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some progress today.



well got in touch with my surgery head nurse. she put in my labs,EKG, and ultrasound into the computer. go to go get labs done tomorrow and schedule a ultrasound. than it's just waiting til the call to make my EKG appt. I'm surgery 18 out of 18 i'm pretty excited that things are moving forward this fast. hope all will go well with my labs. I've been making list of foods i need to stock up on and things i need to buy. hopefully will be having surgery before sept. if anyone has any advice on where to buy protein shakes and which to buy let me know.


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One piece of advice; don't buy a lot of baby food, etc. You never know what you are going to want (or can even stomach) when you get home. I'm 2 weeks post op and food bothers me. I just stick to my shakes. The good news is, I'm not hungry and not craving anything!

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the program that i'll have to follow doesn't mention baby food. think its just chicken broth,sugar free jello, and shakes for about 6 weeks and then to pureed soft food. i brought a 1 lb protein shake tub today but i think i will get some samples just t see what i like. i know a few ppl have told me over time your tastes will change or that certain foods will bother you. the not feeling hungry or craving things is what i hear a lot. and also some people will feel more energized after surgery.

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