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The day has finally arrived! Well, at least it will be in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow afternoon, I meet with Dr. Shin and officially start the journey.  Everything has fallen into place. It's almost too good to be true. I keep thinking something is going to mess this up. But, no. I can't think that way. This is meant to happen. Sure, there might be more bumps in the road. That's how life is at times, though. No one said this would be easy. I need to stop worrying about things that haven't even happened and focus on the positive.  Even though this post might come across as being negative, I am really excited about this! I'll update tomorrow evening with news.  


So exciting!!!  Report back after, let us know what happened!  :)  

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we are all anxious to hear how it goes tomorrow!!!  Hope all moves ahead quickly!

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As you say, focus on the positive. Good luck and let us know how you are doing!! Best wishes BB

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Hope all goes well for you. Prayers for a smooth journey are being sent your way.

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