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  2. This is just what I was thinking. I was still pretty wiped out by everything at one month. This, too. @Madhouse, you're stealing all my material @EMHMaine, I'm glad you're being proactive and staying in contact with your team and having tests run and stuff. It's probably only a combination of your body and stomach still healing and getting adjusted to getting fewer calories and nutrients for the moment. As @TammyP asked, are you getting all of your protein and water in every day? If you're having problems with that, try to get those numbers up (unflavored protein powder in other foods that are gentler on your stomach, like soup or yogurt, warm herbal tea for water, etc) and your energy levels will probably follow in a couple of weeks. When I was recovering, I kind of thought there'd be a time when I'd wake up and feel normal (like after being sick for a few days) but it was really, really gradual over a couple few months.
  3. I like the Super-Sciency (c) arrows swirling around the body. Very convincing. The patch will make the arrows happen, and with all that swirling, who WOULDN'T lose weight???
  4. I was taking the chewable Flintstone vitamins until about a week ago when my foolish dog decided to get ahold of the bottle. I came home to a vomited mess of vitamins ... he was fine. Ugh. It keeps slipping my mind to get more and I also wondered if I should switch to a different version that I can swallow. I don't know anything about calcium citrate. The nutrition program at my location was pretty lackluster. I have been hitting my protein requirements until about a week ago. This nausea issue really has me concerned. It is now overwhelming me whenever I eat anything, including protein shakes. Water doesn't seem to trigger it. I barely got anything down today because I would start to eat and it would kick in. I took the prescription nausea medication they sent home with me, but it doesn't help. And not to get too detailed, but I have gone from having firmer stool back to diarrhea every few days. I will be curious what they say about my labs. When I talked with the PA, he said that a number of my levels were "borderline" at the one week appt. after surgery. I really hope that they shed some light on my fatigue and also what might be now causing this nausea. I assume it can't be anything really bad like a blockage or a leak? As far as feeling like I am eating less, it is much more pronounced than a few bites. I feel like I am getting full halfway through a portion. So I will be sure to share all of this with the PA on Monday.
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  6. @delilas I appreciate all the info. Her cough is a dry extremely nagging one that keeps me up in the next room. No meds helped it. I told her not to take her Topomax and it's been out of her system for almost two days and she feels so much better (I didn't mention it being the med side effect bc of power of suggestion but it is amazing how it stopped) I haven't heard her cough all day. I hate that bc she seems to react in weird ways to EVERYTHING! I am frustrated over it so I am sure she is doubly so. I had an appt w/ a neuro for Thurs and cancelled it to see what the Topomax would do, wish I hadn't. I am going to see if I can reschedule it for when I am home after surgery so I can go w/ her. Hoping to get some help from him.
  7. aren't they? don't you love how you have to wear it right on your belly button??? What could be funnier? But, man it is worth it...I love the sexy body when you're done! Want me to order some for you too? I might import cases of them to share with you all! Watch out, Bariatric're out of a job!!!
  8. I would LOVE to go to my room! That isn't a punishment unless you're a kid!! hahaha! Besides, it probably WILL work....I pretty much look like this gal on the left, only wider....and look how good I will look after two months on my new patch!!!
  9. @kisten1210 Hey lovely lady! How are you doing post plastics? I'd love an update.
  10. For several months after RNY, I was taking a liquid multivitamin. Out of the blue, I was revolted by the taste and switched to the Celebrate Multivitamin. Taking three large pills is annoying and I'd rather take one. Can anyone recommend a vitamin that can be taken in a single dose? I know I could take the vitamin apart and put the powder in food but I know myself. I won't do that and will forget to take a multivitamin. What works for me is to take all my vitamins at once. Do single pill multivitamins exist for Bariatric patients? Thx!
