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To be a vegetarian after surgery, or not?



Again from Blogger, Jan 29, 2017
I've been a vegetarian for maybe 13 years or so. Vegetarian like I don't eat any animals, but I eat dairy and eggs. Every once in a while I eat some seafood, usually out of total desperation if there's really nothing else. I'm a vegetarian primarily for anti-animal-cruelty reasons - I looked into factory farming practices, and I decided that I wanted to do my own small part in not perpetuating that. I'm not judgmental of people who eat meat. I do not "evangelize." I just choose not to eat meat.

That said, I'm starting to worry about whether I can eat enough protein while not too many carbs after surgery if I don't resort to animal protein of some sort. I usually eat a lot of beans, tofu and veggie burgers such for my protein, but these protein sources have some carbs in them - and more carbs than I think I should be eating after surgery.

I don't eat seafood mostly because of the negative environmental effects of overfishing, fish farming, and shrimp farming. These are pretty serious problems in the world, and I don't want to contribute to those problems. I like seafood. I just think it's better if the world eats less of this stuff. But what about me after surgery? What if I can't lose as much weight as I need because I'm eating too many carbs?

Also, what about eating out? As a vegetarian, the usual restaurant stand-bys are veggie pasta, veggie burgers, and pizza. All three of those (except just the burger patty) are not going to work after surgery. If I could have a salad with fish on top, or some fish and vegetables, restaurants would be doable. Otherwise, I just don't know what I would eat at all.

Anyway, I'm struggling with this issue right now. Being a vegetarian post-op sounds hard. Eating fish would make my life easier. But making that change would be a huge identity shift for me, not to mention seeming hypocritical. 

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2 hours ago, ValerieKGorman said:

There's a vegan in the group that has lost lots of weight.  I can't remember her name...anybody?

LosingLex, I think?

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I am a vegetarian, like you I enjoy eggs and dairy products.  The brand Unjury as a new line of protein powders and stuff called "planted", its okay.  My surgery date is March 3.  So I am scouring all the boards looking for veggies and their experiences.  Looking forward to more of your blog posts and hope all is goes well in Mexico.

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@CoTN We can join forces in our search for veggie stuff then, maybe. I'm dearly hoping that Quorn goes over well with my pouch - I love that stuff and it's got a ton of protein. I'll keep an eye out for the Unjury planted - plenty of time to experiment with types of powders, I suppose. Good luck on your pre-op phase. It'll be here before you know it!

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@Jen581791 Hey, ringing your doorbell already...what did you eat/drink during the first week? Looking for suggestions in case I have trouble with dairy.

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I have trouble with dairy. I figured that out during the second week (I was on clears for the first week) when every shake I drank went... um... straight through me. As did drinkable yogurt. I can eat greek yogurt now because it's thick, I think, but still stay away from lactose as much as possible. 

I have been drinking lactose free milk, and that has given me no problems. Not sure of the availability of that where you are - your profile says "Europe" but since that's pretty nonspecific, I won't make any assumptions. If you can find unsweetened soy milk, I've used that (it's a little more bitter than lactose free milk) with good results. Unsweetened almond milk and rice milk work, too, for shake mixing. If you're somewhere those are hard to find, they're not terribly difficult to make if you have a blender. There's also coconut milk.

During my first week of "full liquids" (not just clear), I had cream soups (with the bits strained out), tomato soup, thai coconut soup, applesauce with no sugar added, and V8 juice. I tried sugar free pudding and it was awful - I've never liked artificially sweetened stuff, but after surgery, the taste is just terrible. Plus shakes - I was drinking two per day then.

You have the pureed foods to look forward to at that point, particularly ricotta bake (so yum, still make it) - here's a page a recipes from a great website that you can use for ideas: http://theworldaccordingtoeggface.blogspot.com/2007/08/pureed-foods.html

So much excitement coming in your near future! Don't hesitate to ask if you have questions.

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble with dairy. Just because you have trouble now with it, you may not always. I am veg and have been for 25 years. I don't eat seafood. I have had no problem getting enough protein post WLS and my surgery was 3.5 years ago. I do have a shake everyday. I also travel with moon cheese, nuts, protein bars, powders and shakes. For me, it was not an option to eat any kind of meat post-wls. I frequently look at menus online before I eat out and know what I am going to order in advance. If I know the best I can get is a salad that will be low on protein, I will supplement with extra protein at other times during the day.  Good luck!

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