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Pouch discomfort: ouch!



Important lesson in the process of re-learning to eat:


OK, as of yesterday, all had gone well with my food intake so far. Then, last night, I have a cup of split pea soup (like 1/2 a cup, watered down to nice thin shake-like consistency, which I eat over the course of about 30 minutes). About an hour later, my poor pouch starts feeling like it is just too full, like I'm going to burp but can't. I get up and walk around. I drink some water and that makes it feel worse. 


Cut to bedtime, like a couple of hours later. It's a little worse. When I lay down, it feels quite a bit worse, and I have to use pillows to prop myself up. I lay in bed for an hour or so, feeling uncomfortable, then decide to just get up and sit on the couch, hoping the feeling would pass while I sit upright. Nope. Water doesn't feel particularly good going down, either. Nothing is coming up, it just feels really really full and kind of pinched a little. 


Of course I start googling around for advice. This is the type of behavior that usually leads to panic, I know, but I just want to get an idea of what is out there. I don't have the symptoms that sound like an emergency (can't keep anything down, nausea, severe pain, etc), so I try not to panic. It was the soup, something about the soup. I'm not getting better. 


Finally, at about 4am, I have a lightbulb moment: split pea soup maybe = gas. As a vegetarian, I eat a lot of beans/legumes/pulses, so my system is very used to them, and I don't usually have gastrointestinal issues from eating them. Perhaps this has gone away... so I take a couple of Gas X strips. Everything starts calming down a bit over the course of a half hour or so. Then, I drink some water and spit it up after a minute or two of nausea. Poof. Done.  Discomfort immediately decreases. At the one hour mark, water goes down fine, everything is feeling pretty good, and I go back to bed. 


This morning, everything is going down fine, although the pouch feels a bit angry. I'm taking it easy today - just shakes and a banana so far. 


Important lesson: Gas X strips.


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