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  2. Glad to know the worst is over for you!
  3. I've always wondered why people advocate cutting your hair very short so as to make the hair fall less obvious. I'd think it would somehow make it more obvious. Don't check out the crown; I'd suggest you wait for the hair to grow back to do that. Bald spot: depressing. Fledgling regrowth: uplifting
  4. I was wearing 4x shirts and 54" jeans. I'm now wearing 2x shirts, XL shorts, and I just bought a pair of 40" jeans! So exciting to not have to go the Big & Tall section to buy clothes and I'm definitely not tall!
  5. Congratulations! I just checked mine tonight and I'm at 33.8 and it said I'm "overweight!" I can remember the last time I wasn't obese or morbidly obese! Keep up the good work!
  6. I pray you get some relief and soon! I've been struggling with it myself a bit lately, but it's been manageable.
  7. My hair is short enough to be obvious, I really haven't paid much attention. Maybe I should get a mirror and check my crown out.
  8. I'm a 100% disable vet/Mr. Mom. Blessed to have had the VA pay for my surgery!
  9. I know, I know, I know! Mine is slowing down, at least, but I'm not pleased with the hair loss. It'll grow back, I know, but it's not my favorite thing, for sure. Get your protein, take biotin to encourage regrowth, and talk nicely to it in a gentle and soothing voice. Surely one of those things will help!
  10. I know it's par for the course, but seeing my hair fall out in clumps is super depressing! Not to mention inconvenient; have taken to tying up my hair so that I don't find it all over my clothes and worse, my food! Sigh. Waiting impatiently for the day when the hair fall abates.
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  12. Thanks, friend! All is well in the end. I was young as far as colonoscopies go, but it was worth it to rule out anything serious.
  13. VP of investor relations and corporate communications for a public real estate (REIT) company. We build data centers. I'm the company spokesperson for all audiences, including investors, analysts and the media. Absolutely love what I do!
  14. You look great! Bell sleeves and related looks are all the rage from what I've sen for Fall!
  15. Hi @MCJB Id love to be your buddy. Lets connect.
  16. Ugh! Sciatica is for the birds! And it is no friend to a good night's sleep. Wishing you well, Tom and that you get some relief and get back on your bike!
  17. Ha ha ha! We all have a "baklava" story.
  18. You go girl! I remember what a huge relief it was when I finally hit the normal range. Stick to plan. And walk. Wak. Walk. You'll get there before you know it.
  19. Super interesting thread, @Dragonfly111. I usually do 2% dairy, but I also use olive oil and butter to cook with, I eat a fair bit of normal cheese, and I have full fat blue cheese dressing on things now and again (I measure so I know how much I'm taking in). I like how fat tastes and I'm not eating many calories (like @Gretta), so I'm not worried at the moment. Also, eating more fat seems to make me feel fuller and more satiated. I'd rather have one tablespoon of full fat blue cheese dressing than a gallon of fat free (plus that has sugar and all kinds of not-very-food-like additives). For the moment, that's not getting me into any trouble. Like @cinwa I had some pretty bad dry skin in the beginning, and steering towards a bit more fat in my diet has helped with that, too, I think. I reserve the right to re-evaluate as time goes on, though: I am definitely willing to back down from any position if my weight goes in a direction that I don't like! I'd certainly be interested in keto, but as a (mostly) vegetarian, I think it might be hard to hit those fat targets and stay low enough carb. Any veg keto people out there??
  20. Called doctor, he wasn't concerned. Said that was part of it. I did go in for a CBC and CMP (blood count and electrolytes) because I was getting some orthostatic hypotension. Results pendinh but he didn't think I had a problem. Soft foods tomorrow, looking forward to it.
  21. Greek yogurt, cottage cheese? youre doing great! Set a timer to remind yourself to eat. (I got busy on Easter and forgot to eat the big meal;). It's easy to forget...
  22. Wow ! I was on full liquids the first week .. I am on puree s now which I can have eggs, beans, seafood, chicken , soft fruit and I can tolerate all of it no problems. Guess I got lucky in that department.
  23. Yeah, its an awesome place to be. We appreciate all they do, and it's great to be able to support them.
  24. At my dept., all non sworn personnel from the dispatchers down to the maintenance crew is family to me and my fellow officers.
  25. You're doing so well! Hooray! I really liked split pea & ham soup during puree. Also refried beans with salsa & sour cream. I took gas pills when I ate both just in case. Keep up the good work!
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  27. This is my favorite thread! I've been keeping my anti-non/low fat to myself and just watching to make sure it's not causing an issue. So far, so good! I haven't bought sour cream, just had it out once or twice, because it is a trigger food for me, don't think I should have whole containers of it around. I have subbed greek yogurt a few times and that's been okay. Would never buy margarine, just use little bits of butter here and there. I tried Primal Kitchen Avocado mayo, but idk, I don't really see a long-term relationship in our future...I just bought some 4% cottage cheese and it felt like a treat compared to the low-fat I'd bought previously. I so glad to hear from some people who've been successful long-term on this topic - thank you!
  28. I work as an IT Support Specialist for a north Dallas Police Department. I work closely with Police Officers/911, and even though we are IT, they embrace us into their "family". It's a great place to be!
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