  11. These pictures are hilarious!!
  13. It is a very rare side effect of topamax - not much literature out there on it, but there is indeed a couple case studies. Drug-induced coughs are usually dry and nagging, so if she's congested at all or it's productive, chances are it's not the med. Also worth noting the half life of topamax is 21 hours, so it may take missing more than one dose to narrow down if that's the culprit. There's a lot of migraine meds on the market, and topamax is the favorite of your average non-specialist (like a primary care provider) because it is relatively low risk, and doesn't cause weight gain. Propanolol is another common one, that is cheap, weight neutral, but can worsen asthma. Depakote, too, but can cause weight gain and liver issues. Depending on how frequently she has migraines, rather than dealing with the side effects of every-day meds, there is botox, or there are 'abortive' meds that you take at the onset. Botox is unfortunately expensive and insurances will often require proof that you've failed several lower-cost medications in order to cover it. Abortive meds, like imitrex or maxalt, you take at the first sign of a migraine. Some people do better with these because you only have to deal with the side effects on the days you have migraines. There's a nasal spray abortive as well, called migranal, that I've had a few patients have luck with. Last but not least - if she hasn't seen a neurologist yet, that's the best, to determine the type of headache and/or the type of migraine. My old PCP diagnosed me with migraines, even though my headaches dont have any major features of migraines. I have tension headaches, and having a doc that recognized this and how to best treat it made all the difference in the world! TLDR: I could talk about medications all day long I'm sorry I hope the best for your daughter!
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  15. @Drake BTW, I looked up your stats. Way to go!!!!! You've almost lost 100 lbs. Yay!
  16. Mio are drops that some folks use to liven up their water. I drink Poweraid Zero or Nunn tablets to add some excitement to my liquids. You don't want to end up dehydrated and liquids are an important part of your post op life. I'm not a sleever, so I'll let other folks give advice on how to get more liquids in at this stage. Follow up with your surgeon about those acid meds. I bet you that they will make that "hungry" feeling go away. When I feel strange after a meal (aka "hungry") I grab papaya enzymes or Tums Smoothies. I always feel better. It sounds like we both like salty and cheesy things. If I had let myself, I could have eaten 12 boxes of cheez-its a day. Neither of us should allow these snacks as a gateway to weight gain. It may sound silly to bring this up when your goldfish intake is only two crackers but this is the time to stick to good habits. I'm saying this to myself as much as I'm saying to you. Keep up the good work!
  17. Thanks for tagging me, @NerdyLady. @Dtrain84, do you find the topomax helps you? (Clearly it didn't last week, but does it normally? My daughter just started on it last week and the dr said it is supposed to help prevent migraines which would be great since once they start they seem to snowball! Any advice?
  18. ....Because I found these on eBay for only $1.39 for two and look how amazingly they make you skinny!!!! They have real before and after pics and pics don't lie!!! The $1.39 is for two patches, which you put on every 12-24 hrs. It recommends a two month course, but I'm morbidly obese so I might need an extra month, but seriously I'm gonna look soooo fine when I'm done!!! So glad I found them before I subjected myself to surgery!!! (Seriously, can you believe it?!? Now I've spent thousands of dollars on weight loss programs, supplements, gym memberships and miracle cures.....but this is too much! Who would believe this crap???)
  19. @Dtrain84 ME TOO! Migraines are the worst. I'm tagging @CJireh on this post because her daughter just started Topamax. I didn't do well on this drug but perhaps @Dtrain84 could give a different perspective?
  20. @DrakeI haven't had my surgery yet but I have bought my papaya enzymes (not expensive) and they are chewable and sweet. So today I took my medicines and vitamins but didn't eat breakfast Bc we were going out to lunch but I didn't think about my iron being in the bunch and I got nauseated. After eating a few saltines that didn't work, I remembered the papaya enzymes and opened them and tried them. I took two and they worked! I'm sold .
  21. Hi! I can completely relate to the lack of energy. I don’t think I started feeling more energized until at least week 6. I’m 3 months out now, and mostly feeling normal, but I still struggle with strength exercises. I feel pretty weak compared to a year ago. I’m working on building that. As far as eating less than before, I have found that my stomach is fickle and inconsistent. One week I packed 5 containers of spaghetti squash and sauce for my lunches. I measured exactly 1/2 cup into each container. The first 3 days I was able to eat the full amount and feel satisfied. By day 4, I just assumed that I’d be able to eat the same amount, so I didn’t really pay attention to how I was feeling while eating. Unfortunately that day my stomach could have used about 3-4 bites less. I was miserable for several hours. I have noticed that I need to be very attuned to my body so that I don’t eat too much accidentally. One of my biggest struggles has been figuring out what it feels like before I take that ONE LAST bite that makes me uncomfortable. I’m still working on it, but I’m starting to be able to stop when I’m still feeling good! (Darn you, food addiction!!) I encourage you to hang in there. Your energy should return as you are able to eat more protein. You are only a month into the journey. Keep doing what you’re doing!! I hope you feel better soon!!
