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5weeks since surgery



Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was 5weeks since my gastric Bypass surgery.. The surgery pain is a lot better, almost all gone.. But the food is the hard part. Everyone socially eats and drinks together.. I find my self panicing when im out, even when im home.I get very depressed and wanna eat..I know I cant cause the next thing that happens is the hot, cold attack, following the throwing up.. I need someone in my long island N.Y. to walk and talk to.. My family tries to understand, why out of know where.. I cry.. I lost my friends cause all they do is eat and drink and I cant.. Im trying to find a job, so id keep my self and mind busy..

Is there any one out there feeling the same.. any help..


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I can definitely relate to the "mourning" of food and the ability to eat. As time goes on, it does improve. But, in my opinion, it never really goes away. For the most part, I do fine every day. I have gotten into a routine and things are easy because of that routine. BUT I definitely have days where I, too, feel like crying or pitching a fit because I can't eat like I want to. Food was my crutch, my go-to, my bff my ENTIRE life and I miss it terribly at times. With that said, THANK GOD that I can't eat the way I used to. Like I tell people all the time, I am truly a food addict. Food was my drug. Unfortunately, I have to eat every day, unlike the heroin addict or alcoholic that can eventually taper OFF. No tapering off food. :(


Good luck with everything Barbara. It gets better with time. Take it one day at a time. You will have good days and bad days. Hugs to you, friend!

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I haven't had surgery yet, but I appreciate your insight as I bet it will be something I also go through. Have you thought about talking to a therapist? At least to help and support ou through the adjustment?

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My life is very much a social gathering, mainly around food, trying new restaurants and even part of my job are lunch meetings. I was freaked out too, but once I started being able to eat more normal foods I was able to go out with friends, you just eat differently. Example of today, we went to a Mexican restaurant. I got 2 tacos, one beef one ceviche. I just at the insides of the taco and actually took half home for dinner. Totally satisfying and I was able to feel normal, actually better than normal. I focus on protein only no carbs (or very low carbs) I'm also 5 weeks out as well. I had the sleeve so a bit different but you can do it, there is always something at every restaurant that can work. Be it something you split or off the appetizer or sides menu.

Good luck!

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It can be very difficult during the first few months, emotionally and physically. But, if you work at it, you can develop new habits and food preferences and a different relationship with food, that will allow you to feel very comfortable in those social/food oriented environments. From week 1, I continued to go out to eat and to go to food oriented functions. I just worked on making different eating choices and putting the focus more on the social aspect than on the food. That's not saying it is easy;) There have been times it was tough, and times I wanted to run and cry. But, now it is a way of life and I actually feel MORE normal now and enjoy the events MORE than I used to pre-op because I am not depending on everything going perfectly with the food. I can't think of a single friend I have lost or even experienced a significantly changed relationship with as a result of my change in eating/exercise habits or weight loss. At first, I had to make very conscious choices and prepare by bringing my own food or checking out menus ahead of time, but after several months, even that wasn't often necessary... and I have a more restricted diet than most bypass patients since I experience severe dumping syndrome in response to tiny amounts of sugar.


Also, many women experience wacky periods for a while after WLS. They tend to become more normal once the very rapid weight loss slows.


Hang in there. The changes come fast and adapting lags behind and often requires a bit of work, but you will feel much more normal in time.

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