight!!
  7. I'm a freeze baby. If we are sitting on the deck in the summer, I can tell when it gets down to 80. I go grab a sweatshirt. I keep jackets stashed in our vehicles. I used to roast as well. Our bedroom in the winter was 48 degrees because I'd leave a window cracked open! We are tent camping on the north shore of Lake Superior this weekend. I've got 2 quilts and a double fleece blanket. Planning to wear sweats to bed and pray I'm warm enough. It's 70!
  8. You are so sweet to say such nice words. I am also quite fond of you. I must look amazing? *guffaw* I look OK but have lost weight/mass from areas that I liked. My legs have gotten incredibly thin and my already flat behind has gotten more pancake like. Meanwhile, my apple shaped top (aka my tummy) is reluctantly losing inches. It's like my belly is fighting tooth and nail to stay put. It's hard to see the loss and easy to focus on the flaws. If you had said to me what I just said about myself, I'd give you a stern talking to. I need to give myself more credit and I suspect that most of us need to do the same. Enjoy the weekend!
  9. Theresa, it sounds like this was a really cathartic post to write. I'm sure you will come back in the future to read it, and be so pleased that you've made the choice to go ahead with WLS. I hope your weekend is a great farewell to the treats you've planned to have.
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  11. That's incredible! Seriously.
  12. I have met @BurgundyBoy IRL and can attest to the fact that he is not a short girl.
  13. There is nothing like Texas heat. I lived in Dallas in my 20's and I remember standing outside with my friends just casually dripping sweat. Oh Taco Cabana! How I loved you at 2 AM.
  14. Eh, I'd say that makes you a Bostonian...that travels to Cali a lot!! Hehe
  15. @Chef42974 I'd like to make a special request for vegetarian recipes. In my mind, your celebrity blog has taken off. I can say "I knew him when..".
  16. Let's put it this way, my driver's license says Massachusetts. I probably am in CA four months out of the year.
  17. Ah, Ricola. I was Ricola dependent while I was pregnant. I had a cold for eight weeks and couldn't take any meds. I'm taking a note to put some in my shopping cart tomorrow. Thanks!
  18. I'd love that!! I didn't know if you were more "Boston" or "California" lol
  19. I don't live *that* far. We'll make it happen one day!
  20. I had to see my cardiologist for a follow up visit today. We brought my grandson with us because I babysit for him 4 days a week, and today was one of my days. He was great for us, as usual, as he is always flirting with the office staff, and he's very happy and good natured. When we got home, my husband left for work. Harper needed a diaper change, so I did that before feeding him his lunch. Apparently he decided that I needed a second shower today, guessed it...he peed all down the front of me, all over the changing pad and table. He's never done that before, lol. So I get us both cleaned up, feed him, and put him down for his nap. I change him when he wakes up 2 hours later, and he does it AGAIN!! And he has the nerve to laugh at me the whole time...I'm in so much trouble when this kid gets older! Needless to say, I took 2 showers today
  21. For what it's worth...I think it's cool!!
  22. Thank you, Athenarose! Trust me, it's going to hurt more than a little to get where I need to be. If I don't push hard, I won't get anywhere. And 3 trips up and down the driveway felt like I ran a marathon without training for it. I would be giving the same advice you gave me if I were talking to someone...uncomfortable is as bad as it should feel. But this is an unusual circumstance, and unfortunately I have a lot of pain in my future. I can deal with it. It's just going to take time. The only thing that makes this worse is that we can't take NSAIDs for pain. I miss my Advil... But, I'll live. Thank you for your support!!
  23. That line is a throw back from high school. I went to a super nerdy all girls high school and I think that was my attempt to be cool.
  24. A mid foot fusion surgery does NOT sound like all! By 3 months non weight bearing, do you mean you will be using crutches or something like that? I hope after all of that, you will be pain free, and I'll be saying many prayers and sending good vibes your way through the whole process!! I'll be celebrating right along with you in December! ❤️
  25. Thank you all for your warm wishes and congratulations! I woke up from surgery and felt great. No real nausea water is going down easy and the protein drink is easy as well. Only problem is taking pills. Made me throw up. Not enough water to get them down. So crushed or melted in water is how I am taking them. Laborious but it works.
  26. Yay congrats and welcome to the losers bench
  27. Thank you He's very talented, no doubt. He's found his calling in life. I could only hope to be so lucky one day! Yes, yes...I will, one day, be drinking my fancy water and laughing at how sweet life has become. I only wish you lived close to me so we could sit at the bar and drink our fancy water together!!
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