  22. Thanks, I never thought about that! I agree bough, nothing is worth the risk of having my surgery put off!!! I've never had a reaction before but I'm not risking it! Thanks for thinking if that!!!
  23. @EMHMaine Hello and so sorry you are feeling drained and emotional. Can you tell us if you are able to hit your protein goals daily, as well as ingesting the correct mg's of vitamins and calcium citrate? The lab work should definitely check all your various levels though, so I'm glad they did that. Have you noticed anything in particular that seemed to trigger the nausea? I definitely feel awful too when I "force" myself to take that one last bite....since there is only one left....though I know better because I know I will regret it! My best advice is to stick to the "safe" foods that you are able to process easily, keep up on the proteins/vitamins, and start pestering your PA Monday morning for the lab results. I can guarantee you it DOES get easier. (((Hugs)))
  24. I get patted down every time at Atlanta. They don't have pre check in customs... otherwise in pre check I'm ok.
  25. I am one month post-op and many things have gone well, but I am also struggling. I continue to try to focus on the positive and the bigger picture, but it is difficult at times. First, the positive: The surgery went very well and I had little/no pain afterwards. I have transitioned through the food stages with little trouble. I have lost 30 pounds since my pre-op appt. a few days before surgery. Lots to celebrate! The hard part: I have not regained my energy. I kept waiting to feel more energetic, but as week one turned into two and then week three started to pass, I still felt like I had been run over by a truck. Just getting a load of laundry together and put in the machine would wipe me out. Thankfully I am not currently working outside the home because there is no way I would have the stamina. When I read other people's posts about them doing aerobics within a month of surgery, I am blown away. I know I shouldn't compare myself to others, but I literally get tired climbing my stairs and this is not the person I was before surgery. So I finally called the office this past week and spoke with the PA and described my situation. I had a bunch of lab work done, but have not yet gotten the results back. Unfortunately it is the weekend now so I will have to wait until Monday. I have also recently had some nausea start within the past few days which I haven't had in the past and I am finding that I can't eat as much as I used to in one sitting which seems bizarre. Does that seem normal? I would normally have a scrambled egg for breakfast, but now I can't even finish the whole egg. The other morning I was stupid and forced myself to finish it and I felt so sick afterwards. But I'm confused as to why my stomach would be holding less than it did a week ago when I thought it should be gradually holding more. I'm super emotional and crying a lot .... this is a crazy roller coaster ride we are on. Thank God my husband is so supportive and gives me hugs and understands. I also see a counselor whom I have seen for many years so that is helpful. It's hard not to feel some regret when things are tough. Thanks for listening!
  26. @Jen581791 - I keep hearing about papaya enzymes, tho haven't really gotten much information on it. @NerdyLady Might be something with the acid, while I was prescribed some proton blockers to reduce my stomach acid, the pill form they came in were capsules with little beaded ball inside. Pill Crusher didn't do much other then make them flat little beads. So I didn't take them. I haven't had any issue with heart burn or sore throats so thought I was in the clear on the acid front. But then again, could be acid and I should least try to take the pills for a week now that I am able to take some solids. Lunch Meat and cheese has been my staple and I do agree with the Gold Fish. Don't want that being a gateway to larger amounts as I was pretty much a Cheez-It fiend before the surgery but can't stand them now. Which is weird, I didn't like gold fish before surgery and now I can some what stand them. Liquids are another story, if it isn't coming from my protein, I'm not getting more then 30 oz a day down. Tried different things that are 0 calorie or zero sugar. (Water Makes me sick for some reason) and for a bit I was only able to get down Arizona Green Tea or Arizona Strawberry lemonade in any decent amount. Now I'm trying to stay away from that, try to focus on G2 Gatorade or if I can stomach it Propel. Who would of thunk it, eating and drinking would be the challenge in my life... trying to figure out systems, things I can enjoy more and keeping my Loseit as my daily tracker.
  27. Thanks for the hugs, I wouldn't wish a migraine on my worst enemy if I had an enemy. I've been taking Topamax twice a day for the last 10 years. I almost gotten good in finding out what triggers my migraines.
  28. Wouldn't be so sure the pat-down was due to excess skin... might just be her assumption, since it happens for lots of reasons. I have plenty of extra skin, but no pats going thru many airports...
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